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Best camping kettle

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best camping kettles in 2022?


We all enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, especially when spending time in nature. If you’re interested in getting the best camping kettle, you should consider our recommendations. Based on the customer reviews that we’ve read and the social media activity we’ve analyzed, it seems an excellent choice for camping kettle is the ovalware POUR OVER. This unit features a fiber-reinforced handle which is heated and angled in such a way that you pour the drink without burning your fingers. Moreover, due to the seamless interior construction, you can drain and clean the kettle every day, without putting in too much effort. There’s no need to use a towel or a mitt when grabbing it because it has a heat-resistant knob. If you can’t find the ovalware POUR OVER, another great option is the Docooler Ultralight.



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A short buying guide


It’s quite a pity not being able to enjoy your favorite beverages while camping with your RV. The majority of people can’t imagine their lives without a cup of hot tea. So, it’s quite understandable why you need to invest in the best kettle for camping. Nevertheless, with so many models for sale, things can get difficult. However, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips mentioned below.   

Size considerations


Camping kettles come in various sizes. If a unit is too large, you’ll have to pay more. Furthermore, the size that you choose has an impact on how much time it requires for your preferred beverage to prepare.

You must take into account the fact that if you have a large family and all of you likes to drink tea, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time making it. So, make sure you opt for a good camping kettle that is suitable for the number of cups you usually drink. Not to mention that it comes handy to have a large kettle if you like to invite friends or family with you for outdoor getaways.


Types of kettles


Several reviews of camping kettles mention that these units can be manufactured from different kinds of materials. Plus, kettles intended for RV use can be outfitted with cooler features that ensure an easy handling.

Stainless steel is a popular option because it is durable, it has a modern design, and it doesn’t take forever to clean. If you don’t mind the weight, you won’t regret the choice because this kettle could last a lifetime.

Kettles made of glass are also appealing, but they tend to break easily if you don’t handle them with care. Aside from this, they heat up gradually so it might take a while until your tea is ready.

It’s crucial that you avoid heating a glass kettle straight over open flames unless the item is outfitted with a metal diffuser.

Just like stainless steel, cast iron pieces are incredibly sturdy and do a great job at retaining heat. However, over time, cast iron is most likely to rust.

If you want something that doesn’t stain or scratch, you might want to bear aluminum kettles in mind. These are energy-efficient and hold up well during traveling or camping.

Another good kettle is the ceramic type that has thicker walls and doesn’t have a tendency to create scale deposits.


Extra features


Besides material and size, you need to look at other features expressed by various camping kettles reviews.

Some tea kettles boast larger lids that can be quickly cleaned and dried. If you don’t have time to do the dishes so often while on holiday, get a kettle with a big, wide lid.

Another essential factor is the pour spout. Kettles that are equipped with a gooseneck spout are ideal for great water flow control. Plus, they can be refilled more easily.



Our top picks



ovalware POUR OVER


After an entire day spent sightseeing or on the road with your RV, you need a cup of fresh tea to keep you warm. Since camping doesn’t provide the same conditions you have at home, you might want to consider a coffee and tea kettle that allows you to zip your favorite beverages whenever you feel like it.

This piece lets you pore at the right speed and temperature and the amount of drink you want to savor. You have control over every step of the process.

Plus, the kettle is easy to clean and doesn’t take forever to dry. Compared to other models, this one is built with a seamless bottom that can be cleaned in a few seconds.

The handle ensures an ergonomic position thanks to the fiber-reinforced and heat resistant features. You won’t burn your fingers because the handle is angled just right to avoid the heat.


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Docooler Ultralight


A camping kettle is handy for outdoor activities because, no matter the season, you can have a cup of tea or coffee even if you’re not in the comfort of your own house.

This unit features a classic design and a compact shape. Also, it is quite lightweight so you can carry it with you when hiking or camping.

Sturdy enough to face any weather conditions and impacts, the kettle is manufactured from anodized aluminum.

To carry the item without worrying about causing damages, you get a mesh bag to store the kettle in complete safety.

In addition to this, this camping kettle is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

In the morning, you’ll get to savor a hot cup of coffee or tea because this kettle boasts great thermal conductivity which keeps your beverage at an ideal temperature for an extended period.  


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Dltsli Silicone


Given the fact that you can’t take your entire collection of kitchen appliances with you on your camping trip, it’s understandable that you need a small and lightweight item that won’t occupy too much space in your luggage.

This compact and portable kettle has a convenient size and is ideal for RV travel. You can make tea, coffee, and soup with it because the kettle can hold up to 42 ounces of fluid.

One interesting feature is that the unit is entirely collapsible. Plus, it is equipped with a built-in lock mechanism that makes the heating process safer and faster.

Thanks to the stainless steel base, you can use it with an electric stove or camping gas tank without having to worry about causing damages to the product.

The kettle is made from silicone and has a plastic handle that can be put straight on a camp stove or cooktop.


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