Garmin RV 760LMT GPS Navigator Review


1.Garmin RV 760LMT GPS Navigator



This portable GPS system is designed to be easy to use and can be customized to the exact specifications of your large RV.

Designed specifically for RVs, this GPS will easily map out the best route using the latest traffic and road information.

You will appreciate the bright 7 inch display screen that is easy to read, along with the audible alerts that ensure you never miss a turn or lane change.

It is Bluetooth compatible and can even be linked to your smart phone for convenient “hands free” calling, along with the latest weather and road updates.




While this GPS device is Bluetooth compatible and able to connect to Garmin‘s helpful live services there might be an additional fee that could affect your budget.

Buy from for ($449.99)



Top 4 features explained


  • You will love how easy this RV GPS system is to use, especially when you are planning a long road trip. It is designed specifically for larger recreational vehicles, and can be customized to plot routes based on weight, height, length and width. This ensures that you are never stuck underneath a low hanging overpass or on a road that is too narrow for your vehicle to pass.


  • With a lifetime of free traffic and map updates it is easy to plan your next RV trip with this GPS device. Not only will it take into consideration your large vehicle’s specifications, it will also indicate RV friendly places along the way. Find campgrounds and state parks, along with restaurants and even laundry facilities. It will also alert you when narrow roads are up ahead, along with any low hanging branches and strong winds so you can have a safe and pleasant trip.

  • This GPS system features a large 7 inch touch screen that is easy to read in any lighting. It will clearly display your intended route, along with your speed and estimated arrival time. It also features voice activation that will alert you to any upcoming turns or lane changes, along with responding to your verbal commands. This lets you safely control the device without having to take your eyes off the road.


  • Since this convenient device is Bluetooth compatible you can enjoy “hands free” calling while you are driving. The included speakers ensure that you can clearly hear every word, and with the ability to connect to your smart phone you also have the advantage of being able to access live weather reports. Avoid storms and dangerous winds, along with all of the other features offered with Garmin Live Services.


Final words


Designed for use with large recreational vehicles, this GPS system includes everything you need to plan a fun and safe road trip. It is designed to be easy to program, and you will appreciate having RV friendly places marked along your intended route. The device can be customized to your vehicles exact specifications, and with access to the latest traffic, road, and weather conditions you relax and enjoy your trip.


Buy from for ($449.99)




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