Best RV water filter


What are the best RV water filters in 2018?


If you’re planning an RV trip and you want to be sure that you won’t run out of clean water, you should get the best RV water filter in the market. Since this process requires time spent on proper research, let us give you a helping hand. In our attempt to find a suitable water filter for your RV, we’ve looked at several indicators such as sales figures and customer feedback and have determined that the Camco TastePURE is a great choice. This filter has a sizeable body that delivers excellent water capacity and flow rate. Also, thanks to the Granular Activated Carbon filtration, the unit can provide safe drinking water from any potable source. The 20-micron sediment filter reduces the chance of bad taste, odors, and chlorine in the water. If the Camco TastePURE is not available, don’t miss out the Culligan RVF-10.


A short buying guide


Having an RV lets you travel across the country and take a small vacation whenever you want to escape the crowded city. However, you need a similar level of comfort to the one you have in your home.

So, you must have clean water that you can use to shower, drink, and cook. If you don’t want to worry about bacteria contamination, you must get a good RV water filter. With so many options available for sale, finding a suitable product could be tricky. Check the following paragraphs and maybe you can learn something helpful.  


Water filter types


The most common types of RV water filters that you can find on the market include carbon, sediment, ceramic, and KDF.

According to multiple RV water filters reviews, every model comes with a micron rating that tells you what size of water particles it can filter.

Sediment filters work similarly to mechanical strainers because they can catch the particles found in the water. However, these sediment filters can damage the entire RV’s water components. So, make sure you understand the risks and use sediment pieces only if you need to protect your faucets and toilet valves.

Carbon filters do a great job at improving the taste and odor of your water. This is a major plus compared to sediment ones.

For instance, granular activated carbon filters are quite affordable and pass the water through small grains of charcoal.

Solid block carbon units are incredibly efficient due to the holes located in the filter which are small. They come with higher micron and NSF ratings.

A tad more expensive, the modified carbon block filter lasts longer and are outfitted with an increased flow rate.

If you take a look at several reviews of water filters for RV use, you’ll notice that KDF is a highly-praised type of filter. This is an alloy that has a high level of both zinc and copper. Used because it has a bacteriostatic nature, KDF can easily prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside your RV water filter.

Lastly, if you’re worried about nasty biological pests, you must try a ceramic RV water filter because it screens out giardia cysts, bacteria, and protozoa.


NSF Ratings


If you’re in the market for the best water filter for RV, you must pay attention to the NSF ratings. The National Sanitation Foundation is a public health and environmental agency that certified products for different consumer goods, including water filters.

Before making a purchase, check if the filter has a number on it, such as 42 or 53. These stand for powerful filters against all types of contaminants.


Important tips


Make sure that you understand how crucial it is to clean the water tank to get rid of slime and sediment that can escape the RV filtration system. Once a year, clean and disinfect every small section. Moreover, if you don’t invest in RV water filters, you face the risk of damaging your health and vehicle.



Our top picks



Camco TastePURE Inline


To be absolutely certain that you have clean and healthy water while traveling with your RV, you need a reliable water filter made of high-flow carbon filter with KDF, just like this great piece.

The filter boasts a wide body that increases the water capacity and the flow rate. Plus, this unit will provide excellent results during the entire camping season because the granular activated carbon technology ensures that you can drink water from any potable water source.

Furthermore, the 20-micron sediment filter can prevent issues such as bad taste, odors, chlorine, and sediment in the water.

Easy to use, just attach the water filter to any standard type of hose and the job is done. This product is suitable for keeping the dirt out of your RV water tank and improve the quality of the drinking water.

Make sure that, when you first connect it to your water source, you allow the water to run freely for a couple of minutes. This process flushes the loose carbon out of the water filter.


Buy from for ($22.93)




Culligan RVF-10


Going on a holiday with your recreational vehicle is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature and admire the outdoor landscapes. Since you’ll probably end up camping in a place without water and electricity, you must take this problem into account. A water filter comes in handy if you want to drink, cook, and shower with clean water every time you feel like it.

This RV water filter is specially designed for outdoor use. Because of the granular activated carbon, the unit reduces the chances of getting chlorine or bad odors in your water. Plus, you can rest assured no bacteria or mold will grow inside the water you need for washing your teeth or cooking a veggie broth.

Furthermore, the filter cartridge does a great job at cleaning up to 250 gallons of water. The most important feature is that this product is NSF certified which means that it has high-quality standards.  


Buy from for ($34.11)




Camco 40013


We all know that when you’re venturing into the unknown with your RV, you need to ensure several safety measures when it comes to drinking water. If the water is not clean, you risk getting infected with different bacteria and germs that can lead to serious health problems.

It’s better to prevent these invest and invest in a larger capacity RV water filter that can be used for an entire camping season.

This small piece is precisely what you need because it reduces bad taste, keeps odors away, as well as chlorine and bacteria away from the water you typically need in your daily activities while staying inside an RV.

In addition, the filter is 100-micron fiber certified and consist of high-flow carbon and KDF which are known to prevent bacteria growth.

The filter comes with CSA low lead certified fittings and fully complies with the California and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws.


Buy from for ($28.91)




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Best portable RV grill


What are the best portable RV grills in 2018?


If you need a reliable cooking tool, you should consider getting the best portable RV grill. Since it’s an excellent way to cook delicious meals for you and your family, you must look for an excellent model. If you don’t have time to do proper research, you can always rely on our advice. After thoroughly looking at several feedbacks given by other users and experts, along with sales figures, we’ve concluded that one great choice of portable RV grill is the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. This lightweight and compact propane grill is suitable for picnics and camping activities because it features a collapsible design that allows quick and effortless transportation. Moreover, the unit cleans easily due to the porcelain-coated surfaces and the removable grease tray. If the Coleman RoadTrip LXE is out of stock, the second best product is the Magma Products TrailMate.

A short buying guide


Owning and using the best RV grill is extremely beneficial especially if the thing you enjoy most is going camping with your family or friends. Because there are all sorts of models for sale, you might have a hard time deciding on a specific portable grill.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered some useful tips and made a short list of features that come in handy in your search for a high-quality RV grill.


Types of RV grills


One essential aspect you need to determine is the type of portable RV grill you’re willing to invest in. Since most products on the market showcase both advantages and disadvantages, it’s logical that you need to understand from the very beginning how often you need to use a camping grill and for what kind of cooking activities.

For instance, one good option is the portable charcoal grill, which most camping enthusiasts prefer to use. So it is quite common and easy to come by.

You won’t need to spend a lot on charcoal units, but you will have to be prepared to clean them thoroughly after each use. The cleaning process takes a bit of time so you might consider another alternative if you need to cook several dishes at once.

A good grill for camping is the propane type that borrows some features from charcoal units but not the cleaning part. You won’t have to ruin your vacation trying to remove greasy things from your RV grill. Plus, this unit comes with excellent heat distribution that can’t be overlooked if you want to cook a delicious roast.


Quality of construction


Most portable RV grills reviews talk about the importance of lightweight materials and accessories for transporting the units. However, if a product is not so heavy, it could mean that it is a tad flimsy in regards to the quality of construction.  

Given that you’re dealing with flammable liquids, you need to take safety into account. So, get an RV portable grill that is sturdy and comes with a stand, if possible.

Aside from this, check the working area and other surfaces and see if some sharp corners or edges can cut you or snag your clothing items. Look at the handle and test to see if you’ve got enough grip room.




Detachable shelves or slides are incredibly useful because they ease your cooking job. Look at other reviews of portable RV grills and see if the model you’re aiming to get can hold a large turkey or at least a plate of food, as well as other utensils you need to make a delicious grilled meal.



Our top picks



Coleman RoadTrip LXE


Camping is an excellent opportunity to show off your cooking talent. If you want to impress your friends or family, you could start by getting a portable RV grill that allows you to cook everything you desire, without having to worry about your meal getting burnt or undercooked.

This portable unit is ideal for picnics or camping activities because it delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat across 285 square inches of grilling surface. In other words, you won’t have to wait an eternity for your food to cook.

Thanks to the interchangeable cooktops, you can switch the grill grates out of the griddle and stove grates.

There’s no need to bring a match or a lighter because this portable RV grill comes with an ‘instastart’ button that instantly ignites the grill.

The collapsible design enables fast and easy transportation as well as storage in any car trunks.


Buy from for ($127.99)




Magma Products TrailMate


This good-looking compact and portable grill boasts fold-away legs and an inner safety shell. Moreover, the funnels grease located in the front access grease tray reduce the flare-up but also the heat discoloration.

The most important feature is that the grill features 100% mirror polished stainless steel that ensures its lasting beauty and maximum corrosion resistance.

Because of the convenient snap-out radiant plate, the product provides quick and effortless clean-up, besides the ideal even heat distribution.

You can take this grill with you in every outdoor adventure because the foldable legs convert it into a small and practical item that can be transported from one location to another.

Furthermore, the grill is fuel efficient because it uses standard, disposable propane canisters. Plus, the swiveling valve is quite useful for changing gas bottles in complete safety.

This portable grill is outfitted with an oversized lockable lid that won’t slam shut when in use.


Buy from for ($182.43)




Camco Olympian 5500


If durability is what you’re seeking for, you won’t be disappointed with this portable grill. The unit is specially designed to be used for RV camping trips. Also, it connects to a low-pressure propane supply located on your camping vehicle.

One of the most notable features related to this unit is that it includes a mounting bracket that works great for hanging the grill on an RV mounting rail. The folding legs allow you to use the item in a tabletop position.

The product comes with a quick connect hose and valve and is equipped with an integral safety shut-off valve that prevents accidental non-ignition fuel discharge.

You won’t have to waste precious time with the assembly part because the grill sets up in no time. In addition, the Piezoelectric spark starter lasts for 20,000 starts.

The grill is outfitted with a large cooking area of 180 square inches while the iron smoker plate minimizes grease fires.


Buy from for ($187.21)




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Best camping kettle


What are the best camping kettles in 2018?


We all enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, especially when spending time in nature. If you’re interested in getting the best camping kettle, you should consider our recommendations. Based on the customer reviews that we’ve read and the social media activity we’ve analyzed, it seems an excellent choice for camping kettle is the ovalware POUR OVER. This unit features a fiber-reinforced handle which is heated and angled in such a way that you pour the drink without burning your fingers. Moreover, due to the seamless interior construction, you can drain and clean the kettle every day, without putting in too much effort. There’s no need to use a towel or a mitt when grabbing it because it has a heat-resistant knob. If you can’t find the ovalware POUR OVER, another great option is the Docooler Ultralight.


A short buying guide


It’s quite a pity not being able to enjoy your favorite beverages while camping with your RV. The majority of people can’t imagine their lives without a cup of hot tea. So, it’s quite understandable why you need to invest in the best kettle for camping. Nevertheless, with so many models for sale, things can get difficult. However, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips mentioned below.   


Size considerations


Camping kettles come in various sizes. If a unit is too large, you’ll have to pay more. Furthermore, the size that you choose has an impact on how much time it requires for your preferred beverage to prepare.

You must take into account the fact that if you have a large family and all of you likes to drink tea, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time making it. So, make sure you opt for a good camping kettle that is suitable for the number of cups you usually drink. Not to mention that it comes handy to have a large kettle if you like to invite friends or family with you for outdoor getaways.


Types of kettles


Several reviews of camping kettles mention that these units can be manufactured from different kinds of materials. Plus, kettles intended for RV use can be outfitted with cooler features that ensure an easy handling.

Stainless steel is a popular option because it is durable, it has a modern design, and it doesn’t take forever to clean. If you don’t mind the weight, you won’t regret the choice because this kettle could last a lifetime.

Kettles made of glass are also appealing, but they tend to break easily if you don’t handle them with care. Aside from this, they heat up gradually so it might take a while until your tea is ready.

It’s crucial that you avoid heating a glass kettle straight over open flames unless the item is outfitted with a metal diffuser.

Just like stainless steel, cast iron pieces are incredibly sturdy and do a great job at retaining heat. However, over time, cast iron is most likely to rust.

If you want something that doesn’t stain or scratch, you might want to bear aluminum kettles in mind. These are energy-efficient and hold up well during traveling or camping.

Another good kettle is the ceramic type that has thicker walls and doesn’t have a tendency to create scale deposits.


Extra features


Besides material and size, you need to look at other features expressed by various camping kettles reviews.

Some tea kettles boast larger lids that can be quickly cleaned and dried. If you don’t have time to do the dishes so often while on holiday, get a kettle with a big, wide lid.

Another essential factor is the pour spout. Kettles that are equipped with a gooseneck spout are ideal for great water flow control. Plus, they can be refilled more easily.



Our top picks



ovalware POUR OVER


After an entire day spent sightseeing or on the road with your RV, you need a cup of fresh tea to keep you warm. Since camping doesn’t provide the same conditions you have at home, you might want to consider a coffee and tea kettle that allows you to zip your favorite beverages whenever you feel like it.

This piece lets you pore at the right speed and temperature and the amount of drink you want to savor. You have control over every step of the process.

Plus, the kettle is easy to clean and doesn’t take forever to dry. Compared to other models, this one is built with a seamless bottom that can be cleaned in a few seconds.

The handle ensures an ergonomic position thanks to the fiber-reinforced and heat resistant features. You won’t burn your fingers because the handle is angled just right to avoid the heat.


Buy from for ($88)




Docooler Ultralight


A camping kettle is handy for outdoor activities because, no matter the season, you can have a cup of tea or coffee even if you’re not in the comfort of your own house.

This unit features a classic design and a compact shape. Also, it is quite lightweight so you can carry it with you when hiking or camping.

Sturdy enough to face any weather conditions and impacts, the kettle is manufactured from anodized aluminum.

To carry the item without worrying about causing damages, you get a mesh bag to store the kettle in complete safety.

In addition to this, this camping kettle is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

In the morning, you’ll get to savor a hot cup of coffee or tea because this kettle boasts great thermal conductivity which keeps your beverage at an ideal temperature for an extended period.  


Buy from for ($10.99)




Dltsli Silicone


Given the fact that you can’t take your entire collection of kitchen appliances with you on your camping trip, it’s understandable that you need a small and lightweight item that won’t occupy too much space in your luggage.

This compact and portable kettle has a convenient size and is ideal for RV travel. You can make tea, coffee, and soup with it because the kettle can hold up to 42 ounces of fluid.

One interesting feature is that the unit is entirely collapsible. Plus, it is equipped with a built-in lock mechanism that makes the heating process safer and faster.

Thanks to the stainless steel base, you can use it with an electric stove or camping gas tank without having to worry about causing damages to the product.

The kettle is made from silicone and has a plastic handle that can be put straight on a camp stove or cooktop.


Buy from for ($28.99)




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Best campervan fridge


What are the best campervan fridges in 2018?


Camping with your RV brings so much joy because you get to cook delicious foods. Because you need the best campervan fridge to keep food fresh and healthy, you must start your research from somewhere. Fortunately, we are here to lend you a helping hand. We’ve based our analysis on different pointers such as expert reviews, customer feedback, and sales figures, and concluded that the Dometic CF-025DC has all the important features you might need in a campervan fridge. This fridge is incredibly silent, so you won’t even notice that you’re carrying it with you. Plus, the unit is suitable for any solar panel. Due to the high-impact polyethylene exterior, this campervan fridge is exceptionally durable and weather resistant. Should the Dometic CF-025DC be out of stock, don’t overlook the Smeta Generic.

A short buying guide


One of the most vital items in your RV is the fridge. Because you need a cool and dry place to store your food, you should get a good campervan fridge. To make your job easier, we’ve determined some essential features that come in handy when in the market for a campervan fridge for sale.




Firstly, you shouldn’t choose a large-capacity fridge just because you believe that bigger is better. You need to determine how much room you have inside your RV. By doing this, you considerably increase the chances of getting a model that works best for you.

The main reason you decide to engage in outdoor activities is to have fun and relax. The last thing you need is to worry about where to store the leftovers or how much fresh food to pack with you on your trip.

If the campervan fridge is too small to accommodate your needs, you’ll end up throwing away food or having to adjust the room available for perishable goods.

On the contrary, large refrigerators, provide plenty of storage but are tricky to use because they are outfitted with double doors and several other accessories that take away the space you have inside the RV.

Sometimes, it helps to consult conversion charts provided by fridge manufacturers. Especially if you want to replace your old piece with a newer model, just make sure you have the serial number.

Another useful tip recommended by lots of campervan fridges reviews is to double check before making a purchase. Measure the area twice because, if you intend to change your RV in the future, a portable item is preferred.




Depending on how much time you like to spend traveling and visiting various places across the country, you must establish the capacity of the campervan fridge you are willing to buy.

When in the market for best fridges for campervans, it’s best to avoid items that have more than two cubic feet capacity, especially if you don’t travel with a large group of people. For a family of 3, this capacity is more than enough to store fresh food and drinks for a weekend trip.

Otherwise, if you’re planning on taking friends with you, as well, you should consider a campervan refrigerator that has a capacity of at least three cubic feet.


Cool tips


You must take into account some smart tips given by numerous reviews of campervan fridges if you want to ensure proper refrigeration.

For instance, you can determine the power of the fridge by thinking of the areas you are most likely to stay, such as caravan parks or somewhere in a town. Also, don’t buy a big fridge because you can always compensate the need with a portable unit.  

Don’t forget to ensure the campervan fridge is adequately installed and vented to the outside.



Our top picks



Dometic CF-025DC


When going on a holiday with your RV, you won’t find groceries stores or supermarkets whenever you feel the need to cook something delicious. So having a campervan fridge on board lets you forget about the hassle of finding a place to eat.

This slim and tall fridge fits into narrow spaces which means that, even if your RV isn’t so spacious, you’ll be able to install a refrigerator to keep your food fresh.

Furthermore, the unit is equipped with high-tech compressors and strong injection molded cabinet. Also, it boasts a deep freeze functionality and an additional interior light that lets you grab some goodies for a midnight snack.

Besides, the fridge is outfitted with a detachable lid and ergonomically shaped handles for fast and easy carrying.

You can set the inside temperature using the electronic thermostat that features a LED control display.


Buy from for ($511)




Smeta Generic


Even if you’re far away from home, you still need an eye-catching and spacious campervan fridge where you store your foods for days. Mainly if you’re thinking of staying more than a weekend in the outdoors, you need to consider a portable electric fridge that can be used for numerous locations such as hotels, hospitals, camping sites, trucks, and boats.

The unit has a single door with a lock which is reversible. Also, it can be mounted if you want to secure the fridge in place.

There’s no need to worry about the freshness of your foods because the product is equipped with automatic defrost settings.

We shouldn’t overlook the fact that this RV fridge has no freon, so it doesn’t pollute the environment. Also, it is incredibly silent which means you’ll get a good night sleep even if the fridge is powered on.


Buy from for ($279)




Coleman 40 Quart


Depending on how much you like to go camping with your RV, it’s best to get a large capacity campervan fridge where you can put foods, water, and snacks.

This piece can hold up to 44 cans including other goodies, and the iceless cooler can chill the content below the surrounding temperature.

Although the fridge is powered by a 110V home outlet, the product is extremely quiet and long-lasting.

You don’t have to be worried about the assembly part. Just plug into a power outlet located inside your R using the power cord included in the product package. From there on, the motor will start doing the work.

The door of the fridge converts to open from either side. This is useful if you lack room inside your vehicle and you want to be able to move around the unit. The tray shelf lets you keep your food organized.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




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Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Gas Grill Review


Main advantage


The Smoke Hollow 205 offers plenty of cooking area, further supplemented by a warming rack, so you will be able to handle a large number of people in one go.


Main disadvantage


The low-temperature range will make it somewhat hard to operate precisely, but this is a common problem with these types of items and is slightly justified by the low cost.

Buy from for ($74.99)



Top 3 features explained



Good specifications

It has a generous cooking surface in excess of 200 square inches, which is further supplemented by the addition of a warming rack for bread or vegetables.

The maximum heating power is of around 10,000 BTU/h which should prove enough even for it to tackle steak and red meat in relatively large quantities. The Smoke Hollow 205 also comes with a temperature gauge to decrease the risk of burning the food with the lid closed.

Opinions regarding the proneness to flare-ups are mixed, with some users saying that it performs well while others say that it doesn’t raise up to par. What’s clear is that it is outfitted with a small dripping tray, that will also make it easier to clean besides allowing the grease to stay away from the flame.


At around 20 lb in weight, this is not the lightest portable grill out there, but it is fairly compact, with foldable legs, and a sizeable carrying handle on the lid will make it easier to transport. It comes factory adapted to use 1 lb disposable propane tanks, so the whole assembly shouldn’t impose too many challenges due to weight.

Fittings for a 20 lb tank can be purchased from the same manufacturer, as well as a 4-feet universal propane gas hose, so its use doesn’t have to be limited by the supply of fuel available.

Considering the price range, the build quality of this product has been found to be fairly good, and clearly sturdy enough for extended outdoor use. Both the lid and the extensible legs fall in place quite nicely and don’t pose any problem to operate.

As a user-friendly feature, this grill uses a Piezo igniter, which should allow you to start it at the push of a button, with no external flame required. This is however known to be somewhat unreliable, but people who’ve experienced issues found Smoke Hollow customer support to be extremely helpful.

One Smoke Hollow 205 review points out that this model doesn’t manage to avoid one of the most common problems on items of its type, namely that of a low-temperature range, of merely 100 F. We believe that this is a justifiable downside, considering the low price.



The Smoke Hollow 205 stainless steel tabletop grill offers all the functionality you would desire from such a product but does so for a significantly lower price than other similar models.


Buy from for ($74.99)





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Cuisinart CGG-180T Grill Review



Main advantage


At only 13.5 lbs in weight, this is probably one of the most portable grills out there, and can be easily transported to campsites or a backyard barbeque much like you would a small briefcase.


Main disadvantage


Designed for portability, its specifications aren’t anything to write home about, with only 5,500 BTU generated per hour and a 145 square inch cooking area. However, it will provide very even cooking if you give it enough time.

Buy from for ($94.77)



Top 3 features explained




The Cuisinart CGG-180T gas grill is intended to be a small and portable unit, easy to use from any top for cooking delicious meats and vegetables. According to the manufacturer, the 145 square inch grilling area can fit eight burgers, eight steaks, six full chicken breasts or 10 halves, and 4 pounds of fish.

This should be enough to cover a small family gathering in one go, which the slightly low 5,500 BTU/h of heat generated might encourage you to do. However, we should remind you that the main intent behind the Cuisinart CGG-180T burner design was limiting size and weight, not overall power.



Like many other similar items, it sits on four foldable legs, but in this case, plastic support bases were added so that the feet don’t dig into the tablecloth, damaging the material. When folded, these allow for two pairs of smaller supports to be used as a base, which significantly reduces the grills overall height, making it less of an obstacle when used off a table.

Besides weighing in at just 13.5 lbs, the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet portable grill is also outfitted with its own carry handle, which can be used to carry the unit much like you would a briefcase. This is a great feature to have when the grill has to be transported to the campsite or taken along on a tent camping trip.



It doesn’t have some of the features of bigger units, like a temperature gauge, but the burner can be set pretty accurately from a rotating dial. Also, the lid can be locked in place for a tighter fit and also ease of transportation.

Cuisinart CGG-180T reviews also point out that the unit heats very evenly (even though it takes slightly longer to get there), and this is thanks to a porcelain enameled grate, which distributes heat uniformly throughout its surface.

To cut down on weight, aluminum as well as plastic were used for its construction, but the 180T can be said to be reasonably tough, since small size itself gives it a degree of ruggedness, so it should survive getting toppled over on soft surfaces such as grass although the feet provide a base that’s stable enough for this not to be a significant risk.

As you would expect, it’s factory designed to work with small 1 lb disposable propane tanks, but allowances can be made for it to fit bigger tanks and hoses.


Buy from for ($94.77)





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Camco 57305 Olympian 5500 Grill Review



Main advantage


The Camco 5500 series is specifically designed to be used with a trailer. It has a special adapter that allows it to use the extensible rails on the side of the vehicle for support and it can also be fed propane from the RVs low-pressure gas system.


Main disadvantage


While relatively light, the stainless steel on this has been found to be rather flimsy, which would be a trade-off one would expect. However, actual complaints about its reliability are rather few and far between.

Buy from for ($187.21)



Top 3 features explained



Trailer compatibility

The Camco 57305 Olympian 5500 stainless steel portable grill contains a series of features aimed at increasing convenience when used with an RV. Most salient among these is the quick-connect hose and valve, which allows it to be fed from the RVs low-pressure gas system, making the purchasing of additional tanks unnecessary.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use it away from the trailer, with a separately purchased adapter that will allow it to connect to either 1 lb; 5 lb; and 20 lb propane tanks, but the Camco 57305 Olympian 5500 is primarily intended to be employed form near the camper, with the extensible rails this on the side of the vehicle serving as a base for support.

This is done via a pre-installed mounting bracket that allows it to be slid on the supports, where two thumb screws attached to the bottom will keep it in place. When employed on a countertop, it has two pairs of folding legs, so it doesn’t stand too close to the ground or picnic table.


The Camco Olympian RV 5500 stainless gas grill has a mostly metallic construction, and while there aren’t that many complaints regarding its durability, it is a little on the lighter side, which makes it easy to move around even by older people.

This does come with the downside of the unit being rather flimsy. Although it is important to note that the 5500 wasn’t found to be particularly unreliable by customers, it should be kept safe from impacts or any significant stress.


High performance

Performance-wise, it offers relatively good specs for its category. It has 180 square inches of a cooking area which places it in the upper ranges for a portable RV grill, large enough to handle cooking for more than five people in one single go.

You won’t have to wait that long for the food to get done, as this offers 12,000 BTU/h with the burners in the maximum setting. It also has adjustable temperature controls and a gauge that will let you know the temperature around the cooking area. Some Camco Olympian 5,500 reviews do take care to note that a low-pressure regulator might be required to properly control the flame.

For added convenience, it is outfitted with a Piezo starter that’s promised to work at least 20,000 times before failing, and it also has a drip tray, so it will be easier to clean, and the risk of flare-ups will be diminished.


Buy from for ($187.21)





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Best RV matress topper


What are the best RV mattress toppers in 2018?


As Thomas Hobbes so brilliantly put it life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” and what better way to end a serotonin draining day then throwing yourself over the best mattress topper out there? We’ve looked through some reviews of RV mattress toppers and found that the DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2050SH is definitely the one to have. Some people fly and write about fighter aircraft, some people are philosophers, but we scour the internet for information on a good RV mattress topper. In the case of the DF20, the thing to know would be that it has gel alongside its memory foam, that it’s very comfy, it doesn’t make your RV smell like a refinery, and much like the F15 and Ralph Waldo Emerson, it hails from the USA! If this is unavailable, then the Best Price Mattress BPM-MFT-4SRQ will also make a good pick.


A short buying guide


Looking through reviews of RV mattress toppers can often be as excruciating as pulling fingernails, since there are a lot of items to parse through, and admittedly, none of them are too interesting or engaging to find more about. They’re not as cool as fighter aircraft, and they don’t make you feel as smart as reading philosophy.
That’s why people like us are actually paid to look through these reviews to help you find the best mattress topper for RV out there. But what makes toppers for RV mattresses actually good?




There are two criteria that fall into this category. One of them has to do with how the mattress impresses over our tactile sense, meaning softness, firmness, and other such things, while the other is the thermal comfort.
With the use of memory foam, mattress top manufacturers have pretty much mastered the art of making their products soft to the touch and overall nice to sleep on, but the problem of overheating during summertime still remains a foam mattress manufacturing dilemma.
A common way to mitigate this is by using gel capsules as part of the mattresses filling, since liquid doesn’t have the same thermal insulation properties as air does (that is, the air which would be otherwise filling the empty spaces left by the porous foam of the mattress) and naturally feels cooler to the touch.




A lot of reviewers out there consider RV mattress manufacturers to be somewhat less exact when it comes to sizing their products than their colleagues specializing in house mattresses. That’s why it’s always recommended to check the exact dimensions of the product before buying.
Furthermore, an RV mattress top should always be lighter than a household equivalent. This is not because it would otherwise subtract from your miles per gallon, but a heavy item will always prove difficult to set up inside the confines of a trailer.


Eco-friendliness and assorted issues


It’s a surprisingly common issue with new mattresses and mattress tops letting the petroleum used as part of the composition of the foam evaporate inside the trailer. This is avoided by simply replacing the hydrocarbon-based chemical with another substance, such as vegetable oil, and even cheap RV mattress toppers are known to employ this alternative.
Consider that you will be spending around a 3rd of your day on the mattress top, with your skin often getting into contact with the material. It is good to assure yourself that the item has been manufactured under rigorous health and safety standards, as you find in places like New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US.



Our top picks


DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2050SH


While a very nice mattress top (at least judging by the customer response it got) this blue and white gel swirl item only shares its country of origin with the F15 mentioned above and is most definitely not as exciting and fun as America’s 4th generation air superiority fighter.

It might go 20 miles per hour if you throw it hard enough since it has no means of self-propulsion, but it’s substantially light and easy to handle.

Unlike the McDonnell-Douglas product, this won’t make the surrounding air smell of JP-7 jet fuel, since it only uses natural materials, with half a dozen of certificates to attest to that.

Besides being considerably “plushy” and soft to the delight of its customers, the use of gel means that this mattress top won’t get warm during summertime, which is a constant issue with foam mattresses.


Buy from for ($94.99)




Best Price Mattress BPM-MFT-4SRQ


You can buy this item for only a small fraction of the price of an F15, even the basic A version that earned its glory in 1982 over Beirut.

It has no power plant, avionics or armament to speak off, but it is made out of a sort of composite material.

Namely, 1,5 inches of soft memory foam over a high-density base of 1.5 inches, which means you’ll get both a plush feel and good back and neck support.

Furthermore, it has all the US certificates you could wish for and no less than five years manufacturer’s warranty, so unless Best Price Mattresses gets bought by Boeing, you could be sure that this mattress top will serve with distinction for years to come.

Surface-wise, this is sized in short queen, but the thickness is fixed at 4 inches and it’s colored in a handsome milky white.


Buy from for ($131.5)




Zinus AZ-GTFT-300SQ


The attentive reader already expects us to underline how this catchy-named mattress from Zinus compares with the F15 Eagle from McDonnell-Douglas. Despite coming in several versions, delineated by degrees of thickness, from 1.5 inches to 4, this Zinus Mattress top is very much unlike the jet fighter.

It doesn’t use carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum alloy for its top sections, but green tea memory foam that is both comfy and easy to roll up for storage.

The green tea part doesn’t just refer to the color since this item contains an extract of the plant above to safeguard it against bacteria and other hazards. (The Zinus’ equivalent of the AN/ALR-56, if you will.)

A harder bottom layer will provide ample support while the manufacturer — as well as a number of customer reviewers — assure us that this mattress top will stay reasonably cool throughout summer months.


Buy from for ($62.99)




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Best RV bike rack


What are the best RV bike racks in 2018?


If you’re after a good bike rack but don’t have the time to do a lot of research and only want a quick suggestion for a competent product, then the following short paragraph is for you. After looking through scores of RV bike rack reviews and customer feedback for what’s available for sale, we’ve concluded that the Quick Products QPRBM2R is the item that might best satisfy your demands. As a bumper-mounted rack, it’s easy to install, and it provides good access to the bikes with no climbing or stretching required on your part. Its build quality and sturdiness garnered nearly universal praise, netting it high marks on all retail sites, but despite this, you can purchase it for a significantly lower price than other similar products. If the Quick Products model happens to be unavailable in your area, then the Swagman 80605 will make for an equally viable choice.


A short buying guide


The best RV bike rack must provide a stable platform for your bicycle and hold on to it well in all circumstances. That much is clear, and you don’t need us to tell you that. The difficulty in choosing one arises when you consider where exactly would you need it placed on your trailer, either on the bumper, spare tire, roof, or just hitched on since every one of these solutions comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


The bumper mounted rack


If you have a square bumper and don’t need to carry more than two bikes, this might be the perfect set-up for you. Bumper mounts usually come as a set of two racks, which allows for free width adjustment so the bike’s wheelbase won’t be a restrictive factor.

These usually take little effort to install, especially since the bumper is an easily accessible part of the trailer. Likewise, getting to the bike won’t pose any significant problem for shorter people or children.

Bumper racks can accommodate either 2 or 4 bikes, and the only significant downside with this system comes from the larger variety, as they can add a good deal of length to your camper. Consider the type of roads you’ll be traveling, parking space, your own driving skills, etc. before making a choice, since 4ft or so of extra length will make a discernible difference, especially for shorter vehicles.


The ladder mounted rack


This allows you to hang two or more bikes on the ladder at the back of your RV. It might prove an adequate solution if you drive through urban environments a lot, as its cargo will be held high enough to be safe from fender benders.

The best RV ladder bike racks will provide a more compact set-up than the bumper mounted variety for all circumstances, like when parking, or backing up against various obstacles in the road.

As a one-piece system, it will also be faster to install provided you have the required upper body strength to comfortably fix it at the height of an RV ladder. Expectedly, the bikes won’t be easy to access by children or short people, which may be either a good or bad thing, depending on circumstance.


Other things to consider


You will have to measure twice or more and buy once since there are three distinct elements that have to fit together — the bike, the rack, and the RV. The best bike for RV will ideally be on the lighter side, so it doesn’t impose too much strain.

The item has to be durable, so check that it’s entirely made from steel (a cheap RV bike rack might incorporate plastic material) and that the hardware it comes with is biffy enough to handle the load.



Our top picks



Quick Products QPRBM2R


This bumper mounted bike rack from Quick Products is one of the best selling items of its type on retail sites. It doesn’t really have any special defining features but it does its job well at a significantly lower cost to other similar products.

The two racks themselves and the wheel support are entirely made of steel to give it a solid structure and have been powder coated for corrosion resistance.

People who purchased it found that the hardware and other connector bits are sturdy and fit very well, either to a 4-inch or 4.5-inch rectangular bumper.

It can hold two 30 lb or lighter bikes by their wheels, and it only adds about 1 and a half feet to the total length of your vehicle.

Like most models in its category, it won’t fit wide tire or large wheel (above 29 inches) bicycles, but these are uncommon varieties that most of us won’t ever own.


Buy from for ($49.95)




Swagman 80605


This Swagman has a very similar setup to the Quick Products model we’ve looked at. It has two racks that can be placed on the 4-inch or 4.5-inch bumper of your RV to hold two bikes in place by their tires.

An upright bar on one of the racks is there to make securing bikes easier via bungee cord, padlocks, etc., whatever solution you can come up with.

There is a lot of advice on the internet in this regard, and it seems that if done properly, the rear bumper setup works just as well as more expensive systems that provide you with ready-made measures for fastening the byke.

The product itself comes as very sturdy and reliable to people who’ve looked at it, made of rectangular steel bars with a black finish and powder coating to resist corrosion.

The bolts, gaskets and other connector bits are robust enough to support 60 pounds of bicycles through a bumpy road.


Buy from for ($66.99)




Swagman 80630


This is a ladder mounted rack that can hold two bicycles or less in a relatively high position, so they don’t add any effective length to your vehicle.

The connection is made with the bike’s frame via soft rubber straps, so the paint on your bike doesn’t get scratched.

This unit has a dual-arm design, so there are two connectors for each bicycle, and additional padding on the vertical bars will allow you to mount the bike by the lower tube since the rest of the frame won’t risk getting damaged when bumping against the bar.

Although it sits in a high position, this unit will be very easy to install with a pair of steel hooks that grab onto the ladder. The rest of it is mainly aluminum, but this is thick enough to hold a pair of 35 lb bicycles.

An interesting safety addition is the reflective surfaces placed at each corner of the frame. This will alert fellow motorists to the additional volume to your back when night driving.


Buy from for ($59.99)




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Best camper shell rack


What are the best camper shell racks in 2018?


If you’re looking for the best camper shell rack but are too busy to go through all the material we have prepared, the following paragraph is meant to offer a short summary of our conclusions. In all the reviews of camper shell racks we’ve looked at, the Vantech M1009B was well praise due to its remarkable sturdiness. The crossbars on the M1009B are made of thick, 3-mm aluminum, which offers enough tensile strength to handle 500 lbs loads without bending. Furthermore, this is bolted to the roof instead of just fixed with clamps, so it is highly unlikely to ever come off, even under the most unfavorable circumstances. If you don’t want to drill holes through your vehicle’s roof, then the Hauler Racks C300FULL-1 is widely considered a reliable choice for a removable shell rack.

A short buying guide


A camper shell rack can greatly increase the carrying capacity of a truck, which makes it highly useful to anybody from professional contractors who need to haul around their tools of the trade to sports enthusiasts that can attach specialized bike and kayak racks to it.

Finding the best rack for camper shell isn’t as straightforward a task as we might imagine since there is a great variety of products available for sale. To ensure that we make the right pick, there are a few things to have in mind before purchasing.


Mounting system


There are two main ways in which racks are attached to the canopy of a truck, either by bolting it in place on the top plate or by fixing it to the bed rails using horizontal bars and clamps. One of the advantages of the second camper shell rack system is pretty obvious, in that it doesn’t require for holes to be drilled through the roof to allow the bolts through.

This will make it easy to remove at will without leaving some undesired air vents behind, besides eliminating the risk of rust forming around the holes. The removable rack offers some disadvantages, however, mainly that the many joints and bars used to keep it in place will not offer an equally stable platform as a bolted rack would.

And when there’s a lot of space for slacking, there’s also a lot of room for mechanical failure, and you might end up with your cargo all over the road when a nut happens to snap under heavy load.


Weight allowance


This factor comes mostly down to your own needs. A contractor might require a maximum carry weight in the range of 500 lbs for heavy equipment, while weight will be a non-issue if a pair of kayaks is the only thing you expect to be transporting.

What’s important to note is that as long as the roof is sturdy and the mounts are properly placed, a bolted in rack will be safer to load to full capacity, since there are fewer connectors to worry about. Conversely, a removable rack will allow for better weight distribution, so you might want to look into it if the roof isn’t that solid.


Other considerations


The crossbars are usually made of aluminum or steel. Probably all readers know that the first is lighter while the second is tougher and harder to bend under weight.

The camper shell rack mounts or plates should be wide enough not to damage the roof, and malleable enough to allow for an easy installation.



Our top picks


After carefully considering the opinions of both satisfied owners and specialized reviewers we’ve settled upon the products below as our top picks.



Vantech M1009B


This bolt-on shell rack earned a lot of appreciation for its exceptional sturdiness, conferred by the use of 3-mm thick aluminum for the two rectangular crossbars, mounting brackets and interior plates. The gaskets it comes with are polyfoam, so they don’t rot as easily as rubber.

The aluminum has been powder coated for better corrosion resistance, which also gives it a cool look that will make you never want to take it off, which is just as well, because this unit is bolted to the roof through four relatively wide plates and steel hardware.

It’s been commented that these don’t allow for any give when connected with the crossbar, so they cannot usually be placed at an angle without tools.

We believe that this is a feature, not a bug, since racks are supposed to stay firm, and the installation process itself is fairly easy going once the plates have been bent into shape with a hammer.


Buy from




Hauler Racks C300FULL-1


This is a removable, or clamp-on, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it shell rack from the ever popular Hauler Racks. It connects to the rails on your truck’s shell without requiring to be bolted in place.

This often comes with the disadvantage of being hard to fit on certain trucks or minivans, but judging by the comments surrounding this product, it seems to be adaptable enough to mount on any mini, mid and full sized truck as long as the roof is leveled.

Also from the client reviewers, the C300 is said to fit very tightly and stay in place under fast turns, even with heavy loads.

It can be used to carry up to 300 lbs, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and this isn’t dependent on the roof’s durability, as the weight will be evenly distributed around the midsection of the vehicle.

Anodized aluminum was used for the platform and the clamps, to keep them light and rust-free under any weather.


Buy from for ($149.99)




Ventech M1019B


This is the slightly bigger version of the M1009B that we’ve highlighted above and very similar in specifications and general quality.

Meaning that people are impressed with how sturdy it is, they like the slick black finish, and they find it easy enough to install once the mounting plates have been shaped into place with a wooden or rubber hammer.

The only significant difference can be found in the width of the crossbars, which are 75 inches in this case, as opposed to the 60 inches of the M1009B.

This means it will look nicer on wider trucks and you can spread out your cargo over a larger surface when using it.

It has the same maximum weight allowance of 500 lb which we don’t recommend you put to the test with a truck that has a fiberglass canopy because although this might hold well when static, the extra forces the roof will have to handle while moving might make it to give in.


Buy from for ($179)




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