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Last Updated: 20.06.19


What are the best camper batteries in 2019?


If you are set on getting the best camper battery for the money, but you simply do not have the needed time to do the necessary research, we are here to help. After going through numerous specialized reviews, we have determined that the Renogy Deep Cycle is the product that you should invest in. This unit can be used to recharge consumer electronics, garden tools, engine starters, and even electric vehicles. Moreover, this 12V deep cycle AGM battery was created for solar storage applications, and it is said to be spill proof and maintenance free. Besides, this high performing model can be utilized on a daily basis as well as a backup power source in case of a power cut. If this device is out of stock, feel free to consider the NPP 6V 200 Amp as it might also be suitable for your needs.



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A short buying guide


As camper batteries reviews are prone to point out, the task of finding such a unit is not easy, especially if one is not sure of what features he/she should look for in a product of this type. To help you purchase a good camper battery, we have composed a list of top-notch models that are worthy of your consideration.

Pros and cons of AGM units


As you probably know, AGM batteries are most suitable when used for vehicles with large power demands, and thus, they make perfect camper batteries. What is more, when compared to flooded lead acid batteries, these units are more likely to stand the test of time, and they are more suitable when it comes to recharging electronic devices.

On top of that, a cheap camper battery like this is said to be capable of charging itself up to five times faster than any of the similar counterparts available online. Also, these products offer a depth-of-discharge of 80 percent, which is 30% more than the flooded units.

As a plus, AGM devices can function in low-temperature conditions. Still, the most significant drawback of such products is the fact that they are quite sensitive to overcharging.




Before you settle for the first model that you can find up for sale, it is best that you take the time to consider the capacity of the device. The capacity of a battery is usually measured in Ampere-hours, and this indication lets you know just how much current the product can deliver in one hour.

Usually, models that have a capacity of over 100 Ah are very powerful, and they normally can store a significant quantity of energy. On top of that, if you intend to travel in areas that are not supplied with electricity, you should get a battery that can support your energy consumption rating without depleting.




Furthermore, your choice should also be made after you consider the voltage of a model. Deep cycle batteries usually have 12V DC. However, you should not forget that in order to use your recently purchased battery, you will need a power inverter that can actively convert direct current to alternating current.

Last but not least, before you make a purchase, you should calculate your energy needs. By doing so, you will have no difficulties when it comes to selecting an appropriate battery that can fit your needs.



Our top picks



Finding the right camper battery for your needs might seem like a challenging task. The good news is that we’re here to help. Read the product reviews listed below and see what some of the most popular models on the market have to offer.


Renogy Deep Cycle


This AGM deep cycle battery has a total capacity of 12 Volt 100Ah / 200Ah. The model is suitable to be used for general purposes such as charging electronics, engine starters, electric vehicles and so on.

This device was built for solar energy storage applications, and it is said to be leak proof and spill proof. Therefore, this product is maintenance free.

Because of its versatility, this unit can be used as a day to day power bank, or it can be utilized in case of a power cut. Likewise, you can take this model with you whenever you intend to go camping in an area that is not supplied with electric energy.

The device is made out of a high-performing, corrosion-resistant Pb-Ca alloy and it has an optimized ability to discharge high-current instantly.

If a single unit of this type is not powerful enough for you, you should consider hooking two or more together.


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NPP 6V 200 Amp


If you are searching for a certified battery that can help you survive going off the grid for a couple of days, take a good look at the NPP 6V 200 Amp. This unit has received many certifications, including the ISO9001, the ISO14001, and the UL certification.

The model can be used as a standby power supply or as a direct source of electricity, in accordance with your needs.

Even more so, you should know that this model has a rugged design and that the case that keeps the battery safe is made from non-corrosive ABS plastic.

Consequently, this unit is resistant to hot and rainy weather. Also, the product is shock and vibration resistant.

Before being sold, all the batteries distributed by NPP have been strictly verified and tested. A one-year warranty covers each unit. Therefore, if you happen to have any problems with your new acquisition, you can contact the manufacturer to sort the issue out.


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NPP 6V 180 Amp


Another product sold by the same retailer is the NPP 6V 180 Amp. This deep cycle battery can be used for numerous applications, including as a standby power supply for your telecommunications system. Still, the unit is equally fit to be used when out camping.

The device has a durable design, and it is said to resist bad weather as well as the effects of chemicals, heat, and vibrations.

Moreover, the item is covered by a warranty that might come in handy. According to the manufacturer, the model has a lifespan of 1200 cycles or approximately five years.

Size-wise, the device measures 10.2 x 7.1 x 9.7 inches. Therefore, you should not find it difficult to store in between uses.

At the time we researched the item, it had not received feedback reviews. Therefore, it is hard to tell where or not prior buyers were happy with their purchase.


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