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AXESS TVD1801-13 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


The product stands out because it is feature-packed. However, the main characteristic that makes it worth your while is its 1366 x 768 resolution. Because of it, if you purchase this unit, you will be capable of enjoying sharp and bright images while traveling around the country.

Moreover, because the unit has a contrast ratio of 500:1, you will be capable of enjoying realistic colors as well as clear dark and white differentiation. Therefore, the product is perfect for movie nights!


Main disadvantage


Although this unit has received countless positive reviews, it has been noted that the volume level of the device drops when one uses the DVD or other inputs. However, not a lot users have complained about this problem. Therefore, this drawback might not be something that you have to worry about.

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Top 3 features explained


The display

One of the highlights of this product is the fact that it has a sizeable 13-inch display.  Consequently, this item is large enough to allow you to watch movies and TV shows without many difficulties. What is more, the device has a max resolution of 1366×768 that is more than enough on an RV TV. Furthermore, the device functions by using 12V car cord technology.

However, it has been noted that, in order to truly enjoy watching movies on this device, one has to position it at a suitable angle. As one previous buyer has pointed out, if you are using this model and you decide to change your angle of view, the screen washes out almost completely.


As expected, this product also features a built-in DVD player. The model is constructed in such a way so that the DVD player is placed in the back of the unit. Still, the user has direct control over it because it is easy to access thanks to the side insert.

As previous buyers have noted, this feature is one of the most important ones. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that you won’t have issues with the size of the display.


Inputs and other included features

This product has many practical features that you will certainly enjoy using. For instance, when shipped, the item comes supplied with a built-in cable that also functions as an RF jack antenna, a PC-RGB, an HDMI port, and a CVBS Input.

On top of that, it is worth showing that this TV has a very useful USB input. Therefore, you can connect your personal USB device to it and visualize its contents. Additionally, in order to connect the model to a power source, you can use the AC supply included in the design.

Last but not least, you should be happy to find out that the model comes shipped with a very practical remote control that is very intuitive and effortless to use.

All in all, this model is currently regarded as a good purchase. Therefore, if you are still unsure of what RV TV to select, it might be a good idea to take a good look at this unit.


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