RV Designer M565 Powerqube RV Gadgets Review


Main advantage


With this charger, you won’t have to worry that your electronic device won’t charge. Due to the unique technologies employed on this model, it is capable of identifying what kind of equipment you hooked it with so that it can deliver the right amount of voltage. The SP technology used by the manufacturer makes this possible, and many users appreciate the freedom they get for using it with any device they want.


Main disadvantage


Bear in mind that the manufacturer offers only a 90-day limited warranty, so, if you experience any malfunction after three months, it will be impossible to ask for a refund. Seeing how many benefits the unit offers, however, you might get to enjoy it for a long time without a glitch.

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Top 3 features explained


Independently charging up to 5 devices

It is crucial that your charger can handle the type of devices you are hooking it up with. As said earlier, this model comes equipped with a unique technology that allows it to identify the devices that are connected with it so that the voltage supplied is not lower or higher than needed. That serves for ensuring the integrity of your electronics.

Along the same line, we must also talk about how powerful this model is. It can be used for charging five devices at the same time. It has three USB ports, and two AC outlets, so there is almost nothing this one cannot do.

Compact and ideal for RV traveling

While it is capable of quick charging three USB devices and two AC powered units at the same time, the unit is not bulky. The number one reason why RV owners favor this model so much is its very compact size. You will find it easy to carry around, and it will become your number one choice when you need to pick something for your RV trips so that you can remain connected.

The size of the unit will help you accommodate it with ease in a backpack or luggage. When you go camping, the chances are that you will use your smartphone and tablet more than usual, and that means that you need a charger that the entire family can use.

Since it has enough outlets available, there will never be anyone left out, and you can practically use it to prevent conflicts between family members.


Detachable power cord

A compact size definitely helps with portability, but so does a detachable power cord. This is an advantage that you should not overlook. When you pack your charger, you surely do not want the cable to bend at the area where it connects with the charger, as it can become damaged over time, rendering the charger unusable, too.

The cord has 5 feet in length, so you will have plenty of leeway as to where you can plug it in. Many RV owners will appreciate this feature, as it gives them the freedom they need when they go camping.


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KING RVM2001 Premium Bluetooth RV Gadgets Review


Main advantage


This excellent Bluetooth speaker has one advantage that most speakers don’t have, even if they come equipped with the same superior technology. It is waterproof, which means that you will be able to take it along with you on trips where weather changes can make the environment not the most suitable for using electronics.


Main disadvantage


If there is one thing that users don’t seem to be particularly happy about is that they need to restart the app in order to control the lights, even if the speaker is already in operation. Otherwise, they say that the Bluetooth connection is flawless, and hooking up the speaker with any smartphone appears to be very easy.

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Top 3 features explained


Waterproof rating – IPX5

A waterproof speaker for the more adventurous hiker or outdoor enthusiast, the KING RVM2001 is your ideal ally for your trips to the great outdoors in your RV. It is true that other technical aspects matter, but compared to other units that offer the same specs, this one stands out by providing you with excellent means to listen to your favorite music in the wild.

The housing is waterproof, and the unit has an IPX5 rating. This means that even if the speaker is splashed with water by accident, or because it suddenly starts raining, it will not allow the droplets of liquid to reach inside, and damage the delicate electronic components.

A free app is supplied with your purchase

Excellent connectivity makes this unit a good option for anyone who loves to go RV camping. Also, the manufacturer includes access to a free app that will allow you to adjust some properties directly from your phone. Music equalizer and bass are two specs you can fiddle with.

You will love how easy it is to operate the lights, using the same app. Users can hardwire their lights to their RVs, to replace existing lights, and they can use their app and phones to control the light intensity and color, as they see fit. The available orange light mode is ideal for chasing away bugs, so it is safe to say that this product is more than just a speaker.

You can quickly hook up this unit with your smartphone or your tablet. Listening to music while you go camping has never been more comfortable. The sound quality is also decent.


The LED lights

While we talked a little about how you can use the app provided by the manufacturer to control the lights from your phone, we should say a few things about this feature, too. The 45 LED lights available will provide enough light so you can use them as a replacement for your RV lights.

You only have to hardwire the unit to your RV, and the best thing about this part is that you will not have any need for batteries. Using the provided app, you will be able to control the lights and dim them as you need.


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Camco TastePURE 40013 RV Water Filter Review


Main advantage


Sediment in drinking water can pose severe problems to your health, which is why you need to pay extra attention to the type of water filter you purchase. This model is efficient at clearing sediment that is 100 microns or larger in diameter, so it is safe to say that it will clean your water and make it possible to drink without risks for your health.


Main disadvantage


There are reports from buyers saying that the water filter sometimes leaks around the fittings. Sometimes, you may have to tighten the joints, to stop the leaking, or you may want to use a different set of accessories, of better quality than the one provided with your purchase.

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Top 3 features explained


Odors and sediment will be removed from your drinking water

One of the most significant challenges for anyone who wants to use the water provided by the RV park systems is getting a filter that can deal with all the issues that can arise from this. You will be pleased to know that this filter is excellent at removing sediment, as it does not let anything larger than 100 microns to get through it.

While it is excellent at eliminating sediment, there are other things this filter does well. For instance, it is also capable of removing the bad taste of chlorine, making the water more palatable. Various tastes and odors can affect water quality, so it is a good thing to know that you will be able to drink water that is free of all these.

This large capacity filter will get you through the entire camping season

If you want to purchase a good quality water filter for the camping season, this one is an excellent option. It is large enough to ensure superior water flow, which means that you will not have to wait a lot of time for your recipients to fill.

Another advantage is that you will be able to use this one throughout an entire season, without a problem. You will not need an extra filter, and that means that you will even save money in the process.


The KDF filter will not allow bacteria to grow

It is important to know that your water filter will remain clean and ready for use, even if you do not use it for a while. This KDF model doesn’t let bacteria grow inside, and that means that whenever you want to use your filter, you will be able to do so, without fearing that critters might leak in your drinking water.

Another thing that must be said about this particular model is that it is CSA certified for low lead content. Lead is one element that you surely do not need in your water, and it is a good thing to know that it is not present in the water filter you intend to use. Also, this model complies with the low lead laws in California and Vermont.


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Culligan RVF-10 Exterior RV Water Filter Review


Main advantage


If you want to get rid of all the unpleasant odors and chlorine from the water you can drink at RV parks, this water filter would be an excellent choice. It is designed to eliminate all the bad taste and smell from your water, and it does a great job at clearing chlorine odor, making your water much more palatable. It also filters sediment, to ensure that your health is well protected.


Main disadvantage

At least one consumer talks about the fact that the fittings that are delivered with the product seem to be of poor quality. If you try screwing them on too tightly, you might have the unpleasant surprise to damage them, and otherwise, they might leak. Some buyers prefer to purchase and use their own fittings so that the accessories might be a small issue.

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Top 3 features explained


It eliminates chlorine odor and sediment

The water you can use from park systems is not always the cleanest or the safest, which is why it would be an excellent idea to use a water filter, and, above all, one that you can indeed count on. The Culligan RVF-10 is capable of filtering the water you use, to make it safe to drink, and also palatable.

The filter works by eliminating the sediment that can be found in water. Clean water is a must when you visit parks, and you don’t want your family’s health threatened by any means. This water filter does a great job eliminating more than just large debris from the water. It also manages to clear the chlorine smell, and it is excellent at removing bad taste and odors from the water.

Its compact design contributes to its ease of use

One of the characteristics of this water filter that many users love is its slim design. If you are using a water filter for your RV, you certainly want it to be portable. The compact design of this model, as well as its slim profile, lets you hook it up to the water system with ease and without a glitch.

Some buyers even comment on how easy it is to install this model. You don’t have to be some plumbing expert to make this happen, and that is much appreciated by anyone who is looking for a straightforward product, without all the bells and whistles.


It can work for up to 250 gallons of water

One thing that might not be that great about cheap water filters is that they tend to give in before the camping season ends. That can put you in an unfortunate situation, and you should be prepared with a spare. However, if you pick this particular model, there is nothing to worry about.

This model is designed to handle up to 250 gallons of water, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. It should handle with ease three months of use at an RV camp, and you should have enough clean water to enjoy throughout your stay.


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Camco TastePURE 40045 RV Water Filter Review


Main advantage


This unit comes equipped with unique technologies that help turn water sources from RV camps into potable water. It uses Granular Activated Carbon whose central primary role is to ensure that not even microscopic debris can get through the filter. When you go camping, the health of your family is paramount, and that is why a water filter like this one is a must-have.


Main disadvantage


There are not many bad things users have to say about this particular model, but there is one drawback that you should know about. To hang the unit properly, you will need an L water line component, or otherwise, you will not be able to angle it the right way. While that may take a bit of work, seeing that the unit can provide water that is safe to drink, such drawbacks are not that big a deal.

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Top 3 features explained


The Granular Activated Carbon will provide water that is safe for drinking

Park water systems provide the necessary water for RV campers, but that is not always safe for drinking, which is why you need a filter like this one. Equipped with Granular Activated Carbon, this filter will remove all the sediment and debris from the water, even microscopic waste, to ensure that what you and your family are drinking is potable water.

There is another benefit to this filter that must be mentioned. It will prevent the development of mold and fungus inside, even if you leave it unused for extended periods of time. If you travel from one park to another, and you don’t know how well a filter would hold, pick this one, and you will not have to encounter such troubles.

The 20-micron filter will not let any debris pass, and it will remove unpleasant odors, including chlorine. At campsites, such a filter will prove its worth, without a doubt.

It will last for the entire camping season

The wide body of the unit ensures a good water flow, which means that you will not have to wait for it to work and deliver the needed water. The high capacity has a significant advantage that we need to mention here. It will last for your entire camping season, and it will not require any replacement.

That being said, it is a sound investment for any RV owner who likes spending the summer traveling with his or her family.


Everything needed for easy installation is included

Another reason why many people find this in-line filter excellent for their needs is the ease of installation. A flexible hose protector is included with your purchase, so you will not have to buy it separately.

There is no assembly involved, which is another big plus. Anyone can use this filter to obtain water that is safe for drinking, free of bad odors, and sediment. The installation is easy and quick, and it does not require you to be savvy of plumbing in any way.


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Best RV battery charger

What are the best RV battery chargers in 2018?


If you don’t have the time or the patience to browse through countless RV battery chargers reviews, but you want to know where to find the right one for your needs, then read our reviews and recommendations below. We’ve carefully researched this topic to bring you the most comfortable way of finding the best RV battery charger. Our findings show that the first product to consider would be the Battery Tender Plus 021-0218, due to its many useful functions. It is temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to the ambient conditions. Also, it automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode, making the process simple for the customer. Another aspect worth considering is that it loads as fast or faster than a triple-A charger. Should this item be unavailable, we recommend you check out the Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH instead.


A short buying guide


If you’re in the market for a good RV battery charger but you’re not sure what the right characteristics to look for would be, then perhaps reading our guide could shed some light on this topic. We know how you can find it somewhat complicated, especially if you’re not an expert when it comes to this type of device.




It’s important when choosing a battery charger to make sure that it is suitable for the type of batteries that you need to charge or that you use regularly.  Not only that, but it would be helpful if it were compatible with other models as well, so you can cover future circumstances, too.

Most types of batteries fall under one of the following categories: Lead Acid Batteries Flooded, Absorbed Glass Mat or Gel Cell. If the product you’ve got your eyes set on can be used for all these options, then you’re probably covered as far as adaptability goes.




Battery chargers are exposed to all sorts of hazards, so it would help extend their lifespan if they are protected against certain malfunctions. For example, a short circuit is one of the leading problems with these items. However, there are devices wired in a way so that this risk is reduced to a minimum.

Another usual problem would be overheating, but some models switch automatically from full charge to float charging mode to avoid wasting energy. Also, being temperature compensated helps with achieving the optimum charge voltage according to the temperature of your surroundings.

Other issues such as reversed battery connection are dealt with by specific manufacturers, and we recommend that you keep an eye out for chargers that have been protected against this type of damage.


Other aspects


Most items work on 12 volts/1.25 amps. It would be helpful if you could look for packages that contain other additional accessories, like a quick connect harness for areas that are harder to reach.

The overall speed of the charging process varies quite a lot, but if that’s a priority to you, then pay extra attention to this detail when you choose a device.

Also, buying an item that uses light signals to let you know whether the battery is charged or not would save a lot of energy and prevent overcharging.

If you want to make sure you’re protected against any potential damage that might ensue, you can opt for a product that has a warranty offered by the manufacturer, so it can be replaced if needed.



Our top picks



When looking for an RV battery charger for sale, you can easily get distracted by the many offers provided by various manufacturers. Getting through loads of advertising techniques and finding the item that’s right for you can be pretty tricky, so we narrowed it down to a list of our top alternatives.



Battery Tender Plus 021-0218 


This is an alternative that provides the user with many useful features, among which we could count the fact that it automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode, avoiding energy waste.

What’s also worth considering is that it charges as fast or maybe even faster than a triple-A model. Reverse-polarity protection is applied to make sure that the customer isn’t accidentally hurt while using this device.

It is designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage. It doesn’t have any damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. It is temperature compensated to make sure that the optimum voltage is reached according to the temperature of the environment.

A quick connect harness for areas that are harder to reach is also included in the packaging. This device works at 1.25 amps and will charge faster than many other options available in the same price range.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($44.99)




Battery Tender 022-0165-DL-WH 


A two-color LED light indicates the state of the charger. This way it is immediately visible to the user, and it’s simple to read for anyone. This model works with two independent charging stations, each of them providing 12 volts/1.25 amps.

It is also temperature compensated, to make sure that the optimum charge voltage is reached according to the temperature of the surrounding environment.

The complete three-step charging program, containing initialization, bulk charge and float mode, allows the user to optimize battery life without overcharging it and thus wasting energy.

This device is perfect for all absorbed glass mat items, sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries. It is also backed by a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you won’t have to worry about any potential damage that could ensue as a result of the charging process or other external factors.  


Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.94)




Samlex America Solar SEC-1280UL 


Another great option would be this model from Samlex America. It operates using switch mode technology to obtain high efficiency, all packed into the form of a lightweight design that works quietly.

It can be used for all Lead Acid Batteries Flooded, AGM or Gel Cell models, making it very adaptable. It is protected against many factors, including short circuit, overload, reverse battery connection and overheating.

A temperature sensor is included to prevent undercharging or overcharging if the temperature happens to vary extensively. Using a DIP switch setting, you can convert this appliance to a two-stage algorithm and charge batteries connected to a DC load.

You can also use this unit as a DC power supply if needed.

This device is protected by a two-year warranty offered by the manufacturer so that you don’t need to worry about any damage that might occur.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($453.99)




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Winegard RS-3000 Review


Main advantage


A sleek model that can be placed roughly anywhere, this digital amplified TV Antenna delivers a powerful performance due to the 360-degree signal reception and can receive all VHF and UHF frequencies while parked.

This feature will enable the user to channel all sorts of programs without any hand cracking or aiming, due to the full coverage. It will be a lot easier to watch local news, weather, live sports, and top-rated TV shows for free and at top quality visuals using this product.


Main disadvantage


Once you get too far away from a known tower, the reception is likely to decrease, and individual TV programs will be harder to intercept. However, this antenna is still suitable for local use, while you’re at home or in the neighborhood. It does just as well when traveling with your RV as long as you’re stationed in a less remote area.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($80.56)



Top features explained



This antenna features a sleek design while also being compact, easy to transport and to place wherever it is needed. It requires no hand cracking or aiming since it offers a 360-degree coverage and can intercept signals coming from any direction thanks to its particular shape.

The manufacturers also included other accessories in the packaging to make sure that this item works appropriately and the user has no trouble installing it. An ohm coax cable and a mounting bracket and hardware make up a kit of essentials to get this antenna working and ensure it has a stable grip and a safe positioning.


The process itself is pretty simple so that any user can make the most of this product. You only have to park your RV, turn on your antenna and run a quick channel scan to receive the available programming for the area that you’re currently in.

Due to the 360-degree signal reception, this model can offer you a range of programs much more extensive than other similarly priced alternatives. Also, it doesn’t require any adjustments given that its design makes sure it receives signals from any direction.

No pointing or aiming is required, as you have probably gotten used to doing on old-school items. This omnidirectional device works on a 35-mile long range and has an embedded digital TV antenna amplifier.


Image quality

This particular design can capture digital stations and deliver a crystal-clear image, much higher quality than the local TV stations that you’re used to. Of course, if you live in an area where FM reception is weak, then you’ll need to test this option on the road, but at least you’ll have the alternative.

You’ll not only be able to capture more programs and expand your viewing options, but you’ll enjoy a heightened quality of the image, without any of the pixelation or scrambled picture that you used to experience. You can enjoy any content, from local news and weather to live sports and top-rated shows, and all of that for free.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($80.56)




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1byone OUS00-0812 Review


Main advantage


You’ll never have to pay for your cable TV again if you use this Omnidirectional RV TV Antenna by 1byone. It can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs, all in full HD.

Chances are you’ll never be bored again, primarily because it can be controlled without a regular remote as the traditional outdoor antenna would require. All the exciting TV programs that you want to watch will be seconds away with this useful device and displayed in high-quality visuals for everyone to enjoy.


Main disadvantage


Despite being suitable for all types of environments and circumstances, a few users have complained that the length of the main pigtail is somewhat uncertain. This aspect makes it difficult to install the item, and causes other problems as well.

It can’t be curled up around the base of the product because it is too long to fit correctly, but at the same time, it is not long enough to make it easy for the customer to place it wherever they’d like, like getting it through the roof, for example.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($109.99)



Top features explained



This antenna can receive signals from all directions, given that it works on a 360-degree radius. In basic terms, this loosely translates to being able to watch countless TV channels regardless of your current situation.

Whether you’re at home or you’re camping, the signal will be just as good and what’s also worth considering is that you’ll get your programs in high-definition visual quality, making it enjoyable for the whole family and raising the bar on portable antennas.

The installation process is easy to understand and requires few steps. This item supports 1080p formats and has a mounting base and a built-in amplifier to help maximize its efficiency.

You won’t need to continually adjust the position of this device to make sure that you get the best signal. On the contrary, it’s designed to make it easy for the user to access any program they’d like.


It has a sleek look and an interesting shape. However, this product is not just all looks but also has a sturdy build, given that it has an incorporated mount base to increase its stability.

The compact mounting system makes this antenna able to withstand even harsh weather conditions such as windy days or heavy rain, despite being smaller in size and seeming more fragile than other similar options.

A model that’s also lightweight and compact, this appliance is portable and would be great for any outdoor trip. It’s also coated with an anti-UV layer to maximize its efficiency in all types of weather conditions.



The installation process is pretty easy and straightforward. Any customer regardless of his or her experience with this electronic equipment can perform the required steps.

Given that the procedure consists only of three stages, it’s safe to say it will be ready for use in no time and chances are you’ll succeed especially given that all the tools that are needed are contained in the packaging.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($109.99)




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1byone 210NA-0005 Review


Main advantage


The compact size and distinctive design of this particular model are developed to reduce the wind load given the smaller amount of material that comes into contact with the exterior environment.

It will provide much better signal reliability on days when the weather conditions are not so enjoyable, for example when it’s raining or the wind blows excessively strong. This antenna is protected against all sorts of circumstances, given that its anti-UV coating is added to reduce the damaging effects of sun rays.


Main disadvantage


In contrast with other similar items, perhaps even produced by the same manufacturer, this design does receive signals from any direction, but they’re not always of the same quality, probably due to its very particular shape.

It doesn’t have to be pointed and aimed like many old-school models that you’re probably familiar with, but it does require some attention. However, if you only use it in a home environment and there’s only one tower that is of interest to you, then you have to adjust its position once, and you’re good to go.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($109.99)



Top features explained



This antenna is designed to withstand many different challenges created by the surrounding environment. We all know how weather conditions can affect the quality of the signal and thus interfere with your viewing schedule, but it’s not the case with this device.

It is protected against all sorts of weather conditions, given that the design is both waterproof and snowproof. The specific shape boasted by this alternative helps reduce the surface of the material that has direct contact with the environment, thus reducing the effects of powerful winds.

What’s also worth considering is that it also has an anti-UV coating to protect it from harmful sun rays and preserve signal reliability regardless the forecast.


This process can be challenging for users especially if they’re not familiar with this type of hardware, but it’s not the case with this antenna. Not only is it a lot easier to install than other traditional models, but all the necessary accessories are included to make sure you don’t have to encounter any problems.

The tools are easy to use and do not require any previous experience. Everything is over pretty quickly, so it’s safe to say that this device will be ready for use straight out the box in the shortest amount of time possible.


Signal reception

This model can intercept signals coming from all directions due to its 360-degree feature, but it’s essential to place it in the right spot. The design is aesthetically pleasing so that shouldn’t be a problem. The signal is most active depending on the area you’re transiting or live in.

It has a 75-mile long rating which will come in handy depending on where you live or the purpose that you wish to use this appliance for. However, once you discover the best location and direction for the antenna, you should have no trouble using it.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($109.99)



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Best camper stoves


What are the best camper stoves in 2018?


If you don’t have the time to go through the countless models available online in order to find the best camper stove out there, we took it upon ourselves to help you out. After reading plenty of reviews on the topic, we have concluded that the Coleman Classic Propane is the unit that you should consider purchasing. This stove comes supplied with wind block panels that help shield the burners from the wind as well as a sturdy chrome-plated grate that is easy to clean and that can be quickly removed. What is more, this unit features a total of 20,000 BTUs of available cooking power and two adjustable burners that offer the user total control over the device. If this product is unavailable, feel free to take a good look at the Coleman Triton 2-Burner as this is a device that you might also like.

A short buying guide


If you have no idea how to pick the best camping stove money can get you, we have composed a list of features that you should pay attention to whenever you are shopping in this line of products.


Camping stove vs. backpacking stove


If you take a look at camper stoves reviews, the first aspect that they are prone to point out is the fact that you have to decide between a camping stove and a backpacking stove. The main difference between the two is the fact that backpacking models are rather lightweight and more portable and, thus, they are easy to transport.

However, if you are going to a location that can be reached by car, our recommendation to you is that you buy a camping stove. Although a bit bulkier, these models are more powerful and more sizeable. Hence, they can be used when preparing food for more people at the same time.


Select the right size


If you are looking for a good camper stove that you can use when preparing food for less than four people, we suggest that you invest in a two burner unit that is rather compact. These units are not particularly sizeable and they can be easily transported.

What is more, before you make a purchase, you should make sure that the selected unit supplies you with enough cooking space so that you can place your pans on it. Therefore, check out whether or not the model that you want can fit your favorite skillet that you like to take with you when traveling.

However, if you want a model that can help you cook for a group of more than eight people, it might be best that you buy a device that supplies you with more than two burners. For more comfort, it is best that you acquire one of those free standing units that you can find up for sale.


Wind resistance


Last but not least, the unit that you pick should have features that make it wind resistant. This feature is important because it guarantees that the wind won’t make it impossible for you to cook. Usually, wind resistant units have windscreens that are adjustable, and that can keep the flame made by the model protected.

However, if you intend to camp in a windy area, it is best that you buy a product that has a powerful burner and a complete windscreen.



Our top picks



In case the sheer number of models available for sale is overwhelming and you have no idea which camper stove to choose, then you should read the following reviews. These products have garnered positive reviews all-around and they offer great value for the money.



Coleman Classic Propane


If you are determined to purchase a model that has received positive reviews from its former buyers, we recommend that you take a good look at the Classic Propane from Coleman. This unit comes supplied with two independently adjustable burners that enable the user to prepare more than one type of food at the same time.

What is more, this device features wind block panels that have been specially designed to help shield the burners from the wind. Besides, these panels are completely adjustable so that you can modify them to suit your needs.

Additionally, the model is said to be large enough to fit a 12-inch and a 10-inch pan at the same time.

Consequently, you should not have issues when it comes to cooking two types of food concurrently.

On top of that, you should know that this unit features a durable chrome plated gate that can be removed for effortless cleaning.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($32.99)




Coleman Triton 2-Burner


Another product that has been created by the same manufacturer is the Triton 2-Burner. This unit features a perfect flow technology that is said to perform well, even in extreme conditions. As a plus, the product includes wind block panels that can protect the burners from the wind.

On top of that, the model is sizeable enough to fit two pans at the same time while still leaving you with sufficient room to stow the griddle.

However, you should know that the necessary griddle is sold separately.

Additionally, the unit was created by using PerfectHeat technology that is said to help the user cook more efficiently by using less fuel.

In order to operate the model, one has to connect it to a 22,000 total BTUs.

According to reviews, this unit has a solid construction. Also, the user should not have any issues when it comes to controlling the flame provided by the device.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.95)




Camp Chef Rainier


If you want a highly versatile item that can help you prepare food while out in nature, check out the Camp Chef Rainier.

This model is a griddle, a stove, and a grill and it is considered one of the easiest-to-use units out there.

Furthermore, the device is compatible with a 10,000 BTU burner. Therefore, by investing in the unit, you will be provided with a model that can help you cook fast and easily.

Besides, this item comes supplied with a non-stick coated aluminum grill and a drip trail that is also made from aluminum.

What is more, to make the unit easier to wash, the grease tray included in the deal can be removed for a thorough cleaning.

The product is shipped alongside a sizeable bag were you can place the device in between uses. The product has a good rating and many positive reviews.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($135.48)





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