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1byone 210NA-0005 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


The compact size and distinctive design of this particular model are developed to reduce the wind load given the smaller amount of material that comes into contact with the exterior environment.

It will provide much better signal reliability on days when the weather conditions are not so enjoyable, for example when it’s raining or the wind blows excessively strong. This antenna is protected against all sorts of circumstances, given that its anti-UV coating is added to reduce the damaging effects of sun rays.


Main disadvantage


In contrast with other similar items, perhaps even produced by the same manufacturer, this design does receive signals from any direction, but they’re not always of the same quality, probably due to its very particular shape.

It doesn’t have to be pointed and aimed like many old-school models that you’re probably familiar with, but it does require some attention. However, if you only use it in a home environment and there’s only one tower that is of interest to you, then you have to adjust its position once, and you’re good to go.

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Top features explained



This antenna is designed to withstand many different challenges created by the surrounding environment. We all know how weather conditions can affect the quality of the signal and thus interfere with your viewing schedule, but it’s not the case with this device.

It is protected against all sorts of weather conditions, given that the design is both waterproof and snowproof. The specific shape boasted by this alternative helps reduce the surface of the material that has direct contact with the environment, thus reducing the effects of powerful winds.

What’s also worth considering is that it also has an anti-UV coating to protect it from harmful sun rays and preserve signal reliability regardless the forecast.


This process can be challenging for users especially if they’re not familiar with this type of hardware, but it’s not the case with this antenna. Not only is it a lot easier to install than other traditional models, but all the necessary accessories are included to make sure you don’t have to encounter any problems.

The tools are easy to use and do not require any previous experience. Everything is over pretty quickly, so it’s safe to say that this device will be ready for use straight out the box in the shortest amount of time possible.


Signal reception

This model can intercept signals coming from all directions due to its 360-degree feature, but it’s essential to place it in the right spot. The design is aesthetically pleasing so that shouldn’t be a problem. The signal is most active depending on the area you’re transiting or live in.

It has a 75-mile long rating which will come in handy depending on where you live or the purpose that you wish to use this appliance for. However, once you discover the best location and direction for the antenna, you should have no trouble using it.


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