Best RV water heater


What are the best RV water heaters?


While going camping with your RV, you need at least some degree of comfort if you want to feel cozy and warm. Because you can’t have your morning shower with cold water, you must get the best RV water heater on the market. After reading various reviews from other customers and experts, we’ve concluded that a great choice of RV water heater is the Suburban 5117A. This unit doesn’t require special maintenance because it is powered by propane. Easy to use and to install,  the water heater benefits from a large diameter drainage port and a convenient door for easy access. Plus, it works great with all types of RV. If you can’t the Suburban 5117A, make sure to check the Aquaking AKOUTDOORSMAN, another great option.


A short buying guide


We all know how important it is to be able to enjoy hot water even when we’re on the go. Because not all RV’s come with water heaters, it’s quite logically why you need to study the offer available for sale. We’ve made this short presentation for you that can help you decide faster about which item fits your needs best.


Type of water heater


In your search for the best tankless water heater for RV, you need to learn that there are three types of heaters, depending on the fuel source.

The majority of RV water heaters are designed to operate on electricity and liquid propane together. Because of this versatility, you get to use the unit on more than one power source and even simultaneously. This way, you can rest assured that the water in your RV gets hot in an instant.

There is another type of heaters that utilize a more sophisticated source of power. These are called motoraid because they require the cooling system of the RV in order to heat the water. When the RV’s engine is running, the water located in the system circulates through the submerged tubes in the water heater. As the water starts to circulate through these tubes, the water begins to warm.


Ignition system


Water heaters that use liquid propane or LP can be purchased in two models that only differ in terms of the ignition system. The most sophisticated type of the ignition is the Direct Spark Ignition, while the Manual Pilot Light is the basic option for most RV’s.  

The basic model utilizes a pilot light that you need to turn it manually. When the pilot light is off, you can switch the Pilot Control if you want to allow the gas to flow. This safety option that enables you to turn off the pilot light is beneficial for preventing the LP gas from leaking.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the pilot light mustn’t be lit when the RV is in motion. Because the wind is able to blow the pilot light, it’s quite clear why you should keep it off. However, it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare your hot shower.

According to most RV water heater reviews, those units that are outfitted with Direct Spark Ignition are preferable because they don;t need a pilot light. Instead, the gas thermostat sends a signal to the heater which opens the gas valve. Once the igniter is turned on, if there are no issues, the flame starts to develop.

The best part is that when the sensor doesn’t detect the flame, after 15 seconds the valve closes, and the entire system shuts down. From there, an indicator light will signal that the water heater has failed to light and the unit will be turned off and reset before making a new attempt. Even though you can drive your RV while heating the water, it’s better to wait until you’ve reached your destination.


Size and capacity


When in the market for the best RV tankless water heater, you need to pay attention to the size of the unit as well as the capacity. Ideally, you should invest in water heaters that are small and lightweight because they are usually installed outside, below the floor or in the area located behind the baggage room. Therefore, you need to be careful not to reduce the amount of room inside your RV.

As far as the capacity goes, it all comes down to the amount of water you need during your camping trip. Choose a model that satisfies your needs.



Our top picks



Suburban 5117A


This water heater is a great choice of RV heater because it has a 6-gallon capacity and uses LP gas as a power source.

Moreover, it depends on the manual pilot as an ignition system, which comes in handy if you want to ensure safety while being on the road.

Having an RV water heater that depends on the manual pilot ignition means that you are allowed to have full control over the gas and heating system. This way, you can choose when to heat your water for shower or cooking activities and prevent potential gas leakages.

This heater works best for campers and trailers, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. Because it uses propane, you can rest assured that even if you leave the water heater idle for a period of time, it won’t start working without your manual permission.

Furthermore, the capacity of 6 gallons is more than enough for camping with your family.

Buy from for ($255)






This ultra-portable water heater is incredibly small and lightweight which means it won’t occupy too much room. With a weight of only 10 lbs you can easily move the unit anywhere, you like it, without putting too much effort.

If you have a supply of running water and propane, you don’t need anything less to start enjoying your hot and steamy shower. Easy to set up, the process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Plus, the tool comes in handy for your RV because it can rapidly hook up to your existing water connections located in your water heater cabinet.

The product is outfitted with easy-to-use dials placed on the front that allow you to select between two options, winter or summer. Since the device is a tankless heater powered by propane gas, there’s no need to stand-by or recovery time. Keep in mind that the heater requires 2 “D” cell batteries that aren’t included in the package.  

Buy from




Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM


If you need a reliable water heater that requires only 2.5 PSI of water pressure in order to deliver hot water for your RV.

Besides, the maximum temperature reached by this unit is 114.8 F degrees while the minimum is 46.4 F degrees. Therefore, you can use the water for taking a shower or for cooking activities.

Thanks to its compact size, the water heater can be placed anywhere you like without having to worry about occupying too much space. Moreover, it is outfitted with a folding handle that keeps the unit out of your way and comes in handy for outdoors setups.

Also, there’s no need to worry about safety issues because the product comes with a 20 minutes automatic safety option and a flame failure feature. The best part is that it boasts anti-freezing and oxygen depletion safety shut-off protections. Thanks to the ideal gallon capacity you get instant water that lasts for long no matter where you decide to camp.

Buy from for ($149.99)



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Best RV solar panel


What are the best RV solar panels?


Because times have changed and modern discoveries make our lives better, we need small improvements such as the best RV solar panels that can help us achieve the same advantages that we get while living at home. After reading several reviews and feedbacks given by customers and experts, along with sales figures, we’ve come to the conclusion that one product that you shouldn’t miss out is the Renogy KIT-STARTER-100D. This solar panel kit is a perfect starter for any RV owner that wants to benefit from the full power and grid independence. Moreover, the item boasts an ideal output of 500Wn per day, and it is able to charge a 50Ah battery from 50% to full 100% in just 3 hours time. If the Renogy KIT-STARTER-100D is not available, make sure to check the WindyNation SOK-100WP-P30L.


A short buying guide


We all know how important it is to feel comfortable on a camping trip. In order for an RV to actually provide you a great level of comfort, it needs to be properly supplied. Among the basic requirements, you must get the best portable RV solar panels. If you want to know how to make the right decision, check out this features showcased below.


Features and specifications


First, you need to think carefully before getting the product you desire. Although there are several options for sale, not all of them are compatible with your RV and your personal needs and preferences.

According to the majority of the RV solar panel reviews, there are three technical specs that you should consider. One of them is the rating that tells you the what size of the solar panel system you need to get. It’s better to pick panels that come with a higher rate than your batteries. Since solar panels don’t always reach the rate mentioned in the product description, it’s wiser to choose a bigger rating.

Then you need to pay attention to the peak power. This indicator refers to the maximum output provided by these solar panels when the weather conditions are ideal. Because the efficiency of the panels tends to decrease as it gets heated. Therefore, a higher peak power is a better option.

Lastly, there’s also the panel intolerance that provides information regarding the drop percent of the power. For instance, a 100 Watts solar panel that indicates a tolerance of 10% means it can only provide you 90 Watts of total power. You should choose products that don’t go below 5% tolerance.


RV rooftop space


If you need more than one solar panel, you must determine whether your RV rooftop can handle their sizes. When investing in the best RV solar panel kits, make sure you’ve got the room for the other components, as well.

One important aspect is related to the wirings. If you want convenient access to the controller, you should lay the wirings in a way you can reach them.

In terms of the easy installation process, you should park your RV only on even grounds and make sure the solar panels are oriented toward the sun. In case you want to install more solar panels, you can always opt for a large controller.


Charging principle


Because solar panels depend very much on the cloud position and geography, it’s quite understandable why the charging rate might differ from area to area. So, you should pick solar panels that are outfitted with an adjustable mount that ensures more flexibility. This way, you can rest assured that you benefit to the fullest of the panel’s maximum capacity.



Our top picks





While on the go, the last thing you need is a complicated device that needs tons of hours for install. Therefore, a solar panel kit that allows you to benefit from an independent power source day or night is ideal.

Specially designed to allow your system to be expanded up to 400W, this unit features an ideal output of 500Wh per day. Plus, it can charge a battery that has been drained of more than half to a full charge in only 3 hours time.

Moreover, the product package all the necessary tools you need to set up the control panel, including an 8 ft 10AWG tray cable that allows you to connect your charge controller and the battery if you want.

Quite easy to use, the device is outfitted with LED indicators so you can see the panel even in low light conditions. Also, the kit is compatible with different types of batteries, such as sealed, gel, and flooded.

Buy from for ($180.99)




WindyNation SOK-100WP-P30L 


This solar panel kit is specially manufactured for Rv’s, cabins, boats, and other situations that require a remote source of power.

Besides the 100W solar panel, the kit comes with a 30 Amp display solar charge controller outfitted with a battery temperature sensor, a 40 feet solar cable, MC4 connectors, the mounting hardware, and the user manual.

Depending on the sunlight availability, the product is able to deliver an average of 350 Wh or 33 Amp hours of charge on a daily basis. You have the possibility to add extra solar panels because the charge controller can handle more.

The instructions are clear and precise while the digital display offers detailed information regarding the solar panel charging amperage, battery voltage, battery temperature, amperage of load draw, and solar generated amp-hours.

According to your preferences and personal needs, you can adjust the system settings such as the voltage or the solar disconnect feature, by pressing the MODE button located on the charge controller up or down.

Buy from for ($188.97)




ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 100W


This water-resistant and semi-flexible solar panel is built from sturdy materials while the junction box is completely sealed and waterproof.

The main advantage of this product is the fact that it can charge 12V lead-acid batteries, including 12V lithium and other types of equipment.

Furthermore, the solar panel can be easily bent to 30 degrees without worrying about causing damages. This way, it becomes suitable for a variety of purposes and locations such as RVs, boats, tents, or huts.  

Because the device is manufactured to save the energy and protect the environment, it is ideal for outdoor camping, working or training.

The solar panel can pack up to 100W of power even though it only weighs less than 5 lbs. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it with you while going camping. Due to its unique frameless design and four metal reinforced holes designed for wall mounting, the product can be installed fast and easy.

Buy from for ($299.99)



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Best RV roof sealant


What are the best RV roof sealants?


If you won and RV you understand how important is to maintain your vehicle in a perfect state. In order to do so, you must get the best RV roof sealant that protects your RV from damages. If you don’t have time to do a proper research, read this short paragraph. According to several customer reviews, expert feedback, and sales figure, we’ve determined that the best possible choice of Rv roof sealant is the Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-1. The reason we were so impressed with this item is due to its versatility. In addition to UV and waterproof protection, it can also be used as a shield against ponding water. Plus, it can be applied to any type of Rv roof. If the Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-4 is out of stock, go with the Dicor 501LSW-1, another great option.


A short buying guide


The problem with most RV roofs is that they don’t show to the damage until the very last minute. Basically, it might take a while before realizing the top needs serious fixing. You can prevent these situations if you decide to get the best RV roof coating. If you’re not sure what item to purchase, we’ve got some features explained below that might come in handy.


Type of roof


When in the market for the best roof sealant for RVs, you need to pay attention to the roof type. Each RV comes with a roof made of a certain material so you need to stick to your type and not use a sealant that might cause problems to your roof instead of repairs.

The majority of RVs are outfitted with a roof made of rubber. This can be found in two types, as well, EPDM and TPO.

EPDM roofs are known for their durability and the fact that they can go without an extensive maintenance for many years. If you own an RV with an EPDM roof, make sure to get a sealant for sale that is suitable for this type of material in case it starts to develop cracks.

TPO roofs, on the other hand, are a tad more rigid and provide a shiny look, in comparison to other materials. If EPDM is known for its tendency to oxidize, TPO won’t get to have a chalk-like surface even after long periods of time. It’s important to purchase a sealant that keeps the TPO rubber intact no matter the season.

Another type of material used rarely for RV roofs is aluminum. Because it adds weight to the vehicle, it’s not the first choice for most owners. However, just like fiberglass, it doesn’t require much maintenance, so make sure to buy the best sealant for RV aluminum roof and use it occasionally.




Before making your final buying decision, it’s better to have a clear understanding of why you need the sealant for. Several RV roof sealant reviews recommend checking whether there are leaks in the surface or not. Then, get to the bottom of the problem and see what’s causing the leak. Once you’ve solved this major because you can easily know what roof sealant is suitable for your RV.

Aside from this, if you need to keep your vehicle looking new, your best option is a sealant that provides a brilliant white finish. This type of finish is a great choice especially if you want to maintain the temperature inside the RV at a low level.




RV roof sealants have the capacity to reflect away the light and heat from your vehicle. This is quite useful especially during the summer or if you travel in areas where temperatures are extremely high. You can get a cool and reflective sealant that ensures your roof surface remains cools and prevents any  UV damages.



Our top picks



Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-1


This Rv roof sealant is a genuine EPDM rubber found in liquid form. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to use and it can prolong the life of your RV roof.

One aspect worth mentioning in regards to this sealant is that it offers protection against leaks but also a heat-reflective coating over your existing Rv roof surface. Plus, it can be applied to all roofing materials and the waterproof feature works immediately.

Besides the durable function, the product is completely UV and ozone resistant. Also, it can tolerate continuous exposure even at temperatures that go higher than 300 Fahrenheit degrees.

As far as the application process, it only requires one coat in order to be effective. Before using the sealant, make sure to clean the surface with a mild detergent and let it dry. Afterward, you can start applying the roof sealant on top of your RV. The finish won’t get damaged by adverse conditions.

Buy from for ($75)




Dicor 501LSW-1


If you need a reliable roof sealer for your Rv that acts fast and provides excellent results, then this choice won’t disappoint you.

The product was specially designed to create a watertight seal along the edges of your RV roof. Moreover, the sealant does a great job in other areas such as air vents, vent pipes, screw heads, and air conditioners.

Apart from this, the item is fully compatible with all EPDM roofs and enables a perfect adhesion to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, concrete, and galvanized metal.

One aspect worth mentioning is that this sealant matches the color of your RV roof and thanks to its UV properties, it prevents eventual deterioration and discoloration that occurs when the vehicle stays in sunny areas. Plus, it doesn’t stain or discolor no matter the material your roof surface is made of.

Once applied, the product creates a strong and durable seal that remains flexible even after long periods of time.

Buy from for ($13.07)




Liquid Roof Rv  F9991-4


The major advantage of buying a sealant in bulk is that you can use anytime you see some cracks or deteriorations on the surface of your RV roof.

This is why you must get this sealant that is easy to apply and only requires one coat application in order to improve the quality of your roof.

There’s no need to worry about other auxiliary tools because the product comes with a pre-measured bottle of catalyst where you can mix the ingredients in the same can.

Once you apply the sealant all over the surface, it will self-level the area and produce a beautiful smooth coating that makes your RV roof brand new.

You can apply this sealant over any type of roofing materials. Just make sure to clean the area with a mild detergent and water and let it dry. The product offers complete waterproof protection immediately after you apply the coating.

Buy from for ($251.99)





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What are the best RV BBQs?


You can go RVing and not bring the best RV BBQ with you. Because it’s the only way to enjoy cooking with your friends and family, you must learn which product fits your needs best. Read this paragraph and see if something catches your attention. After meticulously reading various feedbacks given by previous customers and experts, along with the overall product quality, we’ve concluded that one great choice of RV barbecue is the Magma A10-603 Adventurer. Besides being made of durable stainless steel, the unit comes with a locking lid that ensures all components are safely stored during maneuvering and transportation. Plus, it is outfitted with a convenient side grease tray for easy access. If the Magma A10-603 Adventurer is not available, don’t forget to check the Flame King YSNHT400.


A short buying guide


Having the best BBQ for RV is quite useful especially if you like to go camping with your family or with a large group of friends. Given the number of products for sale available on the market, it can be a tad difficult to decide on a specific model. So we’ve gathered some information and made a list of features that matter most in terms of RV BBQunits.


Type of RV grills


The first step you must do is decide on the type of bbq you want to invest in. Because each of these camping grills is outfitted with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, it’s quite understandable why you need to determine how often you need to use the tool and for what purpose.

One type of grill is the charcoal barbecue that is the most common choice found among RV enthusiasts. The reason why charcoal is the top choice is that they can be found in any supermarket or local store and they don’t cost much. The major drawback is that these tools need a thorough cleaning after each use which is definitely not easy when cooking several dishes and types of foods.

Another option is propane grills that combine what charcoal units have best to offer along with the easy cleaning part. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for the best RV camping grill. Aside from the great level of performance, this grill provides additional features that charcoal products don’t have, such as perfect heat distribution.




The majority of RV BBQ reviews recommend paying attention to the construction materials because it has the ability to interfere with the cooking quality and process. Generally, you can opt for ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum or iron. Indeed, if you go with stainless steel, you’ll be more than pleased because it can be cleaned without too much effort and the exterior doesn’t get affected by rust.




Most units come with only one temperature control setting. This is due to their small size. However, if you want to get a device that has dual burners, you can always opt for dual temperature controls that allow you to set two different temperature levels when doing the cooking.

As far as the cooking surface, you need to get clear about how much area you actually need. If you need to cook an entire meal using the grate, you’ll definitely require more space than you might use for grilling just one burger.

Grates are important, too. Because they are the ones responsible for conducting and holding the head, you must buy a camping grill that does its best in this department.

For example, chrome and nickel are lightweight but don’t hold the heat so good, and they can easily break after some usage. Cast iron retains the heat, but without an oil treatment, it tends to rust. Stainless steel works great, and cleaning is a total bliss, even though they are a bit heavier than other types of grates.



Our top picks



Magma A10-603 Adventurer


If you’re a grill enthusiast that likes to enjoy a delicious meal right in the middle of nature, you’ll be impressed by the quality of this product.

This camping grill is built entirely from stainless steel and is designed to use standard 1 pound propane gas canisters. The best part is that the unit can adapt to a low propane fuel pressure or a natural gas fuel system, depending on your possibilities.

The grill boasts a large cooking surface as well as a balance locking lid that enables all internal components are safely stored while transportation. Also, this item features durable handles made of a special material that stays cool no matter the level of heat you’re using. Because the legs are foldable, they allow you to easily set up the grill wherever you want to camp.  

Aside from that, it has a convenient side access tray for the extra grease and a radiant plate assembly that ensures the heat is distributed evenly.  

Buy from for ($167.12)




Flame King YSNHT400


Grilling has never been so easy, but with this tool, you get a complete kit that allows you to cook several dishes for you and your entire family.

In addition to the grill unit itself, the product package provides a complete grilling stations with items such as an adjustable flame controller, an upper grill deck, and a large surface of 214 square inches.

Aside from that, this camping grill is outfitted with its own bracket system that allows you to mount the device on any side of your RV. Also, the hanging rack can be used as legs if you want to ensure the grill stands freely, without extra help. There’s a dual locking lid that safely closes the grill for storage or transportation.

There’s no need to worry about the installation process because the item comes with a detailed user manual. Make sure you connect the grill to the propane gas system of your RV. The grill has ergonomic handles placed on each side.

Buy from for ($99.99)




Camco Olympian 57305


This portable gas grill is designed to be used for Rving or any type of outdoor activity. Made of durable stainless steel, the unit is incredibly lightweight and boasts a large cooking surface of 180 square inches.

Besides the mounting bracket that allows you to hand the unit on the RV mounting rail, the product also comes with folding legs that come in handy if you want to use it for a tabletop position.

You can rest assured that no safety issues will occur because the grill features a hose and a valve for quick connection and a shut-off valve that prevents any accidents such as non-ignition fuel discharges.

The product is manufactured to use the RV’s low-pressure propane supply. Furthermore, the grill is outfitted with a cast iron smoker plate that enables the heat to be distributed on the entire cooking surface. Plus, it ensures the flavor of the food is kept without producing grease fires.

Buy from for ($187.21)



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Midea WHD-113FB1 Refrigerator Review




Main advantage


The Midea WHD-113FB1 is one of the most popular products on the market because of the way it offers all the features of a normal refrigerator in a small and compact design.

Customers can’t get enough of this product as the 3.1 cubic feet capacity of this compact refrigerator is enough to house all the snacks and beverages you might need to make your journey more enjoyable.

This option is also energy star certified which means that you won’t have to worry about power consumption as it is already designed to be as efficient as possible.


Main disadvantage


Finding a disadvantage for this purchase was a tough task, but it appears that some customers have noticed that foods and drinks can get a bit too cold when pushed to the back of the refrigerator.

While this is in no way a deal breaker, it is important to consider this detail. Still, even the customers that reported to have encountered this problem declare themselves overall satisfied with their purchase.

Buy from for ($167.63)



Top 3 features explained




The one thing that really stands out about this product is the way in which it can meet the same requirements that customers have for larger products. Don’t let yourself get fooled by its size because inside it you can find the same equipment as any normal-sized fridge.

In fact, this is exactly what makes it such a popular choice among consumers. It cannot be denied that the fridge is one of the most important appliances in our homes. When traveling you want a product that can satisfy your needs and this is where the Midea alternative comes in.

Due to its small size, it means that you won’t have any trouble finding a place for it to fit inside your RV. You can even tuck it under a counter because the product is equipped with a state of the art ventilation system that can function properly even in confined spaces.


Less than a purr

As with any product, but especially one that will be on 24/7 there is one thing that we don’t want from it – too much noise. With the Midea WHD-113FB1, there’s no need for you to worry.

The whisper-quiet technology that this product uses ensures that even when used at its fullest, it won’t become a distraction to you. In fact, you probably won’t even notice any sound.

This feature is essential because when you consider the small space that an RV has, any kind of noise would easily propagate. When resting or sleeping, hearing the sound of your refrigerator is the last thing you want, especially when you can just hear the relaxing sounds of nature outside instead.



The wonderful thing about this product is that despite its small size, it still offers enough space for you to store your favorite snacks and beverages.

To make things even better, because this is a double door fridge, you also get a freezer. When you just want to quickly refresh yourself on a hot day with a cold drink, you can just pop it into the freezer.

It’s not just the inside, both doors can be used to store drinks and foods so that you can make good use of the additional space that this feature adds.


Buy from for ($167.63)



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Best RV heater


What are the best RV heaters in 2017?


If you lack the time to do some proper research, but you’re desperately in need for an RV heater, and you don’t know where to get one, we’re here to help you! We’ve read dozens of RV heater reviews and are ready to present a well-documented buying guide to help you make a decision. Follow our tips if you want to learn how to pick out the best RV heater you could possibly get. Our findings show that the first product you should take into consideration is the Mr. Heater F274830 Big Buddy, for it has some extremely useful features. One of them is its power, which goes up to 18000 BTU and could heat up spaces up to 300 square feet. Also, this item is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, and it burns clean, without producing pollution. If this model happens to be unavailable, we recommend you check out the Mr. Heater F232000 Buddy as a great second choice.


A short buying guide


If you want to know how to compare the various alternatives available and choose the best RV heater for sale, you need to have a few basic rule to guide yourself after. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this buying guide to have a look at the features you’re next heater should have in order to be worthy of your attention.


Power source


To know whether an RV heater can be used both indoors and outdoors and if it can heat up larger spaces or if it’s only useful for a small room or a motorhome, you need to check and see how it can be powered.

There are generally two types of heaters, those that run on electricity and thus that can be connected to a propane tank. It’ s easy to guess which one is more suitable for which environment.

The products that run on electricity can only be used outside if you have a source nearby, while the ones the run on gas will not be of much help if you plan to use them at very high altitudes. In the end, it all comes down to your original purpose.


Temperature control


If you want to be able to properly control the output of your heating device, you need to make sure that it is equipped with easy-to-use and visible adjustment knobs.

Many designs place the adjustment knobs right on top of the heater, also painting them in bright colors to make them visible. While this is a nice feature, what really matters is the options you have to choose from.

It’s hard to incorporate everything on just one scale, so we recommend you to buy an item that features more than one knob, if possible. This way, you will be able to determine not only the temperature but also the power at which your heater operates.




We feel that there’s a need to bring up this subject considering the fact that many heating devices available for sale are only compatible with other accessories produced by the same brand.

If you feel like this is a problem, do not hesitate to look for an alternative that can be paired with any type of additional accessory.


Our top picks


In order to find a good RV heater, besides following a few tips to be able to compare between the many options offered to you, you need to know your priorities and act accordingly. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to review a few of our favorite products below to give you a starting point.



Mr. Heater F274830 Big Buddy


This model from Mr. Heater must be connected to a propane tank in order to function, and it can heat up a room of up to 300 square feet.

The heating power can vary between 4000 and 18000 BTU, and as a result, this design is 100% efficient. However, if you intend to use it at altitudes slightly above 7000 feet, the heater will shut off due to lack of oxygen.

As a matter of fact, Big Buddy’s auto shut-off function can also be activated if the pilot light goes out, not only if it detects low oxygen levels.

In order to allow you to control the temperature, this model features an adjustment knob on the top, with three slots for low, medium and high heat.

Although this is one of the best options for heating enclosed spaces like holiday cabins and so on, we must warn you not to use any unauthorized accessories if you intend to buy this product because it may cause damage.

Buy from for ($135.55)




Mr. Heater F232000 Buddy


This model is a slightly cheaper alternative also offered by Mr. Heater that is suitable for smaller spaces, up to 225 square feet, and only gives off between 4000 and 9000 BTU.

Much like the other product from this brand that we’ve also showcased in our selection, this version is approved for both indoor and outdoor use and burn clean, without producing polluting gases.

This item’s auto shutoff is triggered if the pilot light goes out or if it detects low oxygen levels, which means it may not be a good idea to use it at altitudes over 7000 feet.

In order to be easier to handle, the design includes a fold-down handle. Also, to be able to adjust the heat given off by this device you need to change the temperature using the swivel-out regulator placed on the top.

Although this product is protected by warranty, it becomes unavailable if you pair it with unauthorized accessories.

Buy from




Caframo Limited 9206CABBX True North


This rather affordable model from Caframo Limited is protected by a 5-year warranty and provides reasonable quality for its price.

Featuring a low-profile design, as opposed to the other products we’ve included in our selection, this product is very easy to use since it features two adjustment knobs on the front and a variety of options to choose from.

One of the knobs is designed to adjust the power of the device while the other features a temperature scale so that you can more accurately choose the way you want to heat the space.

It also contains an anti-freezing setting, so it’s perfectly equipped to function even in extreme circumstances. The outer layer is coated with a durable finish, guaranteeing the longevity of this design.

It can be plugged in using a standard two-prong polarized plug, and it runs at 120V, meaning that it can be used in almost any indoor space, but it’s not fit for outdoor use unless you have an electricity source nearby, which makes this a good heater for a motorhome.

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Best RV vacuum


What are the best RV vacuum cleaners in 2017?


Just like your house needs a good cleaning session, the same principle applies to RVs. In order to remove all the dust and dirt from inside the vehicle, you need a great RV vacuum that does the job in a timely fashion manner. If you don’t have time to search from store to store but still want to know which is the best RV vacuum, take a look at this paragraph, and maybe you can pick a few tips. Based on indicators such as customer feedbacks, overall product quality, and sale figures, we’ve determined that an excellent choice of RV vacuum is the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B. Specially designed to ensure a fast and easy cleaning operation, this vacuum is lightweight and features a heavy-duty gallon tank than can be rapidly emptied and cleaned. In addition, it is completely cordless, and the filter can be washed after each usage. If the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B is unavailable, you can always go with the Black+Decker BDH2000PL as it came in second place in our search for good RV vacuums.


A short buying guide


In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve made a short presentation about the most significant features you should consider when looking for RV vacuums for sale. You can find a useful buying guide showcased below.


Vacuum power


One of the most important things you should pay attention to when in the market for the best vacuum for RV is the suction power. Even though cordless devices tend to clean up the dirt and debris rapidly, you should aim for devices that incorporate enough power to help you clean the entire vehicle surface in just a matter of minutes.

Generally, most vacuums that feature a handheld option are specially designed to clean hard to get areas and car interiors. Therefore, you could opt for these type of devices if you need a good RV vacuum that performs fast and powerful. Plus, extra accessories such as a crevice tool and a powerful brush enhance the product effectiveness.


Ease of use and functionality


According to RV vacuum reviews, you should get a unit that comes with several attachments that improve the process of cleaning the interior.

For instance, a device that has a crevice tool will most likely pick up the debris easily especially if you have tight spots or certain areas that require more attention. Also, a vacuum that has a brush incorporated gets the job done faster and leaves the surface dust free.

Because you’ll want to move freely while doing the vacuum, you should check an RV vacuum that is lightweight, so you don’t put too much effort.

The reason why many people are prone to choosing cordless vacuums is that they have the opportunity to actually enjoy regular cleaning without having to bear too much noise or the hassle of carrying a cord. Moreover, there’s no need to find a power source which is extremely beneficial especially while being on the road.

It is advisable to look for vacuums that are versatile and practical to use. Therefore, units that can be rapidly converted from stick to handheld are extremely practical and can be used for a variety of purposes and areas.




No matter the type of the vacuum and the level of performance, you should invest in products that offer long battery life. You can find a cheap RV vacuum that can clean your entire vehicle because it has a battery that ensures enough power for one single cleaning session.

A portable vacuum that works independently for a longer period of time is a great option because you won’t have much time to clean your car.

One thing worth mentioning is that when searching for a good vacuum that you can use in your RV, you should consider the type of batteries it uses and how long can you use it without the need to plug it into a power source.



Our top picks



DEWALT Bare-Tool DC515B


This dual-mode vacuum from Dewalt is an excellent choice of product thanks to the large heavy-duty tank that can be easily emptied and cleaned after each usage.

Thanks to the dual clean-up feature, the unit ensures all dirt and debris is cleaned using either the front nozzle or the extendable rubber hose, included in the product package. Moreover, the rubber hose is made of durable and flexible material.

Quite lightweight, the vacuum ensures plenty of portability given its 6 pounds weight. When in use, the vacuum is secured by a heavy-duty latch allows you to empty out the tank when needed.

Outfitted with a special Gore HEPA wet and dry filter, the vacuum is able to pick even fine particles of dust, ensuring a proper and clean air to breathe inside the room or RV. Also, the filter is entirely washable and easy to clean.

After using the vacuum, simply tap the filter with water or rinse it gently and the dirt will be removed.

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Black+Decker BDH2000PL


Featuring a lightweight construction, this powerful vacuum from Black+Decker comes with a suction power of 20V which is more than enough to clean any type of surface in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the vacuum enables a fast and easy cleaning process thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery that doesn’t drain rapidly.

Compact and facile to store, the unit features a crevice tool and a brush that allows you to pick up any type of debris.

The 3-stage filtration system has a special filter that cleans the air, and the wide mouth design is excellent for sweeping large pieces of debris. In addition, it has a pivoting nose feature that is an excellent tool for vacuuming in hard to reach areas, such as under the cupboards, between the car seats or under the bed.

Due to the cyclonic action the dust and debris and removed completely from the filter while the suction power remains strong.

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Dirt Devil M0100


This handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil comes with a powerful motor of 7 amp and a motorized brush that ensures all dirt and debris is removed with one single swipe.

Moreover, the unit is ideal if you plan on taking the pets along with you on your camping holiday trip.

The unit is ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces such as drapes, upholstery, cars or sofas thanks to its 5-piece tool set included in the product package.

There’s no need to worry about finding a close power source to plug the device because this vacuum is outfitted with a 20-foot long power cord that allows you to move freely.

Easy to handle and to empty, you can remove the dust and dirt without having to use your hands.

Versatile and hygienic, all you have to is to remove the end of the vacuum and drop the debris in the trash can.

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Best RV tv antenna


What are the best RV TV antennas in 2017?


Finding the best RV TV antenna is extremely important because everyone wants to enjoy the same level of entertainment while traveling. If you don’t have time to do a proper research, take a look at this paragraph and maybe you’ll make an idea of what to look for. Based on various indicators such as overall product quality, sales figures, and customer feedbacks, we’ve determined that the best choice of an RV TV antenna is the 1byone OUS00-0812. Having an antenna that provides a good signal is extremely important, and this is the main feature of this unit. Thanks to a modern and updated technology, it comes with a compact size that reduces the wind load in order to facilitate the tv access to several channels. Moreover, the omnidirectional reception ensures signal from all directions. If the 1byone OUS00-0812 is out of stock, you can always go with the Winegard RS-3000 as it came in second place in our search for RV TV antennas.


A short buying guide


There are many good RV Tv antennas for sale, and you can choose one that meets your needs and personal preferences if you decide to use the features explained below. This useful buying guide aims to make your job a lot easier.




Nowadays, it’s impossible to go on a long trip and not feel the need to turn on the TV. Therefore, you should invest an RV TV antenna that ensures a good connection to the external world.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that the flexibility of an antenna is a great advantage while on the go. A portable antenna gives you the opportunity to move around without having to worry about any obstacles. Besides, you aren’t limited to using the unit only for RVing. Basically, you should own a versatile product that can be used on numerous occasions, anytime you plan on going outdoors.

Plus, if you ever decide to get a new RV or to borrow one from your friends, you can take the portable antenna with you.


Type of antenna


In your attempt to purchase the best TV antenna for RV, you must establish first what type of unit do you prefer to use.

Antennas come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be permanent structures on your motorhome’s roof or portable items that you set up easily, whenever you desire.

The standard choice is the batwing antenna that needs to be adjusted from inside the vehicle in order to find the best reception. This is the reason why most RV owners enjoy other alternatives because nobody wants to get up constantly and change the direction.

One of these alternatives is the omnidirectional TV antenna that ensures improved signal reception without having to make any adjustments. Although a tad pricier than bat wings, they’re worth it thanks to their easy maneuverability and powerful reception.


Extra features


RV TV antenna reviews recommend choosing products that offer High Definition features. Most items that are new on the market come with this type of settings because they ensure a proper image while watching movies or videos. Newer models offer the possibility to view the TV in 4K format, in addition to HD settings.

Given the amount of time spent outdoors, you should get a unit that comes with a waterproof coating so you can use it for a longer period of time, without having to worry about the extreme weather.  



Our top picks



1byone OUS00-0812


Featuring a sleek and interesting design, this RV TV antenna from 1byone comes with a new concept that consists of a sturdy mount base and a built-in amplifier.

One aspect worth mentioning is the 360-degree omnidirectional reception that enables a fantastic signal reception from all directions. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly change the position of the antenna in order to get better reception.

Thanks to the compact mounting system, the antenna is able to stand even windy conditions although its size is smaller compared to similar products on the market.

Lightweight and compact, this antenna can be used not only for viewing TV channels in the RV but also at home or while camping. Due to the anti-UV coating, the item isn’t affected by the hot summer sun rays.

Furthermore, the antenna supports 1080p high-definition formats and doesn’t require more than three steps for installation. There’s no need for extra tools because you’ll find all the necessary accessories inside the product package, along with the instruction manual.

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Winegard RS-3000


This digital amplified TV antenna from Winegard comes with a sleek and compact design. Moreover, the unit receives a strong signal from both VHF and UHF frequencies even when the RV is parked.

Given the 35 miles long range, the antenna is ready to broadcast plenty of TV channel after its setup.

Each time you want to enjoy the TV, pull over the vehicle, turn on the antenna and run a quick scan in order to benefit from full signal what it’s receivable in that specific area.

Due to the omnidirectional feature, the unit ensures a powerful reception through the embedded digital TV antenna amplifier. In addition, the product is outfitted with an on/off power supply function, a 30 inch 75 Ohm coax cable and a mounting bracket.

This portable antenna is built from durable materials and has a UV coating that prevents overheating. Plus, it is entirely waterproof so it can be used even in rainy areas.

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1byone 210NA-0005


A compact portable antenna, this model has a small size which is ideal for receiving improved signal during bad weather conditions. Besides, the anti-UV coating and the waterproof design ensures a strong shield against signal interferences.

Equipped with a 360-degree omnidirectional reception, the antenna is able to receive a signal from multiple directions, without having to move the antenna, like standard outdoor antennas usually need.

Quite easy to install, this unit comes with simple tools included in the product package that enable a fast setup.

Also, there’s a 26-ft high-performance coaxial cable that allows you to place the digital antenna in areas where the reception is maximum.

Therefore, the product is suitable not only for RV’s but also for camping or houses that are located in areas where a digital cable is hard to install. You can mount it in several places such as the balcony, attic, living room or roof.  

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Best RV toilet


What are the best RV toilets in 2017?


If you need to know which is the best RV toilet but don’t know for sure where to start your research from, there is a way to find out. Read this paragraph and see if you can pick some interesting information about the best units on the market. Our team of experts has done a research based on indicators such as customers review, expert feedbacks, and sales figures and determined that the must-have product in terms of RV toilets is the Thetford 31672. Stylish and lightweight, this toilet is easy to use and has a taller seat which ensures more than enough of comfort. Also, it features a useful pedal-flush function while the full activation of the flush provides a complete coverage of the toilet bowl. If the Thetford 31672 is not available, try to get the Camco 41541, the second winner in our search for the best Rv toilets.


A short buying guide


Finding a good RV toilet to use while on the road can be a challenge especially since most of them don’t resemble much to the ones used at home. To ease your situation, we’ve managed to create this useful buying guide that shows what features to look for when searching for practical RV toilets for sale.


Installation and maintenance


Since you are on a holiday or camping somewhere on the go, you can’t have a unit that takes a lot of time to set up or needs special tools that you can’t get only from professional stores.

Therefore, when purchasing the a toilet for your RV, make sure to check if the product comes with proper instruction manual. Moreover, you need to be able to determine if the toilet fits the space inside your RV. Although larger toilets tend to provide more comfort, they’re not practical because they occupy too much area.

The reason why RV toilets offer a great deal of functionality is that they can be easily cleaned and empty. So make sure to check the information before and see how much time does the unit requires for the cleaning process. You can’t have a toilet that needs more than a few minutes to release the dirt and waste.




Just because you want a toilet for your RV bathroom doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort. Therefore, a good RV toilet should have a proper size but still be lightweight enough to ensure a fast and easy transportation.

You must choose a unit according to your needs and personal preferences. For instance, if you only use the RV for camping a few days at the end of the week, a cheap RV toilet will do the trick. Otherwise, it is advisable to get a larger product when going on long trips or holidays in the countryside.




According to best RV toilet reviews, the unit must resemble as much as possible to your personal toilet you have at home. While going on short trips, you might be satisfied with a portable toilet that can be easily emptied and cleaned once the waste tank is filled. During longer escapades, you will need a vacuum flush toilet that can be connected using a hose to a water tank.

One important feature is the flushing system that should be activated with a simple pedal or button touch. As far as the seating goes, you should benefit from an adjustable one that is made from a soft material. Moreover, if the toilet is sturdy and durable and the bowl is easy to clean, you can rest assured that you’ll get proper hygiene conditions even when you’re far from home.



Our top picks



Thetford 31672


If you need a reliable RV toilet that offers excellent performance, you should consider the Thetford 31672 model.

Lightweight and compact, this unit comes with a powerful flushing system and a sturdy design thanks to its durable plastic composition.

Featuring the same style as the toilets used for personal needs in the privacy of your home bathroom, this RV toilet is outfitted with an electric foot-pedal flush and a taller comfortable seating.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about waste and dirt sticking inside thanks to the full bowl coverage activated with each pedal flush.

Quite easy to install and to assemble, the product package has everything you need for a fast and proper setup such as bolts and seals. This dual-flush toilet is very efficient in terms of water use, and the higher profile is an excellent choice for most RV bathrooms. In addition, the single-handle flush feature provides enough water to clean the waste with one single operation.  

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Camco 41541


A toilet specially designed for RVing, boating, and camping use, this unit from Camco is a great choice thanks to its sturdy polyethylene composition and the 5.3 gallons water tank.

Extremely lightweight and built to last, the unit comes with a detachable holding tank and a sealing slide valve that ensures the bad odors are kept away, and the risk of leakages is completely removed.

This RV toilet is equipped with two side latches that keep the tank secured while the unit is used. Transportation is highly facilitated thanks to the carrying handle that enables the process to be fast and precise.

Quite easy to use, the product is outfitted with a bellow-type flush and a pull slide valve that makes the flushing operation fast and simple.

Due to the 13 inches tall toilet seat, this toilet is more than comfortable and can be used even by seniors. Plus, the back of the waste tank has a special cap that enables a rapid emptying of the dirt.

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Dometic 302300071


Featuring a powerful flushing system, this RV toilet is capable of removing the heavy waste with one single flush.

Thanks to the triple jet action, the toilet has a drop way ball and a valve system that ensure no waste is left in the bowl every time you flush the toilet.

A great way to ensure the hygiene is possible due to the easy hands-free flushing triggered by a highly efficient foot pedal and an adjustable water level feature.

Given the fact that saving water is essential while being on the road, this unit comes with a low flush technology that uses only 16 ounces of water per one flush.

Easy to set up, the toilet can be assembled with a two-bolt installation process due to its modular components. Furthermore, it is super comfortable given its standard weight and the elongated bowl. Unlike other similar RV toilets, this one has a deep ceramic bowl that ensures a good deal of comfort.

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Best RV roof cleaner


What are the best RV roof cleaners in 2017?


Cleaning the roof of your RV is extremely important because that is the ideal place for mold to grow. If you don’t know which is the best RV roof cleaner and lack the time to do a proper research, maybe this paragraph can make your job a tad easier. After reading several reviews from previous customers and experts, we’ve determined that a great choice of roof cleaner is the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128. Completely biodegradable, the unit not only cleans but also waxes the roof surface at the same time. In addition, it ensures a perfect shine and is ideal for period applications. If the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128 is out of stock, make sure to check the Dicor RP RC 1GL which turned out to be the second item in our search for good RV roof cleaners.


A short buying guide


Because cleaning the roof of your RV requires attention to some features, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, we’ve made this short presentation that you can find below. These aspects are mandatory if you want to have a spotless shine RV roof using products available for sale.


Type of Roof


The first thing you need to determine before purchasing the best roof cleaner for RV is what type of roof your vehicle has. Only then you’ll be able to get a product that is suitable for that specific material. Getting a product that is not made for your RF can cause serious damages.

One of the most common types of material found on RV roofs is the rubber. These are more durable and easy to maintain compared to aluminum.

In the case of rubber roofs, you should go with a soft cleaner that is not abrasive. Moreover, you should stay away from anything that has citrus or petroleum solvents in their composition. These ingredients can harm the rubber and can cause crackings, tears, and bubbling. You should use a medium scrub brush and a mild detergent to clean the rubber roof.

Also, pay attention to the rubber type because each rubber requires special maintenance. So make sure to consult the owner’s manual and see how to clean your RV roof.

In addition to rubber, there are fiberglass RV roofs that are bit rare but don’t need special treatment, compared to the rubber. Just make sure to use the same cleaner on the side of the vehicle and add a coat of wax once the cleaning job is done.

Not so popular among RV owners, the aluminum is easy to clean and doesn’t need a specific treatment. You can go with a standard detergent because the surface is durable.

Once you know the type of roof you have, you should be able to do a visual inspection of the surface from time to time. This process is mandatory if you want to avoid certain issues that can affect the roof area.


Buy in bulk


According to the RV roof cleaner reviews, buying products in large quantities is a good investment.

You should consider bulk options because they are less pricey and offer you a lot of detergents that you can use during all seasons. Moreover, you’ll be able to use them anytime the roof needs a good cleaning. Especially during the summer season when you travel a lot, you should have a good RV cleaner at hand.


Extra features


Besides the cleaning purpose, a good product should offer your roof protection from sun heat, rain, and other types of extreme weather. So don’t overlook these features when buying a roof cleaner for your RV.

A good idea is to get a cleaner that can clean a variety of surface because especially if you don’t know what kind of roof your RV has.



Our top picks



Gel-Gloss RV WW-128


This concentrated formula from Gel-Gloss is basically a 2 in 1 cleaner specially designed to clean and wax the roof of your RV in one single step. Moreover, it is made of eco-friendly substances that ensure the product is completely biodegradable.

Safe to use on a variety of roof surfaces, this item is suitable for laminates, marble, granite, solid surfaces, tile, plastics, chrome, rubber, and stainless steel.

Thanks to the nonabrasive characteristic, this cleaner can be applied on rubber roofs without the risk of causing any damages.

Because it has bar soap in its composition, it doesn’t feature toxic chemicals such as phosphates.

If you choose to buy in bulk, this product ensures multiple cleaning sessions without having to worry that you’ll run out RV roof cleaner.

Besides cleaning and waxing, the cleaner ensures a powerful protection and shine due to the carnauba ingredient, which is known for creating a rich and warm glow to all vehicles after application.

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Dicor RP RC 1GL


This RV roof cleaner from Dicor is an excellent choice of a product if you’re in the market for a cleaner that removes all dirt and debris from the top surface of your vehicle.

Safe to use on other surfaces in addition to rubber, this item is easy to use and doesn’t require a special tool for the applying process.

Although tough on dirt and grime, the cleaner is gentle and doesn’t cause damages when used on the surface of your RV roof.

Quite easy to use, all you have to do is to spray-on the wet roof, scrub with a soft or medium bristle brush. Once you’ve covered the entire area rinse off with water. Then let the roof to slowly dry until there’s not a single wet spot.

In addition, you can spray a roof protective product if you want to make sure the roof stays impeccable for a longer period of time.

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Thetford 96016


This professional cleaning formula from Thetford is a product that can make your RV roof brand new after one single usage.

Specially designed to clean rubber, fiberglass, and aluminum roofs, the item cleans the area but also blocks the sun thanks to the added UV blocker.

There’s no need to worry about causing damages to the roof because this cleaner is petroleum-free and can be used multiple times without harming the roof surface.  

Moreover, the product is powerful enough to remove tough stains and bird droppings in one single step.

In addition to not being toxic nor flammable, the product provides a gentle cleaning process including on rubber which is known to be more delicate when it comes to types of cleaners.

The product can be bought in large size ensuring plenty of substance for numerous cleaning sessions. The liquid is totally biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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