Best camper insulation


What are the best camper insulations in 2018?


If you’re looking for some quality camper insulation for sale but don’t have enough time to do any extensive research, then the following paragraph is intended to help you out in an expedient manner. We believe that a vent pillow would be the minimum required to properly insulate an RV, since the glass or plastic lid these are generally outfitted with tends to allow for a lot of heat to escape during the winter and can let the sun’s rays in during the summer. The Camco 45192 is made out of a highly reflective metal surface for pushing the sun’s rays away on top of 2.75” of insulating foam. The 14” x 14” in size should allow it to fit most standard RV vents, but it’s fluffy enough to adapt to smaller ones. If you’re interested in some universal heat and noise insulation, then the CI-RL14 should serve you well. 


A short buying guide


The term “insulation” refers to a relatively wide spectrum of functions, and it can cover solutions intended for keeping either noise or heat at bay, applied to multiple parts of the RV, from the engine compartment to the living space. While the products used for each application rarely overlap, there are some general characteristics that the best camper insulation material should universally share.


Good value  


There are many solutions for good camper insulation out there, and what will prove best will generally be the one that offers a maximum of functionality for minimum expense. If you only need to muffle the noise of the engine, for example, there’s no need to cover the walls of the RV in padding.

Likewise, small solutions applied to problematic areas like the vent can sometimes prove enough to offer a discernible difference in living condition without going through the hassle and expense of padding large surfaces.

Certain areas in your RV will be disproportionately “responsible” for heat transfer and noise. Find out what these are for your particular camper and cut out on the cost by exclusively insulating these with some adaptable padding material.


Thickness and material


RVs are usually cramped enough without some extra wall padding taking away from the interior space. That’s why regular house insulating material, like fiberglass cotton or polyurethane foam, won’t make an ideal solution in this case.

Butyl rubber is a fairly common material that can effectively keep out noise even if cut thin. This provides for a fairly expensive solution, however, and those with price concerns might want to look towards rubberized tar for a similar function.   

A word of advice, tar can smell fairly pungently when not properly covered, at least for the first few weeks of use. It kind of makes up for this by offering superior fire resistance properties, although it doesn’t stop heat transfer to a significant degree.

The best camper insulation for keeping away heat, both from the engine or from the sun, would bear a reflective coating on top of a material with poor heat conducting properties, like polyethylene.




Before purchasing that item you saw do well in camper insulation reviews, consider that you will also have to install it. Is it easy to cut with a common pair of scissors? Does it require any special adhesive, or better yet, does it provide its own adhesive surface?

These aspects might seem secondary to some, but we believe that good camper insulation shouldn’t provide more of a hassle than the heat and noise it’s supposed to prevent.



Our top picks



Camco 45192


This is basically a foam pillow that solves the problem of heat transfer through one of the most sensitive areas of an RV: the vent. It’s sized according to the 14” x 14” standard for RV vents so it should fit most frames with little difficulty.

If this is the case, then the pillow should keep itself in place and no sort of fastening will be required. For slightly larger frames, stuffing it with rags or other such filler should do the trick, because the actual insulating foam is kept inside a fluffy covering that can be opened up via a zipper.

The top of it has a reflective surface, to provide an additional level of protection during the summer. In the cold season, the 2.75 inches of insulation foam should keep any heat from escaping through the glass surface above.

Simple, affordable and convenient, we can’t really see any reason why anyone would want to pass on this product.


Buy from for ($11.24)


The CI-RL14 provides good sound and heat insulation for any area of the car. Since it works just as well on a house or the living area of a trailer, one might call it a “universal” insulation material.

It consists of a layer of cell reinforced polyethylene which provides noise dampening and prevents heat transfer, enclosed within a reflective material that serves the primary purpose of driving away radiating heat.   

The whole sandwich is only ¼” in thickness, so it can comfortably line most engine compartments without the risk of contacting hot surfaces.

This also makes it ideal for the interior of an RV, since it won’t add so much to the overall thickness of the walls for the space to feel more constrictive than it already is.Even if used in liberal amounts, the weight added will be insignificant, with only 0.04 lb per square foot of material.

It should be easy enough to install, since it can be effectively cut to size with a common pair of scissors and it is compatible with most adhesives.


Buy from for ($70.99)




FatMan Mmo-PN FM10


If you want an inexpensive, highly convenient solution for keeping the noise at bay, then this tar-based insulator should provide, as long as you don’t mind your trailer smelling like a newly built road for a couple of weeks.

It is self-adhesive, which would make it particularly easy to install, as you won’t have to apply a layer of glue and wait for it to dry out for every strap. Properly cleaning the area of contact will be enough, and the integrated adhesive is reported to set almost instantly.

Judging by the response it received from users, it works very well in minimizing sound and vibrations but the tar smell tends to persist for some time, so we recommend that you don’t apply it immediately before setting on the road, and allow for proper ventilation while this is still new.

Since it’s intended for automotive use, it is thin enough to snuggly fit between on any part of your RV you would want to dampen.


Buy from for ($25.99)




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Best camper heater


What are the best camper heaters in 2018?


If you’re interested in finding the best camper heater out there but only have the time for a quick suggestion, then we’ll tell you straight off that the product to look for is the Mr.Heater Big Buddy MH18BRV. Our top pick should come as little surprise for those that are even remotely familiar with the subject, since the Big Buddy’s reputation is nothing short of legendary. This small portable unit can deliver up to 18,000 BTU of radiant heat through two highly efficient patented ceramic plates. The safety it provides is equally top-notch, with a with an auto shut-off function that gets triggered if the unit is toppled over, low oxygen levels are detected, or the pilot light goes out. If you’re more interested in a model that uses catalytic heating, then the Camco 57331 would make a great choice.  


A short buying guide


Since there are so many things to take into account, finding the best heater for campers can sometimes prove a chore. The risk of starting a fire will always be greater in the confines of a moving vehicle than inside a house, cabin or tent. Trailers can also vary significantly in the level of insulation they provide, so rough figures denoting the area of a cabin a certain unit can keep warm might not translate very well.  


Avoid fire hazards


You’ll find many things inside a trailer that might catch fire in contact with a searing surface, and the narrow spaces involved add a lot to this risk. That’s why it’s important for the heating element in a unit to be kept behind an ample grill, and this doesn’t reach temperatures that are above the flashpoint of most household material.

Certain technological solutions (discussed below) are employed to ensure that the heating surface won’t act like an open flame, and other features might be included to make the unit as safe as possible.


Other safety features


Some heaters automatically turn off when toppled over, so carpets and other sensitive material won’t catch on fire. An automatic shutdown might also occur when low oxygen levels are detected in the room if the model is equipped with the appropriate sensor.  

Some heaters that work with propane might have a shut-off valve, triggered when the gas fails to ignite in order to prevent it from filling the room.


Heating systems


A relatively large number of technological solutions can be adopted for a good camper heater, but we’ll be mainly looking at three systems of radiating heat, common among the items currently available for sale.

Ceramic tile radiant heaters are considered to give the best performance available for the fuel consumed. This is because the front tiles act to convert most energy received into heating radiation, which is projected throughout the room.

Catalytic models are praised in camper heater reviews for the safety they offer, as the exposed surface will never get too hot. These work by facilitating certain chemical reactions which generate heat, but will need an outside fuel source.

All else being equal, electric units can be said to be the safest, and they also provide you with a large number of options for temperature control, which is particularly important if you intend to be using the unit year-round.

However, reviews of camp heaters stress out that electrics are also the poorest performing in regards to the total heating power delivered, expressed in BTU/h.



Our top picks



Mr. Heater Big Buddy MH18BRV


The ever-popular Big Buddy will be as well suited for use in an RV as it is inside a log cabin or fishing tent. Just for these confined spaces, where the risk of a fire or asphyxiation is particularly high, it’s been outfitted with the latest in heater safety.

The most advanced feature is an oxygen sensor that automatically shuts down the unit if the gas gets below certain levels in the atmosphere. This is sensitive enough that mountain climbers can witness their Mr. Buddy shut down at high altitudes, where the air is thin.

The heater also stops automatically when it is toppled over, so it doesn’t burn the rug, or when the pilot light goes out.  

Performance-wise, the Mr. Buddy can deliver enough to keep you warm through a Canadian winter, with a maximum of 18,000 BTU/h at its highest setting, but it’s also sufficiently versatile to be left on overnight in milder conditions since it goes as low as 4000 BTU/h.


Buy from for ($147.21)




Camco 57331 Olympian


This Camco Olympian doesn’t boast the same impressive figures as the Big Buddy, but it makes up for it in other aspects. First, it uses a catalytic heating system, which besides being highly efficient it allows for the heating plate to stay cooler than on other models.

This will prove especially welcomed in the tight spaces provided by an RV, where one could easily bump into the heater, or things like drapes and furniture coverings can be kept dangerously close to its hot surface.

Besides this, the Olympian is itself very compact, and thin enough to be wall mounted. Since it uses propane as fuel — from either the low-pressure RV supply or a tank — a safety shut-off valve has been included in case the Piezo starter fails in lighting up the gas.

While not particularly powerful, it does provide a fair amount of versatility with a power adjustment that goes from 1600 to 3000 BTU/h.


Buy from for ($215.06)




Caframo Limited True North Heater


If there’s anybody who knows about dealing with cold, it’s the Canadians. Our neighbors to the north decided to put some of that expertise to use in designing this small and portable electric heater.

It has a low profile, so it can be safely used as a secondary heat source while the RV is on the move, and being electric, the heat plate will be kept well away from your hand or foot, behind a thick metal grate.

A blowing vent is used to dissipate the heat throughout the room, which can be set to various speeds according to the user’s preference. It’s been remarked that only the fastest setting can account for bothersome noise levels, so the ventilator on the True North will generally keep quiet.  

As with most electrical units, you’ll also get a thermostat, so it doesn’t needlessly burn energy throughout the night, and a number of intensity settings for the hot plate.


Buy from for ($69.99)




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Best camper grill


What are the best camper grills in 2018?


If you don’t have the time to browse through all the camper grill reviews out there but only want a quick suggestion for a competent product, then all the information you required will be condensed in the following paragraph. Our research team found that the Camco Olympian 5500 might be the best RV grill for sale right now, or at least the best value for your money. It has everything you would require from a portable grill as it is compact and easy to carry with a closing lid and collapsible legs while still providing a generous cooking area and a slightly higher heating speed than other similar products. Where it shines, however, is convenience, as it can be connected directly to your RVs low-pressure propane supply and also comes with appropriate brackets for mounting on the rails of your trailer. If you’re interested in a compact alternative, then we recommend the Cuisinart CGG-180T.


A short buying guide


One must be ready to compromise when searching for the best camper grill. The portability these units offer is bound to have a negative impact on specifications like cooking area, number of burners and heating speed. Don’t expect them to outperform a regular full-sized grill in any of these regards, but they come with their own set of advantages to make up for it.


Convenience and ease of transport


A good camper grill should fit neatly into the carrying space of your trailer and be easy to set up once you’re on site. Models range from large, with more than 200 square inches of cooking area to compact ones, which usually offer around 150 inches, and can go as low as 100 for micro grills used in camping.

When deciding on a size, consider that you will have to carry it by hand to the cooking area, and once there, it will need some sort of support. Most models feature extendible legs that keep them a few inches off the ground and will most likely have carrying handles attached.

The majority of mobile grills uses propane as a source of fuel, either from a regular tank or from your low-pressure RV feed, as is the case with some newer models. This can raise issues of compatibility that can very much ruin a day of camping if you’re not adequately prepared. So always make sure that you have all the required fittings before setting off!


Features to consider


A very convenient thing to have is an electric starter, which will allow you to ignite the gas at the push of a button. This works either with batteries or by friction using the Piezo principle. Piezo starters are known to break down, while the downsides of the second system are fairly obvious — they require batteries.

To prevent non-ignition fuel discharges, which can very easily turn into fireballs when in contact with an open flame, most models feature an automatic shut-off valve that prevents gas from escaping if the burners are not lit.




A problem that might be encountered even on the best camping grill is the small range of heat adjustment. Most models only use one burner due to size restriction, and because of the way they are built, this can’t be expected to allow a difference larger than 200-300 F between the minimum and maximum setting.  

A large heating temperature will substantially add to user convenience, since the food will take shorter to cook, but will also give you greater versatility, as you will be able to tackle bigger pieces of steak in a practical fashion.



Our top picks



Camco Olympian 5500


The Olympian excels when it comes to convenience while also offering good overall performance for a unit of its size. It’s relatively compact and easy to carry by the grooves in its base, it has its own little extensible feet to offer it tabletop or ground clearance, but it can also be mounted on the support rails of an RV.

A dedicated camper this one, it comes with a connector hose which allows it to draw propane straight from the RVs low-pressure source. It’s easy to see how this makes for a facile solution, as it removes the need to carry around additional tanks specifically for the grill.

If you want to use it away from the RV, it can be adapted to work with either 1 lb, 5 lb or 20 lb tanks, provided you acquire the appropriate fittings.

With 12,000 BTU/h of caloric energy, it should cook your food fairly quickly, and it also features a Piezo switch, a heat adjuster with an indicator gage and a safety shut-off valve.


Buy from for ($187.21)




Cuisinart CGG-180T


Cuisinart is well renowned as a maker of good value household appliances and this little camping grill follows the company philosophy to a T. It offers just the basics in a small, easy to carry package that could prove ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your trailer or if you’re expecting a hike to the desired bbq spot.

At only 13.5 lb, it can be carried like a briefcase by its front handle and the foldable aluminum legs will offer it good support while in use. It also has a pair of plastic feet to give it better grip when placed on a picnic table or chair.

It’s adapted to work with small, screw-on propane tanks and larger 20 lb canisters can be attached if the appropriate connector is purchased from any hardware store or retail site.

The 145 square inches of cooking area will be enough to cover the requirements of 3 to 4 people, but you might have to wait for a little while for the food to be ready, as the 5,500 BTU/h it puts out isn’t very much.


Buy from for ($86.98)




Smoke Hollow 205


With 206 square inches of cooking area, this Smoke Hollow is a fairly large unit that should provide enough food for a whole family while out camping. Unlike most other portable units, it also features a 105 square inch warming area where you can keep the bread used for dogs or burger at the desired temperature.

You won’t have to wait for long for the food to be cooked, since this unit can generate up to 10,000 BTU/h, with a maximum working temperature in the 700 F ranges. It also has a temperature adjustment function, alongside a thermometer gage, a Piezo igniter, and a dripping tray for easy cleaning.   

Despite its relatively large size, the standard fitting allows it to draw from 1 lb screw-on cylinders, but it can be easily adapted to work with larger tanks.

Made almost entirely of stainless steel, customers found it to be sturdy enough for life on the road, and it’s relatively easy to carry on foot by the lid handle and then put down on its four retractable feet.  


Buy from for ($74.88)




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Best camper generator


What are the best camper generators in 2018?


If you’re looking for a good camper generator but don’t have the time to read through this whole material, then we’ll tell you first-off that our top pick is the Champion 75537i. Somewhat unusual for an item its size, this small, portable camper generator has an inverter, which will assure a steady supply of AC current with no power surges, so that your sensitive electronics can be safely plugged in. Besides the regular 120 V, 30 A outlet that’s specifically intended for RV use, the Champion can also connect to your household electrical appliances by two 120 V, 20 A outlets. To top it off, an included adapter can deliver 12 V of DC current for recharging batteries or jump-start a car.  If you’re not interested in an inverter, then the Champion 76533 offers its own set of very attractive features.  


A short buying guide


Before setting out to find the best trailer generator for sale, there are a couple of things we should be aware of in order to ensure the best purchase.


How many watts do I need?


The best generator for RV won’t necessarily deliver the highest amount of power (after all, it’s not a sports car) but it should provide enough electricity to cover the electrical appliances you commonly use.

Both the generator’s output and the energy your appliances require to run is conveniently measured in Watts, so it’s very easy to make a calculation of the wattage you need by adding up all the consumers.

The most basic RV setup will feature an 80 liter fridge, which usually runs at 55 W; two 30-watt lights; one radio or TV for 200 W; a 1300 W air conditioner; and a phone charger of around 5 W. This adds up to 1600 W, which might double for RVers who like their luxury away from home.

It’s good to have some leeway, but going a lot higher than what’s required will leave the generator burning expensive gasoline for no reason. Some newer models do have economic modes, which lets them operate at reduced capacity, and should definitely be something to look into if you don’t expect a consistent energy usage.   


Features to look for


An electric start means that you won’t have to spend minutes of your time cranking a cable to get the engine running, and most units that feature this also have a traditional back-up. There’s little reason not to opt for it, especially as it doesn’t add a lot to the price.

In the US, a typical generator will run on gasoline, but there are other options of fuel available, such as propane or natural gas. Besides being slightly cheaper, propane also has a higher shelf-life than gasoline, so it can be stored for emergencies.

A low-oil shut-off means that the generator won’t be running on dry, which can seriously cut its lifespan, not to mention smoke the entire campsite.     


Convenience features  


The best camper generator is a silent camper generator! Even if the machine is supposed to be kept at a minimum of 23 feet from you while running, that doesn’t mean it can’t prove bothersome in a trailer park or when trying to enjoy nature.

If you don’t like dragging heavy loads around, then size and weight will become an issue. All good units are fitted with roll cages to grab them by and wheels to roll, but you won’t always be able to find a smooth surface for the latter.



Our top picks



Champion 75537i


This one gets top scores in camper generator reviews because of its remarkable array of features, which seem to include everything currently available on the market.

Somewhat unusual of a unit its size, it has an electrical inverter, which allows it to deliver steady current, with less than 3% THD (total harmonic distortion). This basically means it won’t fry any electronics attached to it through surges in current.

To take full advantage of this fact, 2 of its outlets deliver 120 V 20 A regular household current, with a third being used for the 30 A common with campers and an extra 12 V DC charger plug to top it off.

The 2800 W running power should cover most uses, and on a slow day, this can be reduced to provide more fuel economy and allow for a longer functioning time. You might sometimes be confused on whether it is running or not, as it only puts out 58 dBA of noise at 23 feet.


Buy from for ($949.99)




Champion 76533


The 76533 might not have an inverter, and it’s also somewhat noisier than the other Champion we’ve looked at, but makes up for it with some extra versatility, as it can run on both gasoline and propane.

And it does this for quite a long time, 9 hours for a full tank of gas and 10.5 hours for a regular canister of propane at 50% installation load. The power generated while running is between 3800 and 3420 Watts, depending on the fuel, which will be more than enough to keep a washing machine on.

All this energy will be delivered through 4 outlets, of either 20 A or 30 A, two of each, so that the wires connected to it can share the load.

Like with all newer models, the starter is electric, and it’s doubled by a crank string just in case the battery it comes with runs dry, and you lack a replacement.


Buy from for ($542.46)




Sportsman GEN4000


This Sportsman GEN4000 has almost all the features you’d expect from a top of the range model, but it comes at a significantly lower price. It produces 3500 running Watts with a 212 cc gas engine that can be kept running at 50% capacity for up to 10 hours.

While we do recommend you always keep an eye on the oil gage, this item will prove forgiving to any mishaps since it has a low-oil shut-off feature, which turns it off whenever the level drops under certain limits.

It has four household outlets to share the load, a dedicated 120 V 30 A outlet for an RV and a 12 V battery charger. The front panel also contains an electrical start-up button and a voltmeter.

While relatively light and easy to pick up by two side-handles, the GEN4000 doesn’t come with its own wheels, and you might want to add a couple of dozen dollars to the price for purchasing some.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




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Best RV toilet paper


What are the best RV toilet paper?


There are simply too many choices available for you to spend hours in trying to find exactly what you need. So, if you want to find the best RV toilet paper available for sale, then we suggest the Scott Toilet Paper. After we’ve looked around and read the RV toilet paper reviews we’ve come to the conclusion that this product is on top thanks to its capability of dissolving quickly in water, which makes it ideal for RV trips. Besides, this kind of toilet paper comes in a pack consisted of 4 rolls so you know that you’ll have enough spare rolls to last through your entire trip. Unlike other products that come too small or too harsh, this toilet paper provides more than enough softness and strength to complete its task and its size won’t disappoint you either. If you won’t be able to find this product available, then we suggest the Thetford Aqua-Soft as it is the next best toilet paper for RV.


A short buying guide


We live in a day and age when you are flooded by a myriad of choices, especially when we talk about toilet paper. If you’re having troubles in finding the best RV safe toilet paper, allow us to help via our comprehensive buying guide which was made with your needs in mind. We also provided you with some suggestions so sit back and become inspired.


Don’t be tricked!


Toilet paper is a common household object. In fact, it is so common that advertisers are hardly on a roll when it comes to ideas to sell it. This lack of inspiration is not to be blamed because after all, we are talking about a roll of paper meant to be used behind closed doors.

The usual gimmick used by ads is to over-inflate its capabilities. You’ll find a lot of extra soft, ultra strong toilet paper, but luckily we live in a time when almost every brand provides a more than capable product.

Seinfeld (the show) brushed upon this subject, the toilet paper. They talked about its invention and pondered upon its evolution. Their conclusions don’t need to be reminded, but the point is that it is an everyday item and you shouldn’t fall for false advertising.


Safe to use


As long as we live in a world run by money, you will have to be careful about what you use on your body. Basic economics tells us that if you spend little to make a product and then sell it at a high price, you’ll have yourself quite a profit (duh!). So, you should look for products that aren’t the cheapest on the market since they might otherwise hurt you or the environment.

Chlorine-free toilet paper is usually recycled paper which hasn’t been made white by using chlorine. The ones that use this substance as a bleacher aren’t considered environmentally friendly as chlorine is harmful to air and water.




Even though it is a mundane object, it can still have some features which need to be considered before its purchase. For example, toilet paper meant for RV use has to be easy to dissolve to avoid clogging.

Other factors to consider are its strength and tearing ease, both refer to the quality of the paper. Softness is a common claim so you won’t have trouble to find a product that is as soft as you wanted it to be.



Our top choices



Scott Toilet Paper


This product is among the most popular choices online and it isn’t too hard to figure out why. It is ideally made for you to use it while going outdoors with your RV since it puts to rest the worry of taking extra care of your toilet. Why is that? Because it is capable of dissolving quickly, thus not allowing any clogs to form.

It provides a cottony, rippled surface that will feel just right. As we already mentioned, it’s safe to use it in your RV but also for septic tanks, boats or small houses. Since it comes in a four pack, you will get plenty of spare toilet paper so that you won’t have to be on a constant look-out for supermarkets while you’re driving.

Coming at an affordable price, this product is meant to be used while enjoying the great outdoors without having to worry about it breaking on you. It is made of high-quality, and it gets the job done, making it a solution, not a problem.


Buy from for ($35.64)




Thetford Aqua-Soft


There are very few differences between the brands of toilet paper, but this kind is still capable of standing alone. It is ideally designed to make your life easier while going on trips where you won’t have such commodities easily.

The Aqua-Soft is versatile enough to work great with all kinds of toilets, the ones from RVs to portable, classic toilets and even the ones found on boats. It is highly functional, coming in a 2-ply form, making it soft, white and quite absorbent.

It helps to prevent messy, unwanted clogs thanks to its capabilities of flushing easily and dissolving swiftly. Its convenience is made known because it comes in 4-packs, making it an ideal supply for long trips.

It is made to fit the life of an adventurer, regardless of the type of adventure. If you enjoy hiking, trekking, going out at sea or getting lost in the great outdoors with your RV, then you’ll find a trustworthy companion all rolled up and ready to go.


Buy from for ($9.73)




Freedom Living FL002


Unless you have a very strange hobby and you enjoy unblocking smelly toilets and having to deal with filthy septic tanks, then you would love never to have to deal with this kind of trouble. The FL002 allows you to enjoy your time spent outdoors, alone or with your family and it will make sure to be a quality, problem-free experience.

This product is gentle so you won’t suffer from using it while also being durable enough to prevent rips or tears that would ruin your day. It is capable of dissolving in a matter of minutes so you can forget about clogged toilets. It is also 100% biodegradable, making it ideal to use when gone camping outdoors, hiking, driving your RV or navigating around on your boat.

Forget about abrasive or uncomfortable toilet paper because of this product, which comes in 4-packs, provides plenty of soft tissue paper sheets that are gently textured.


Buy from for ($9.99)




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Best RV tankless water heater


What are the best RV tankless water heaters?


If you’re an avid outdoorsman and you’re used to traveling around in your RV then you probably are in need for something to heat up your water for showering on chilly days. So if you are looking for the best RV water heater, you’ll find that this short paragraph is sufficient in providing results. After we gathered information and we’ve looked through reviews, we came to the conclusion that the gas Flex 10011 is the best RV tankless water heater because it needs little water pressure to start, 2 PSI would suffice, unlike other water heaters that require at least 30 PSI. It is capable of delivering hot water instantly as you open the hot water tap, thus allowing you to save energy and water. Its beautiful design will prove to be a nice addition to your RV, making it a place that feels closer to home. In case this product is unavailable, we suggest that you look into the Eccotemp L10.


A short buying guide


We know that it is a time-consuming job to wander across the internet to find the right product. It is easy to get lost among the complicated features and characteristics, but if you’d like to find the best tankless hot water heater for RV for sale, then we invite you to give our informative guide a chance. We’ve also come up with some suggestions so that you’ll be able to find what you need in no time.




When you decide on purchasing a tankless water heater, you don’t need to concern yourself with the matter of capacity because it doesn’t come with a storage facility for water intake. Instead, you should look at how it allows the water to flow. When it comes to households, you’ll need something that is capable of generating enough heat.

For example, if your washing machine and your shower are working at the same time and your heater isn’t powerful enough it will result in lukewarm water. Instead of buying two items, which will be more expensive, look into a more powerful one.

For RVs, you should consider why you’ll need it for. Showering and dishes shouldn’t require much so you might not have to dig too deep into your pockets.




Here the choice is somewhat simpler. You can buy either gas-powered heaters or electric ones. The advantage of the water heaters that work on gas is that they are faster and more efficient. They run on either propane or kerosene, and they require venting, so take this into consideration.

You can find some products that can be installed directly outside to prevent you from having to figure out how to ensure enough ventilation. For increased efficiency, you can look for electronic ignition products as they don’t require fuel to maintain a flame.




Unlike models that store water, with this type of product you won’t have to concern yourself with its capacity, as we already said. The only concern should be if it is capable of heating up enough water in order to serve multiple tasks.

Look for the BTU (British Thermal Unit) input and the efficiency ratings because they determine its flow rate which is expressed in GPM (gallons per minute). So, the higher the BTU’s rating, the higher the water’s flow rate. If you tend to take your RV in cold places, then know that it might take longer for the water heater to do its job since the water is colder there.



Our top picks



gasFlex 10011 


Unlike other models which require up to 30 PSI of water pressure in order to start up due to outdated technology, this product works with only 2 PSI. If you are looking for a tankless water heater which is ideally made to fit into RVs, campers, rural cabins or small apartments as well as all kinds of boats and mobile homes, then you might want to take a good look at this product.

It is capable of saving water and energy thanks to its capacity of instantly delivering hot water after you’ve activated the tap. Since it is a vent-free appliance this model won’t require that you install costly flues or ductwork and that’s because it comes with state of the art oxygen depletion safety.

This unit is outfitted with a magnetic water flow sensor which will allow it to work even at low water pressure and this means that it’s ideal for use during RV trips.


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Eccotemp L10


If you are looking for a portable tankless water heater that is tiny enough to let you enjoy different outdoor activities while providing good performance, then we suggest the L10. It is able to fit almost anywhere, from RVs to an artist’s studio and can even be used to wash animals at your farm.

You won’t have to worry about getting a specialist in order to install it because you’ll see that the process at attaching it to your RV and making it work isn’t as troublesome as you’d think. It is able to provide 2.6 GPM of water flow making it ideal for small-scale application, meaning that it is great for your RV.

Another perk you might love is that this product is affordable, yet it is capable of providing hot water when you want it. Its rain cap is made from stainless steel in order to protect its interior heating parts, so don’t worry that it will rust.


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Eccotemp L5


If you wish to gain a tankless water heater that is capable of performing great in meeting low requirements, then the L5 might be designed for you. It is capable of delivering up to 1.4 GPM of hot water, meaning that this product should be more than enough in order to satisfy your hot water needs while going outdoors.

Since it runs on propane gas, it should heat water quicker and in a more efficient way while using less energy when you compare it with electric models. This tankless water heater will enable you to adjust how hot your water gets, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 80 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

It requires 20 PSI of water pressure in order to work, any lower and it will stop heating. The maximum amount of PSI it is capable of enduring is 80. A 20-pound propane tank should be enough to run it for 18 hours.


Buy from for ($179)




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Best RV mat


What are the best RV mats?


Let’s say that you need something to transform your RV into your temporary home away from home. Have you considered purchasing a mat? Don’t underestimate the power of a mat, as it is more than capable of switching your perspective when looking at your vehicle. This short paragraph will show you that the best RV mat is the EZ Travel Mats 9X18. We’ve arrived at this conclusion after we read through the reviews of RV mats and they hold it in high regard. That’s because it comes in an ideal size of 9 by 18 feet. It is highly durable, being able to withstand UV rays and it is capable of resisting against mildew and mold and that’s great news for RV enthusiasts. Its versatility will impress you, as it is capable of folding up easily, it is lightweight and reversible as well. If you’ll find it unavailable for purchase, look for the EZ Travel Mats Pirate Flag.


A short buying guide


It is easy to understand why you might not have time to find the best RV patio mat for sale since there are simply too many models from which you can choose quickly. Out informative buying guide is here to help you know what to look for, and our suggestions are based on the RV mats reviews so it might prove easier than you think to find a good RV mat.


How is it made?


Usually, RV mats are colorful products made from polypropylene. They are reversible, which means that they work great on either side. They are made from blown and colored straws which are weaved together by using a special machine resulting in the colorful design which can complement your camping grounds.

It might be important for you to not affect the grass on top of which you plan to place the RV mat. Well, you can protect it by using models that are friendly to the environment. Simply look for weaved mats because they are porous enough to provide air circulation to the grass while also acting as a barrier between you and dirt.


Why should you use one?


Originally, mats were made for religious people to pray upon. They would kneel on them and start praying. Some people got inspired and started to weave them, changing the patterns in order to fit the style of outdoorsmen. They are generally used to avoid getting dirt and debris from the outside into your RV.

If you own such a vehicle, you must know by now that every time someone enters your RV, they tend to leave some unwanted traces behind them. These mats work great for keeping your RV as clean as possible.


Do they work in bad weather?


When we are talking about taking trips into the great outdoors, we know that you might come under nasty weather conditions. So, what can you do to ensure that your mat will stay put even in high winds? Some models come with grommets, holes made to place a stake through. You simply have to put stakes in each corner, and your mat will stay beside your RV as it is meant to.

Other types of mats include loops made from nylon, and they seem to work better than grommets because the latter might fall out and when we are talking about weaved products when a hole appears they tend to unravel.



Our top picks



EZ Travel Mats 9X18


You are an inspired person if you are looking for a mat meant to fit your RV lifestyle. Why’s that? Because it acts as a barrier between the dirty outside and your mobile home. This model provides plenty of room to perform various activities outdoors, and it looks stylish as well, coming in different colors that should match any kind of taste.

It was meant to last, its durability being ensured by its resistance to various things. Firstly, we know how UV rays affect our skin. Well, they seem to affect RV mats as well but don’t worry, because this one is made to withstand them. Mildew and mold won’t appear easily as well because this product is more than capable of resisting against these pestering troubles.

Its lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry around and easy to store as well. Being reversible you might say that you will buy two mats at the price of one.


Buy from for ($103.99)




EZ Travel Mats Pirate Flag


If you don’t consider yourself to be an ordinary person and feel that you deserve something to make you stand out among the average RV enthusiasts, then you might want to take a really good look at this product.

The adventurer that resides somewhere deep inside you might love the pirate flag design that this model boasts. You might act as a pirate stranded on land with your RV acting as a shipwreck. Your kids will surely love this kind of play, and it will help them fall in love with the outdoors in case they don’t already share your passion.

It comes with reinforced looped grommets on each of its four corners, and it is also accompanied by stakes which you can use to fix it firmly to the ground. Its durability is ensured by its resistance to UV rays, mildew and mold as well.


Buy from for ($103.99)




Camco 42850


This product is capable of suiting any style of RV thanks to its capability of coming in a variety of designs and sizes. When you decide on buying an RV mat, you surely want a product that is capable of enduring the pass of time. You’ll find that this product is more than capable of withstanding this test and others.

If we are talking about resistance, then you should find out that the 42850 is made from a high-quality material which makes it resistant to mold and mildew while also ensuring that is easy to clean as well.

Thanks to its lightweight you can quite easily fold it up for easy storage. You’ll see that it won’t take as much space as you’d think, allowing you to move around with your RV as quickly as you want and at any time in a swift manner. Being reversible, you’ll be able to use it on both sides, this being a big plus.


Buy from for ($43.16)




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Best RV grill


What are the best RV bbq grills?


If you plan to get something to improve your cooking while going on trips with your RV, then this short paragraph will help you in finding the best RV grill available for sale right now. After we read through the RV grill reviews we’ve come to the conclusion that the Coleman LXE is the right choice for you since it provides plenty of options for your outdoor meals thanks to its interchangeable cooktops. Also, it comes with the great benefit of igniting without you having to use matches, meaning that you can forget about postponing your lunch because you just can find them. This compact and sturdy grill will prove to be reliable even in extreme conditions because it boasts the PerfectFlow technology which enables it to provide consistent performance. If you’ll find that this product is currently unavailable for whatever reason, then we suggest you throw a look-see at the Camco 57305 as it is a good alternative.


A short buying guide


We know that in today’s market is quite possible to become frustrated while looking for your desired product and RV grills come in a plethora of options as well. Allow us to help you through this bothersome process through our carefully thought buying guide. Besides that, you’ll see that we provide some suggestions as well in order for you to find the best grill for RV camping.


How to find the best RV portable grill?


Before finding the right answer to this question, we first have to consider what is makes a grill suitable for an RV and how many types there actually are. Since every grill comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, you would be inspired to take your needs and budget into consideration before choosing.

As far as what kinds of grills are there, the popular choices consist of grills powered by charcoal or propane. The first type represents perhaps the most favorite choice when it comes to RVers. Perhaps the charcoal grill’s popularity is caused by the availability of its fuel since you can find charcoal in every local supermarket. One disadvantage is represented by its need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The propane grill is trying to mix what a charcoal type offers with easy cleaning making it a top choice for RV barbecues. It offers consistent performance and features which you can hardly find in other kinds of grills. Its downside comes from its fuel, meaning that the propane tank can be difficult to carry or refill.




When you are looking for any kind of product you must make sure to get good value for the money and this is the case of RV grills too. While you can get a good grill without paying much and you’ll still be able to enjoy the meat’s flavor, you’ll have to consider the cost of the fuel as well. If you compare the two types of grills we mentioned earlier, their fuel offers different performance. While charcoal is cheaper than propane it is less efficient over a period of time.




When you are looking for something to use during outdoor activities you need to make sure to get a product that provides plenty of useful features. Some grills come packed with such characteristics, such as burners, flavorizers or grates. These will offer you control over the heat output and protection against dripping or rust.



Our top picks



Coleman LXE


The LXE is the type of grill you would like to carry with you while going outdoors in your RV. That’s because it is quite easy to transport thanks to its ability to fold to compact size, its large handles, and wheels which ensure easy pulling.

Besides being able to carry around in an effortless way you’ll also be able to use it in no time since it is capable of being set up in a matter of seconds.

It comes with interchangeable cooktops which provide you with more meal options. You won’t need matches to ignite the grill since you’ll just have to push a button and watch the magic happen.

You’ll be able to use it even in extreme conditions thanks to its PerfectFlow technology which ensures consistent performance. Your tools and ingredients will be kept close by in its sliding side tables so that every time you need them, they’ll be within a hand’s reach.


Buy from for ($127.99)




Camco 57305


If you are looking for a grill that is designed for RV and outdoor use, then you can consider purchasing this product. This high-quality product is made to be used while attached to your RV or as a tabletop grill meant to be used outside, all of this thanks to its folding feet.

Made from stainless steel, this durable grill can be connected to your RV’s propane outlet. Besides being made of durable stainless steel, this product is also lightweight so carrying it around won’t cause you any pains in your back.

The 57305 is suitable for any outdoor activity and is designed to increase the flavor of your barbecues while preventing dangerous flare-ups which you certainly don’t want around your RV. Being a propane grill means that you won’t have to deal with any kind of messy charcoal, leaving you with a safe to use and easy to clean product.


Buy from for ($187.21)




Camco 58130


There are plenty of grills out there that come with complicated instructions which only keep you from enjoying a nice timeout from your work and city life.

Products that are meant to be used when you go outdoors in your RV have to provide as little hassle as possible.

This RV grill comes ready to use right out of the box, meaning that you won’t waste precious time while trying to figure out how to assemble it. Its folding legs make it a compact grill, which can be easily stored away after you’ve had a plentiful bite to eat.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, the 58130 is guaranteed to endure, and since it comes with a mounting bracket, you can use it while it’s attached to your RV. Don’t worry about scrubbing for hours after you use it since it comes with a removable grease tray which makes it easy to clean as well.


Buy from for ($155.36)



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Best RV water heater


What are the best RV water heaters?


While going camping with your RV, you need at least some degree of comfort if you want to feel cozy and warm. Because you can’t have your morning shower with cold water, you must get the best RV water heater on the market. After reading various reviews from other customers and experts, we’ve concluded that a great choice of RV water heater is the Suburban 5117A. This unit doesn’t require special maintenance because it is powered by propane. Easy to use and to install,  the water heater benefits from a large diameter drainage port and a convenient door for easy access. Plus, it works great with all types of RV. If you can’t the Suburban 5117A, make sure to check the Aquaking AKOUTDOORSMAN, another great option.


A short buying guide


We all know how important it is to be able to enjoy hot water even when we’re on the go. Because not all RV’s come with water heaters, it’s quite logically why you need to study the offer available for sale. We’ve made this short presentation for you that can help you decide faster about which item fits your needs best.


Type of water heater


In your search for the best tankless water heater for RV, you need to learn that there are three types of heaters, depending on the fuel source.

The majority of RV water heaters are designed to operate on electricity and liquid propane together. Because of this versatility, you get to use the unit on more than one power source and even simultaneously. This way, you can rest assured that the water in your RV gets hot in an instant.

There is another type of heaters that utilize a more sophisticated source of power. These are called motoraid because they require the cooling system of the RV in order to heat the water. When the RV’s engine is running, the water located in the system circulates through the submerged tubes in the water heater. As the water starts to circulate through these tubes, the water begins to warm.


Ignition system


Water heaters that use liquid propane or LP can be purchased in two models that only differ in terms of the ignition system. The most sophisticated type of the ignition is the Direct Spark Ignition, while the Manual Pilot Light is the basic option for most RV’s.  

The basic model utilizes a pilot light that you need to turn it manually. When the pilot light is off, you can switch the Pilot Control if you want to allow the gas to flow. This safety option that enables you to turn off the pilot light is beneficial for preventing the LP gas from leaking.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the pilot light mustn’t be lit when the RV is in motion. Because the wind is able to blow the pilot light, it’s quite clear why you should keep it off. However, it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare your hot shower.

According to most RV water heater reviews, those units that are outfitted with Direct Spark Ignition are preferable because they don;t need a pilot light. Instead, the gas thermostat sends a signal to the heater which opens the gas valve. Once the igniter is turned on, if there are no issues, the flame starts to develop.

The best part is that when the sensor doesn’t detect the flame, after 15 seconds the valve closes, and the entire system shuts down. From there, an indicator light will signal that the water heater has failed to light and the unit will be turned off and reset before making a new attempt. Even though you can drive your RV while heating the water, it’s better to wait until you’ve reached your destination.


Size and capacity


When in the market for the best RV tankless water heater, you need to pay attention to the size of the unit as well as the capacity. Ideally, you should invest in water heaters that are small and lightweight because they are usually installed outside, below the floor or in the area located behind the baggage room. Therefore, you need to be careful not to reduce the amount of room inside your RV.

As far as the capacity goes, it all comes down to the amount of water you need during your camping trip. Choose a model that satisfies your needs.



Our top picks



Suburban 5117A


This water heater is a great choice of RV heater because it has a 6-gallon capacity and uses LP gas as a power source.

Moreover, it depends on the manual pilot as an ignition system, which comes in handy if you want to ensure safety while being on the road.

Having an RV water heater that depends on the manual pilot ignition means that you are allowed to have full control over the gas and heating system. This way, you can choose when to heat your water for shower or cooking activities and prevent potential gas leakages.

This heater works best for campers and trailers, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. Because it uses propane, you can rest assured that even if you leave the water heater idle for a period of time, it won’t start working without your manual permission.

Furthermore, the capacity of 6 gallons is more than enough for camping with your family.

Buy from for ($255)






This ultra-portable water heater is incredibly small and lightweight which means it won’t occupy too much room. With a weight of only 10 lbs you can easily move the unit anywhere, you like it, without putting too much effort.

If you have a supply of running water and propane, you don’t need anything less to start enjoying your hot and steamy shower. Easy to set up, the process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Plus, the tool comes in handy for your RV because it can rapidly hook up to your existing water connections located in your water heater cabinet.

The product is outfitted with easy-to-use dials placed on the front that allow you to select between two options, winter or summer. Since the device is a tankless heater powered by propane gas, there’s no need to stand-by or recovery time. Keep in mind that the heater requires 2 “D” cell batteries that aren’t included in the package.  

Buy from




Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM


If you need a reliable water heater that requires only 2.5 PSI of water pressure in order to deliver hot water for your RV.

Besides, the maximum temperature reached by this unit is 114.8 F degrees while the minimum is 46.4 F degrees. Therefore, you can use the water for taking a shower or for cooking activities.

Thanks to its compact size, the water heater can be placed anywhere you like without having to worry about occupying too much space. Moreover, it is outfitted with a folding handle that keeps the unit out of your way and comes in handy for outdoors setups.

Also, there’s no need to worry about safety issues because the product comes with a 20 minutes automatic safety option and a flame failure feature. The best part is that it boasts anti-freezing and oxygen depletion safety shut-off protections. Thanks to the ideal gallon capacity you get instant water that lasts for long no matter where you decide to camp.

Buy from for ($149.99)



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Best RV solar panel


What are the best RV solar panels?


Because times have changed and modern discoveries make our lives better, we need small improvements such as the best RV solar panels that can help us achieve the same advantages that we get while living at home. After reading several reviews and feedbacks given by customers and experts, along with sales figures, we’ve come to the conclusion that one product that you shouldn’t miss out is the Renogy KIT-STARTER-100D. This solar panel kit is a perfect starter for any RV owner that wants to benefit from the full power and grid independence. Moreover, the item boasts an ideal output of 500Wn per day, and it is able to charge a 50Ah battery from 50% to full 100% in just 3 hours time. If the Renogy KIT-STARTER-100D is not available, make sure to check the WindyNation SOK-100WP-P30L.


A short buying guide


We all know how important it is to feel comfortable on a camping trip. In order for an RV to actually provide you a great level of comfort, it needs to be properly supplied. Among the basic requirements, you must get the best portable RV solar panels. If you want to know how to make the right decision, check out this features showcased below.


Features and specifications


First, you need to think carefully before getting the product you desire. Although there are several options for sale, not all of them are compatible with your RV and your personal needs and preferences.

According to the majority of the RV solar panel reviews, there are three technical specs that you should consider. One of them is the rating that tells you the what size of the solar panel system you need to get. It’s better to pick panels that come with a higher rate than your batteries. Since solar panels don’t always reach the rate mentioned in the product description, it’s wiser to choose a bigger rating.

Then you need to pay attention to the peak power. This indicator refers to the maximum output provided by these solar panels when the weather conditions are ideal. Because the efficiency of the panels tends to decrease as it gets heated. Therefore, a higher peak power is a better option.

Lastly, there’s also the panel intolerance that provides information regarding the drop percent of the power. For instance, a 100 Watts solar panel that indicates a tolerance of 10% means it can only provide you 90 Watts of total power. You should choose products that don’t go below 5% tolerance.


RV rooftop space


If you need more than one solar panel, you must determine whether your RV rooftop can handle their sizes. When investing in the best RV solar panel kits, make sure you’ve got the room for the other components, as well.

One important aspect is related to the wirings. If you want convenient access to the controller, you should lay the wirings in a way you can reach them.

In terms of the easy installation process, you should park your RV only on even grounds and make sure the solar panels are oriented toward the sun. In case you want to install more solar panels, you can always opt for a large controller.


Charging principle


Because solar panels depend very much on the cloud position and geography, it’s quite understandable why the charging rate might differ from area to area. So, you should pick solar panels that are outfitted with an adjustable mount that ensures more flexibility. This way, you can rest assured that you benefit to the fullest of the panel’s maximum capacity.



Our top picks





While on the go, the last thing you need is a complicated device that needs tons of hours for install. Therefore, a solar panel kit that allows you to benefit from an independent power source day or night is ideal.

Specially designed to allow your system to be expanded up to 400W, this unit features an ideal output of 500Wh per day. Plus, it can charge a battery that has been drained of more than half to a full charge in only 3 hours time.

Moreover, the product package all the necessary tools you need to set up the control panel, including an 8 ft 10AWG tray cable that allows you to connect your charge controller and the battery if you want.

Quite easy to use, the device is outfitted with LED indicators so you can see the panel even in low light conditions. Also, the kit is compatible with different types of batteries, such as sealed, gel, and flooded.

Buy from for ($175.63)




WindyNation SOK-100WP-P30L 


This solar panel kit is specially manufactured for Rv’s, cabins, boats, and other situations that require a remote source of power.

Besides the 100W solar panel, the kit comes with a 30 Amp display solar charge controller outfitted with a battery temperature sensor, a 40 feet solar cable, MC4 connectors, the mounting hardware, and the user manual.

Depending on the sunlight availability, the product is able to deliver an average of 350 Wh or 33 Amp hours of charge on a daily basis. You have the possibility to add extra solar panels because the charge controller can handle more.

The instructions are clear and precise while the digital display offers detailed information regarding the solar panel charging amperage, battery voltage, battery temperature, amperage of load draw, and solar generated amp-hours.

According to your preferences and personal needs, you can adjust the system settings such as the voltage or the solar disconnect feature, by pressing the MODE button located on the charge controller up or down.

Buy from for ($179.99)




ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 100W


This water-resistant and semi-flexible solar panel is built from sturdy materials while the junction box is completely sealed and waterproof.

The main advantage of this product is the fact that it can charge 12V lead-acid batteries, including 12V lithium and other types of equipment.

Furthermore, the solar panel can be easily bent to 30 degrees without worrying about causing damages. This way, it becomes suitable for a variety of purposes and locations such as RVs, boats, tents, or huts.  

Because the device is manufactured to save the energy and protect the environment, it is ideal for outdoor camping, working or training.

The solar panel can pack up to 100W of power even though it only weighs less than 5 lbs. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it with you while going camping. Due to its unique frameless design and four metal reinforced holes designed for wall mounting, the product can be installed fast and easy.

Buy from for ($299.99)



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