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What are the best RV mattress toppers in 2019?


As Thomas Hobbes so brilliantly put it life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” and what better way to end a serotonin draining day then throwing yourself over the best mattress topper out there? We’ve looked through some reviews of RV mattress toppers and found that the DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2050SH is definitely the one to have. Some people fly and write about fighter aircraft, some people are philosophers, but we scour the internet for information on a good RV mattress topper. In the case of the DF20, the thing to know would be that it has gel alongside its memory foam, that it’s very comfy, it doesn’t make your RV smell like a refinery, and much like the F15 and Ralph Waldo Emerson, it hails from the USA! If this is unavailable, then the Best Price Mattress BPM-MFT-4SRQ will also make a good pick.



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A short buying guide


Looking through reviews of RV mattress toppers can often be as excruciating as pulling fingernails, since there are a lot of items to parse through, and admittedly, none of them are too interesting or engaging to find more about. They’re not as cool as fighter aircraft, and they don’t make you feel as smart as reading philosophy.
That’s why people like us are actually paid to look through these reviews to help you find the best mattress topper for RV out there. But what makes toppers for RV mattresses actually good?





There are two criteria that fall into this category. One of them has to do with how the mattress impresses over our tactile sense, meaning softness, firmness, and other such things, while the other is the thermal comfort.

With the use of memory foam, mattress top manufacturers have pretty much mastered the art of making their products soft to the touch and overall nice to sleep on, but the problem of overheating during summertime still remains a foam mattress manufacturing dilemma.

A common way to mitigate this is by using gel capsules as part of the mattresses filling, since liquid doesn’t have the same thermal insulation properties as air does (that is, the air which would be otherwise filling the empty spaces left by the porous foam of the mattress) and naturally feels cooler to the touch.




A lot of reviewers out there consider RV mattress manufacturers to be somewhat less exact when it comes to sizing their products than their colleagues specializing in house mattresses. That’s why it’s always recommended to check the exact dimensions of the product before buying.
Furthermore, an RV mattress top should always be lighter than a household equivalent. This is not because it would otherwise subtract from your miles per gallon, but a heavy item will always prove difficult to set up inside the confines of a trailer.


Eco-friendliness and assorted issues


It’s a surprisingly common issue with new mattresses and mattress tops letting the petroleum used as part of the composition of the foam evaporate inside the trailer. This is avoided by simply replacing the hydrocarbon-based chemical with another substance, such as vegetable oil, and even cheap RV mattress toppers are known to employ this alternative.
Consider that you will be spending around a 3rd of your day on the mattress top, with your skin often getting into contact with the material. It is good to assure yourself that the item has been manufactured under rigorous health and safety standards, as you find in places like New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US.



Our top picks


DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2050SH


While a very nice mattress top (at least judging by the customer response it got) this blue and white gel swirl item only shares its country of origin with the F15 mentioned above and is most definitely not as exciting and fun as America’s 4th generation air superiority fighter.

It might go 20 miles per hour if you throw it hard enough since it has no means of self-propulsion, but it’s substantially light and easy to handle.

Unlike the McDonnell-Douglas product, this won’t make the surrounding air smell of JP-7 jet fuel, since it only uses natural materials, with half a dozen of certificates to attest to that.

Besides being considerably “plushy” and soft to the delight of its customers, the use of gel means that this mattress top won’t get warm during summertime, which is a constant issue with foam mattresses.


Buy from for ($94.99)




Best Price Mattress BPM-MFT-4SRQ


You can buy this item for only a small fraction of the price of an F15, even the basic A version that earned its glory in 1982 over Beirut.

It has no power plant, avionics or armament to speak off, but it is made out of a sort of composite material.

Namely, 1,5 inches of soft memory foam over a high-density base of 1.5 inches, which means you’ll get both a plush feel and good back and neck support.

Furthermore, it has all the US certificates you could wish for and no less than five years manufacturer’s warranty, so unless Best Price Mattresses gets bought by Boeing, you could be sure that this mattress top will serve with distinction for years to come.

Surface-wise, this is sized in short queen, but the thickness is fixed at 4 inches and it’s colored in a handsome milky white.


Buy from for ($99.17)




Zinus AZ-GTFT-300SQ


The attentive reader already expects us to underline how this catchy-named mattress from Zinus compares with the F15 Eagle from McDonnell-Douglas. Despite coming in several versions, delineated by degrees of thickness, from 1.5 inches to 4, this Zinus Mattress top is very much unlike the jet fighter.

It doesn’t use carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum alloy for its top sections, but green tea memory foam that is both comfy and easy to roll up for storage.

The green tea part doesn’t just refer to the color since this item contains an extract of the plant above to safeguard it against bacteria and other hazards. (The Zinus’ equivalent of the AN/ALR-56, if you will.)

A harder bottom layer will provide ample support while the manufacturer — as well as a number of customer reviewers — assure us that this mattress top will stay reasonably cool throughout summer months.


Buy from for ($58.99)




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