Best motorhome accesories


What are the best motorhome accessories in 2017?


If you clicked this article just for a quick reminder of what you should definitely take with you when traveling around the country in your RV know that our top choice would be a water drinking whose. Well naturally you already have one, but we’re specifically thinking of a heavy duty, eco-friendly and lead-free item, namely the Camco 22853, which scored top marks on all the best motorhome accessories reviews. Both specialist bloggers and casual users alike were impressed with its sturdiness, good length, and quality. We all know that water is one of the most important things for life, so it should be a no brainer to concern yourself with this essential aspect first if you’re looking to replace one of your standard RV accessories with a better model. If you’re already satisfied with the hose you have, you might go for some space-saving product such as the Collapsible 10L Square Bucket.


A short buying guide


Accessories have the potential to make our lives a whole lot easier both on the road and when camping. Whether you are looking to upgrade an item you already have, or to discover some neat little trinket you never even knew existed, here are some things to consider when looking for the best camping accessories available for sale.




This should come paramount, as useless items inside a trailer have the added downside of taking up precious space. So, always consider carefully whether you really need the item you intend to buy.

Try to shop either following your immediate need or the advice from a friend, but never on a whim or under the influence of some commercial or teleshopping show.

The best thing to do is to buy better models of the type of accessories you already own. There are always better versions out there for all your standard RV equipment, and it’s exceedingly rare that everything the manufacturer provides will suit you well.

For example, mattresses that come with the camper are notoriously uncomfortable, and most people decide to replace them with store bought ones as soon as possible.




There’s little need for us to tell how cramped it can get inside a trailer. That’s why every item specifically intended for an RV must be designed with space saving in mind.

Whether it is portable, foldable or simply compact, every inch it saves is an inch added to your living space. And you’ll want any comfort you can get when on holiday, or even more so if you chose to make the trailer your home.   

Furthermore, some trailer models can have pretty stingy weight allowances, and smaller usually means lighter. You don’t want to fully outfit your RV just to make it impossible to safely drive on roads.  




Remember you generally won’t have to use the accessories and appliances in your RV every day, so some allowance could be made here for the sake of storage and affordability.

But it’s best not to go too far with thriftiness since once it’s broken an item will be very hard to replace when far away from home or on the road. It’s hard to find good shops in a foreign place, and couriers will have trouble reaching you when constantly on the move.

The best RV camping accessories reviews tend to place an emphasis on resilience and sturdiness over performance when addressing the qualities of any product.



Our top picks



Camco 22853


Truly a remarkable product, the Camco 22853 is one of the best-rated RV accessories on Amazon.

It won’t raise any questions as of its utility after purchase, since fresh water for drinking, cooking or washing, as well as the means to transport it, are always necessities. Furthermore, thanks to its machined fittings it can attach to any spigot, making it possible to be effectively used as a garden hose.

Its impressive length of 50 ft will surely prove sufficient for any backyard garden, but also for any camping site, allowing you to perform most everyday chores outside the cramped confines of a trailer.

Reviewers praise its great endurance and reliability, offered by the metallic protective covering and pre-strained ends. An American made product, it passes every health and safety regulations currently active throughout the US and Canada.

Water running through is ensured to stay fresh and clean.

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Collapsible 10L Square Bucket


If you remember those unfortunate foldable hard plastic drinking glasses that were fashionable a while back, you’ll be pleased to find out that this flexible rubber bucket uses a wholly different principle to fold.

Content customers find it surprisingly resilient, even with long term use. It doesn’t leak or tear around the edges, it’s made of thermoplastic rubber, so it doesn’t break like hard plastic. TPR is also more firm than silicone, so there is little risk of the bucket collapsing on its own.

It’s 100% safe for carrying drinkable water, BPA free and temperature resistant from 150 F to -40 F.

The ability to collapse into a neat little package is, of course, the best feature as RV compatibility is concerned. You can store it just about anywhere or hang it from a wall. You can even fit it in a glove box, just to have a highly practical 10 liter (2,6lb) bucket when it’s time to camp!

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Camco 43953


As just an RV screen door opener, this Camco product might appear trivial at first sight. After all, aren’t all screen doors already outfitted with a workable opener?

Well, apparently not, screen doors are notorious for having flimsy fittings, bound to break with even a little use. Once this happens, you could be sure that the screen door will be waving in the wind, generating some annoying noises when it hits its frame and inviting any bug inside your motorhome.

Camco, the well known US producer of RV and camping accessories, comes to meet this problem with the 43953, a sturdy little metallic opener bound to outlast and outperform any cheap opener on the market.

It operates through an upward motion, to prevent you from accidentally opening the screen door if aimlessly flailing your arms around and it only requires an electric drill with a 9/16” head to install.

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Best RV TV


What are the best RV TVs in 2017?


Looking up information on the best RV TVs can be tiresome but this short paragraph should have enough data for the average consumer to go by. We have studied the many ratings and reviews for different products in consumer surveys and based on buyer demand, the Axess TVD1801-15 is a good choice because of its maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, which provides adequate clarity and brightness of images for a sharp viewing experience on the go. If you want a dependable performance and functionality in a nicely-designed package, this is the one to get. The built-in Cable/Antenna RF jack enables you to utilize a variety of program sources during your RV adventure so you can keep entertained without being tethered to a TV box or specific area networks. For convenience, the unit ships with a full-function remote control so you can stay seated comfortably and still change the channel, raise and lower the volume, and control the TV easily. The integrated digital and analog tuner enables you to capture your preferred program. Built on the back is a DVD player that makes it even more effortless to watch your favorite movies while eliminating the need to purchase a media player separately. Since the Axess TVD1801-15 is a popular product, it can run out of stock quickly but you should definitely go for the second best option, the Axess TVD1801-13.


A short buying guide


Because not all RV TVs for sale are made equal, the average buyer can really have a difficult time finding the right one for their needs. These are the critical elements to look into when investing in this kind of device.


The products that get the best RV TV reviews don’t present power issues


For smaller RV’s, a 12-volt RV TV should be enough. There are some models that come with a regular AC plug. You will have to make sure that the unit you buy can operate on the type of power that is readily available in your motorhome.

Although you can choose from a variety of adapters, it is always a better idea to get an RV TV that has just the right kind of power options so you won’t have to worry about anything else after the purchase if you want to have the unit working properly at the onset.


The best RV television is the right fit for your motorhome


Another thing to consider when looking for RV TVs is the size and mounting options. The majority of units do not have as big a screen as a home TV, with most having a maximum size of 19 or 20 inches.

Despite the diminutive dimensions of the TV, the compact size of the RV has to take precedence over anything that has to do with the TV size. Besides, viewers will sit quite close to the TV so a smaller size is sensible.

A popular option for mounting is solid and secure brackets to position the appliance against a wall. You can also go fo RV TV straps and stands. For even more convenience, you might consider a flip-down model to save space and stow the unit away when not in use.


The best motorhome TV offers a variety of entertainment options


While plenty of RV parks provide cable TV access for guests, this won’t be any help when you’re on the road. Some top-quality models come with a built-in Cable/Antenna RF jack to facilitate connection when you reach your destination. A USB input and an HDMI port expand the entertainment choices even more.

To obtain a decent picture when picking up local TV stations when you’re parked, you might need to use a free internet service or the DTV reception map from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This will enable you to point the antenna in the right direction after you find out about nearby stations and the direction they are in.

Some RVers opt to invest in a satellite TV service subscription that can be used with a dome antenna to pick up signals on the move.

You might get an RV TV DVD combo if you prefer to enjoy your favorite movies. This way, you won’t need to worry about cable, satellite service, or reception.


Our top picks


We know the choices of RV TVs on the market can be overwhelming. We hope the product descriptions below simplify your buying process.



Axess TVD1801-15


Combining performance and function in a well-designed package, the Axess TVD1801-15 is just the right size at 15 inches diagonally to provide comfortable visual entertainment on the road. The TV has a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, for bright images with adequate clarity.

This model uses an AC power supply via the 12-volt Car Cord technology, which makes it suitable for RV use. Sleek and loaded with features, this appliance offers a sharp viewing experience to keep particularly long rides less tiresome.

The HDMI port ensures a remarkable quality picture from a connected media device so you can enjoy everyone’s favorite movies and shows in vivid 720p HD quality.

This is an innovative RV TV/ DVD combo thanks to the DVD player on the back. This allows you to enjoy your favorite movies without having to purchase another media player separately.

Thanks to the unit’s sleek design, it can go well with the existing layout of your motorhome so you would not have to do any renovations or alterations to the decor.

The built-in cable/ antenna RF jack facilitates the easy hookup to cable service that is available in RV parks.

The USB input expands your viewing options. The integrated analog and digital tuner lets you pull in your favorite TV programs.

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AXESS TVD1801-13


TV entertainment on the go has never been more enjoyable thanks to the AXESS TVD1801-13.

This model offers a sharp viewing experience with its maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. Images are sharp and bright for your ultimate enjoyment. The contrast ratio of 500:1 lets you enjoy realistic colors and dark-and-light differentiation.

The full-function remote control enables effortless TV manipulation without leaving the comfort of your seat. Change the channel, raise or lower the volume, and do other alterations to your viewing experience from anywhere in the RV.

The TV uses 12-volt Car Cord Technology for power so it is suitable for your motorhome. The integrated Cable/Antenna RF jack facilitates easy hookups to the cable service of RV parks.

To expand your entertainment options, this model features a USB Input as well. Aside from that, it has an HDMI port so you can enjoy bright and clear, high-definition images in your favorite TV programs.

This is a sleek appliance that can complement your existing motorhome layout effortlessly.

The built-in digital and analog tuner allows you to capture your favorite TV program. The built-in TV speakers enhance your viewing experience for complete entertainment on the road.

Because this has a built-in DVD player, you no longer have to make a separate purchase of a media player.

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The JENSEN JTV19DC is an HD-Ready, 19-inch LED model that uses 12-volt DC power for suitability in your modern RV or motorhome. It comes with a robust and modern chassis compared to traditional RV TVs. Moreover, to reduce vibration, the unit comes with an industrial-grade metal cabinet that anchors it in position.

The wide LCD panel provides enough room so you miss none of the action that unfolds onscreen. The TV has a slim profile that makes it suitable for the confined interiors of your RV home.

The front-firing speakers deliver the sound adequately so you can enjoy what you watch. The convenient front controls make it easy to use the TV menu or power the unit off easily.

This appliance is versatile enough for installation not only in an RV but also on a yacht, boat, camper, trailer, and other vehicle types.

For greater convenience, the TV also has a full-function remote control so you can make changes on what you are watching from any corner of the vehicle within range of the TV sensor.

This model can be used with a variety of other Jensen electronics thanks to the integrated jCOM protocol that provides a direct interface to JENSEN HDMI-equipped DVD players and stereos.

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Best RV mattress


What are the best RV mattresses in 2017?


Even though you might be shopping for the best RV mattress in earnest, looking up information online can prove to be a hassle. Through this short paragraph, we hope to help simplify the entire search for you. Thanks to our evaluation of reviews and ratings for different products, we have been able to collect enough information about the consumer favorite, the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV. This CertiPUR-US® Certified RV mattress takes care of your health and welfare as it is made without harmful chemicals and materials. The foam itself has gone through a unique ‘health check’ involving testing and analysis to ensure it is constructed with ozone depleters, toxic flame retardants such as TCEP, TDCPP, and PBDEs, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Featuring the sophisticated Sleep Cool technology, this mattress allows the flow of cool air for a wondrously comfortable sleep. The luxurious white cover is supplemented with the premium-quality, tough, quadruple-layer construction. For easy maintenance, the mattress comes with a washable, zipped cover. Get the ultimate support base from the 3.5-inch high-density foam. Because it is a popular consumer choice, the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV can run out of stock easily but the Zinus Sleep Master Ultima makes the second best option.


A short buying guide


An RV mattress is just one of those consumer products in which the manufacturer’s interests do not match yours to a T. Where the consumer aims for comfort, RV mattress makers train their guns more on weight above any other element. How can you tell you are getting a good product for sale on the market?


The best mattress for RV is the right size for your RV


The dimensions of the inside of your RV bed should be measured, not the mattress itself. The mattress has to fit the bed, not the other way around. When getting a replacement unit, measuring the old one can give extremely inaccurate results as the existing mattress shrinks and warps as time goes by.

Depending on the measurements of the bed, you can pick from the following mattress sizes: an RV twin or single unit is 34 inches wide and 75 inches long; for Full/Double size, the measurement is 49 by 75 inches; a 72-inch by 75-inch model is an RV King/Short King; an RV Queen/Short Queen has 60 x 75-inch dimensions.

The mattress depth ranges between 3 inches and a maximum of 9 inches, depending on the style. Because designations such as ‘single’ and ‘double’ are subjective, you could get victimized by unscrupulous mattress manufacturers who sell you a dog bed while calling it Queen size. The only way to prevent that issue would be to measure the bed meticulously.

Another thing to consider is how manufacturers have varying exact sizes for their products. Do not rely on the brand alone but on the actual measurements. Some makers just offer 74-inch long products and not 75-inch standard ones.


When evaluating the various products highlighted in the best RV mattress reviews, remember to consider comfort


Your personal comfort is also of utmost importance when investing in an RV mattress. Generally, the more money you spend on the unit, the more comfort you can expect from it. While a mattress that is cheap may work okay for short trips, it can easily become a health hazard during long journeys.

An overly thick mattress can disable the use of handles or drawers above the bed.

Memory foam mattresses are the typical mid-range choice for RV installation. With basically the same urethane support as any cheaper mattress, this type is topped with memory foam material that follows the curvature of the body.

This helps reduce the tossing and turning to find the most comfortable sleeping position. It also helps reduce back pains because of the elimination of pressure points while you sleep. The usual density for this kind of product is 2.5 to 5 pounds per cubic foot.

Memory foam is great for those who easily feel cold while sleeping, especially during the chillier seasons, because of its superb insulation. However, it is known for not being an ideal choice for people who sleep warm.

You want a breathable, open-celled construction instead of a closed-cell configuration.

To overcome that issue, mattress makers have introduced gel memory foam, which feels cool to the skin. While all kinds of memory foam can feel a bit stiff and rigid at the onset, the heat of your body makes the material conform to the shape of your torso. Airflow should be optimal as well.


Any best rated RV mattress should be made of the finest materials for safety and dependable performance


You are buying an RV mattress for long-term use. Premium-quality materials used in its construction do contribute to the level of mileage you can expect from the product. While there is normally a chemical-like odor when you take the mattress out of the package, this is not an excuse for any manufacturer to use toxic chemicals and harmful materials in their offerings.

A CertiPUR-US® Certified RV mattress ensures that no harmful substances and raw materials were used in the manufacturing process. These are the items that should be absent in the mattress: TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs, and other toxic flame retardants; ozone depleters; mercury, lead, and similar heavy metals; formaldehyde; phthalates; low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Our top picks


While traveling in your RV would mean long hours of driving, you need enough shuteye to keep going, and a good mattress ensures you are well rested. The best products are featured below for more shopping guidance.



DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV


Thick at ten inches, the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV also comes with a quality, 4-pound high-density memory foam to provide just enough support during sleep. It boasts a four-layer construction comprising: a 2.5-inch HD Memory Foam; a 2-inch Cool Airflow supplemented with an additional 2-inch Cool Airflow Foam Support; a 3.5-inch high-density foam serving as a good support base.

To enable the user to sleep cool, this mattress is infused with gel beads in the premium memory foam to keep sweatiness at bay during particularly warm nights. This model provides a great solution to resting comfortably in your RV, helping you wake up refreshed and invigorated instead of achy and irritable in the morning.

Be ready for another day of RV adventure after a restful night of slumber on this mattress. It provides support along with relief from pressure points for blissful comfort. The mattress also offers improved airflow without getting lumpy in places. As an added bonus, this unit comes with one free memory foam pillow.

The medium-firm feel provides just enough support without being overly cushiony to help prevent the tossing and turning just to find a good sleeping position. This mattress helps you spend restful nights in your RV like sleeping in a five-star hotel bed. It is also CertiPUR-US® Certified for worry-free use.

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Zinus Sleep Master Ultima


The Zinus Sleep Master Ultima is made with memory foam, which enables it to follow the shape of your body so there is support from top to bottom, no matter what position you typically sleep in. This mattress offers years of use because of its top quality materials and craftsmanship, guaranteeing real value for the money.

Enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep every time as the unit has multiple layers that contribute to total comfort. These include two inches of memory foam, two inches of pressure-relieving Comfort foam, and four inches of high-density, Base Support foam. From the lowest to the topmost layer, the mattress provides the support and comfort you need for restful slumber.

This model leverages the latest technology in memory foam, the Bio Foam, which replaces some of the traditional petroleum used by other manufacturers. For your health and safety, this unit utilizes natural plant oil to maintain freshness and reduce some of the plasticky smell that is apparent in petroleum-based products.

Moreover, the foam used in this product has been CertiPUR-US Certified, ensuring consumer safety, as well as a dependable performance, durability, and comfort. To facilitate shipping and handling, it comes to the buyer in an efficiently compressed form, which is rolled and shipped in a box for problem-free transport and convenience.

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Foam Mattress Discounts 12-Inch King


Proudly made in the USA, the Foam Mattress Discounts 12-Inch King provides a cost-efficient means of enjoying every night’s sleep in your RV. It is a medium-firm unit made with memory foam, which allows it to follow the shape of the body to relieve pressure points and effectively prevent backaches, neck pain, and general body soreness.

Enjoy every night of sleep in blissful comfort on the 12-inch, open-cell, memory foam mattress that uses the newest technology in orthopedic support. It features a 9-inch, high-density support base foam along with a 3-inch, 4-pound, Open Cell, Visco elastic memory foam layer. Both layers come together nicely to provide support as well as a cool, comfortable feeling that is nice on the body.

The mattress is also resistant to dust mites so it stays in pristine condition longer. The Open Cell material dissipates heat so you sleep cool, with reduced sweating during warm nights. The two free pillows are a perfect companion to the mattress to complete the memory foam experience.

Because the memory foam material conforms to the shape of your body, you get relief from sore muscles and joints, aches and pains, while reducing the restless tossing and turning every night just to find a good sleeping position. This is a CertiPUR-US Certified product so you can optimize every hour of slumber and rest without worrying about your health.

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Must have RV GPS accessories


Even if you have acquired a quality RV GPS, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do anything else to improve its capabilities. On the contrary, there are a lot of things you can do to upgrade your GPS from a great product to an ideal one, fitted for any driving circumstances.


1.Sun shades

Sun shades -> One of the first elements that obstruct your GPS from doing its job is the sun. Instead of enjoying the good weather, in days when the sun shines brightly, you get frustrated because you can barely make out your GPS’s screen. Not only that, but the issue of visibility can entail more serious consequences: you may take the wrong turn and lose the way or be distracted from driving and get involved in an accident. That is why acquiring a sun shade for your RV GPS may be the wisest decision you make. Sun shades come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some of them are universal, thus fitted for any GPS type, while others are only fitted for certain sizes or for particular GPS models.


2.Cases and sleeves

Cases and sleeves -> The more you pay on your RV GPS, the more you will need efficient protection for it. Most users will prefer not leaving their GPS in their car, but keep it safe inside the house. Well, these devices are not made to be transported by hand and they don’t come with grips or features that will make them easy to carry. That is why, a safety case or sleeve is a must-have item for your GPS. Moreover, it is advisable you buy a product that was especially designed for your RV GPS (if you have a Garmin GPS, find the appropriate Garmin case in which your product fits best) and one that provides you with plenty of space to fit inside your mounting system and other GPS accessories too.


3.Chargers and adapters

Chargers and adapters -> Due to frequent use, chargers and adapters are one of the most exposed to breaking GPS parts. That is why, sooner or later, you will find yourself in the situation of replacing your old charger with a new one. You can choose between a universal charger and one provided by your GPS’s manufacturer. Though the second option is the safest one, a universal charger is the more convenient choice, as it can be used on virtually any GPS. If you want the whole package in one item, there are many products on the market that include both items (charger and adapter) in one. So if you don’t want to waste time researching suitable options, you can acquire the whole package in one reliable product.



Mounts -> There are several things that can go wrong with your GPS’s default mounting system: it has a complicated installation process, it can’t be properly mounted in law permitted places or it has become loose in time. Thus, at a certain point you will be forced to acquire a new one. You can choose between an easily adaptable mount that can be adjusted for various GPS’s or you can buy one that is personalized for your GPS model. A third option would be finding a mount that can be used for various GPS types but that was designed especially for RV’s.


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Best GPS protective cases


What is the best protective case for GPS systems in 2017?


An RV GPS is an important investment. Because of that, you need to secure optimal protection for it. For protection purposes, manufacturers have designed professional cases that will keep your RV GPS safe. Many things can happen to your brand new GPS: you can place it in an unsafe spot in your car, a hard impact can damage it, you can drop it from your hands if you’re not paying attention, you can leave it out in the pouring rain etc. Especially nowadays, when GPSs are fitted with large, prone to scratching and cracking, LCD screens, you may want to think about acquiring a protective case all the more, as it will help you avoid all unhappy accidents. Most certainly, not all models available on the market are able to provide your GPS with the necessary protection, but some models, built with high-quality materials will ensure that your GPS stays in one piece.



MFX2 Extra Large Hard Shell Carry Case For Garmin Nuvi


1.Extra Large Hard Shell Carry Case For Garmin NuviIf you need a protection case with large dimensions, where you can fit not only your GPS, but also additional accessories, such as batteries, USB cables and adaptors, you can acquire this product as it surely won’t let you down.

This case won’t only provide a safe environment for your GPS, but it also comes with multiple compartments to accommodate accessories or even other devices you want to keep protected but don’t have a safe space for.

Moreover, the case is padded with an extra soft material to ensure that the screen of your GPS won’t be scratched while on the move or if you accidentally drop it.



This carry case can accommodate a number of different GPS models to provide versatility. They include the Garmin RV 760LMT 7″ GPS, Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT, and the Garmin Nuvi 2757LM.

If you have a giant-sized GPS, this is the protective case to get, as it has a very generous capacity to hold your navigation device in addition to other items as well.

The case accommodates your other essentials for your GPS including the power cable and mount, so you won’t need to find another case or suffer from getting them misplaced.

The soft interior ensures that your GPS essentials are kept protected from impact and damage, giving you peace of mind.

The case is equipped with fillers that can be adjusted for smaller units and there are sections to handle other items safely.



Once the case is filled to capacity, there is a likelihood that the zipper will be hard to pull shut and may need some force to accomplish that.

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KOZMICC 7″ Inch Black GPS Sleeve Case Cover Pouch Bag


2.KOZMICC 7This is another high-quality product you can find available for sale. It is built with durable neoprene, a material that is known for its waterproof qualities that will ensure your GPS stays protected even if you drop it in water.

Additionally, the case is also easy to clean due to its fabric. As it is a product offering plenty of space, this case can fit your GPS and keep it protected, but it is not too big for you not to be able to fit it in a bigger bag when you go travelling.

In addition, the case is fitted with an exterior pocket, where you can place other items, such as the mounting system or cables.



This is a smart-looking GPS carry case that seems to be as elegant as a fashion pouch since it doesn’t look like a carry case for a GPS device at all.

The carry case accommodates the following models: 9165T-LM RV; Garmin dezl 760LMT; Garmin 2797LMT; 1700-LM; Commercial 9270T-LM; and the Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB, in addition to other 7-inch GPS devices.

This exceptional carry case is made durable and easy to clean and is constructed of tough and waterproof neoprene to ensure the complete protection of the contents.

The contents are protected from scratches and other damage thanks to the smooth, protective lining of the interior.

The pocket on the outside accommodates other items such as your credit card, driver’s license, emergency cash, and other travel essentials.



Although the case might have room to accommodate the power cord of your GPS device, it may provide just about enough of it for a really tight fit.

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co2CREA (TM) All-In-One Black Carrying Travel Storage Case Bag


3.co2CREA (TM)If you are looking for a spacious travel case, able to deposit not only your GPS and its accessories, but also other items, this is the product you need.

The case is also fitted with a handle, so that you can carry it in your hand easily. The product has 2 separate zippered pockets, one designed to shelter your GPS and the other for delicate items you may want to keep protected. It is built with strong materials and resistant zippers.

Not only this case is lined with soft padding, but it also includes a strong strap to keep the GPS in place in its compartment. Due to its increased dimensions, this case can fit a large variety of GPS devices.



This carry case is suitable for a variety of GPS devices that include the Magellan Roadmate RV9490, RV9365T, RV9165T, RV9145T, RV9170T-LMB LM, the VIA 1605TM, the TomTom VIA 1605TM,the Start 60, GO 6000, and GO600, the Garmin Nuvi 7-inch 2797LMT,2757LM, 2798LMT, and 2789LMT, the 6-Inch 66LMT, 2639LMT, 2689LMT, and 65LM nuvicam.

This carry case provides storage and transport options for all the other accessories that go with your GPS device including the vent or suction mount, vehicle charger, and other small items.

The canvas-like material does not soak up moisture from the outside, so the contents of the case are protected from damage due to water exposure.

The large zipper provides a secure means of closure while facilitating the process with smooth travel around the case.

The convenient short handle enables you to hang the case or carry it in your hand during travel or to the vehicle.



This carry case will not handle an irregularly shaped windshield suction cup attachment, but it has room for standard ones.

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Best GPS mounts


What are the best mounting systems for GPS units?


Mounting is one of the trickiest issues that come along with our new GPS. Often, we find a great product that comes with a complicated mounting system, an unreliable one or one that is fitted for surfaces where we don’t want to place our GPS, for fear it might be seen or that is too exposed in case of an accident. In other circumstances, an inefficient mounting system or one that takes a long time to install may hinder your GPS’s functionality. If you find yourself in one of the above circumstances, you might find yourself in need of a new mounting system.

Nevertheless, don’t panic, you can easily replace your overused mounts with brand new ones by scouting the market and choosing the one that best suits your needs out of all the available options.



ChargerCity Hippo Series NonSlip Dashboard Beanbag Friction Mount


1.ChargerCity Hippo SeriesThis product will hold your GPS so tight, it will almost look like trapped in a crocodile’s mouth. In fact, the system bears some resemblance with a predator’s mouth that can be adapted to the size of its prey, as this product is fitted for GPSs ranging from 4 to 6 inches, due to its adjustable clip, thus for many of the products available on the market. To secure adherence to your car’s dashboard, this item is fitted to a non-slip sticky pad that will hold it firmly in place, even if you have a minor accident.

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Garmin Powered Suction Mount for 7″ GPS


2.Garmin Powered Suction MountThis product designed by Garmin functions using a suction cup that will stick your GPS to your windshield or other available surfaces around your vehicle. As it is designed to hold only 7 inch GPS units in its cradle, you should first check the size of your device before ordering

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i.Trek Suction Cup Windshield 9-Inch Mount with 17mm Ball Joint (for Garmin Nuvi)


3.i.Trek Suction CupIf you are looking for a mounting system for your Garmin Nuvi GPS and you own a truck, van or RV, this is your best option. This simple-to-use product is fitted with a powerful suction cup that attaches your GPS to the windshield, but also with a strong, 17mm ball joint that is useful if you have deeper windshields that are not fitted with any type of mounting systems. If it happens that you own a truck, van and RV altogether, have no fear, this mount is easily detachable and moved.

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Garmin 010-11478-00 Powered Suction Cup Mount with Speaker


4.Garmin 010-11478-00If you want a mount that will not only be easily attached to many surfaces in your car, provided that they are flat, but that will also allow you to power your GPS and improve GPS voice quality, you must definitely take a look at this product, which has been designed for the Garmin Nuvi 37xx and 34xx series.

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Rear View Mirror Mount Holder


5.Rear View Mirror MountIf you are in need of a heavy-duty mount system that can be attached to your rearview mirror, you don’t need to look for other products, as this is one of the most reliable on the market. It is built with powder coated marine grade aluminum and high strength composite, it has a diamond base adapter and a composite cradle that will ensure this product will last for a while, while keeping your GPS safe and stable.




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Veise SP766M2 Rear View Backup Camera System Review


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1.1 Rear View Backup Camera System


Main advantage


It is easy to see why this is considered the best backup camera system for RVs. The SP766M2 from Veise comes with a durable construction that can withstand the harshest conditions. It is ideal for use with large recreational vehicles, and can even be mounted on heavy equipment to provide additional safety when you are backing up.

The full color display ensures that you can clearly see in any lighting, and with two cameras included with this system you never have to worry about any blind spots.


Main disadvantage


It should be mentioned that the horizontal resolution is lower than the vertical which can affect image quality, but thanks to the excellent reception from the powerful antennas this backup camera is still able to display clear visuals in dim or bright light.


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Top 3 features explained



Multiple cameras

The SP766M2 from Veise comes with two backup cameras that can be viewed separately or at the same time. This ensures that there are no blind spots, no matter the size of the vehicle. The cameras come with a waterproof construction, and the IP69K rating assures you that this backup camera system can handle almost any road or weather conditions.

The cameras come with 18 infrared lights for crisp images at night, and the removable sun shade prevents bright light from distorting the pictures. With the ability to transmit images in any weather or lighting, you can confidentially reverse your larger vehicle without any worries.

1.2 Rear View Backup Camera System



With the 7 inch monitor you can clearly see the images transmitted from the cameras, and the bright LCD screen ensures all of the details are crystal clear. The front placed buttons make it easy for you to navigate through the menu, and even adjust brightness and color as needed. The arrow buttons allow you to control and pan  the cameras 130 degrees so you can easily see objects behind and beside the RV.

You can also split the screen into two sides so you can see the images from both cameras at the same time, which can be especially helpful if you are steering a wide or tall vehicle. One camera can be mounted lower and the other on top so you can easily avoid any obstacles. Designed to help you and others stay safe while you are driving, this two camera backup system from Veise might be exactly what you are looking for.



One of the main advantages of the SP766M2 is its versatility. Not only is it designed for use with RVs, but this camera system can also be used with cranes, excavators, and other heavy equipment. The two wireless cameras are designed to be easy to mount on the bottom or top of most vehicles, and simply connect to the vehicle’s battery with the included power cables.

Installation is quick and easy, especially with the included mount and since everything you need comes with this rear view backup system you can get started right out of the box.


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ATian Wireless Ir Monitor Review


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1.1 ATian Wireless


Main advantage


ATian has designed this backup camera for use in almost any vehicle, including trucks, RVs, campers and cars. It comes with a sleek design, durable construction and a 5” LCD monitor that is capable of displaying crisp, clear images in almost any lighting.

You will appreciate its versatility, especially if you plan on using it in more than one vehicle, and this backup camera is also incredibly easy to use.


Main disadvantage


It should be noted that this backup camera system from Atian is only designed to be mounted vertically, and not in a horizontal position.

While this does not affect the amazing picture quality or the camera’s performance, and a mount for horizontal mounting can be purchased separately, this is something that should be considered depending on your vehicle.


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Top 3 features explained



Durable and versatile

Featuring a durable, waterproof construction and versatile design, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best wireless backup camera. The sturdy construction ensures that the camera can withstand torrential downpours without any problems and still transmit incredibly clear images without any problems.

It also comes in a sleek and stylish design that fits easily on most vehicles, and won’t appear bulky when it is mounted on the back. Its contemporary design also makes it a popular choice with consumers. It’s versatility allows you to use it with most vehicles, including cars and large RVs.

1.2 ATian Wireless


Color monitor

With the 5” LCD monitor you will be able to clearly see any obstacles behind or beside your vehicle. It comes with a convenient suction cup mount so you can easily attach it to your dash for quick viewing when you are backing up. This also makes moving the monitor to another vehicle quick and easy.

The controls for the monitor are placed in the back, but are still easy to reach when adjustments to the picture quality need to be made. Capable of displaying amazing picture quality during the day or at night, parking and backing up your large recreational vehicle just got easier with this camera system.


Wireless camera

With the 3.6mm lens you never have to worry about dangerous blind spots when you are parking or backing up. The 2.4Ghz camera will capture high resolution images and instantly transmit each one to the 5” monitor. The wide angle lens ensures that everything around the vehicle can be clearly seen, and this system also comes with infrared night vision capabilities. Clearly see obstacles in any lighting, even in pitch black parking lots.

You will also appreciate knowing that everything you need to mount this wireless backup camera is included. The vertical mount is designed to attach discretely to the back of your vehicle, and the included power cables simply hook up to the battery. This system also comes with handy instructions, and if you need additional assistance with installation the friendly customer service department is also ready to answer any questions you might have.


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Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera Review


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1.1 Rear View Safety RVS-770613


Main advantage


With its weatherproof construction and large viewing screen it is easy to see why this is considered the best RV backup camera. The full color display is able to produce a clear picture in low or bright lighting, and its impressive IP68 rating ensures that the RVS-770613 can survive being out in almost any storm.

Designed to be easy to install and with all of the necessary connections included, this wired backup camera might be just what you need to help you safely park and drive your RV.


Main disadvantage


Some consumers have noted that holes needed to run the connecting cables through are larger than other models and while drilling through a thin camper shell is generally not a problem, it can be difficult if you have to cut through thick stainless steel.

If you do need to run the connector through a smaller hole most consumers recommend removing the large grommet and using caulk instead. This will not affect the camera’s performance, but it will make it easier to install on the back of the RV.


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Top 3 features explained



Durable construction

The RVS-770613 backup camera comes with a durable construction that is designed to withstand almost any strom. The 2.1mm Sharp lens is protected by a metal casing that effectively protects it from cracks and scratches, and with an impact rating of 20 G this backup camera can survive occasional bumps and bangs. The cable connections are constructed from aircraft grade materials, and its IP68 rating you know that this RV backup camera is a good value for your money.

1.2 Rear View Safety RVS-770613


Color monitor

With a pixel resolution of 800 x 400, the 7 inch viewing screen will clearly display any objects that are behind or beside the RV. The 2.1mm lens ensures that there are no blind spots, and with 18 infrared lights you never have to worry about being able to see what’s behind you in dark parking lots. The monitor comes with grid lines that make it easy to judge distances, and this convenient function can be adjusted or turned off as needed. The front controls make it easy to navigate the menu, and the RVS-770613 also comes with a remote. You will appreciate the removable sunshade which prevents annoying glare, along with the automatic dimming feature so objects always appear crisp and clear. It even comes with built in speakers so you can listen and watch DVDs.


Easy to install

Rear View Safety designed this backup camera to be easy to install, and comes with all of the cables and connectors needed to attach it to your RV. The connectors are constructed from aircraft grade materials, and hook up easily to the “multiplexer”. Considered the “brains” behind this backup camera, it comes with 3 ports for cameras or even a DVD player and instantly sends the feeds to the monitor. A convenient trigger switch for each wire lets you control the cameras separately so you have complete control over what you see on the monitor.


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Best RV backup camera


What are the best backup cameras for RV GPS systems?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best RV GPS backup cameras, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigation system you need. By reading about various models mentioned by user feedback, expert websites, and about their reliability tests, we came to the conclusion that the Rear VIew Safety RVS-770613 is the product you should consider if you want nothing but the best. Sturdily built, the backup camera is capable of going through extreme weather conditions without suffering any damage; it serves to know that the casing is waterproof and that all the wiring is made of premium grade materials. The 130 degree viewing angle makes sure that you will not have to deal with any blind spots, so you will be able to park safely, even under less than ideal conditions. The system allows you to connect more cameras, so you can have improved field of vision, and, if you want, you can even hook up a DVD player. If the Rear VIew Safety RVS-770613 is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for the Atian Wireless IR as it came in a close second in our search for the best RV GPS backup cameras.

A.1 RV backup camera 750

A short buying guide

Choosing the best backup camera system can be confusing so we have included the following tips in this brief buying guide. Once you know what you need, you will find it easier to choose the right backup camera for your large recreational vehicle.




One of the most important aspects to consider is the construction of the camera housing. This is what protects the camera from the weather and any debris that might get flung up off the road. The best RV backup camera will be water and weatherproof, and also have a high IP rating. The higher the IP code the better the degree of protection, and you want to choose a rearview camera with at least an IP66 rating.

Backup cameras that come with sealed cable connectors and wires that are designed to be installed facing up are also better able at preventing water from getting inside.




If you are trying to backup or park a large vehicle safely and easily you need a rearview camera that is capable of giving you a wide viewing angle. This means that you will have to pay close attention to the size of the sensor, and the length of the lens focal point. Backup cameras with ⅓” sensors are generally able to provide you with the wide viewing angle you need to safely steer your RV.

You might also want to consider choosing a model that lets you adjust the viewing angle 30 to 180 degrees, so you can keep blind spots to a minimum. If image quality is also a concern, you probably want a rearview camera with a CCD sensor.




You want to choose a backup camera that comes with a 5” or 7” monitor so you can easily see the images being displayed. Controls placed in front allow you to easily navigate the menu, and full color displays are always an advantage.

Now that you know what you should be looking for in your next backup camera, here are three models that you should definitely consider. They are some of the best on the market and should be able to provide you with all the visibility you need for parking even the largest RV.



Rear VIew Safety RVS-770613


1.Rear View Safety RVS-770613With an IP rating of 68 this backup camera can withstand almost any weather or road condition. The sturdy casing is weather and waterproof, and the cable connections are constructed with aircraft grade materials.

There are 18 infrared lights so you can easily reverse and park in the dark, and with the 7 inch color monitor all of the images appear sharp and clear.

The 2.1mm lens allows you to see 130 degrees, and effectively eliminates potentially dangerous blind spots. You will also appreciate the helpful grid lines which can adjusted as needed.

This system comes with multiple ports for cameras and even a DVD player, and you will appreciate how easy it is to install on the back of your truck or RV.



A consistently high-rated model in this specific product category, this backup camera offers a completely waterproof capability with its impressive IP69K rating, so it can work fine in all weather situations.

The onboard three-channel multiplexer enables the system to accommodate a maximum of three cameras at a time, enabling you to supplement the system with two additional cameras.

The camera features 18 infrared lights that allow you to see up to 50 feet even when the surroundings are completely dark, and with a night vision that requires no ambient light at all to do its job.

The camera monitor displays distance grid lines that provide a reference for the backup camera so you can safely move your vehicle knowing how much room there still is behind your RV.

The camera view can be controlled using the multiplexer for a choice between a normal image and a mirror image to enable the connected cameras to serve as forward-facing or backup cameras.



According to one customer, the provided manual does not have information for setting up the system after its installation.

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Atian Wireless IR


2.ATian WirelessOften considered the best backup camera for a RV, this system will actually make it easy to maneuver you large vehicle safely into a parking space.

The sturdy camera is water and weatherproof, and also comes with a removable sunshade so you don’t have to worry about annoying glare. The 5 inch color monitor is capable of displaying a crisp, clear picture and with infrared capabilities the camera can even capture images at night. You will also appreciate the wide viewing angle on the 3.6mm lens

The sleek design of the rearview camera from Atian makes it a popular choice with consumers who are looking for a discrete system to install on their recreational vehicle. The 2.4GHz camera is also designed to be easy to attach to the back, and since it is wireless all you need to do is plug it into a 12V or 24V connection.



With its 4.3-inch Color TFT LCD Car Rearview Monitor, this model provides two video inputs that enable it to work with car rearview cameras.

This model provides functional support to car DVD and surveillance cameras, satellite receivers, STB, and other video equipment.

It offers parking rearview priority, with the monitor starting up automatically and displaying the video obtained through the rearview camera synchronously when you are backing the car. The monitor switches itself off after backing has been completed.

The monitor provides high-resolution images and even features a full-color LED backlight display so you can obtain crisp, sharp pictures that can be viewed even in the dark interior of your vehicle.

The scenes cut automatically to the rearview camera during the backing process and then changes back to the original scenes afterward.



Based on the experience of one buyer, the supplied bracket only works for vertical mounting since it is too shallow to suit horizontal mounting.

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Veise SP766M2


3.Rear View Backup Camera SystemIf you are looking for the best wireless backup camera, the Veise SP766M2 might be just what you need for your RV, truck, bus, or almost any other large vehicle.

Since it comes with two backup cameras with an IP69K rating you can even use this rearview camera system with cranes, excavators and other types of heavy equipment. The durable housing ensures that the cameras are water and weatherproof, and it also prevents dust and other debris from getting inside. This system is also vibration and shock resistant, so you can drive over rough ground without worrying about damaging the cameras.

The two cameras are connected to a 7 inch color monitor that will clearly display the transmitted images, and you can even split the screen in two. This allows you to view images from both cameras at the same time, so you can confidently backup and park large vehicles without any problems.



This Rear View Backup Camera System comprises all you need for an efficient functionality from this kind of device, as it comes with a 7-inch wireless LCD monitor, a digital, wireless, waterproof, color camera, the needed wires for power, and the necessary accessories for setup and installation.

This model is suitable for use as a reverse camera, a cab video observation system, and a compact CCTV security kit for motorhomes, RVs, trailers, forklifts, and agriculture.

The 7-inch digital, wireless LCD monitor is equipped with a full/split screen capability to provide the details you need from images obtained by the digital color camera with night vision.

The removable sun visor on the digital TFT LCD monitor enables the easy viewing of images under the bright sun so you won’t miss a thing.



The video is not high-definition and can be choppy at times, according to one customer who is still satisfied that the unit does the job adequately.

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