The Benefits of Using an RV GPS

Last Updated: 18.01.20


A tailgate bike pad is ideal for people who own both a truck and a few mountain bikes, and who like to take their bicycles with them while traveling. And speaking of traveling, another item that can help you a lot is a good RV GPS. It can help you pick the fastest and safest routes, pinpoint your location with accuracy, and offer many other benefits you were not even aware of.


What is an RV GPS?

Before we dive more into this subject, we need to make sure that everyone knows what we are talking about. An RV GPS is a GPS unit that looks like a tablet which is specifically designed for RV drivers.

Besides the GPS function that will help you arrive at your destination in a safe and timely manner, most models allow you to customize the information based on the details of your RV model. You might wonder why is this important. Well, on the road ahead, you might encounter restrictions for certain vehicle weights or sizes. 

With such a GPS unit, you are notified about this, and the device will show you the best alternative. With the help of a specialized GPS designed for RVers, it is much easier to plan your trip from the very beginning. 


Why should you use a GPS unit and not your smartphone?

Users have quickly discovered that a GPS device serves as quite an essential component of your RV. It allows you to find places and the locations of relevant facilities. You can also use it to find places you have not visited before and which you are unfamiliar with. Furthermore, it is remarkably useful in exploring the countryside as well. 

Even though you might think that you could use your smartphone for the same purpose, and there are plenty of helpful applications, you should know that a GPS unit works much better. Indeed, smartphones are extraordinary gadgets to have but there are situations when it is not advantageous to use them instead of an actual GPS device. 

One of the reasons for which a smartphone is not the best choice as a navigation system is the screen size which is much smaller and less clear than that of a GPS. The latter usually comes with a large screen, offering increased visibility, and promotes ease of navigation. 



The top-rated models also have navigation software that comes with all the essential features for you to navigate without any trouble. There are other useful features installed on a GPS unit such as landmark navigation, predictive lane change notifications, text-to-speech, and many others, depending on the model as well. 

Once you give it a try, you will find the GPS unit indispensable as it is a device made specifically for serving as a remarkable navigation system. Comparing it with a smartphone, you will use your navigation system for just one purpose, while the mobile may cause distractions which is not a good thing when you are on the road. 

For increased convenience, safety, and peace of mind, an RV GPS is a much better choice.


What features to look for?

If you plan on buying an RV GPS unit, there are some things you should take into consideration in order to get the product you will be most comfortable with and that will serve you based on your traveling needs. One of the most important factors is the screen size. We have mentioned this before so you might have gathered that the bigger the screen, the better. 

Since you will be on the road, driving, you need a device with a large enough screen for you to clearly see your route in a matter of seconds. You should not get a device with a smaller screen size than five inches. If the budget allows you, you should even consider a seven-inch unit. In case of a smaller screen, you will have a hard time glancing at the images that are displayed. 

As a consequence, your focus may be divided between driving, checking the unit, driving, and double-checking. You do not want that! If you are often on the road and on your own, a small screen is definitely a big no-no. 

Using the controls of a GPS unit is another thing to consider. Look at the interface and determine how easy it is to use the controls. The touchscreen models are the easiest to use and create less hassle. While you are at it, check the load time as well. 

The idea is for you to be able to operate the unit as quickly and as easily as possible and find the information that you want fast.

The text-to-speech function works by customizing the unit system’s voice to inform you when to turn right or left. It will also inform you about the route or street to take. It is more convenient to associate indicators with what the audio tells you, and this makes navigation and traveling much easier and enjoyable. 



Before you decide on a specific model, you should also check how easy it is to mount it. You may also need to purchase a separate mounting system, or there might be certain additional tools you need to use in order to install it. Windshield mounts with suction cups are very popular in this sense. 

However, you should make sure that the one you select has a sturdy and angled arm which will ensure that the device is attached to the cup. A gooseneck arm should be avoided because it has a tendency of vibrating when the RV is moving. 

For your convenience, you should get one that easily snaps into place or slides to remove. Some GPS units come with the mounting system, so you will not have to search for this item as well.

Technology never ceases to amaze us. Every day we hear about new discoveries and more and more devices are created to improve our lifestyles or to make things easy for us. As you can see, a GPS unit should be an indispensable piece of equipment in your RV.

Why? Because it was specifically designed to guide you on the best possible routes and to offer a lot of information about roads, restrictions, and various places you might be interested in. With its help, you will be able to safely arrive at your destination and to enjoy your trip until you get there. 




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Best Rand McNally RV GPS

Last Updated: 18.01.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rand McNally RV GPS + Reviews


If you are looking for the best RV GPS unit and lack the time to do a lot of research and read product descriptions and customer reviews, we’ve prepared this short paragraph to help you out. We have done the homework for you and, based on the information we have gathered, the product that offers the greatest value for the money is the Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510. First of all, it allows you to choose between eleven preloaded RVs, campers, and car types. You get to type in your vehicle’s information and receive relevant information based on your RV model. You get access to over 14 million points of interest, restrictions, roadblocks, the best routes, and many other important details. If you have a pet, you will also get information about pet-friendly locations. In case our first suggestion is unavailable, we recommend looking at the Rand McNally RDY0528018493 RVND 7 GPS.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the best GPS for RV is not an easy task, especially if you are new to these types of devices. This also involves different moving parts which might become a bit complicated. In this short guide, we plan on discussing the most important aspects you should consider when selecting the right GPS unit for your RV.


Screen size


This is one of the most important things you should look for when buying a GPS unit for your RV. The screen needs to be large enough for you to be able to see the images clearly. The larger the screen, the fewer difficulties you will have when looking at the displayed routes and directions. 

Your RV GPS should have a 5-inch screen or more. You should know that if the screen is larger so is the cost but if the budget allows you, it is worth it. Anyway, anything more than 7 inches might negatively impact your view on the road that is in front of your vehicle, so do not overdo it. 

Moreover, you should also consider that a larger screen also has larger buttons which makes inputting addresses or other information much easier. 




Before you purchase the GPS for RV, you should also examine the controls of the device you are planning to get. You need to see how easy it is to operate the control. This characteristic, as well as the overall interface, will probably have a great influence on your decision. The truth is that you will have to access the settings of the unit while driving. 

If the controls are difficult to operate, your focus on the road will shift to the GPS which can create dangerous if not even fatal situations. We recommend going for a model with a touchscreen display because it is much easier to operate and to use as well. 

While you are at it, you should also check to see how much time it takes to load the information. If you have to wait too long for directions, you should look for another unit. 




Another thing you should look at is the installation process. Also, check the mounting option as well. Most models are installed on a suction cup and windshield mount. Also, you need to make sure that the mounting kit contains a sturdy, angled arm. 

You will also find gooseneck arms, but we do not recommend this option because the device tends to vibrate when the vehicle is moving. You should also know that there are GPS units that already come with a mounting kit so you do not have to purchase one separately. However, make sure the entire pack is easy to install and use. 


Predictive data


Some GPS models have this feature, which is quite useful. Inputting information while driving is a real challenge. However, if the unit comes with the predictive data entry feature, things can become much more convenient. 

Also, this feature can show you which addresses you searched often by simply entering the first few letters. 




It is very important for a GPS unit to be up-to-date at all times. If the information it provides is not updated, it rather loses its purpose. There are many models that require various subscriptions which generates continuous costs. 

Rand McNally, for example, comes with a few GPS units and throws in free software updates as well as lifetime maps. If you do not want to constantly have to invest in your GPS device, you should look for such an option.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both optional, but if you want to have a reliable GPS unit, you should consider these features too. For example, you will need them for gathering information about real-time traffic or weather updates. Also, having the option to pair your GPS unit with your smartphone can be extremely convenient.


Customized information


As you might already know, there are several areas and roads where certain types of vehicles are not allowed. How would you feel about driving for a few hours only to find that your RV is not in the weight limit and you have to turn and find another route? 

That is why being able to customize the information you receive based on your vehicle type, weight, and size is essential. If the GPS unit you found does not offer this option, you should definitely forget about it. 


What you should keep in mind


The above-mentioned aspects are very important and you should keep them in mind if you want to enjoy a reliable GPS unit that can help you get to your destination. Before you even start looking, you need to understand that such a device is an essential part of your traveling adventures. 

Moreover, its purpose is to make things easy for you and guide you on your way, offering directions, the best routes, information regarding certain restrictions, weather details, as well as points of interest in your way. 

Also, the unit has to be easy to operate and view, especially if you are riding alone. Remember, you do not only need to arrive at your destination, but you also need to do so in a safe and timely manner. 



3 Best Rand Mcnally RV GPS Units (Updated Reviews) in 2020


Finding the right product can be a hard task because there are so many to choose from, regardless of the category. According to Rand Mcnally RV GPS reviews, the models showcased below are the ones you should consider if you are searching for a product in this line.



1. Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510


If you are a fan of Rand Mcnally RV GPS navigators, you should consider this model. It was specifically designed for RVers and campers, and it brings you all the information you might need to enjoy a safe trip in your RV. The easy routing offers you various details regarding weight and height restrictions, parkways and boulevards which are all designed for your RV type. 

With the Rand McNally 5510, you get to choose between eleven types of RVs, cars, and several trailers in order to customize the routing information. Moreover, the navigation favors right or left-hand turns depending on your vehicle’s size. 

It also enables warnings for sharp curves, speed limit changes, dirt roads, and other possible hazards. If you are traveling in your RV frequently, you will appreciate the fact that you can get information on parking, campgrounds, rest areas, travel centers, as well as dealers. 

Also, you will get details on more than 14 million points of interest that include national, state, or regional parks, festivals, as well as other researched locations. In case you like to travel with your pet, you can also find many pet-friendly locations like animal hospitals, stops, hikes, beaches, and other similar places.



With this model, you get to select from the class and type of RV, as well as several types of trailers. The routing will be customized according to your vehicle’s type.

The RV Logs and Checklists feature offers some checklists for seasonal preparation, takedown, and campsite preparation.

Among the 12000 Rand McNally Editor’s Picks, you can also access Best of the Road which offers information for 3 or 4-day adventures, regional trips, weekend getaways, and scenic tours.

For a pet owner, having access to pet-friendly places is very important and you will also get information on such location with this RV GPS.

In the pack, you will get the GPS unit with a stylus, a large windshield suction-cup, a wall charger with cable, a vehicle charger, a USB cable, as well as a Quick Start guide.



According to some customers, direct or angle sunlight on the unit tends to reduce the screen’s visibility.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




2. Rand McNally RDY0528018493 RVND 7 GPS


Since it features an award-winning navigation system, this GPS unit is a great choice for RVers and campers. The device allows you to route efficiently by having the option to select from eleven pre-loaded RV, camper, and car types. 

You can customize the campgrounds and points of interest based on your vehicle type. The device allows you to enjoy the Rand McNally lifetime maps. With this option, you get to stay ahead of the curve and constantly obtain updates on new roads, maps, vehicle restrictions, and many more. 

The McNally maps keep your GPS unit up to date with the most important information you need for your traveling adventures. This GPS device offers you personalized routing which is based on your RV or towable trailer’s specifications. To get the most efficient and safest trip, you just need to plug in your vehicle’s weight, height, and class to automatically route your journey. 

One of the best things about this device is that you can always be prepared for what lies ahead thanks to the helpful navigation features. What is more, the Advanced Lane Guidance keeps you prepared when it comes to complicated intersections or sharp turns. 



In case you are looking for a reliable GPS device for your RV travels, and do not want to spend a lot of money, this option is worth considering.

Also, you might like to know that the product comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty so that you are covered in case of accidents or malfunctions. 

Another thing that makes this model stand out is the free lifetime maps that are offered. This is a feature that always keeps your GPS device up-to-date on all new road construction and work.

Many customers who have been using this device mentioned that they like how easy it is to find RV parks and services on their way. 

Another thing buyers have mentioned is how easy it is to use the device and how quickly they managed to set up the necessary details.



Since the screen is only 4.7 inches, it might be a bit smaller than what you would need from a GPS unit.

Buy from for ($190.18)




3. Rand McNally RDY0528018485 RV Tablet 70 GPS


The Rand McNally GPS units are highly appreciated by RVers and campers. Our next product suggestion comes from a brand that is known for providing high-quality devices and excellent customer service. 

This model is equipped with a built-in dash camera which allows you to record your journeys and can also help you provide some evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident. Rand McNally’s GPS also offers free software updates and lifetime maps. This way, your GPS device will always be up-to-date. 

If you decide to get this product, you should know that you will also receive a windshield suction cup mount, so you will not have to purchase one separately. Installing the GPS unit is very easy, and it will remain secure in place during your trip. According to users who bought this device, this option is affordable as well. 

It may not be the cheapest product in this line, but it is in decent limits. This unit offers everything from trip planning and navigation, email, and apps – everything to keep you connected in your RV. The award-winning navigation, features, as well as the Android system are ready for all of your RV adventures.



Probably the first thing you will notice about this product is the name of the brand which is a company well-known for delivering reliable products.

This model comes with lifetime maps and software updates that will keep your GPS unit updated at all times. What is more, these features are completely free.

Unlike other products in this line, this one has a built-in dash camera. This way, you will be able to record all your trips. It is also very helpful in case you are involved in an accident.

With this product, you will also get a windshield suction cup mount which is an item you would have otherwise needed to purchase separately. This way, your GPS will be secure and visible.



Not all customers appreciate the small screen which is only 4.6 inches. In case you prefer the screen to be 5+ inches, this model might not be the most suitable choice for you.

Buy from for ($299.99)




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Items You Shouldn’t Leave Behind When Embarking On Long RV Trips

Last Updated: 18.01.20


No matter how prepared you may feel when you start the engine of your RV, and you set out for a long road trip, there may always be things left behind. Besides an RV navigation system, you need many other things that will protect your trip from becoming ruined, and also ensure that you have fun and enjoy your trip.

Long RV trips can be peppered with unpredictable situations, which is why proper preparation always matters. While an RV GPS will help you find your destination and let you know where you are so that you don’t get lost, other items should take priority, too.


A roadside assistance card

You should never embark on a long road trip, without having a membership to one of the many companies offering roadside assistance. People who travel often can vouch by the usefulness of such a membership, as, when you get stranded, you will need specialized help to get you out of a dire situation.


Your RV’s manual

Even if you may feel like you know your RV in and out, there might still be things that are not obvious and can go wrong. To avoid having to cut your trip short, or call assistance services all the time, first refer to your RV’s manual. That means that you should pack it and have it with you.



A spare tire

A flat tire is guaranteed to kill the mood, so again, you want to be prepared. In this case, that means that you should have a spare tire at hand. Also, it serves to know how to change a tire, as you might not want to call specialized services just for such a mishap.


An emergency kit for roadside troubles

While it’s good to have people who know what they’re doing on speed dial, you should be ready to intervene, too. That’s what an emergency kit is for. This kit should contain some of the following, if not all: battery booster cables, a tire pressure gauge, a reflective vest, a window breaker, a wind and rain poncho (in case you need to change a tire in bad weather), light sticks, and other things that could help you.

A toolkit for repairs should be present, too. You might be able to do some repairs on your own, which is why you should have the right equipment at hand.


Maps, maps, maps

Your GPS might come with some included maps, but if you’re planning a long trip, what you have at hand might not be enough. There is, without a doubt, a good thing that your GPS unit has its own maps. These are usually updated so they can be useful compared to paper maps.

However, experts recommend having some old-fashioned maps with you, too. Why? Your GPS unit can malfunction, you might not have a signal for your smartphone, and all this dependency solely on technology might come to prove dangerous.

Also, if the maps included with your GPS are limited, invest in a plan that offers better options or consult online resources that might have updated information readily at hand.


A first aid kit

You should not even consider going somewhere away from home and remote from areas where you could get help anytime without a first aid kit with you. This item should contain band-aids, antiseptic, safety pins, bandages, and a few other things you can use to treat artificial cuts and wounds when you’re still far away from the next human settlement.



Plenty of water and food

You should never consider leaving for a long trip by RV without getting enough food and water with you. Staying hydrated is crucial, as you might travel through areas that do not offer the possibility to get drinking water.

The same goes for food. Since you travel by RV, you should have plenty of room for stocking food for you and the entire family. Focus on getting foods that are canned and don’t spoil, energy bars, and anything else that doesn’t take up a lot of room.


Don’t forget about bath supplies

Keeping your health and everyone else’s in optimal shape starts with cleanliness. That is why you should pack enough bath supplies. From the most mundane things, such as toilet paper, to soap and shampoo, along with towels, you should bring all the conveniences you have back home with you.

When you are on the road, these, however, may look like more than conveniences. They will be necessities that you must have with you so that you keep healthy and comfortable at all times.


A water hose

You will surely find many camping grounds along the way, and that is why you should be prepared for running some maintenance tasks, such as flushing the sewer. For that, you will need a water hose. Also, you will need one of these for getting water for showers and the like from the water sources you will encounter.


A shovel

This is a pretty much-needed tool for various tasks. For instance, you might have to dig your tires out of the mud, or you might have to level the ground when you want to set a tent. Many situations can require the use of a shovel, so make sure that you pack one with you, too.


A flashlight

Needless to say, when you go camping by RV, you will need some proper illumination devices. Start with a flashlight, as it is easy to use, portable, and you can use it to move around and explore the area. Also, if everything else fails, at least you have a flashlight.

That means that you should also make sure that you have plenty of spare batteries with you. Since battery-operated flashlights are the most convenient, this latter recommendation comes as a logical thing.



There could be many other things you should take with you, such as a propane stove for cooking, proper bedding, kitchen utensils, but, in a nutshell, the above essentials will give you a great start.



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Garmin RV 770 LMT-S RV GPS Review

Last Updated: 18.01.20


Main advantage


Camping enthusiasts will find this model to be exactly what they need when they embark on an adventure in their RVs. Everything about this unit from Garmin is designed around an RV lifestyle, which means that you will feel it be more helpful than other models offered by the competition.

The unit provides excellent guidance feature so that you know exactly where you go and how to get there. Its screen is designed for visibility and larger than what you can see in other models readily available on the market.

Alerts about road warnings and the possibility to create routes according to the size of your RV make this unit so competitive. Features like Easy Route Shaping, or information of Elevation Profile, are designed with the sole purpose of offering you, as an RV owner, not only the possibility to go with your vehicle everywhere you need but also the opportunity to enjoy your trips more than ever.


Main disadvantage


The main complaint people have in regards to this model concerns the advertised Lifetime Traffic feature. This feature should be able to provide you with instant updates regarding road conditions and requires your phone to be connected with the GPS unit via Bluetooth. At the same time, you need to have a dedicated app running.

While this all may sound nice in theory, it is not that great once you start using it, according to the people who tried it. Because the user needs to use the data plan on his or her smartphone, it is easy to see why this might not be such a great idea. Buyers report having exhausted their data plan over two or three days.

Also, other customers who faced the same issue say that they didn’t find this feature particularly useful and that they didn’t get any traffic information that they couldn’t have found using other applications on their phones.

Buy from for ($258)



Main features explained


The unit uses your RV profile for finding the best routes

It is quite clear why this unit enjoys such great popularity among users who drive RVs. The model was built to meet all the requirements of someone driving such a vehicle. As you well know, the size, height, and even width of your RV can pose serious issues when you encounter areas with bridges and narrow roads.

This unit from Garmin makes everything more comfortable by letting you introduce the information on your RV, such as the measurements mentioned earlier so that it can start customizing routes. 

The fact that you’ll never end up stuck somewhere due to improper road conditions, and forced to go back, can work wonders for your peace of mind. Even more, it works for trailers, too, so, as long as you provide accurate information, you will make the best out of this GPS unit.

Designed for North America, this model will take you everywhere you need to go without any problems. Having to follow efficient routes that will take you to your destination the fastest will make your trip more enjoyable, too. And, since there is input regarding objects of interest that can be accessed by RVs, you will find even more exciting things to do during your trip.



Hands-free access for your enjoyment

You won’t have to take your hands off the will to operate the GPS unit, and not even for making calls if that’s something you want. There are some tremendous hands-free features available that will have you trust in Garmin even more. The company has an excellent reputation for making outstanding GPS units for vehicles, so you will find it even more impressive that it added some pretty useful hands-free features on this model.

You can now sync your smartphone to your GPS unit via Bluetooth for a bunch of excellent functionalities. For instance, you can make hands-free phone calls. Also, you can customize your navigation system so that you receive smart notifications directly on display.

Anything concerning calls, messages, reminders, can be operated via the GPS unit, which means that you won’t have to take a hand off the wheel to use your smartphone. Since there is a voice-activated navigation feature in place, you will be able to interact with your GPS only via your voice.

With such extras in place, this RV GPS is an excellent companion when you need to drive for hours. RV owners know well the importance of having such conveniences readily at their fingertips. As long as your hands are busy handling the wheel, but you don’t lose anything otherwise, all is excellent.


The unit software will be updated regularly

You won’t have to check for updates all the time like it might be the case with other GPS units. Garmin offers excellent service all around, and any new updates might be available, you will be notified promptly. All you need is to be in close proximity to a Wi-Fi network your unit could access.

The GPS unit has built-in Wi-Fi, which is why it is capable of accessing its own updates as soon as it can connect to the internet via any network available. Since you’re traveling a lot, you most probably know plenty of places where Wi-Fi connectivity is readily available to motorists without a password.

What’s great about these updates is that they can be performed without the need for a computer, signing in from a web browser and so on. As soon as the unit hooks up to a network, you will get a notification that an update is available.

The fact that the unit receives updates means that you will also have access to information that is up to date. You will appreciate how easily the unit updates. You only have to plug it to any outlet, and, while it recharges, it will also perform the necessary updates.


Buy from for ($258)



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Best camping pots

Last Updated: 18.01.20


What are the best camping pots in 2020?


Time is a serious problem for most people, and if you can’t spare some of it to search online for the best camping pots, the following short paragraph will give you all the information that you need. After analyzing the camping pot reviews of many of the products on the market, we have concluded that the unit worth getting is the Terra Hiker Camping Cookware. This cookware set includes everything that you need to make your camping session a success. All the pots and pans come with a nonstick coating which will help with cleaning and guarantee even cooking. The set is compact and highly portable and comes together with a nylon mesh bag where you can store all the items. If you find that our first choice is temporarily unavailable for sale, but you are determined to get a high-quality product, we recommend the Winterial Pot Set as it offers similar performance.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



A short buying guide


There are many options out there, and it can be challenging to decide on which one to choose, especially since there are numerous aspects to consider such as the materials and durability, size and types of pots available. We want to help you identify the good camping pots from the bad, which is why we have compiled the following short buyer’s guide just for you.



Why aluminum is the preferred choice


The most popular material used for camping pots is aluminum as it is an affordable choice that is very lightweight to help with transportation and that heats up very fast to cut on the cooking time required for meals considerably. Cheap camping pots are generally made from regular aluminum while the more expensive models use anodized or hard-anodized aluminum.

Raw aluminum has the disadvantage of reacting with acid and alkaline food and can change its flavor. It can also dent quite easily, which is the reason why most camping pots currently available on the market are anodized.

Hard-anodized aluminum, on the other hand, features a coating that is up to three times thicker than regular anodizing. Thus, this type is more durable than both raw and regular anodized aluminum, and it manages to remain just as lightweight. The one downside is that this type of material can be more expensive.


Size, number, and types of pots


Unless you plan to camp with a large group, storage space can become a problem, which is why it is crucial to get a camping set that can meet your exact needs. As a general rule, the largest pot in your cookware set should hold around 1 pint per camper in your group.

As far as the number and types of pots, this depends a lot on what you intend to cook and how many campers are in your party. One pot is generally more than enough for two campers, but larger groups will require extra pans and pots.

You should make sure that your set includes a gripper for all the pots as it can be difficult to pick up your pots and pans safely. If your options don’t have a gripper, you can purchase it separately. Similarly, since there’s nothing like a cup of warm tea near a campfire, most kits will include a teapot.


Extra utensils


If you ever find yourself forced to choose between two products that offer similar performance, one way to decide is to get the one that offers extra utensils. Many cook sets will come complete with mugs, plates, tools, and even towels. If you are starting from scratch, a complete set will make a very valuable purchase.



Our top picks



If you are not yet sure which product to get, we have prepared a short list containing some of the top-rated models currently available on the market for you to choose from. The options you will find below have stood out thanks to their quality, affordability, and reliability.



Terra Hiker Camping Cookware


The Terra Hiker set contains all the cookware you need to make your camping experience memorable. You get a boiling pot with a lid, a frying pan, and a teapot, together with extra items that include a serving ladle, plastic bowls, a bamboo spoon, and a cleaning sponge.

This comprehensive set is designed to satisfy the outdoor cooking needs of 2-3 people. The pot can boil 13.5 ounces of water in only two and a half minutes.

All the cookware is made of safe and non-toxic aluminum that features a non-stick coating designed to help make cleaning and cooking easier. The serving ladle and bowls are made from durable food-grade PP plastic.

The handles see the use of heat-resistant materials that will keep your fingers safe. The same handles come with an ergonomic design to offer a comfortable and firm grip.

The entire set is compactable, and you get a nylon mesh bag to help you pack all the items neatly in your backpack.


Buy from for ($28.99)





Winterial Pot Set


With a total weight of only 1.5 pounds, this set will make a great addition to the collection of any backpacking enthusiast.

All the three pieces are stored together and are incredibly portable which allows for convenient carry, especially for campers who like to travel as light as possible.

The set includes a large pot and lid, a frying pan, and a tea kettle. What’s more, you also get some extras in the form of a personal bowl and serving ladle, a serving spoon/spatula, a cleaning sponge, and a carry bag.

The pot, pan, and tea kettle are made of light and solid aluminum oxide, which is very durable and high-temperature-resistant.

The pieces also feature a Teflon coating to help with the cleaning process as well as increase the durability of the cookware.

The set can meet the cooking needs of 2-3 people. Customers were delighted with the performance and quality of this option, especially with how fast it manages to heat water and cook food.


Buy from for ($49.99)





G4Free Outdoor Kit


The G4Free Outdoor Kit is an affordable option that seeks to give outdoor enthusiasts the pots they need to cook their favorite meals in a compact and easy-to-carry format.

The set includes two boiling pots and two frying pans together with a mesh bag that you can attach to your backpack for easy transportation.

This set is suitable for 1-2 people, and when the cook set is fitted together, it contains enough extra room inside to carry matches, seasoning, a cleaning sponge, and utensils to keep your space usage to the bare minimum.

The pans and pots are constructed from FDA approved non-toxic anodized aluminum which is built to last as well as help you cook quicker and more efficient.

Both the pans and pots come with folding handles for increased compactness, and when not folded, the handles will remain cold to the touch even when pan or pot is hot.


Buy from for ($18.99)





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Best GPS for Mexico

Last Updated: 18.01.20


What are the best GPSes for Mexico in 2020?


It can be difficult to find the best GPS for Mexico if you don’t have the time to prospect the market thoroughly, which is why we have prepared this short paragraph to help you find the ideal choice. After a lengthy analysis, we have concluded that the product you should get is the Garmin nüvi 2497LMT as it offers excellent performance for the price. The unit comes with detailed maps of North America, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. The 4.3-inch touchscreen display is large enough to let you read the directions clearly. When you are not watching the screen, Gamin’s proprietary Real Voice technology will give you easy-to-understand directions that utilize recognizable landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights. If you find that our first choice is temporarily unavailable for sale, you can safely go for the Garmin nüvi 2555LMT as it offers similar performance.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



A short buying guide


If you wish to learn how to select a good GPS for Mexico, the following buyer’s guide will pinpoint the must-have features your new device should come equipped with. We have also analyzed some of the most popular reviews of GPS units for Mexico to see what customers appreciated the most about their new purchase.



Screen size and ease of use


The larger the screen size of your unit, the easier it will be for you to see vital information at a glance. This feature is of utmost importance since when you’re driving, you should not take your eyes off the road for too long.

The resolution of the screen is also important since a big display with a low resolution can produce images that are tough to read at a distance. Most affordable models on the market have a WQVGA (240×480) resolution, which should be more than enough for the average user.

Similarly, you should also make sure that the product you wish to get is easy to use, and in this regard, we recommend a model that features a touchscreen display. The reason for this recommendation is quite simple. Since we all are very familiar with the user interface of a smartphone, a touchscreen GPS will be just as simple to operate.


Audible directions and voice input


As we mentioned above, you don’t want to spend too much time looking at your GPS, and this is why spoken directions are essential not only because they are much easier to follow, but also because they are much safer. While most models offer this feature, not all synthetic voices are easy to understand.

You should try and listen to a sample of the voice synthesis of the GPS you have in mind before you purchase it. Similarly, some models support voice input which will allow you the luxury of voice-activated navigation.


Map availability and memory


Before you purchase a GPS unit, it is important to take the time and look into map availability and frequency of map updates. While you can be tempted to go for a cheap GPS for Mexico, we recommend that you purchase your product only from reputable brands as most tend to update their lower-end models just as frequently as their high-end alternatives.

While the vast majority of models will come with preloaded maps, some devices can let you download your own maps. While this is a great feature to have, since maps can take a lot of storage space, you should consider models that come with expandable memory.



Our top picks



If you are not yet sure about which model you should get, we have you covered. We have identified the top three products that have garnered positive customer feedback thanks to their high performance, quality, and affordability. Take a quick look below if you have the time and see for yourself.



Garmin nüvi 2497LMT


The 2497LMT comes with detailed maps of North America, including Mexico, and the manufacturer guarantees free lifetime updates so that you don’t have to worry that your new purchase will become obsolete anytime soon.

Similarly, the addition of free lifetime traffic alerts will give you detailed traffic information to help you plan your travels.

The 4.3-inch WQVGA TFT touchscreen is very easy to operate and allows for manual dual-operation. It is also possible to use your voice to control the unit since this model is capable of responding to your voice commands for 100% hands-free operation.

Similarly, the Garmin device features the Real Voice technology which allows the GPS to give you easy-to-understand driving directions by using a very natural, human-like voice. The voice assistant will direct you using recognizable landmarks, traffic lights, and buildings.

As a plus, you can also sync your GPS to your smartphone using Bluetooth for hands-free calling through the integrated microphone and speaker.


Buy from





Garmin nüvi 2555LMT


The 5-inch display of the 2555LMT will allow you to read all the essential information present on the screen with a simple glance.

The interface is very intuitive with only two simple choices, “Where To?” and “View Map”, which manage to simplify the operation of this gadget considerably.

The screen comes with touch technology, allowing you to look up addresses, services, and explore the map with a simple swipe of your finger.

The unit comes preloaded with maps for North America (Mexico included), and boasts more than 8 million points of interests, with the ability to add your own for a personalized experience.

The microSD card slot allows you to expand the memory of the unit and store detailed cityXplorer maps or custom voices for free from the Garmin Garage.

As is expected from a Garmin unit, you are guaranteed free lifetime map updates so that you are always up-to-date with the latest changes in maps, navigation information, and points of interest.


Buy from





Garmin nüvi 2557LMT


The nüvi 2557LMT comes loaded with detailed maps of North America, including Mexico and Puerto Rico, and guarantees free lifetime map updates so that you can have the latest navigation information for years to come. New maps become available for download up to four times per year, for the entire lifetime of the device.

With this model, you also get the benefit of the Garmin Traffic technology which will help you spend more time on the move and less waiting in the traffic.

With this feature, you will get extra details such as how many minutes of delay you should expect and what detours you can take to avoid the heavy traffic.

What’s more, the Active Lane Guidance feature will give you all the information you need through voice prompts, so that you can drive through an exit or interchange with more confidence.

As you approach a lane, an animated model that uses brightly colored arrows will indicate the proper lane needed for your current route.


Buy from





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Best camping percolator

Last Updated: 18.01.20


What are the best camping percolators in 2020?


If you lack time to research about the best camping percolator, but you still wish to make a good purchase, this short paragraph will show you some of the options we recommend. After taking an in-depth look at some of the most popular products available online, we have concluded that the unit you should get is the Coletti “Bozeman”. The solid steel construction makes it perfect for percolating coffee the old-fashion way so that you get a genuine camping experience. The unit does not feature any plastic or aluminum, which allows you to use a campfire to prepare your coffee. Similarly, unlike the drip methods, this model extracts a fuller and richer flavor for a more powerful taste that will give you energy for the entire day. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find out first choice available for sale, you should consider the Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



A short buying guide


We know that a good camping percolator can be quite tricky to find, which is why we have compiled the following short buyer’s guide. Below you will find what the basic requirements that your new camping percolator should meet are, as well as more information about this type of product.





The first aspect that you should consider before purchasing a camping percolator is the capacity that you need. When camping, you should be very careful what you bring with you since any extra pound can be quite taxing on the body.

Percolators are available in a wide range of sizes anywhere from a 2 to 4-cup capacity, all the way to an impressive 12 cups. If you are camping alone, then a smaller one might be the best option. On the other hand, if you tend to camp with your friends or family, going for a larger product will work best.


What type to get?


You should be careful when buying your first product since not all options are designed to withstand the hardships you can encounter when camping. The good thing is that since most manufacturers will mention if their product can be used for camping, finding the right one for your needs will not be as difficult anymore.

Most camping options are built to be used on a gas or wood stove, or even on a grill. You can also find electric options, but these should only be considered if you own a portable generator or battery capable of powering the device.

As far as materials are concerned, you should get models that are built from quality stainless steel as these are capable of handling the intense heat of a campfire. You should not get models that feature plastic components as they can melt and catch fire easily.

As a plus, stainless steel is a material that resists corrosion and that wipes down easily for effortless cleaning.


Why a percolator?


If you are wondering why campers prefer a percolator instead of other coffee makers, the answer has to do with how easy this option is to use on a campfire. There’s also the fact that the coffee it produces is very strong, precisely what active people need to replenish their energy in the morning.

Another great thing about this option is that it can bring coffee quickly to where the people are sited. It can also keep the brew hot for longer, and you can’t do that with a regular pot of coffee.



Our top picks



If you are looking to get a cheap camping percolator, our list of top-rated products will surely satisfy your needs. The models we have showcased below stood out thanks to the overwhelmingly positive camping percolator reviews they have received, as well as the quality, reliability, and durability that they boast.



Coletti “Bozeman”


This option can prepare 9 cups of delicious brew and is made from 18/8 stainless steel with a glass cover knob to help you see when the coffee is ready to be served. You also get a comfortable handle that will remain cool even when the coffee inside the percolator is boiling.

Sipping a cup of delicious coffee on a chilly morning while the sun rises is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and this model is built with the needs of campers in mind.

Its rugged design can handle even the harshest environments. The unit is also designed not to weigh you down, and the 9-cup capacity makes it perfect for people who like to camp with friends.

Even if this is your first time using a percolator, Coletti has your back seeing as the unit comes with in-depth instructions that will show you how to make the most out of your new purchase.  


Buy from for ($34.97)





Coleman Stainless Steel Percolator


The Coleman camping percolator can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in record time, and you can use it on either a camping stove or a grill.

The rugged stainless steel construction will ensure that the unit can handle even the most inhospitable outdoor conditions. Cleaning the unit is effortless seeing as all it takes is to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

What’s even more impressive about this model is that despite its large capacity of 12 cups, it manages to remain very lightweight meaning that it won’t weigh you down. Its compact shape will make it very easy for you to pack it together with your other camping gear.

The large capacity makes it very easy to brew plenty of coffee to satisfy large groups, while the convenient side handle allows for smooth and comfortable pouring.

The lid locks itself securely during pouring so that you don’t risk spilling coffee or burning someone’s hand while pouring the brew.


Buy from for ($26.86)





Farberware Classic Yosemite


This sleek percolator can brew 4 to 8 cups of coffee, and it comes with a permanent filter basket which makes it ideal to use when camping since you won’t have to carry extra paper filters with you.

Paper filters can also be very messy, and with the permanent filter basket, cleaning the unit will be effortless.

As is expected from a quality model, the construction features durable stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish.

The stay-cool synthetic handle will help protect your hands and make pouring hot, delicious coffee that much more enjoyable. The clear knob will let you know when percolating begins and will stay in place when pouring to prevent any unwanted accidents.

The non-reactive interior will prevent the water from absorbing any undesirable tastes or odors so that you can enjoy the perfect cup of joe.

As a plus, apart from brewing one mean cup of coffee, the classic stainless steel design will provide long-lasting beauty.


Buy from for ($15.99)



Other articles you might find interesting to read:

Good Camping Pots




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Zinus Deluxe Spring Mattress Review

Last Updated: 18.01.20

Main advantage


For those of us who do share the bed with a partner, it’s clear that sometimes during sleep, motions can transfer through the mattress and interrupt a good night’s rest. Since Zinus is aware of this aspect as well, it developed a technology that tackles it, namely the iCoil system.

This is a system made of hundreds of independent iCoils that work together to virtually eliminate any motion transfer. They do this by providing customized support on different areas around the mattress. What this means for the user is a motion-free and uninterrupted sleep.


Main disadvantage


If you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress then this is the right product for you. If, however, you like a softer alternative for your bed, you might want to take a closer look to determine whether this model is the right one for your needs, since it’s not the softest alternative on the market.

According to some reviews, this mattress is extremely firm which, in some cases, might mean that your body could end up hurting until the mattress gives in a bit.

Buy from for ($294)



Top 3 features explained



When it comes to ensuring the comfort we all long for when we want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, a mattress’ construction is one of the key elements manufacturers take into account. Zinus developed this mattress with various layers, all of them working together to ensure the excellent performance any user wishes.

These include a 1-inch layer of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, that comes on top of another 1.5-inch layer of Comfort Foam and over a layer of High-density Foam that ensures extra support. As we’ve seen, the 7.5-inch iCoil Pocketed Springs work wonders in eliminating any motion transfer, which also ensures additional support for its users.




We’ve taken the time to talk about this product’s construction, going into more technical aspects in order for you to understand what makes it the right choice for your home. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that a high-quality mattress offers more than just comfort since we should normally spend 8 hours out of 24 sleeping on it.

There are also some health considerations you should take into account, and this is where Zinus’ model checks some more boxes. This mattress offers great overall support, keeping your body aligned and pressure-free throughout the night. This is also a result of the iCoil Pocketed Springs technology we’ve already discussed.


Certified foam

Of course, as you can very well imagine, the quality of the foam used is yet another element that ensures a mattress’ effectiveness, since everything needs to work together for the user’s comfort and health.

Given this, Zinus included the highest quality foam in its product, that is CertiPUR-US certified for both durability and performance. This also means that you won’t need to replace the mattress anytime soon since it’s specially built to last.


Buy from for ($294)




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Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress Review

Last Updated: 18.01.20

Main advantage


When it comes to mattresses, it’s a well-known fact that comfort is the key aspect that should be taken into account. However, Zinus’ Ultima Comfort model does take this one step further, given that the manufacturer included in its construction one of the latest evolutions, namely a bio foam.

This replaces some of the traditional petroleum with a natural plant oil which helps keep the mattress fresh. What this translates into is a comfortable and highly-qualitative sleep for the user, which means increased productivity throughout the next day. You can only imagine why this feature is placed at the top of our preferences.


Main disadvantage


The manufacturer offers three different types of firmness for this model: soft, medium and firm. This is a good thing since you can choose the one you prefer, but on the other hand can also be quite tricky if you place your order but you don’t know which alternative to go for or, as it has happened in certain cases, that buyers were not even aware of the different options.

If you have any questions on the level of firmness that you should go for, you can always contact the manufacturer for further information.

Buy from for ($160.64)



Top 3 features explained



Known for being a pioneer when it comes to comfort innovation, Zinus developed this 8-inch memory foam mattress in such a way that it offers the full necessary support thanks to its high-density foam base layer. This is also the one that ensures lasting durability and stability, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the mattress for quite some time.

The memory foam layer molds to the natural shape of your body for an increased level of comfort. All of these foam layers work together to ensure a great overall experience and a refreshing night’s sleep.


Although we’ve already talked about the different layers, it’s a good idea to take a closer look and understand the way this mattress is actually made. Its construction includes the 2-inch memory foam, a 2-inch pressure relieving layer, as well as the 4-inch high-density base support foam.

Compared to other mattresses in this category, it’s good to know that only the ones using the highest quality foam receive the CertiPUR-US Certification for durability and performance. The Ultima Comfort does check this box, so you can safely give it a try.



Since a mattress is not something that you can easily carry around, the manufacturer came up with a solution for this. Its patented technology allows the item to be efficiently compressed and rolled in order for it to be conveniently shipped to your door.

You also won’t have too much trouble carrying it around the house all the way to its chosen spot before getting it open. As you can very well imagine, once this is done, you won’t be able to move it around that easily, so this smart shipping packaging can definitely come in handy.  


Buy from for ($160.64)




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Sportsman GEN4000 Generator Review

Last Updated: 18.01.20

Main advantage


One of the crucial aspects of a high-quality generator is its running time since this can make a significant difference in the user’s experience, by providing more or less reaction time in case of a power outage or emergency.

For this reason, the fact that Sportsman’s GEN4000 model is a recoil start unit that can run for up to 10 hours, all of this with a 50% load on 3.6 gallons of fuel, then you can only imagine why we’ve considered this feature as the one that makes it special among others in its category.


Main disadvantage


Given the 91 pounds it weighs, moving it around is a two-person job, so don’t think that you will be able to accomplish this on your own unless you have a truly impressive physical force. However, if you don’t, you might want to make sure that there’s someone there to help you place it in the spot where it’s needed.

Click to see the price on Amazon!



Top 3 features explained



What makes a generator such a useful addition for your home or RV is the fact that you can use it to power many appliances and devices. However, in order to do this, it needs to be compatible with more than one outlet. The good news about this Sportsman generator is that it surely fits the bill.

Equipped with four 120-volt outlets, a 12-volt DC outlet for battery charging, as well as with a 120V RV outlet, this is the right choice for either that nice weekend getaway you’ve been planning for quite some time, or for ensuring a quick response in case there’s some temporary power loss or emergency situation.

Fuel source

Since you need to keep this unit ready to be used at any given moment, the fact that it’s powered by unleaded gasoline is a convenient aspect. This also means you’ll easily find the right fuel source, even if you are not in an area you are particularly familiar with in terms of gas stations.

What this also means is that you can easily travel across longer distances and not fear that you’ll need a particular type of fuel that might not be available. For this reason, this model proves to be a trustworthy partner in your long-distance adventures.


Sound level

It’s true that generators might not be perceived as the most silent items that you can have around your home or camping site. However, given this model’s 91 pounds weight and 4000-watt power capability, we think that the decibel operation rating of under 69 dBA is a decent one that you will not perceive as being unbearable.

It’s true that if you are out in the wild, sounds can seem even louder, but even in these conditions, we are pretty sure that you will be pleased with this generator’s operating sound level.


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