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What are the best RV GPS units from Garmin in 2019 ?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best Garmin RV GPS units, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigation system you need. In determining the best products we have looked at user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys and we have found that the Garmin 760LMT RV GPS is the best because of its superior performance and features. The lifetime map updates provided with your purchase are very useful, since you will know exactly what shops and businesses are open, what roads are under construction and so on. When you are on the road, such information is much needed, so you can reach your destination without any mishaps. Encoding the specifications of your vehicle into the unit is really simple, and that will keep you away from narrow roads, and even low bridges, among other road conditions that cannot be tackled by your RV. The large display is brightly lit, so you can easily see the information needed. If the Garmin 760LMT RV GPS is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for the Garmin Dezl 760LMT as it came in a close second in our search for the best Garmin RV GPS units.



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A short buying guide


It can be easy to get lost in unfamiliar territory, and this becomes even worse when driving an RV. Fortunately, RVers can equip their vehicles with the best Garmin RV GPS that simplifies navigation around unfamiliar locations, or help the driver reach a destination safely and easily. What makes the Garmin brand of RV GPS award winning?

High-Resolution Display


Thanks to a high resolution display, the best Garmin RV GPS makes it easy to view displayed information without having to stare closely at the screen. Garmin offers a line of RV GPS units that vary in size from 4.3 inches to 7 inches, enabling buyers to choose which one is most suitable for their needs. A high-resolution display also facilitates reading of data even in poor lighting, and inside vehicles of any size.


Customized RV Routing


Only the best RV GPS system let users enter the vehicle’s weight, height, length and width so it can provide information on the most suitable routes on major roads and highways. This equips the driver to effectively avoid RV-related restrictions including low bridges. Some Garmin models are equipped with specialized truck routing that is ideal for commercial class 8 ratings.


Lifetime Map Updates


Thanks to the Lifetime Map Updates, users can get a specific number of data updates every year, all made available on the brand’s website for the product’s lifetime. The updates given are for the same geographical area that comes with the specific device. The updates are subject to termination when the user violates the terms of agreement for the product.


The importance of getting the right RV GPS


The RV GPS system is one of the most essential tools a driver can have in his/her arsenal since it is able to accurately point out the right direction and deliver invaluable traffic updates that can save up a lot of hours of frustration. 

Since knowing how to pick the right one is a science all in itself, let’s start out and see what are some of the things you need to take into consideration when looking to purchase your new travel buddy.


Some smart features to look for


First things first, it would be a really nice thing if your GPS system would be able to allow you to configure your routes and customize them based on the cities and roads you prefer. Maybe there are some places on the way that you’ve wanted to see for a long time and it would be terribly unfair to deny you this pleasure!

Even better, the navigator can work with a handy map tool to be displayed on a crisp and large screen, preferably with a touchscreen, to allow you to work through it while driving without exposing yourself to dangers.

Most manufacturers also offer free lifetime traffic and map updates when you purchase one of their products, in an effort to make you stay in their camp in the long run.

Another smart feature you can try and get is the customized routing setting adjustment, that will simply require you input your vehicle’s specifications into it and then it will provide you with the ideal route. RVs benefit a lot from this due to the many roads that forbid access to tall or extremely-heavy vehicles.


Keep it safe


Since thieves have gotten more and more creative, especially when it comes to motorized vehicles, security companies have gotten better too and GPS ones did not make an exception. Any good GPS system nowadays will come with a panic button where, in case of something bad happening, you can simply press it and have an operator listen to your device right away.

This feature can be very helpful in case of an accident or even hijacking since the operator is instructed to alert the authorities nearest to you and send proper help your way as soon as possible. 


Keep it flexible


Another element that should not miss from this buying guide is the fact that some GPS models are also portable, which means you can simply mount them on the dashboard or the windshield according to whatever place you prefer and are able to see better when you find yourself behind the wheel.

Usually, the portable models have the same functionalities as the regular ones and have a voice orientation feature that simply tells you where you need to go, eliminating the need to take your eyes off the road.


Keep it within a budget


While you may be quite excited about buying your new toy, doing a little bit of research and financial planning could go a long way toward preventing you from breaking the bank for your new GPS system. 

Compare the costs that you will have to fully cover and the things you are going to receive in return. Consider the monthly fee and the coverage and, if the amount feels like too much, remember that manufacturers can always have a service package that will offer you more than one product and potentially save some money in the future.



Our top picks


Contributing to responsible driving attitude, an RV GPS simplifies travel to a new or unfamiliar location in a recreational vehicle. Asking for directions frequently can be a bother, not to mention the waste of fuel that comes from restarting the vehicle every now and then. Here are three products that are worth investing in.



Garmin 760LMT 


Equipped with a large seven-inch display, the Garmin 760LMT RV GPS is able to offer high resolution, so users can easily view the displayed data in any lighting condition and inside vehicles of any size. This means users can see data effortlessly without squinting or using a magnifying glass.

Thanks to the LIfetime MAP updates, the device keeps the user informed of which businesses are open, closed or newly established. Users can also have information handy of newly constructed roads, so it can be easy to drive along a route that shows the most recent map data made available by Garmin.

Thanks to its customized RV routing feature, the Garmin 760LMT RV GPS lets users encode the length, width, height and weight of the vehicle. This enables the driver to be guided along an appropriate route for major highways and roads while effectively bypassing RV-related restrictions along the way, which include low bridges.

Thanks to Garmin Real Directions, supplemented by the Garmin Real Voice™, the device offers friendly guidance by utilizing buildings, landmarks and traffic lights instead of street names that can be hard to read.



This Garmin device is everything you could need in an RV GPS system since it comes with a seven-inch display that will show you even the smallest of details in a crisp, high resolution.

What this means is that the driver will be able to easily view the data in pretty much any lighting condition and regardless of the vehicle’s interior size.

Even better, users will also get information about the newly constructed roads that they might encounter so that they won’t have any issues.

This Garmin GPS also allows drivers to individually input the length, width, height, and weight of the recreational vehicle, something that is bound to come in handy when you want to bypass the RV-related restrictions on the road.



The product seems to have mixed reviews when it comes to the way it behaves regarding route updates when used on anything other than interstate highways.

Buy from for ($320)




Garmin Dezl 760LMT


A Certified Refurbished device, the Garmin Dezl 760LMT Trucking GPS has been tested and certified by the manufacturer to work like new.

The unit ships with all the original accessories and also ships with a reliable one-year warranty. The large 7-inch touchscreen display is equipped with high resolution at 800 x 480 pixels on the WVGA TFT color display, for clear and vivid details and images.

The white backlight ensures effortless viewing of data. The device guides users along a route specifically made to accommodate the trailer or truck. Drivers can also be guided to the proper lane due to the Active Lane Guidance.

The Garmin Dezl 760LMT creates a specific route perfect for the vehicle, so users can have peace of mind while driving. Simply put in the vehicle’s height, weight, width and length to get the perfect route every time.

The device also assists RVers with Hours of Service (HOS) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) logging. It provides specialized truck routing ideal for commercial class 8 rating.



This product constitutes a special offer from the manufacturer as it has been tested and certified and tested again to work like new, even though it technically is a refurbished device.

To make things even better, this unit will be shipped to you together with all the original accessories and with a very trustworthy one-year warranty.

The 7-inch touchscreen display has a very nice resolution that allows you to see clear and crisp images wherever you go.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about specific RV-routes as the product will guide you on the perfect route, without you having to fuss over it.

Purchasing this item will also net you a lifetime of free traffic updates so that you never get lost wherever you go.



While this GPS system is indeed working as intended when it’s first shipped, it does seem to have some problems after a while.

Buy from




Garmin nuvi 465LMT


Once the Garmin nuvi 465LMT Trucking GPS Navigator is installed in a vehicle, RVers travel more easily even through unfamiliar territory. Designed for the over-the-road trucking sector, the Garmin nuvi 465LMT comes with free lifetime maps and traffic updates.

This means users can always count on the device to provide accurate information. The device is also preloaded with a National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory for unexpected situations while on the road.

It also provides information on truck-specific points of interest, along with specialized routing options for the lower 48 states as well as Canada, so drivers can easily find a suitable route for their specific type of vehicle.

The RV GPS combines the capability of a traffic receiver and a power cable to deliver traffic services for the lifetime of the unit.

Users can effectively avoid getting caught in time-consuming traffic jams, so they can just move continuously and reach their destination more quickly. The device also offers detour information, and all these come absolutely free of subscription fees.



Once this device is installed in your RV, you will forever say goodbye to the fear of traveling through unfamiliar territory since it is specifically designed for working in the over-the-road trucking sector.

Since you’re going to be using it a lot, the manufacturer has made sure to provide you with free lifetime maps and traffic updates, while also preloading it with a National Truck and Trailer Services folder, should the need arise.

This is such a good item that it combines the efforts of a traffic receiver with a power cable to continuously deliver much-needed traffic services for its entire lifetime which should be quite a long while.

Purchasing this unit will also get you specialized routing services not only for the lower 48 states but also for Canada.



While the device does indeed work, the menu could be simpler to operate and could allow for faster results.

Buy from




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