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Best RV vacuum

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV vacuum cleaners in 2022?


Just like your house needs a good cleaning session, the same principle applies to RVs. In order to remove all the dust and dirt from inside the vehicle, you need a great RV vacuum that does the job in a timely fashion manner. If you don’t have time to search from store to store but still want to know which is the best RV vacuum, take a look at this paragraph, and maybe you can pick a few tips. Based on indicators such as customer feedbacks, overall product quality, and sale figures, we’ve determined that an excellent choice of RV vacuum is the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B. Specially designed to ensure a fast and easy cleaning operation, this vacuum is lightweight and features a heavy-duty gallon tank than can be rapidly emptied and cleaned. In addition, it is completely cordless, and the filter can be washed after each usage. If the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B is unavailable, you can always go with the Black+Decker BDH2000PL as it came in second place in our search for good RV vacuums.



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A short buying guide


In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve made a short presentation about the most significant features you should consider when looking for RV vacuums for sale. You can find a useful buying guide showcased below.

Vacuum power


One of the most important things you should pay attention to when in the market for the best vacuum for RV is the suction power. Even though cordless devices tend to clean up the dirt and debris rapidly, you should aim for devices that incorporate enough power to help you clean the entire vehicle surface in just a matter of minutes.

Generally, most vacuums that feature a handheld option are specially designed to clean hard to get areas and car interiors. Therefore, you could opt for these type of devices if you need a good RV vacuum that performs fast and powerful. Plus, extra accessories such as a crevice tool and a powerful brush enhance the product effectiveness.


Ease of use and functionality


According to RV vacuum reviews, you should get a unit that comes with several attachments that improve the process of cleaning the interior.

For instance, a device that has a crevice tool will most likely pick up the debris easily especially if you have tight spots or certain areas that require more attention. Also, a vacuum that has a brush incorporated gets the job done faster and leaves the surface dust free.

Because you’ll want to move freely while doing the vacuum, you should check an RV vacuum that is lightweight, so you don’t put too much effort.

The reason why many people are prone to choosing cordless vacuums is that they have the opportunity to actually enjoy regular cleaning without having to bear too much noise or the hassle of carrying a cord. Moreover, there’s no need to find a power source which is extremely beneficial especially while being on the road.

It is advisable to look for vacuums that are versatile and practical to use. Therefore, units that can be rapidly converted from stick to handheld are extremely practical and can be used for a variety of purposes and areas.




No matter the type of the vacuum and the level of performance, you should invest in products that offer long battery life. You can find a cheap RV vacuum that can clean your entire vehicle because it has a battery that ensures enough power for one single cleaning session.

A portable vacuum that works independently for a longer period of time is a great option because you won’t have much time to clean your car.

One thing worth mentioning is that when searching for a good vacuum that you can use in your RV, you should consider the type of batteries it uses and how long can you use it without the need to plug it into a power source.



Our top picks



DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B


This dual-mode vacuum from Dewalt is an excellent choice of product thanks to the large heavy-duty tank that can be easily emptied and cleaned after each usage.

Thanks to the dual clean-up feature, the unit ensures all dirt and debris is cleaned using either the front nozzle or the extendable rubber hose, included in the product package. Moreover, the rubber hose is made of durable and flexible material.

Quite lightweight, the vacuum ensures plenty of portability given its 6 pounds weight. When in use, the vacuum is secured by a heavy-duty latch allows you to empty out the tank when needed.

Outfitted with a special Gore HEPA wet and dry filter, the vacuum is able to pick even fine particles of dust, ensuring a proper and clean air to breathe inside the room or RV. Also, the filter is entirely washable and easy to clean.

After using the vacuum, simply tap the filter with water or rinse it gently and the dirt will be removed.

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Black+Decker BDH2000PL


Featuring a lightweight construction, this powerful vacuum from Black+Decker comes with a suction power of 20V which is more than enough to clean any type of surface in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the vacuum enables a fast and easy cleaning process thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery that doesn’t drain rapidly.

Compact and facile to store, the unit features a crevice tool and a brush that allows you to pick up any type of debris.

The 3-stage filtration system has a special filter that cleans the air, and the wide mouth design is excellent for sweeping large pieces of debris. In addition, it has a pivoting nose feature that is an excellent tool for vacuuming in hard to reach areas, such as under the cupboards, between the car seats or under the bed.

Due to the cyclonic action the dust and debris and removed completely from the filter while the suction power remains strong.

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Dirt Devil M0100


This handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil comes with a powerful motor of 7 amp and a motorized brush that ensures all dirt and debris is removed with one single swipe.

Moreover, the unit is ideal if you plan on taking the pets along with you on your camping holiday trip.

The unit is ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces such as drapes, upholstery, cars or sofas thanks to its 5-piece tool set included in the product package.

There’s no need to worry about finding a close power source to plug the device because this vacuum is outfitted with a 20-foot long power cord that allows you to move freely.

Easy to handle and to empty, you can remove the dust and dirt without having to use your hands.

Versatile and hygienic, all you have to is to remove the end of the vacuum and drop the debris in the trash can.

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