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Best Garmin RV GPS system

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV GPS systems from Garmin in 2022 ?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best Garmin RV GPS systems, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigational system you need. In determining the best products, we have looked at the user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys, and we have found that the Garmin RV 760LMT is the best because it is engineered to deliver truck routing for driving in the lower states as well as Canada. Offering lifetime map updates, this model also comes with lifetime live traffic updates so you won’t get stuck in between places when accidents happen to other motorists on the road, or when there’s ongoing road works, or other causes of delays. Perfect for the metropolitan RVing lifestyle, this model comes with a generous 7-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen display that allows easy viewing of essential information on displayed maps and directions so you need only a glance to get the data you need. The internal speaker allows you to get easily audible turn-by-turn directions so you can get to your destination in less time. If the Garmin RV 760LMT is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD as it came in second in our search for the best Garmin RV GPS systems.


A short buying guide


RV drivers have unique driving needs considering the type of vehicle they have to maneuver in navigating roads. A genuinely RV-specific GPS unit provides truck routes that avoid U-turns, dense urban streets, sharp turns and narrow roads so you can drive to your destination with fewer worries. What should you consider in a quality Garmin RV GPS system?


The best Garmin RV GPS systems provide dependable RV-specific navigation


Garmin has always dedicated company efforts to delivering GPS devices that cater to specific audiences. Whether for RVing, cycling, fishing, boating or any other activity, the brand carries the exact product you need for your specific lifestyle. Garmin RV GPS units are certainly no exception.

Before you even drive out, an RV GPS from this brand takes the stats or dimensions of your RV, such as the height, weight, length and width of your recreational vehicle, and then uses the data to ensure you travel on routes that can be really used by your RV, without worrying about low overpasses or roadways that have restrictions against your type of vehicle.

Garmin RV GPS devices even come with free exclusive BaseCamp software that lets you plan your trips along specific routes, letting you mark pitstops along the way and do online or electronic route sharing with family and friends.


The best Garmin GPS for RV travel provides a full directory of interesting places to visit


Garmin ensures that every road trip is worth embarking on in your RV. Their RV GPS devices come with a directory of America’s RV Parks and Services, which enables you to easily find a scenic and RV-friendly place to camp out en route to your destination.

The information you get even includes helpful data such as specific amenities you would most likely appreciate in a camping ground for your specific vehicle including free WiFi access, pet friendly accommodations and more. They even come with information on points of interest that are along your route, so you can gas up, dine or purchase supplies and fully enjoy the mobile lifestyle like you’ve never left home at all.


The best Garmin RV GPS for sale reviews give top marks to models with advanced GPS features


Many RV GPS units are geared with Active Lane Guidance to let you know the proper lane to take on the road for your exit. With Junction View, the device shows you junction signposts so you can be on the alert for them when they come into view.

You can even avoid certain highways, roads or toll routes that can disrupt you from taking a more idyllic journey in your RV, thanks to the Route Avoidance feature. Plenty of models are equipped with Garmin Real Voice, which provides natural-sounding directions using refined speech technology. With Garmin Real Directions, traffic lights, building and landmarks are used so you can easily follow directions without constant double checking.

Check out models that let you take phone calls without grabbing your cellphone. You can simply utilize Bluetooth connectivity and use the built-in microphone of the device to answer calls and speak to the caller. Other features include a speed limit indicator, Up Ahead functions and weather updates, among others.



Our top picks


Today’s RVers have no shortage of choices when it comes to RV GPS devices. That also complicates things since you have to be able to make the perfect choice, so let the above buying guide assist you in making a good buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.



Garmin RV 760LMT


A Trip Planner and Navigator rolled into one, the Garmin RV 760LMT provides RV-friendly truck routing for the lower 48 states and Canada, so you can make RV journeys more memorable and fruitful. This exceptional device comes with lifetime live traffic information so you can avoid those routes that will only prevent you from arriving sooner and faster at your destination.

Thanks to the lifetime map updates, you can be sure you’re traveling with the latest map information as you are made aware of any changes on the road even before you get there. The GPS device features a large 7-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen display that facilitates effortless viewing of directions and maps along with other useful information while driving, helping you keep your focus on driving. The internal speaker incorporated into the device ensures the delivery of clear turn-by-turn directions so you won’t miss essential items while driving.

This device enables you to issue voice commands to access its menu and enable device control. The built-in microphone enables you to optimize that functionality. The Active Lane Guidance enables you to take the proper lane before you get to it, effectively preventing confusion and erratic driving. With the junction view feature, you can see junction signposts so you can observe proper driving maneuvers.

With route avoidance, you can avoid roads, tollways and similar items that can delay your arrival at your destination or incur additional costs.

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Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD


Making your RV road trips much easier, the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD was designed with big rigs as an inspiration. Boasting a suite of features, this model starts with the Simple Truck Profile that enables you to input the dimensions of your recreational vehicle so it can provide specific routes that are friendly to the kind of vehicle you are driving.

The Service History Log allows you to record the dates and types of service performed so you can keep track of your vehicle’s condition. Preloaded with the Truck & Trailer Services Directory, this GPS device enables you to find service providers that are relevant to you.

Spoken commands can be used for entering destinations so you can focus on driving as well as the road ahead. The generous 7-inch glass touchscreen display comes with a dual-orientation design so you can choose to have information displayed either in portrait or landscape configuration.

With the Active Lane Guidance feature, you can easily go through challenging interchanges. The junction view feature provides multiple views so you can easily find the correct lane to take. Navigating to specific destinations gets simplified thanks to the Direct Access feature, which enables you to find your way to shopping malls, airports and other similar complex locations within larger ones. The device also provides points of interest so you can promptly pull over when you sight one.

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