Best RV tv antenna


What are the best RV TV antennas in 2017?


Finding the best RV TV antenna is extremely important because everyone wants to enjoy the same level of entertainment while traveling. If you don’t have time to do a proper research, take a look at this paragraph and maybe you’ll make an idea of what to look for. Based on various indicators such as overall product quality, sales figures, and customer feedbacks, we’ve determined that the best choice of an RV TV antenna is the 1byone OUS00-0812. Having an antenna that provides a good signal is extremely important, and this is the main feature of this unit. Thanks to a modern and updated technology, it comes with a compact size that reduces the wind load in order to facilitate the tv access to several channels. Moreover, the omnidirectional reception ensures signal from all directions. If the 1byone OUS00-0812 is out of stock, you can always go with the Winegard RS-3000 as it came in second place in our search for RV TV antennas.


A short buying guide


There are many good RV Tv antennas for sale, and you can choose one that meets your needs and personal preferences if you decide to use the features explained below. This useful buying guide aims to make your job a lot easier.




Nowadays, it’s impossible to go on a long trip and not feel the need to turn on the TV. Therefore, you should invest an RV TV antenna that ensures a good connection to the external world.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that the flexibility of an antenna is a great advantage while on the go. A portable antenna gives you the opportunity to move around without having to worry about any obstacles. Besides, you aren’t limited to using the unit only for RVing. Basically, you should own a versatile product that can be used on numerous occasions, anytime you plan on going outdoors.

Plus, if you ever decide to get a new RV or to borrow one from your friends, you can take the portable antenna with you.


Type of antenna


In your attempt to purchase the best TV antenna for RV, you must establish first what type of unit do you prefer to use.

Antennas come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be permanent structures on your motorhome’s roof or portable items that you set up easily, whenever you desire.

The standard choice is the batwing antenna that needs to be adjusted from inside the vehicle in order to find the best reception. This is the reason why most RV owners enjoy other alternatives because nobody wants to get up constantly and change the direction.

One of these alternatives is the omnidirectional TV antenna that ensures improved signal reception without having to make any adjustments. Although a tad pricier than bat wings, they’re worth it thanks to their easy maneuverability and powerful reception.


Extra features


RV TV antenna reviews recommend choosing products that offer High Definition features. Most items that are new on the market come with this type of settings because they ensure a proper image while watching movies or videos. Newer models offer the possibility to view the TV in 4K format, in addition to HD settings.

Given the amount of time spent outdoors, you should get a unit that comes with a waterproof coating so you can use it for a longer period of time, without having to worry about the extreme weather.  



Our top picks



1byone OUS00-0812


Featuring a sleek and interesting design, this RV TV antenna from 1byone comes with a new concept that consists of a sturdy mount base and a built-in amplifier.

One aspect worth mentioning is the 360-degree omnidirectional reception that enables a fantastic signal reception from all directions. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly change the position of the antenna in order to get better reception.

Thanks to the compact mounting system, the antenna is able to stand even windy conditions although its size is smaller compared to similar products on the market.

Lightweight and compact, this antenna can be used not only for viewing TV channels in the RV but also at home or while camping. Due to the anti-UV coating, the item isn’t affected by the hot summer sun rays.

Furthermore, the antenna supports 1080p high-definition formats and doesn’t require more than three steps for installation. There’s no need for extra tools because you’ll find all the necessary accessories inside the product package, along with the instruction manual.

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Winegard RS-3000


This digital amplified TV antenna from Winegard comes with a sleek and compact design. Moreover, the unit receives a strong signal from both VHF and UHF frequencies even when the RV is parked.

Given the 35 miles long range, the antenna is ready to broadcast plenty of TV channel after its setup. Each time you want to enjoy the TV, pull over the vehicle, turn on the antenna and run a quick scan in order to benefit from full signal what it’s receivable in that specific area.

Due to the omnidirectional feature, the unit ensures a powerful reception through the embedded digital TV antenna amplifier. In addition, the product is outfitted with an on/off power supply function, a 30 inch 75 Ohm coax cable and a mounting bracket.

This portable antenna is built from durable materials and has a UV coating that prevents overheating. Plus, it is entirely waterproof so it can be used even in rainy areas.

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1byone 210NA-0005


A compact portable antenna, this model has a small size which is ideal for receiving improved signal during bad weather conditions. Besides, the anti-UV coating and the waterproof design ensures a strong shield against signal interferences.

Equipped with a 360-degree omnidirectional reception, the antenna is able to receive a signal from multiple directions, without having to move the antenna, like standard outdoor antennas usually need.

Quite easy to install, this unit comes with simple tools included in the product package that enable a fast setup. Also, there’s a 26-ft high-performance coaxial cable that allows you to place the digital antenna in areas where the reception is maximum.

Therefore, the product is suitable not only for RV’s but also for camping or houses that are located in areas where a digital cable is hard to install. You can mount it in several places such as the balcony, attic, living room or roof.  

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Best RV toilet


What are the best RV toilets in 2017?


If you need to know which is the best RV toilet but don’t know for sure where to start your research from, there is a way to find out. Read this paragraph and see if you can pick some interesting information about the best units on the market. Our team of experts has done a research based on indicators such as customers review, expert feedbacks, and sales figures and determined that the must-have product in terms of RV toilets is the Thetford 31672. Stylish and lightweight, this toilet is easy to use and has a taller seat which ensures more than enough of comfort. Also, it features a useful pedal-flush function while the full activation of the flush provides a complete coverage of the toilet bowl. If the Thetford 31672 is not available, try to get the Camco 41541, the second winner in our search for the best Rv toilets.


A short buying guide


Finding a good RV toilet to use while on the road can be a challenge especially since most of them don’t resemble much to the ones used at home. To ease your situation, we’ve managed to create this useful buying guide that shows what features to look for when searching for practical RV toilets for sale.


Installation and maintenance


Since you are on a holiday or camping somewhere on the go, you can’t have a unit that takes a lot of time to set up or needs special tools that you can’t get only from professional stores.

Therefore, when purchasing the a toilet for your RV, make sure to check if the product comes with proper instruction manual. Moreover, you need to be able to determine if the toilet fits the space inside your RV. Although larger toilets tend to provide more comfort, they’re not practical because they occupy too much area.

The reason why RV toilets offer a great deal of functionality is that they can be easily cleaned and empty. So make sure to check the information before and see how much time does the unit requires for the cleaning process. You can’t have a toilet that needs more than a few minutes to release the dirt and waste.




Just because you want a toilet for your RV bathroom doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort. Therefore, a good RV toilet should have a proper size but still be lightweight enough to ensure a fast and easy transportation.

You must choose a unit according to your needs and personal preferences. For instance, if you only use the RV for camping a few days at the end of the week, a cheap RV toilet will do the trick. Otherwise, it is advisable to get a larger product when going on long trips or holidays in the countryside.




According to best RV toilet reviews, the unit must resemble as much as possible to your personal toilet you have at home. While going on short trips, you might be satisfied with a portable toilet that can be easily emptied and cleaned once the waste tank is filled. During longer escapades, you will need a vacuum flush toilet that can be connected using a hose to a water tank.

One important feature is the flushing system that should be activated with a simple pedal or button touch. As far as the seating goes, you should benefit from an adjustable one that is made from a soft material. Moreover, if the toilet is sturdy and durable and the bowl is easy to clean, you can rest assured that you’ll get proper hygiene conditions even when you’re far from home.



Our top picks



Thetford 31672


If you need a reliable RV toilet that offers excellent performance, you should consider the Thetford 31672 model.

Lightweight and compact, this unit comes with a powerful flushing system and a sturdy design thanks to its durable plastic composition.

Featuring the same style as the toilets used for personal needs in the privacy of your home bathroom, this RV toilet is outfitted with an electric foot-pedal flush and a taller comfortable seating.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about waste and dirt sticking inside thanks to the full bowl coverage activated with each pedal flush.

Quite easy to install and to assemble, the product package has everything you need for a fast and proper setup such as bolts and seals. This dual-flush toilet is very efficient in terms of water use, and the higher profile is an excellent choice for most RV bathrooms. In addition, the single-handle flush feature provides enough water to clean the waste with one single operation.  

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Camco 41541


A toilet specially designed for RVing, boating, and camping use, this unit from Camco is a great choice thanks to its sturdy polyethylene composition and the 5.3 gallons water tank.

Extremely lightweight and built to last, the unit comes with a detachable holding tank and a sealing slide valve that ensures the bad odors are kept away, and the risk of leakages is completely removed.

This RV toilet is equipped with two side latches that keep the tank secured while the unit is used. Transportation is highly facilitated thanks to the carrying handle that enables the process to be fast and precise.

Quite easy to use, the product is outfitted with a bellow-type flush and a pull slide valve that makes the flushing operation fast and simple.

Due to the 13 inches tall toilet seat, this toilet is more than comfortable and can be used even by seniors. Plus, the back of the waste tank has a special cap that enables a rapid emptying of the dirt.

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Dometic 302300071


Featuring a powerful flushing system, this RV toilet is capable of removing the heavy waste with one single flush. Thanks to the triple jet action, the toilet has a drop way ball and a valve system that ensure no waste is left in the bowl every time you flush the toilet.

A great way to ensure the hygiene is possible due to the easy hands-free flushing triggered by a highly efficient foot pedal and an adjustable water level feature.

Given the fact that saving water is essential while being on the road, this unit comes with a low flush technology that uses only 16 ounces of water per one flush.

Easy to set up, the toilet can be assembled with a two-bolt installation process due to its modular components. Furthermore, it is super comfortable given its standard weight and the elongated bowl. Unlike other similar RV toilets, this one has a deep ceramic bowl that ensures a good deal of comfort.

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Best RV roof cleaner


What are the best RV roof cleaners in 2017?


Cleaning the roof of your RV is extremely important because that is the ideal place for mold to grow. If you don’t know which is the best RV roof cleaner and lack the time to do a proper research, maybe this paragraph can make your job a tad easier. After reading several reviews from previous customers and experts, we’ve determined that a great choice of roof cleaner is the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128. Completely biodegradable, the unit not only cleans but also waxes the roof surface at the same time. In addition, it ensures a perfect shine and is ideal for period applications. If the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128 is out of stock, make sure to check the Dicor RP RC 1GL which turned out to be the second item in our search for good RV roof cleaners.


A short buying guide


Because cleaning the roof of your RV requires attention to some features, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, we’ve made this short presentation that you can find below. These aspects are mandatory if you want to have a spotless shine RV roof using products available for sale.


Type of Roof


The first thing you need to determine before purchasing the best roof cleaner for RV is what type of roof your vehicle has. Only then you’ll be able to get a product that is suitable for that specific material. Getting a product that is not made for your RF can cause serious damages.

One of the most common types of material found on RV roofs is the rubber. These are more durable and easy to maintain compared to aluminum.

In the case of rubber roofs, you should go with a soft cleaner that is not abrasive. Moreover, you should stay away from anything that has citrus or petroleum solvents in their composition. These ingredients can harm the rubber and can cause crackings, tears, and bubbling. You should use a medium scrub brush and a mild detergent to clean the rubber roof.

Also, pay attention to the rubber type because each rubber requires special maintenance. So make sure to consult the owner’s manual and see how to clean your RV roof.

In addition to rubber, there are fiberglass RV roofs that are bit rare but don’t need special treatment, compared to the rubber. Just make sure to use the same cleaner on the side of the vehicle and add a coat of wax once the cleaning job is done.

Not so popular among RV owners, the aluminum is easy to clean and doesn’t need a specific treatment. You can go with a standard detergent because the surface is durable.

Once you know the type of roof you have, you should be able to do a visual inspection of the surface from time to time. This process is mandatory if you want to avoid certain issues that can affect the roof area.


Buy in bulk


According to the RV roof cleaner reviews, buying products in large quantities is a good investment.

You should consider bulk options because they are less pricey and offer you a lot of detergents that you can use during all seasons. Moreover, you’ll be able to use them anytime the roof needs a good cleaning. Especially during the summer season when you travel a lot, you should have a good RV cleaner at hand.


Extra features


Besides the cleaning purpose, a good product should offer your roof protection from sun heat, rain, and other types of extreme weather. So don’t overlook these features when buying a roof cleaner for your RV.

A good idea is to get a cleaner that can clean a variety of surface because especially if you don’t know what kind of roof your RV has.



Our top picks



Gel-Gloss RV WW-128


This concentrated formula from Gel-Gloss is basically a 2 in 1 cleaner specially designed to clean and wax the roof of your RV in one single step. Moreover, it is made of eco-friendly substances that ensure the product is completely biodegradable.

Safe to use on a variety of roof surfaces, this item is suitable for laminates, marble, granite, solid surfaces, tile, plastics, chrome, rubber, and stainless steel.

Thanks to the nonabrasive characteristic, this cleaner can be applied on rubber roofs without the risk of causing any damages.

Because it has bar soap in its composition, it doesn’t feature toxic chemicals such as phosphates.

If you choose to buy in bulk, this product ensures multiple cleaning sessions without having to worry that you’ll run out RV roof cleaner.

Besides cleaning and waxing, the cleaner ensures a powerful protection and shine due to the carnauba ingredient, which is known for creating a rich and warm glow to all vehicles after application.

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Dicor RP RC 1GL


This RV roof cleaner from Dicor is an excellent choice of a product if you’re in the market for a cleaner that removes all dirt and debris from the top surface of your vehicle.

Safe to use on other surfaces in addition to rubber, this item is easy to use and doesn’t require a special tool for the applying process. Although tough on dirt and grime, the cleaner is gentle and doesn’t cause damages when used on the surface of your RV roof.

Quite easy to use, all you have to do is to spray-on the wet roof, scrub with a soft or medium bristle brush. Once you’ve covered the entire area rinse off with water. Then let the roof to slowly dry until there’s not a single wet spot.

In addition, you can spray a roof protective product if you want to make sure the roof stays impeccable for a longer period of time.

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Thetford 96016


This professional cleaning formula from Thetford is a product that can make your RV roof brand new after one single usage.

Specially designed to clean rubber, fiberglass, and aluminum roofs, the item cleans the area but also blocks the sun thanks to the added UV blocker.

There’s no need to worry about causing damages to the roof because this cleaner is petroleum-free and can be used multiple times without harming the roof surface.  

Moreover, the product is powerful enough to remove tough stains and bird droppings in one single step.

In addition to not being toxic nor flammable, the product provides a gentle cleaning process including on rubber which is known to be more delicate when it comes to types of cleaners.

The product can be bought in large size ensuring plenty of substance for numerous cleaning sessions. The liquid is totally biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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Best RV fridge


What are the best RV fridges in 2017?


There’s nothing better than having an RV that you can go camping for little getaways. Because you want to be certain that you benefit from the same comfort as the one provided by your home, you should get the best RV fridge to keep your food and drinks in a cool place. If you don’t have time to search for a good unit then read the information this paragraph has to offer. We’ve based our research on aspects such as expert reviews, customer feedbacks, and sales figures, and concluded that the product that has all the important features is the Midea WHD-113FB1. Versatile and practical, the fridge allows you to install the door to open left or right, according to your personal preferences and space provided by the vehicle’s interior. In addition, it is outfitted with a whisper-quiet technology that ensures the unit is virtually undetected wherever you put it. If the Midea WHD-113FB1 is out of stock, you can always go with the Midea WHS-109FSS1 as it came in second place in our search for good RV fridges.


A short buying guide


The fridge is one of the most important items in your RV. Given the usage, you’ll want to find units for sale that have the features showcased below. In order to make your job easier, we’ve determined some useful tips that you can use in your shopping session for the best fridge for RV.




Before purchasing a good RV refrigerator, you must determine how much space you have available in your RV. This way, you can establish what kind of model will work best for your needs.

Choosing the perfect size is mandatory if you want to enjoy your future camping trips. If you get a smaller unit and you have a large family or group of friends that you usually travel with, you might end up having less in the fridge for perishable goods.

Large refrigerators, on the other hand, ensure more storage but can also cut important space because they come with big double door features and other accessories that require additional room.

So make sure that you measure twice before buying an item. Otherwise, if you don’t know how much space you have or if you intend to change vehicles, you can always get a portable unit that is practical and easy to use. These type of refrigerators are typically electric and run on AC or DC power. Moreover, they offer plenty of storage room for your supplies and their prices are more than affordable.




Just like the size-related issue, the capacity of an RV refrigerator matters a lot especially if you like to travel a lot or go for longer trips, visiting numerous locations in the country.

According to the RV fridge reviews, there’s no need to get a product that has more than 2 cubic feet capacity if you only travel in a group of maximum three people. This is enough to store foods and drinks for a couple of days. If you’re packing light and only use canned veggies and meat, you’ll be more than pleased with this fridge capacity.

If you like to have fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat with you during the holiday, then you should opt for a refrigerator that has at least 3 cubic feet capacity for supplies. The same rule applies if you intend to gather all of your friends for a camping session. Plus, if you know that you will have the opportunity to re-stock while on the road then less capacity will do the trick.  


Budget limitations


If you need a refrigerator for occasional use then you can always go with a cheap RV fridge that works great and delivers the same quality. The larger the unit is, you’ll end up paying more, depending on your budget. Fortunately, there are many discount sales at the end of each season so make sure to keep your eyes on special offers.



Our top picks



Midea WHD-113FB1


This roomy refrigerator from Midea is an excellent option thanks to the adjustable legs and temperature ranges that it is outfitted with. You can choose the location where you want to put it and choose the temperature you desire for the refrigerator and for the freezer compartment.

Compact and featuring a freestanding design, the unit fits any type of space such as dorms, bars, living rooms, RVs or bedrooms. You won’t even notice it’s there because it is built with an innovative whisper-quiet technology that transforms the unit into a silent device, totally undetectable.

The refrigerator has a great ventilation system that allows you to tuck the unit in tight locations without compromising the quality and the cooling capacity.

There’s no need to worry about the direction the door opens because you can choose the one that fits your needs. The unit comes with glass shelves, a crisper drawer for fruits, vegetables, and cheese and a built-in beverage holder.

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Midea WHS-109FSS1


Thanks to its 3.0 cubic feet capacity this refrigerator can store up to 105 pounds of groceries, making this unit ideal for RV’s, home dorm, nurseries, and offices. Basically, the unit provides plenty of room for numerous locations where there’s no source of cooling.

In addition, you get to choose if you want the door to be pe opened in the left or right size, according to the space you have and your personal options.

Thanks to the slide-out bulk storage basket you can organize the small items and use the shelves for large amounts of foods or tall bottles.

Completely energy saving, this product is outfitted with two fixed shelves and a removable wire drawer where you can keep fruits and vegetables in order to stay intact for a longer period of time. Besides, it comes with mechanical temperature control settings that enable you to set the freezer at the correct temperature, based on the amount of supplies and the outside weather.

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Frigidaire FFPH25M4LB


If you need a reliable refrigerator for your long camping trips or to cool drinks while at home, then you should consider this great option from Frigidaire.

Compact and quiet, the unit offers plenty of storage for food and drinks thanks to the door can storage and adjustable shelves. Built to last, it ensures additional space due to the glass shelves that can be positioned up or down, according to your need for extra room inside the refrigerator. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about taller bottles because the door storage is specially designed to fit them.

One feature worth mentioning is the reversible door-swing option that allows you to install the door on the left or right side, according to the space provided by the vehicle.

Furthermore, this refrigerator has a special lock with a pop-out key that enables the key to be ejected after locking the door.

Easy to use and to handle, the product comes with a 2.5 cubic feet storage capacity which is more than enough for long trips or a large group of people.

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Best RV dehumidifier


What are the best RV dehumidifiers in 2017?


After spending some time inside the RV, you will start to notice the lack of fresh air and certain damages in the furniture. In order to prevent this situation from occurring, you should get the best RV dehumidifier than can help you control the level of humidity. If you don’t have time to do your own search, read this paragraph and check some interesting information we are able to offer you. Based on various indicators such as customer reviews, expert feedback, and sales figures, we’ve managed to determine that the Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 is the perfect tool to fight humidity. Easy to use, the unit can be controlled using one single button and filter is completely removable and can be washed after a certain period of time. Moreover, the dehumidifier is extremely portable thanks to the top handle feature and the integrated side handles and caster wheels that enable you to move the product without too much effort. If the Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 is out of stock, you can always go with the Pro Breeze PB-02-US as it reached the second place in our search for good RV dehumidifiers.


A short buying guide


Camping is a nice experience but when you spend so much time inside the RV condensation is bound to form, especially if you’re cooking or taking showers inside the vehicle. There are plenty of good dehumidifiers for sale that you can choose from. We’ve made a short presentation below of the most important features you should take into consideration prior to making a purchase.




Before getting yourself the best dehumidifier for RV, you should ask yourself how often do you intend to use and if you need a product solely for your RV camping trips. This aspect is of great significance because some units weigh up to 26 pounds, so make sure to keep the weight in mind, as well. Nevertheless, if you want a big product that gets the job done faster, you might want to check whether the dehumidifier comes with wheels and carry handles.

Items that are specially designed to fit RV’s come with a non-slip base which is wider than their height due to their low gravity center. Moreover, portable units that are suitable not only for your RV but also for your house are less pricier, compared to larger and bulkier ones.

Because most people don’t spend a whole year inside their RV, you should take precautions that rain doesn’t affect your vehicle, even if you allow proper ventilation.

Depending on your needs and personal preferences, you should choose a model that blends in with the rest of your RV interior design. While larger items need proper positioning and require a great deal of attention, smaller dehumidifiers can be placed in a small cabinet or the bathroom in order to remove the moisture from the air without interfering with the space inside the RV.


Ease of installation


Most of the RV dehumidifier reviews recommend choosing a unit doesn’t require too much time for setup. Furthermore, try to get a dehumidifier that can be easily drained after a certain period of time.

While on the road you can’t have a product that needs special tools for maneuvering. Therefore, buy a device that removes the humidity perfectly and doesn’t require special efforts in order to install it.


Extra features


There’s no need to spend a fortune on a dehumidifier because even a cheap RV dehumidifier comes with certain features that come in handy especially when you’re far away from home, camping with your RV.

For instance, some models have a humidistat function that measures the humidity levels and automatically switches off when it reaches an ideal level. Having a timer that enables the unit to function for certain hours or days is another great setting. Some dehumidifiers are outfitted with a boost button that gives you a burst of power that comes in handy especially in the morning when there is too much condensation in the air.



Our top picks



Frigidaire FFAD3033R1


This dehumidifier from Frigidaire is by far a great choice thanks to the ready-select control options and the certified energy saving feature that ensures the product reduces the amount of energy used and lowers your utility spendings.

In addition to the 30 pints per day practicality, the unit enables you to control the amount of humidity you desire inside your room. Easy to use and compact, the dehumidifier is able to eliminate the bacteria in the air. Therefore, there’s no risk of having mold inside your RV no matter how much time you spend camping or traveling.

One thing worth mentioning is the ability to notify when the water tank has almost reached the maximum capacity, and it needs to be emptied. Due to the continuous action of draining you benefit from fresh and humidity-free air day and night.

Moreover, the unit is designed to operate even at low temperatures that reach no more than 41 F degrees.

Don’t worry about the maneuverability because this dehumidifier features a water bucket conveniently located in the front for easy access. In addition, it has side handles and caster wheels that allow moving the unit in the desired area.

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Pro Breeze PB-02-US


If you need a product that delivers fast results in removing the damp, mold, and bacteria from the air, then this unit from Pro Breeze will do the trick for you.

Lightweight and easy to use, the product is suitable for ensuring the atmosphere is free from humidity and can be placed in the home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and RV.

Capable of extracting up to 9 ounces of moisture per day the dehumidifier features a 16-ounce water tank capacity which is more than enough for small areas such the interior of your RV.

There’s no need to worry about the device making too much noise because it is outfitted with a ultra-quiet whisper technology and a thermo-electric cooler that doesn’t require a compressor to perform.

Easy to dispense the water tanks when it reaches its maximum capacity, the dehumidifier is set to automatically shut off and provide an indicator light to notify at the exact time.

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Eva-Dry EDV-1100


Using a special technology that ensures the unit is quiet and unnoticeable, this small dehumidifier from Eva-Dry is ideal for bathrooms and small areas such as RVs, where the humidity tends to be quite high.

You can store the unit wherever you want because it fits any kind of place. Furthermore, it has enough capacity to extract all the moisture and store in a spill-proof water reservoir.

Lightweight and compact, the dehumidifier features an automatic shut off switch that enables the product to power off when the water tank is full. This way you can rest assured there won’t be any kind of mess no matter how much you use the device.

Quite easy to operate, the unit requires a simple plug in and it will work efficiently for as much as you need it. You’ll know when it is time to empty the reservoir thanks to the indicator light alert.

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Best RV air conditioner


What are the best RV air conditioners in 2017?


Searching for the best RV air conditioner might be difficult especially if you lack time to surf various online sources. There’s no need for you to worry because this short paragraph has some interesting information worth checking out. In our research for the best products available on the market, we’ve looked at various aspects such as customer feedbacks, expert reviews, and overall product quality, and managed to determine that the product that meets all the necessary requirements is the Dometic B57915.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White. We all know that having a compact and lightweight air conditioning unit is a bliss especially if you want to install it in your RV. This product features improved materials and technologies that ensure an increased air flow. Moreover, this item fits standard 14X12 air vents and is less heavy than other similar air conditioners. If the Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Rv is out of stock, you can always go with the Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Rv as it came in second place in our hunt for RV air conditioners.


A short buying guide


Finding a good RV air conditioner is tricky business if you don’t know what features matter most. To ease your job, we’ve made this useful buying guide that teaches you what to look for when searching units for sale.


BTU power


RV air conditioners come with technical specs that include information regarding the BTU which is an acronym for British Thermal Unit. Most of the standard models come with a power of 13,500 BTU which is quite a large amount to help you cool down during summer days and nights. If you like to go on trips during the summer season in areas where the humidity is high, and temperatures are extreme, you might want to look for the best RV AC units with BTU higher than 13.5 K. This option is also recommended for those who own large RVs.




It is quite important not to overlook the size of the RV air conditioner before making a purchase because it’s the only way you can establish a budget to spend on fuel while going for long trips.

There are smaller types of RV air conditioners that use less electricity and less fuel.Therefore, if you only plan on using the RV for weekends, larger units shouldn’t be your priority.

Smaller air conditioners are also known for having smaller profiles. In terms of technical aspects, the profile is the way the dimensions of the exterior rooftop portion of the unit is measured.

You don’t choose the size only based on the amount of money you are willing to spend on utilities while camping but also on the vehicle height. If it barely fits in your garage, you should get a lower profile AC product.

Although the smallest RV air conditioners may not have the same power as the larger ones, they’ll compensate in terms of price and cost in the long run.


Installation and maintenance


According to the best RV air conditioner reviews, you have to consider if you are able to install the product after you bought it. Some air conditioning units are easy to install, so there’s no need to worry about having to call a professional or a friend that knows how to set up devices like this. However, if you’re not exactly tech-savvy when it comes to machines and tools, you should consult with someone who already owns an air conditioner for RV. You can always rely on several online tutorials that come handy in the process.

Given the fact that devices to break from time to time or require cleaning, you will eventually need to learn how to do small repairs while on the road. Good models provide spare parts and warranty, so there’s no need to worry about having to pay extra on repairments.



Our top picks


Dometic B57915.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White


This sturdy air conditioner from Dometic is extremely light and small compared to similar units available on the market. Completely eco-friendly, this RV air conditioner features a sleek design and improved technology that maximize the airflow and performance.

Lightweight and compact, the unit is easy to use and has a small profile which translates into less energy and fuel consumption.

Compatible with most air vents, this air conditioner provides a stable base thanks to its sturdy built and durable materials. Moreover, the product is able to ensure up to 15% more air ventilation, and it is much lighter than other RV AC units.

Thanks to the ducted and nonducted features users have the option to install the device through a hole located on the roof of the vehicle or enclosed in a casing that is bolted on top of the RV. In addition, the 13,500 BTU reduces the budget spent on utilities.

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Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 BTU Rv


If you need an excellent RV air conditioner that comes with 15,000 BTU power, then you shouldn’t miss the Dometic Brisk Air II 15,000 unit.

There’s no need to worry about hot summer days spent while on the go because the high amount of BTU ensures a great deal of comfort and ventilation, day and night.

Featuring a sleek design, the device is stronger and built from durable materials that offer plenty of cold air circulating inside the RV.

The air conditioner is lighter than several models from its class and measures less than 13 inches high, which is ideal for every vehicle owner that doesn’t have much space in the garage.

Furthermore, the item is built with eco-friendly elements that give more power and saves energy and money while protecting the environment.

Thanks to the QuietZone ducting feature, this air conditioner comes with a motor that has a dampening bracket in order to prevent vibrations and keep the unit quiet when in use.

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Icon Brisk Air Dometic 01544


This RV air conditioner from Icon is a great tool for any camping vehicle thanks to its sturdiness and durability. Given the indestructible polymer construction, the unit doesn’t break easily and can be used for a long period of time.

In addition to the strong built, the unit comes with a detailed instruction manual that ensures the setup process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Moreover, users can install the air conditioner without any professional help.

Thanks to its smaller profile and low height, the product can be placed on the top on the vehicle without having to worry about the garage entrance. The smaller size is ideal for everyday use and ensures less energy and fuel input. Therefore the product is efficient and allows the customers not to overspend on utilities. There’s no need to worry about hot summer days because the air conditioner has a UV resistant coating.

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Best RV washer and dryer


What are the best RV washer and dryers in 2017?


If you want to straight-up know what is the RV washer and dryer that best suits most needs, our choice would be the Giantex Portable Mini. After going through the best RV washer and dryer reviews we could find, this product came on top thanks to its relatively high washing capacity of 11lbs. This might not seem all that impressive, but for a portable unit that can easily fit in a small camper, it’s quite a lot. This makes for great convenience since you won’t have to repeat the washing cycle quite as many times as you would with a less “roomy” unit. The Giantex Mini is also surprisingly affordable and easy to operate, requiring no extra provisions to install in an average trailer. If for some reason our top pick isn’t available, you can go for the Do mini XPB36-1288s, an equally reliable washer that’s also small enough to fit snugly anywhere inside a camper.


A short buying guide


Access to your own washer and dryer on a camping trip will spare you the hassle of having to search for a public laundromat in a foreign place. Convenience should thus be a given, but what other things are worth to have in mind when looking for the best washer and dryer for RV us?




There are three types of RV washer and dryers to choose from, all of them equally popular and made to fit specific needs.

Stackable models are relatively large and quite heavy, although the fact that the dryer sits on top of a front-fed washer somewhat saves space. Their load is similar to that of a home unit, and they generally have their own venting capabilities. They are however as expensive and energy demanding as home units.

The same can be said for the washer dryer combo, with the added downside of not allowing you to wash and dry at the same time.

Small portable units best fit the model of a “part-time” washing machine. Unpretentious in regards to costs and with a very good wash load for their size (thanks to the vertical feed) they will make a great addition to smaller, less pretentious RVs.  




This is the most important aspect that one has to have in mind when it comes to convenience. Smaller units take less room inside a crowded camper, and you don’t need us to tell you how much more comfortable extra space would make your life on the road.

Portability also comes into play, because being able to get your washer and dryer out on the camping site means you won’t have to negotiate narrow spaces while handling the laundry.

An often overlooked factor of size is energy consumption, with smaller units generally performing better. This detail is especially important when you attempt to connect to a crowded camping site’s electrical outlets since these can easily overload.  


Washing capacity


Don’t expect to have the same washing capacity on the road as you would back home, although some models might come close to achieving this.

However, a high capacity can make the difference between having to spend half the day going through your vacation wardrobe or just a couple of hours.

The thing to look for here is the best compromise between washing capacity and the total size of the unit, with top fed machines and washer dryer combos coming off a little better than the rest.



Our top picks



Giantex Portable Mini Compact


Right down to the oxymoronic name, bound to cause a chuckle, the Giantex Mini is a lovely little unit.

With nearly 11lbs of washing capacity and 5lbs for the dryer, this portable top fed washing machine can even compare well with items that are in an altogether different weight class.

Good capacity translates into less time you will have to spend washing and drying. Even so, a single cycle lasts as little as 20 minutes washing and 15 minutes drying. Portable units are well appreciated for their speed, and the Giantex Mini is no exception.

While its inlet pipe is not exactly sizable at 43”, you can easily fill its washer with a bucket or a hose if you intend to use it outdoors. The low voltage of 110V/60Hz makes this model friendly both to the environment and to the electrical wiring.

To boot, it also comes at a very low purchasing price.

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Do mini XPB36-1288s


Do mini specializes in designing and building small sized house appliances, and as such, we would expect for their RV washer and dryer line to be well suited for this purpose.

They went with a portable top loading design for the 1288s, which confers a lot of advantages when it comes to storage, portability and water and power usage.

This unit weighs in at just 28 lbs and its base measures 14X23.2 inches while its height is 26.5 inches, which will make it fit well in any medium sized RV. With 110 volts at 60 Hz of power consumption, it won’t put a strain on even the flimsiest electrical wiring.

It has a medium capacity for its class, with the washer being able to handle 8.3 pounds with 4.7 pounds in the spinner. Again, a low cycle time of around 20 minutes makes this better than it sounds, and the 1288s further alleviates its low capacity with an interesting feature.

Both the washer and dryer can be programmed to work simultaneously, sparing you a lot of time.

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Unavailable products



Pyle PUCWM22


This small Pyle unit is particularly easy to store and carry around. Weighing in at around 22lbs it won’t give much trouble even for diminutive women to get out of the RV and into the camping place.

Thanks to its remarkably low voltage, of just 120, it won’t put much of a strain on any type of wiring, removing any worries of the fuses turning while you try to watch TV or use the microwave.

The washing capacity of 7.7lbs is not really something to write home about, but the short washing and drying cycles somewhat make up for it. Again, it’s always a trade-off between capacity and the machine’s overall size, with the people at Pyle firmly going for storage and portability.

This unit will prove ideal for more compact RV’s or for people that just appreciate having a lot of space to move around in their camper.



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Best RV refrigerator


What are the best RV refrigerators in 2017?


If you’re only interested in finding out what’s the best RV refrigerator to spend your money on, then it’s enough to read the short paragraph below. After consulting all the best RV refrigerator reviews, we settled on the Midea WHD-113FB1 as our top pick among the models available for sale in 2017. The Midea alternative basically boasts an all-around solid design, that incorporates all the features RV owners appreciate: a separate freezer and a fridge compartment to ensure easier access and minimize frosting, a small size and a reversible door for better compatibility with a trailer. Lastly, good power economy, from an electric motor that allows it to function under any road condition (more on this below). If for some reason the Midea product isn’t available where you live, you can go for the EdgeStar 3.1, a remarkably similar product that has, however, a slightly higher purchasing cost.


A short buying guide


The fridge is arguably the most important electrical appliance in a camper. Without it, you technically won’t be able to carry food in your motorhome. Possibly even more important, refreshing cold drinks will be unavailable during summer days. What should you look for when purchasing one?


Power source


There are propane driven refrigerators out there that don’t put any stress on your electrical wiring, but we wouldn’t place these among the best rated RV refrigerators for the simple fact they stop working when tilted at an angle higher than 5 degrees. So no cold drinks for you when driving through the mountains.

Electrical refrigerators generally work with AC current, but you can also find dual AC/DC units that can switch between the standard outlet and batteries (if you intend to use them outside for BBQs and such). Most camper friendly mini-fridges have a low enough energy consumption to qualify for a star rating and be safe to plug to the same source as other energy consumers.




As with any RV specific appliances, you should look for a refrigerator that’s as small as possible while still satisfying your food storage requirements.

Look for the internal compartments to be as large and unobstructed by plastic bits as possible, since these will unnecessarily eat away at the internal space that’s available. A vegetable drawer, however, might prove useful, since you can basically feel it to the brink with round greeneries that would otherwise require sizeable boxes to stay put.

The freezer, when present, tends to be slightly larger relative to the fridge space than it is usual with a regular sized home unit. This is not really an impediment since the best residential refrigerators for RVs have highly adjustable temperature dials. So there’s no need to worry that cold sensitive foodstuffs will get frostbitten in the freezer if you run out of fridge space.  




Good RV refrigerators basically have the same features as their household counterparts: separate freezer, adjustable temperature, anti-freezing capabilities, etc.

What is especially important for them, however, is a number of adjustable hinges on the door, so they might better adapt to the space you have available. The only free space left is in the right side corner of the trailer? No problem, just use a screwdriver to move the hinges so that the door opens left to right (or make the appropriate specifications to your retailer).



Our top picks



Midea WHD-113FB1


A great little refrigerator and freezer combo for RVs or any other confined space, the Midea WHD is among the top ten best selling Home & Kitchen products on many retail websites.

It has everything you would require from a fridge in a fun-sized package; a 0.92 cubic feet freezer that opens separately to prevent heat loss to the other section, separate drawers for food and vegetables to keep onion or garlic smells from spreading, and adjustable legs and temperature dials.

At only 18.5 x 19.4 x 33 inches in size, it fits just about anywhere, and the reversible door hinges further add to its adaptability. Its dimensions make for a total of 3.1 cubic feet of storage space, which is lit by an interior light bulb.

It’s certified CFC-free and the small power output it requires running at 120 volts gives it an Energy Star certificate.

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Edge Star CRF321SS


This is basically Midea WHD’s brother from another mother. It comes with all the useful features of the former, only in silver and with a slightly higher price tag (that we can’t clearly see a reason for). Anyway, the difference is small enough to warrant a preference for the cool silver as reason enough to chose this unit over the Midea.

Its temperature control works from 34 to 60 F for the fridge and as low as 0 F for the freezer. This makes it versatile enough to properly handle anything from red wine to white wine and to keep any variety of ice-cream from melting.

The manufacturer also advertises auto-defrost capabilities, but some reviewers find that it requires defrosting from time to time, which is not a difficult process for such a small unit in any case.  

It’s got the same convenient internal room as the Midea, it runs at 120 volts, and its efficient use of electricity qualifies it for an Energy Star.  

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Whynter FM-85G


This Whynter product will make for a great little fridge inside a trailer and a good companion during any outdoor party. It runs both on 110 V standard AC and 12 V batteries, such as you find in cars.

It’s got a single cooling compartment, which at 23 x 13 x 18 inches (internal dimensions) can hold up to 120 standard sized cans and about 80 beer bottles. The DC extending cord allows it to connect to power sources as far as 8 feet away giving some leeway as to its placement for outdoors use.

Internal temperature is adjustable from 60 F to a minimum of -8 F and comes with a fast-freeze option to ensure that cold drinks are available whenever you need them.

The Whynter FM-85G is, however, a significantly more pricey option than your standard RV or dorm room mini fridge.

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Best RV bed matress


What are the best RV mattresses in 2017?


If you’re here just to find out what is the best RV mattress on the market and don’t have the inclination to go through hours of research, the following paragraph should tell you everything you want to know. After consulting the best RV mattress reviews, both from specialist bloggers and satisfied customers, we’ve concluded that the product most likely to satisfy your needs is the Dynasty 10GEL-QUEEN-RV. Any camper will appreciate how well this product dissipates heat, thanks to the innovative dual airflow layers found underneath a medium-hard memory foam top. It’s also covered in a fire barrier for extra safety and can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, including dedicated ones for RVs. If the Dynasty 10GEL isn’t available, you can try out the Zinus SM-SC-BTCM-8SQ, which offers great comfort and size for an RV mattress.


A short buying guide


Provided the unusual medium in which is required to function, an RV mattress must satisfy a special set of requirement. Of course, comfort is always paramount, but resistance to environmental factors and size are just as important when traveling in an often small and poorly insulated trailer. Here are some things to look for when purchasing one.




Whether you are using it as a permanent residence or just a mobile vacation house, it’s important for the trailer to feel as much as a regular home as possible. After all, hours spent visiting places and driving are tiring enough without minor inconveniences to get in the way.

When it comes to mattresses, most people agree that memory foam offers the best all around support, with springs coming a close second. Both can generally be found in medium hardness, meaning they won’t give as much as a sofa while still providing a soft surface.

Another important factor for RV mattresses is heat retention. A trailer will never be as well ventilated as a house, so bedding that tends to heat up during the summer can be particularly uncomfortable, especially as the cramped space won’t allow you to move around in search of a cooler spot.  




This basically translates into resistance to moisture and anything associated with it, such as molds or rust. RV mattresses will be particularly prone to this since you won’t be able to control the climate as easily as in a house.

Spring mattresses can easily rust in humid environments making for some very noisy and unhealthy bedding. Foam handles a lot better, and you can prevent it from developing fungi and molds with proper care.

Aerated synthetic material is notoriously flammable, however, so it might be a good idea to go for an item with flame retardant covering.  


Weight and size


If the RV has some serious weight limitations, this might be an important factor. Otherwise, most people prefer lightweight models, since they are easier to install.

When it comes to size, it’s very important to look for an RV specific dimension. Beds in an RV tend to be around 5 inches shorter than the equivalent size for a bedroom. For example, a Queen size for an RV will only mean 75 inches in length, as opposed to the standard 80.



Our top picks



Dynasty 10GEL-QUEEN-RV


One of the best-rated RV mattresses on Amazon, the Dynasty 10GEL provides a great degree of comfort through technological innovation.

One of the most common complaints with foam mattresses is their tendency to heat up, which can make for particularly unpleasant sleep inside an RV.

The Dynasty 10GEL’s innovative design solves this problem by employing a sandwich construction, with two special layers that ensure proper ventilation placed underneath the high-density memory foam top. The upper layer itself features infused gel beads to facilitate airflow and stiffness.

Its remarkably cool surface doesn’t come at the expense of other qualities, most reviewers agreeing that it provides the good support expected from any memory foam mattress.

As an extra security measure for items of this type, the foam is covered in flame retardant material.

While it comes in multiple sizes specifically intended to fit an RV, the Dynasty is not particularly light and might prove a handful to install at 55 pounds.

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Similar to the Dynasty model, the Zinus Sleep Master combines multiple layers of foam for an optimum degree of comfort. The accent was put on achieving an ideal balance between softness and support, in this case.

The top 2 inch of memory foam is meant to conform to the contours of a human body, allowing for good support, while the slightly harder layer underneath prevents the user from sinking in as he would do on a Turkish sofa. The whole structure is complete with an even harder foam base to ensure good stability.

This all makes for a pretty tall (8 inches) RV mattress that doesn’t require a flexible base to do its job properly.

While both affordable and comfortable (many of the Amazon reviewers praise it as the best buy), it suffers from the usual problem of foam mattresses; namely, it can get pretty warm in the summer months.

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With a depth of 12 inches, this product is guaranteed to offer a nice sleeping surface. It employs two foam layers of different hardness for an overall “medium firm” feel.

The upper part is of course made out of high-density memory foam to ensure that your body fits snugly in, and the base is there to provide extra firmness and keep you on an even level.

Manufacturers claim a special orthopedic support foam was used, of higher density than what is found in other products on the market. This is intended to offer additional support for people who are particularly susceptible to uneven sleeping surfaces due to medical conditions.

It also includes a couple of interesting features, such as a fire resistant cover, and some special provisions to prevent it from retaining heat. Also, the cover can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning.

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Best RV cover


What are the best RV covers in 2017?


If you don’t have the patience to go through a whole article just to find out what is the best RV cover out there, then the following short paragraph will answer your question in brief. After scouring the internet for the best RV covers reviews, we reached the conclusion that the Leader Accessories 90101001 best fits the bill as a cover in regards to both convenience and effectiveness. The three layer polypropylene keeps rain, snow and UV rays away from your precious RV while it allows for enough venting to keep molds and rust from forming. Its zippered panels will allow for easy access if in need for minor check-ups or repairs and it comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit most motorhomes and campers. If the Leader Accessories product is for some reason unavailable, you could consider going for the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3, which ensures for great adaptability and convenience thanks to its wide opening.


A short buying guide


An RVs construction tends to emphasize lightweight, and not necessarily resilience. Since they are also generally to big to properly fit in a garage, this means that environmental factors are particularly prone to damage an RV. Consequently, a cover often becomes a necessity, rather than just a measure to keep the RVs value intact. What to look for when buying one?




Naturally, this should be the foremost thing to consider. RV covers need to ensure adequate protection against UV rays, rain, snow, but also various pests such as rats and wasps.

Besides discoloration, UV rays also adversely affect the material underneath, be it plastic, glass fibre or aluminum, so you shouldn’t skip on a cover just because you live in an area with mild climate and your RV can’t get any whiter.

There aren’t really any special chemical characteristics to take note of in regards to how the covering material would suit your needs, since the best RV covers for the sun tend to be also the best RV covers for winter.

Most good covers are made out of multiple layers of polypropylene to ensure that they do well in any climate. Since synthetic materials don’t really breathe, they are almost always outfitted with special vents, to keep water vapour out.




Most good designs feature a number of zippered panels to ensure easy access to various parts of the RV. We can’t stress how important this is, since most RVs are big enough to prove a pain to cover adequately, and might often require two people.

These are generally placed near the door, so you can easily get in and out while “wrapped”, near the electrical unit and near vents and air conditioners to make for easy repairs. The propane tanks don’t need a special panel, since they are almost always left uncovered.

The zippers generally close tight and are place under excess material, so don’t worry about them affecting the effectiveness of the tarp. The best waterproof RV covers might very well be crisscrossed by zippers.


Size and fitting


If you don’t want to pay extra to have a custom RV cover made for you then adjustable tension panels become a must when searching for the best model. These allow for the cover to be slimmed or extended to better fit the RV, and a good fitting is important if for those who live in a particularly windy region.



Our top picks



Leader Accessories 90101001


This product really seems to be fitting the company name, with most Amazon reviewers giving it 5 stars out of five.

The polypropylene 3 layered top gives it good resistance to mildew and UV rays while at the same time breathable and water repellant, with additional venting provided by two surfaces located near the sides.

It features multiple zippered panels to provide access to doors and the engine area (if applicable). These allow for wide openings form two sides, enough to let the user do a quick check up or even basic repairs on his trailer without having to remove the cover.

Since the cover can be difficult to see at night due to its neutral colors, reflective panels had been added to ensure better safety.

While the Leader Accessories product does come in a wide variety of sizes off the shelf, it also features a number of tension panels that allow for a tight fit on any RV.

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Classic Accessories 80-103-141001-00


Convenience and adaptability are the words of the day with the Classic Accessories PolyPro. This unit can unzip at its edges in order to fit any size of the vehicle and ensure easy access for maintenance.  

Classic Accessories offer literally dozens of size options for this product, together with front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners which make it adaptable to vehicles and carriages of any size and shape.

As an added bonus, the covering can be progressively lifted via a rope so that the user won’t have to avoid it any time he crawls under the RV for repairs.  

The triple-ply polycarbonate top gives it good all-weather protection, and the user can simply unzip one of the panels to provide adequate venting. However, the sides are made with only one layer of polycarbonate, which some users find somewhat flimsy.

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Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Deluxe Travel


The Classic Accessories Perma PRO features a new and innovative material that promises to be significantly more tear resistant than the more traditional polypropylene. Among other things, this allows for the cover to be a lot lighter, hence a lot easier to fit on the RV and easy to carry.  

You won’t have any problem taking it on and off, but some users did find it a little thin, hence prone to be moven around by winds if not strapped on properly. Opinions regarding the strapping cords are generally positive, but some special care must be taken.

Speaking of positive responses, the tear resistant, weather and mildew proof material seems to act as advertised, at least according to Amazon reviewers.

Like any quality product, it also features a number of zippered removable panels for better convenience when performing regular check-ups or repairs.

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