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1byone OUS00-0812 Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


You’ll never have to pay for your cable TV again if you use this Omnidirectional RV TV Antenna by 1byone. It can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs, all in full HD.

Chances are you’ll never be bored again, primarily because it can be controlled without a regular remote as the traditional outdoor antenna would require. All the exciting TV programs that you want to watch will be seconds away with this useful device and displayed in high-quality visuals for everyone to enjoy.


Main disadvantage


Despite being suitable for all types of environments and circumstances, a few users have complained that the length of the main pigtail is somewhat uncertain. This aspect makes it difficult to install the item, and causes other problems as well.

It can’t be curled up around the base of the product because it is too long to fit correctly, but at the same time, it is not long enough to make it easy for the customer to place it wherever they’d like, like getting it through the roof, for example.

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Top features explained



This antenna can receive signals from all directions, given that it works on a 360-degree radius. In basic terms, this loosely translates to being able to watch countless TV channels regardless of your current situation.

Whether you’re at home or you’re camping, the signal will be just as good and what’s also worth considering is that you’ll get your programs in high-definition visual quality, making it enjoyable for the whole family and raising the bar on portable antennas.

The installation process is easy to understand and requires few steps. This item supports 1080p formats and has a mounting base and a built-in amplifier to help maximize its efficiency.

You won’t need to continually adjust the position of this device to make sure that you get the best signal. On the contrary, it’s designed to make it easy for the user to access any program they’d like.


It has a sleek look and an interesting shape. However, this product is not just all looks but also has a sturdy build, given that it has an incorporated mount base to increase its stability.

The compact mounting system makes this antenna able to withstand even harsh weather conditions such as windy days or heavy rain, despite being smaller in size and seeming more fragile than other similar options.

A model that’s also lightweight and compact, this appliance is portable and would be great for any outdoor trip. It’s also coated with an anti-UV layer to maximize its efficiency in all types of weather conditions.



The installation process is pretty easy and straightforward. Any customer regardless of his or her experience with this electronic equipment can perform the required steps.

Given that the procedure consists only of three stages, it’s safe to say it will be ready for use in no time and chances are you’ll succeed especially given that all the tools that are needed are contained in the packaging.


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