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5 tips for a great RV trip

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Every RV beginner should be aware of the most important tips that can help them get the best from their RV adventure. Just make sure you don’t forget anything before going out on the road. An RV trip is, most of the time, a family process, which means that you should plan the experience around the other members of your family. On occasion, there might be a child or relative who feels less inclined to leave home in general, so try to organize the trip as best as possible for it to speak to everyone in the group.



If this is your first trip, you might want to have a look at the following details to consider.


Always have a checklist

Making a good old list never hurt anyone, and it sure won’t hurt you. Before leaving home, you should consider budget, food supply, the actual route you’ll be taking, the stops you’ll be making, and the campgrounds where you’ll be spending your nights.

Try to think of the things that you need the most on a daily basis. Start working on your checklist several weeks before going on the trip, as this way you’ll have more time at your disposal to think of a good plan.


Set your goals

Goals are related to your family dynamics. You need to be aware of the risks you’re taking when going on an RV trip. Miscommunications and boredom come up quite frequently on a long expedition, and you don’t want your whole experience to be ruined just because someone said something and ended up bothering someone else.

If possible, set your goals according to what everyone wants. For instance, a child might want to go to the beach, but an adult might want to set up camp in the middle of a mountain forest. Think of all the possible routes that could combine the two, and choose the one that fits your budget and expectations.


Document your experiences

It goes without saying that RV trips are made for creating memories in the first place. Forgetting to document these memories is a mistake. You don’t need expensive equipment in order to take some beautiful shots. Nowadays, high-quality pictures can even be taken with a smartphone, but just make sure that you have some method of preserving the experiences.


Several cooking tips

Cooking on the road can be a daunting thing to do. Things move around while someone is driving. Lightweight tumblers and tableware should be your best friends. Aside from these, some people prefer taking a couple of disposable tableware sets with them, just in case they don’t have access to water and therefore, are unable to wash their regular dishware.

Since things tend to change a lot during an adventure, avoid bringing raw meat and other high-risk perishables with you. Canned goods are a safe bet, as well as tea, fruit, cereal, pasta, and salt and seasonings.


Tools and spare parts

Whether you’re the owner of an RV or plan to use a rental, bringing tools and spare parts can never be a bad idea.