Frigidaire 30-Pint Review


Main advantage


The Frigidaire 30-Pint is a premium alternative that is designed to work with big RVs, and you can even use it around the house as this powerful option can eliminate 30 pints’ worth of water per day by using a standard 115V electrical outlet. It will protect your RV and home from mold and mildew which can thrive in environments with excess moisture.

It will not only remove the excess moisture but also help eliminate bacteria in the air that could pose health hazards. It operates at a low temperature of 41 degrees so that you can save energy and money. It comes with a container that has a capacity of 7.6 pints.


Main disadvantage


A few customers have noticed that the connection hose seems to be of a slightly poor quality and that it could get damaged quite easily. This can be a real inconvenience, but luckily the manufacturer offers replacement hoses. Still, you should keep this detail in mind before you make the purchase.

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Top features explained



Improve your home environment

If you ever wanted to get a healthy environment that is not a thriving place for bacteria, mold, and mildew that can not only make breathing difficult but also pose a real danger to your health, this Frigidaire model is the ideal pick. This nifty device will protect your home from any excess moisture that could otherwise fill your home with mold and mildew.

For people with asthma or any other respiratory disease, this device can really improve their quality of life. It’s not just people that suffer from a respiratory disease that will benefit from this option but also people that have common allergies. Dust mites, mold, and mildew can all trigger allergies, and these spread fast in humid environments.

You can now also say goodbye to the unpleasant musty and rotting odors that can accompany mildew and mold. Whether you live in a humid climate or in a space that tends to accumulate a lot of moisture, the 30-Pint from Frigidaire is a great purchase.

Easy to use and clean

You can quickly select the options that you want with a simple touch of the button. The straightforward interface makes it easy to navigate through the settings and make the most out of your purchase.

You can control the amount of humidity in the room so that you get the maximum comfort. You also get a bright LED screen that will show you the temperature and other useful information.

The filter is easy to remove and wash which will not only save you money since you won’t have to replace the filter after each use but will also reduce bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles. Cleaning the filter often will make the environment that you live in healthier and more comfortable.


Other features

The caster wheels and the top and side handles make the 30-Pint a truly portable option. You’ll be able to move the unit quickly from room to room with little effort. What’s more, this is an energy star certified model which means that it uses less power and can help reduce your energy usage so that your utility bill gets lowered.


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Foam Mattress Discounts 12-Inch Review


Main advantage


Get the comfort you deserve with the Foam Mattress Discounts 12-Inch. This premium model features a two-layer construction. The first layer is made with 3-inches of 4-lb density memory foam while the second one consists of a 9-inch base layer of premium support foam that is designed to provide maximum therapeutic support.

To make things even better, this is a USA-made model that is manufactured with components that originate from the USA, without imported memory foam. This product is CertiPUR-US certified which means that it does not contain any harmful materials and as a plus, the zippered cover is fireproof.


Main disadvantage


While examining numerous reviews and after looking at what the customers had to say about this option, it was hard to find any disadvantage, as it seems that customers love it. The one thing worth mentioning is that a few users had small dirt marks on the cover, which most probably happened during the shipping process. Thankfully, they were easy to clean, so it wasn’t a significant concern.

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Top features explained



The comfort level and support

Comfort is a key feature that should not be overlooked, and in the case of the Foam Mattress model, this is not only guaranteed but the primary focus of the manufacturer. To facilitate this, the company has used high-grade materials, with the model boasting a top layer of premium open cell memory foam and a bottom layer of high-density orthopedic support foam.

The memory foam will help the mattress fit your body properly. This will guarantee that you get a relaxing and comfortable sleep. It is different from the hard mattresses that can be a pain to sleep on, as this one will work perfectly for all body types and weights.

The comfort and support level that this alternative offers is no joke, and this has to do with the two-layer construction. These provide enough support which eliminates flattening. The memory foam is a must-have, and once you’ve used a product with this technology, you will never want to go back.

Health Benefits

A good mattress is an investment in your health, and this model offers a plethora of health benefits that will make you realize that you’ve made the right decision choosing this product.

The open cell memory foam technology will help remove aches and pains, relieve sore muscles and joints, and reduce tossing and turning. For people that have trouble falling asleep, the technology that this alternative utilizes will help make all those problems seem like a distant dream.

It can encourage a deeper sleep, therapeutic support, and custom comfort. What’s more, during the hot summer nights, the breathability of this option will provide a comfortable sleeping temperature and eliminate any excess sweat.



The last thing you want when paying big money for a product is having to replace it every year. With the Foam Mattress alternative, you can say goodbye to such things.

Unlike other products, the combination of various materials will help increase the lifespan of this mattress considerably. The memory foam, in particular, is extremely durable since it does not flatten.


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Eva-dry Edv-1100 Review


Main advantage


If you’re looking for a powerful and affordable option, the Eva-dry Edv-1100 will give you increased functionality and value for your money. The compact size of this option makes it ideal for RVs, bathrooms, and closets.

It uses whisper technology which means that the device will not make any noise, allowing you to use it during the night without disturbing your sleep. It removes odors and fungus, and if you ever forget it running, it will automatically turn off when the water tank is full.


Main disadvantage


You should keep in mind that this option is designed for small spaces. As such, the customers that have tried it to dehumidify large rooms have found this product to be a bit lacking. For a low price dehumidifier, this option does its job quite well: that of removing humidity and odors from small rooms and RVs.

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Top features explained



Build Quality

Dehumidifiers, in general, are sturdy products that can last for a very long time since the design that they utilize is not overly complicated which means that there are few things that can go wrong in the long run. This is true for the Edv-1100 as well – it is a reliable product, and the plastic outer shell appears to be designed with durability in mind.

If you worry about the sound that this option will produce, you should be glad to know that this device makes little noise. Some more expensive options can boast an even quieter fan, but for an affordable alternative, this product is impressively silent.

While looking at the consumer feedback for this dehumidifier, we were pleased to observe that the large majority of the reviews praised the build quality that this unit offers. The plastic is hard and dropping it will not render it unusable.

Easy to use

If you’re tired of overly-complicated devices that come with dozens of buttons that you need to press, the Edv-1100 offers a welcome change of pace. This unit couldn’t be easier to use. You just have to plug it in and turn it on. Once these quick steps are completed, the product will start dehumidifying immediately.

When the condensation collection bucket fills up, the “FULL” LED light will turn on, and the dehumidifier will shut off automatically. You can remove the bucket and empty it without turning off the device. Once you insert the empty bucket back in, the dehumidifier will resume operation automatically so you can go back and focus on other tasks that matter.



This unit is a truly mobile alternative – if you want a product that is easy to transport and move around, you couldn’t be happier with this choice. It is not a compressor-based dehumidifier, which means that you will not have to handle the product with finesse while moving it from one place to the next.

What’s more, the Eva-dry model is one of the lightest and smallest thermo-electric dehumidifier on the market. While other large-capacity options can end up weighing between 40 and 50 pounds, this choice weighs only 1 pound.


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EdgeStar CRF321SS Review


Main advantage


With a 3.1-cubic-feet capacity, the EdgeStar alternative is the perfect refrigerator to use in your RV. The capacity that it offers is large enough to help you store all your favorite beverages, snacks, and foods, and the design is compact so that you never have to worry about the space that your new appliance occupies.

You get two compartments, a refrigerator, and a smaller freezer. The customers that have used this model are impressed with the power of the freezer; it will keep everything that you store in there ice-cold. The refrigeration section has an automatic defrost function which means that you can place your frozen foods there when you want to cook them.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have remarked that the refrigerator tends to make a bit too much noise at times and when using it in closed spaces such as an RV, it can be a bit troubling. It all depends on the type of person you are – if you are sensitive to noises you should keep this detail in mind.

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Top features explained



A compact design

The EdgeStar compact fridge is perfect to use in your RV, small apartments, dorms, small offices, and more. It offers a smart compact design that makes it easy to place in any room, especially as both doors are fully reversible.

Since it is quite light, you will have no problems moving it around by yourself; when you’re not traveling in your RV, you can use it around the home. It can be a great porch fridge for your guests to enjoy a cold and refreshing beverage while you’re preparing a great barbecue.

With a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, you will have all the space you need to store all your essential food. Just because you’re on the go does not mean that you can’t enjoy a healthy meal made with fresh ingredients straight from your compact fridge.

When installing the product, you will need to leave a distance of 1 or 2 inches on the sides and 3 or 4 inches from the back wall so that your model has enough space for proper ventilation.

A durable construction

Any kitchen appliance should be durable, but for an option that is meant to handle the rough conditions that are present in an RV, this feature is even more critical. We are glad to say that the EdgeStar alternative features a construction made only from the highest-quality materials.

The doors are made of true stainless steel with black cabinets. The stainless steel is exceptionally sturdy, and it will prevent dents and make the cleaning process much more manageable. What’s more, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel will keep the frame of the fridge in mint condition for years to come.


Energy efficiency

When you’re traveling, you can’t afford to use power-hungry appliances – you need an energy efficient alternative. In that regard, the CRF321SS is a smart choice since it features both a freezer and a refrigerator that allow you to adjust the temperatures independently.

This coupled with the overall energy efficiency will make this model consume less energy than many other appliances.


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DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV Review


Main advantage


When purchasing any mattress, comfort should be the critical focus. Fortunately, with the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV, we are happy to report that this option manages to achieve an incredible level of satisfaction. It comes equipped with a 2.5” CoolBreeze gel that will keep your body cool during hot summer nights so that sweat is never a problem.

What’s more, apart from the first layer of gel, you get a second 2-inch layer that consists of cool air flow foam. This is important in facilitating mattress breathability. Finally, you have the high-density base memory foam layer that will help ensure that the mattress stays in shape and does not flatten quickly.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have reported that the mattress is a lot firmer than they would have expected. This could be a plus for some people, but if you want an option that is soft, this is a thing that you should keep in mind. Certain owners have managed to solve this problem by getting a memory foam topper.

Buy from for ($379)



Top features explained



The construction

This is a premium alternative which is why you get an expert construction with three high-quality layers. The first layer is made of 3 inches of gel foam. This material is dedicated to bring a fresh feeling to your body and make you feel incredibly cozy at night.

The second layer consists of a cool air flow foam. This type of foam is essential in facilitating the best possible mattress breathability. What this layer does is prevent excessive sweating; your skin will breathe while touching the mattress and as a result, it will not need to secrete any sweat. This feature will also prolong the life of your bed.

The last layer consists of a high-density base memory foam that will provide the support your body needs to sleep comfortably. It will also ensure that the product will stay in shape and that it does not flatten quickly.

A premium cover

No matter the type of mattress you want to buy and how and where you intend to use it, the cover is a crucial part. In the case of the 10GEL-QUEEN-R, you get a premium option that will make your purchase stand out. It is made for maximum protection, and it will keep your mattress from getting damaged.

The cover has a brown suede finish that is also fireproof, to keep it from getting ignited accidentally. This feature makes it stand out since with other alternatives on the market, you get cheap covers that are highly flammable. As a plus, it is also easy to clean which makes the process of maintaining your mattress in mint condition that much easier.


Support and Firmness

This is a queen size mattress and as such, you should be glad to know that it offers remarkable comfort for the money. It brings comfort combined with adequate relief and support. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable while sleeping, with this mattress, all the stresses associated with sleep will now be over.


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Do mini Portable Compact Review

Main advantage


The Do mini alternative is a great portable washer to use in your RV. It can also be used as a mobile washer for small apartments, dorms, motorhomes, and more. This appliance can do small loads of laundry and it has an 8.3-pound wash capacity combined with a 4.7-pound spin capacity.

The dual function design allows for simultaneous operation so that you can save time when you’re washing more laundry. Depending on the types of garment that you have, this model can handle about two days’ worth of clothes successfully and if you have more clothes to wash, you can add another cycle of washing while the first one gets dried.


Main disadvantage


Some customers were unsatisfied with the design of this option and the fact that it is not an automatic washer. This means that you will have to drain it and fill it manually to do a load. Washing many loads on this option can give you a bit of work, but for use in an RV where you won’t have that many things to clean, this product can get the job done with little hassle.

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Top features explained



Twin tub design

The one thing you’ll notice when setting your eyes on this appliance for the first time is the twin tub design. You get two doors: the first one accommodates the washer, and it is the place that will wash your clothes. Behind the other door, you’ll find the spinner dryer.

The washer offers 8.3-pound wash capacity which is enough to store about two days’ worth of clothes. You’ll easily be able to wash all your shirts and pants, and they will be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Unlike standard washing machines, the Do mini alternative offers settings that are easily adjustable so that you can get your clothes washed in the amount of time that you have at your disposal. If you only have 20 minutes available, you can program the machine to clean a full load under that time.

For situations such as when you’re on the go and in a hurry, this feature is something that customers adore.

Easy to store and transport

To make storing and transporting your product much easier, this model features a construction that is made of durable plastic. The use of plastic makes it incredibly lightweight, and you’ll be able to move it around by yourself without having to use additional equipment or people.

This feature makes this portable tub an excellent option for compact spaces. You won’t have to worry that your new washing machine will end up taking most of your RV’s free space as this option has a length of 23.2”, a width of 13.9”, and a height of 26.5”.

Easy to use

You don’t need additional plumbing to use this option, as you have two ports available that you can use. The left side port is for the washing machine while the right one is for the spin dryer. It hooks to the sink, and it drains the same way. It can’t get easier and more convenient than that.


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Best RV gadgets


What are the best RV gadgets in 2018?


Technology is a must if you’re camping outdoors. If you need to get the best RV gadgets that can make the entire experience more pleasant, you could start by reading this small paragraph. Our team of researchers has looked at several aspects such as user feedback, social media activity, and expert reviews. They determined that the Garmin RV 770 is an excellent choice because this GPS  tool is useful for any camping enthusiast. The unit gives you all the information that you need regarding routes and road warning, as well as maps and weather alerts. Thanks to the hands-free feature you can contact your family and friends using Bluetooth. If the Garmin RV 770 is somehow out of stock, make sure you check the KING Outdoor Speaker.


A short buying guide


Once you’ve bought an RV and discovered that life seems happier and nicer because you don’t have restraints when it comes to travel, you must level up and get the best gadgets for campers. It’s important that you consider your needs and get items that can improve the outdoor experience in every possible way. Because there are many gadgets for sale that could come handy when Rving, the task of finding the ones worthy becomes a tad daunting. You can save some precious time if you read the following buying guide showcased below.  


Why get RV gadgets?


Getting an RV is a good decision if you don’t like going to expensive hotels where the comfort is somewhat limited. Since you probably want to benefit from the same conditions you have at home, you need to establish a list with some good gadgets for RVing that help you get rid of the hassle of having to carry useless items and food cans that don’t taste so good.

Not all RVs are equipped with the essentials, so it’s your job to invest in furnishing if you want to have a relaxing time in the outdoors.


The essentials


Cooking meals is not what it used to be. You can make delicious and simple things using one thing only, a cordless hand blender. Since it’s battery operated, you can cook outside, in nature, and not depend on a power source. Plus, you can easily charge the blender using solar power. This way, you can make omelets, pancakes, sauces, and so on with the help of a small cooking appliance.

We all know that taking a proper shower in your RV is a little tricky. Especially if you lack water pressure at your campsite, the shower head won’t be much useful. Instead, if you purchase a portable shower head that injects plenty of air into the water stream, your problem is solved.

One of the best gadgets for motorhomes is the portable air compressor. This small piece is incredibly powerful and can handle higher pressure in RV tires. Also, it features everything you need to attach the device to your vehicle battery and inflate the trailer when in need.


Collapsible items


Water is mandatory for any trip, no matter how much time you intend to be away. Because you can’t use the available space inside your RV to carry gallons of water, you could try collapsible jugs. According to many RV gadgets reviews, these are extremely practical and versatile because they allow you to carry other types of drinks, such as wine or juice.

Many reviews of RV gadgets talk about packing too much luggage when going on a holiday. You can avoid this issue by using collapsible suitcases. These fit comfortably into your RV storage room and hold every crucial item that you need for a trip away from home.



Our top picks



Garmin RV 770


You shouldn’t go away on holiday without having established a route. If you plan on traveling to an area where you haven’t been before, it’s crucial that you get a GPS device that guides you throughout your vacation.

This neat bundle comes with a dual 12V car charger. This means that no matter how much time you spend away from home, the battery of the unit won’t die and you’ll know which road to take.

Moreover, this piece of gadget features a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the dust and dirt from the LCD screen. Plus, it comes with a hardshell case that ensures protection at all times.

The product is easy to use thanks to the bamboo stylus mini that comes in handy for setting up routes and finding addresses.  

The most important aspect is that you can connect it to a smartphone app if you want to have full access to live traffic and weather alerts.


Buy from for ($399.99)






Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life because it helps us improve our mood or turn a party into a successful one. If you want to rest assured that your friends are having a great time while camping outdoors, you should get a portable speaker, such as this model.

This stereo Bluetooth speaker lets you play your favorite jam even when you’re on the go. Plus, it is entirely waterproof, which means that you can use it while sitting on the beach or having a blast by the pool.

On top of this, this cool gadget features 45 LED lights with wireless light control that include RGB colors and dimming settings, and all of these can be controlled with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

Also, this premium speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 speakers and a built-in power amplifier that ensures a top-notch quality sound.  

You can use a free app to control the equalizer and the bass if you want.


Buy from for ($194.29)




RV Designer M565


Imagine going on a trip and not having a power source to charge your phone, radio, tablet or any electronic device that you might carry with you. Because it can ruin your mood for the entire holiday, you should opt for a device that allows you to charge everything that you could need.

This small power cube is suitable for all devices that require charging because the SP technology enables the product to identify the device you plug in and apply the right voltage at the same time.

Moreover, it is incredibly small and lightweight so you can take it with you in your backpack if you want to go hiking.

You can charge up to five units simultaneously, and each will be ready when you need them. It comes in handy for traveling with your RV given that when camping, devices work harder, and you need a charging solution that is fast and safe.  


Buy from for ($35.19)




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Best RV water filter


What are the best RV water filters in 2018?


If you’re planning an RV trip and you want to be sure that you won’t run out of clean water, you should get the best RV water filter in the market. Since this process requires time spent on proper research, let us give you a helping hand. In our attempt to find a suitable water filter for your RV, we’ve looked at several indicators such as sales figures and customer feedback and have determined that the Camco TastePURE is a great choice. This filter has a sizeable body that delivers excellent water capacity and flow rate. Also, thanks to the Granular Activated Carbon filtration, the unit can provide safe drinking water from any potable source. The 20-micron sediment filter reduces the chance of bad taste, odors, and chlorine in the water. If the Camco TastePURE is not available, don’t miss out the Culligan RVF-10.


A short buying guide


Having an RV lets you travel across the country and take a small vacation whenever you want to escape the crowded city. However, you need a similar level of comfort to the one you have in your home.

So, you must have clean water that you can use to shower, drink, and cook. If you don’t want to worry about bacteria contamination, you must get a good RV water filter. With so many options available for sale, finding a suitable product could be tricky. Check the following paragraphs and maybe you can learn something helpful.  


Water filter types


The most common types of RV water filters that you can find on the market include carbon, sediment, ceramic, and KDF.

According to multiple RV water filters reviews, every model comes with a micron rating that tells you what size of water particles it can filter.

Sediment filters work similarly to mechanical strainers because they can catch the particles found in the water. However, these sediment filters can damage the entire RV’s water components. So, make sure you understand the risks and use sediment pieces only if you need to protect your faucets and toilet valves.

Carbon filters do a great job at improving the taste and odor of your water. This is a major plus compared to sediment ones.

For instance, granular activated carbon filters are quite affordable and pass the water through small grains of charcoal.

Solid block carbon units are incredibly efficient due to the holes located in the filter which are small. They come with higher micron and NSF ratings.

A tad more expensive, the modified carbon block filter lasts longer and are outfitted with an increased flow rate.

If you take a look at several reviews of water filters for RV use, you’ll notice that KDF is a highly-praised type of filter. This is an alloy that has a high level of both zinc and copper. Used because it has a bacteriostatic nature, KDF can easily prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside your RV water filter.

Lastly, if you’re worried about nasty biological pests, you must try a ceramic RV water filter because it screens out giardia cysts, bacteria, and protozoa.


NSF Ratings


If you’re in the market for the best water filter for RV, you must pay attention to the NSF ratings. The National Sanitation Foundation is a public health and environmental agency that certified products for different consumer goods, including water filters.

Before making a purchase, check if the filter has a number on it, such as 42 or 53. These stand for powerful filters against all types of contaminants.


Important tips


Make sure that you understand how crucial it is to clean the water tank to get rid of slime and sediment that can escape the RV filtration system. Once a year, clean and disinfect every small section. Moreover, if you don’t invest in RV water filters, you face the risk of damaging your health and vehicle.



Our top picks



Camco TastePURE Inline


To be absolutely certain that you have clean and healthy water while traveling with your RV, you need a reliable water filter made of high-flow carbon filter with KDF, just like this great piece.

The filter boasts a wide body that increases the water capacity and the flow rate. Plus, this unit will provide excellent results during the entire camping season because the granular activated carbon technology ensures that you can drink water from any potable water source.

Furthermore, the 20-micron sediment filter can prevent issues such as bad taste, odors, chlorine, and sediment in the water.

Easy to use, just attach the water filter to any standard type of hose and the job is done. This product is suitable for keeping the dirt out of your RV water tank and improve the quality of the drinking water.

Make sure that, when you first connect it to your water source, you allow the water to run freely for a couple of minutes. This process flushes the loose carbon out of the water filter.


Buy from for ($17.64)




Culligan RVF-10


Going on a holiday with your recreational vehicle is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature and admire the outdoor landscapes. Since you’ll probably end up camping in a place without water and electricity, you must take this problem into account. A water filter comes in handy if you want to drink, cook, and shower with clean water every time you feel like it.

This RV water filter is specially designed for outdoor use. Because of the granular activated carbon, the unit reduces the chances of getting chlorine or bad odors in your water. Plus, you can rest assured no bacteria or mold will grow inside the water you need for washing your teeth or cooking a veggie broth.

Furthermore, the filter cartridge does a great job at cleaning up to 250 gallons of water. The most important feature is that this product is NSF certified which means that it has high-quality standards.  


Buy from for ($34.34)




Camco 40013


We all know that when you’re venturing into the unknown with your RV, you need to ensure several safety measures when it comes to drinking water. If the water is not clean, you risk getting infected with different bacteria and germs that can lead to serious health problems.

It’s better to prevent these invest and invest in a larger capacity RV water filter that can be used for an entire camping season.

This small piece is precisely what you need because it reduces bad taste, keeps odors away, as well as chlorine and bacteria away from the water you typically need in your daily activities while staying inside an RV.

In addition, the filter is 100-micron fiber certified and consist of high-flow carbon and KDF which are known to prevent bacteria growth.

The filter comes with CSA low lead certified fittings and fully complies with the California and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws.


Buy from for ($28.91)




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Best portable RV grill


What are the best portable RV grills in 2018?


If you need a reliable cooking tool, you should consider getting the best portable RV grill. Since it’s an excellent way to cook delicious meals for you and your family, you must look for an excellent model. If you don’t have time to do proper research, you can always rely on our advice. After thoroughly looking at several feedbacks given by other users and experts, along with sales figures, we’ve concluded that one great choice of portable RV grill is the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. This lightweight and compact propane grill is suitable for picnics and camping activities because it features a collapsible design that allows quick and effortless transportation. Moreover, the unit cleans easily due to the porcelain-coated surfaces and the removable grease tray. If the Coleman RoadTrip LXE is out of stock, the second best product is the Magma Products TrailMate.

A short buying guide


Owning and using the best RV grill is extremely beneficial especially if the thing you enjoy most is going camping with your family or friends. Because there are all sorts of models for sale, you might have a hard time deciding on a specific portable grill.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered some useful tips and made a short list of features that come in handy in your search for a high-quality RV grill.


Types of RV grills


One essential aspect you need to determine is the type of portable RV grill you’re willing to invest in. Since most products on the market showcase both advantages and disadvantages, it’s logical that you need to understand from the very beginning how often you need to use a camping grill and for what kind of cooking activities.

For instance, one good option is the portable charcoal grill, which most camping enthusiasts prefer to use. So it is quite common and easy to come by.

You won’t need to spend a lot on charcoal units, but you will have to be prepared to clean them thoroughly after each use. The cleaning process takes a bit of time so you might consider another alternative if you need to cook several dishes at once.

A good grill for camping is the propane type that borrows some features from charcoal units but not the cleaning part. You won’t have to ruin your vacation trying to remove greasy things from your RV grill. Plus, this unit comes with excellent heat distribution that can’t be overlooked if you want to cook a delicious roast.


Quality of construction


Most portable RV grills reviews talk about the importance of lightweight materials and accessories for transporting the units. However, if a product is not so heavy, it could mean that it is a tad flimsy in regards to the quality of construction.  

Given that you’re dealing with flammable liquids, you need to take safety into account. So, get an RV portable grill that is sturdy and comes with a stand, if possible.

Aside from this, check the working area and other surfaces and see if some sharp corners or edges can cut you or snag your clothing items. Look at the handle and test to see if you’ve got enough grip room.




Detachable shelves or slides are incredibly useful because they ease your cooking job. Look at other reviews of portable RV grills and see if the model you’re aiming to get can hold a large turkey or at least a plate of food, as well as other utensils you need to make a delicious grilled meal.



Our top picks



Coleman RoadTrip LXE


Camping is an excellent opportunity to show off your cooking talent. If you want to impress your friends or family, you could start by getting a portable RV grill that allows you to cook everything you desire, without having to worry about your meal getting burnt or undercooked.

This portable unit is ideal for picnics or camping activities because it delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat across 285 square inches of grilling surface. In other words, you won’t have to wait an eternity for your food to cook.

Thanks to the interchangeable cooktops, you can switch the grill grates out of the griddle and stove grates.

There’s no need to bring a match or a lighter because this portable RV grill comes with an ‘instastart’ button that instantly ignites the grill.

The collapsible design enables fast and easy transportation as well as storage in any car trunks.


Buy from for ($127.99)




Magma Products TrailMate


This good-looking compact and portable grill boasts fold-away legs and an inner safety shell. Moreover, the funnels grease located in the front access grease tray reduce the flare-up but also the heat discoloration.

The most important feature is that the grill features 100% mirror polished stainless steel that ensures its lasting beauty and maximum corrosion resistance.

Because of the convenient snap-out radiant plate, the product provides quick and effortless clean-up, besides the ideal even heat distribution.

You can take this grill with you in every outdoor adventure because the foldable legs convert it into a small and practical item that can be transported from one location to another.

Furthermore, the grill is fuel efficient because it uses standard, disposable propane canisters. Plus, the swiveling valve is quite useful for changing gas bottles in complete safety.

This portable grill is outfitted with an oversized lockable lid that won’t slam shut when in use.


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Camco Olympian 5500


If durability is what you’re seeking for, you won’t be disappointed with this portable grill. The unit is specially designed to be used for RV camping trips. Also, it connects to a low-pressure propane supply located on your camping vehicle.

One of the most notable features related to this unit is that it includes a mounting bracket that works great for hanging the grill on an RV mounting rail. The folding legs allow you to use the item in a tabletop position.

The product comes with a quick connect hose and valve and is equipped with an integral safety shut-off valve that prevents accidental non-ignition fuel discharge.

You won’t have to waste precious time with the assembly part because the grill sets up in no time. In addition, the Piezoelectric spark starter lasts for 20,000 starts.

The grill is outfitted with a large cooking area of 180 square inches while the iron smoker plate minimizes grease fires.


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Best camping kettle


What are the best camping kettles in 2018?


We all enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, especially when spending time in nature. If you’re interested in getting the best camping kettle, you should consider our recommendations. Based on the customer reviews that we’ve read and the social media activity we’ve analyzed, it seems an excellent choice for camping kettle is the ovalware POUR OVER. This unit features a fiber-reinforced handle which is heated and angled in such a way that you pour the drink without burning your fingers. Moreover, due to the seamless interior construction, you can drain and clean the kettle every day, without putting in too much effort. There’s no need to use a towel or a mitt when grabbing it because it has a heat-resistant knob. If you can’t find the ovalware POUR OVER, another great option is the Docooler Ultralight.


A short buying guide


It’s quite a pity not being able to enjoy your favorite beverages while camping with your RV. The majority of people can’t imagine their lives without a cup of hot tea. So, it’s quite understandable why you need to invest in the best kettle for camping. Nevertheless, with so many models for sale, things can get difficult. However, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips mentioned below.   


Size considerations


Camping kettles come in various sizes. If a unit is too large, you’ll have to pay more. Furthermore, the size that you choose has an impact on how much time it requires for your preferred beverage to prepare.

You must take into account the fact that if you have a large family and all of you likes to drink tea, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time making it. So, make sure you opt for a good camping kettle that is suitable for the number of cups you usually drink. Not to mention that it comes handy to have a large kettle if you like to invite friends or family with you for outdoor getaways.


Types of kettles


Several reviews of camping kettles mention that these units can be manufactured from different kinds of materials. Plus, kettles intended for RV use can be outfitted with cooler features that ensure an easy handling.

Stainless steel is a popular option because it is durable, it has a modern design, and it doesn’t take forever to clean. If you don’t mind the weight, you won’t regret the choice because this kettle could last a lifetime.

Kettles made of glass are also appealing, but they tend to break easily if you don’t handle them with care. Aside from this, they heat up gradually so it might take a while until your tea is ready.

It’s crucial that you avoid heating a glass kettle straight over open flames unless the item is outfitted with a metal diffuser.

Just like stainless steel, cast iron pieces are incredibly sturdy and do a great job at retaining heat. However, over time, cast iron is most likely to rust.

If you want something that doesn’t stain or scratch, you might want to bear aluminum kettles in mind. These are energy-efficient and hold up well during traveling or camping.

Another good kettle is the ceramic type that has thicker walls and doesn’t have a tendency to create scale deposits.


Extra features


Besides material and size, you need to look at other features expressed by various camping kettles reviews.

Some tea kettles boast larger lids that can be quickly cleaned and dried. If you don’t have time to do the dishes so often while on holiday, get a kettle with a big, wide lid.

Another essential factor is the pour spout. Kettles that are equipped with a gooseneck spout are ideal for great water flow control. Plus, they can be refilled more easily.



Our top picks



ovalware POUR OVER


After an entire day spent sightseeing or on the road with your RV, you need a cup of fresh tea to keep you warm. Since camping doesn’t provide the same conditions you have at home, you might want to consider a coffee and tea kettle that allows you to zip your favorite beverages whenever you feel like it.

This piece lets you pore at the right speed and temperature and the amount of drink you want to savor. You have control over every step of the process.

Plus, the kettle is easy to clean and doesn’t take forever to dry. Compared to other models, this one is built with a seamless bottom that can be cleaned in a few seconds.

The handle ensures an ergonomic position thanks to the fiber-reinforced and heat resistant features. You won’t burn your fingers because the handle is angled just right to avoid the heat.


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Docooler Ultralight


A camping kettle is handy for outdoor activities because, no matter the season, you can have a cup of tea or coffee even if you’re not in the comfort of your own house.

This unit features a classic design and a compact shape. Also, it is quite lightweight so you can carry it with you when hiking or camping.

Sturdy enough to face any weather conditions and impacts, the kettle is manufactured from anodized aluminum.

To carry the item without worrying about causing damages, you get a mesh bag to store the kettle in complete safety.

In addition to this, this camping kettle is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

In the morning, you’ll get to savor a hot cup of coffee or tea because this kettle boasts great thermal conductivity which keeps your beverage at an ideal temperature for an extended period.  


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Dltsli Silicone


Given the fact that you can’t take your entire collection of kitchen appliances with you on your camping trip, it’s understandable that you need a small and lightweight item that won’t occupy too much space in your luggage.

This compact and portable kettle has a convenient size and is ideal for RV travel. You can make tea, coffee, and soup with it because the kettle can hold up to 42 ounces of fluid.

One interesting feature is that the unit is entirely collapsible. Plus, it is equipped with a built-in lock mechanism that makes the heating process safer and faster.

Thanks to the stainless steel base, you can use it with an electric stove or camping gas tank without having to worry about causing damages to the product.

The kettle is made from silicone and has a plastic handle that can be put straight on a camp stove or cooktop.


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