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What are the best GPSes for dirt biking in 2019?


Because researching about the best GPS for dirt bikes can be tedious, we designed this short paragraph to deliver the essential information that the shopper needs to make a wise decision. We have consulted a lot of consumer surveys as well as social media activity on different products to find the popular buyer option, the Garmin eTrex Touch 25. This model features a 2.6-inch, capacitive, color touchscreen that provides an easy interface as well as an easy viewing of the necessary data. It also provides a variety of activity profiles via the easy-to-use navigation system for tracking different outdoor adventures such as fishing, geocaching, biking, hunting, hiking, climbing, and more. With such a versatile device, who needs other models? The built-in mapping functionality includes a worldwide basemap with shaded relief so you can plot your course and not be lost in overwhelming cartographical information. The device also includes a three-axis, tilt-compensated electronic compass that lets you know your heading even when you are stationary and without the need to hold the GPS in a level position. This GPS features a rugged ergonomic design that makes it resistant to dust, dirt, water, and humidity for lasting use. Should stocks of the Garmin eTrex Touch 25 run out, we encourage you to go for what many consider a good second option, the Garmin Oregon 700.


A short buying guide


A car GPS is not the same as a dirt biking GPS, as the latter has to withstand a higher level of ‘torture’ for outdoor use compared to the former. These are the aspects to be looked into when investing in this kind of device for sale.


The ones that get the best GPS for dirt biking reviews boast a rugged design


Dirt biking is not done on a well-paved road with a consistently smooth surface. Therefore, the GPS used for that purpose has to be able to take on any terrain.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, the device also needs a large enough color touchscreen display for a stress-free interface. The control buttons should be large as well for the easy activation of functions even when you are wearing gloves. Some models feature a swipe-anywhere screen that facilitates moving through the different screens with glove-encased hands.

The number one hindrance to the effective operation of a GPS device is vibration. This is something a dirt bike GPS will be often be subjected to considering the rough terrain you will be traversing. The device should allow you to explore various dirt biking terrain without fear of getting lost because of lousy electronic circuitry.

The outer case should be as ergonomically rugged as the internal components. It should feature a shockproof mounting system aside from being weatherproof. This will keep the device protected from any friction from the outside so it stays in one piece and will not deliver erroneous data.

The GPS should be weatherproof because there is a real tendency for it to be in contact with dirt, dust, the wind, moisture, and other environmental factors.


The highly-rated products in the best dirt bike GPS reviews offer excellent navigation


Top products use a huge number of sensors to do their job and can also read and record changing information from electronic shifting systems with a suitable Di2 wireless unit. You can obtain complete USA road network information for clearly spoken, turn-by-turn navigation.

You also need Open Street Maps in case you decide to leave the dirt road. There are devices that provide crowd-sourced trail data showing you cycle tracks, cycle lanes, and bike shops, among other points of interest. This allows you to explore new bike trails and cycle routes and also to record and share what you have discovered on your own.

Devices with custom cycling profiles accommodate different routes designed specifically for the type of bike you ride. On the other hand, you can get recommended routes for mountain biking profiles showing how much of the route is on paved as against dirt roads.

The device has to be able to provide a number of routes that you can select from after you have input the time or distance. You can see the elevation difficulty and gain.


Good dirt bike GPS systems are quite versatile and easy to use


You want the device to have a touchscreen display for an effortless interface and operations. The navigation features should also be easy to use for a variety of activities such as hunting, hiking, climbing, fishing, and geocaching, among many others.

A tilt-compensated electronic compass can show your heading even when you are not moving or holding the GPS level.

A worldwide basemap with shaded relief helps you find your way around, with some models preloaded with either topographical US or Canada maps.

The info on the display should be easy to read, either visually via graphs or bars, numerically, or by gear position. Battery life indicators and alerts allow you to gauge how much power you can still expect from the device during use.


Our top picks


It is not easy to discern good-quality dirt biking GPS devices from the less stellar ones so, for further shopping assistance to the consumer, we have reviewed the best products below.



Garmin eTrex Touch 25


The Garmin eTrex Touch 25 keeps you informed about your exact whereabouts so you never go dirt biking blindly.

This simple device provides sophisticated navigation tools to help you find your way on the biking trail. It comes with a built-in three-axis, tilt-compensated electronic compass to show your heading even when you are in a stationary position and without the need to hold the unit level.

You obtain an easily readable display of your heading on the 2.6-inch color, capacitive touchscreen.

Thanks to the built-in mapping feature, you can refer to a worldwide base map with shaded relief so you can plan your ride around that information.

This model also provides activity profiles with an easy-to-use navigation to suit a variety of outdoor activities including biking, hunting, hiking, geocaching, climbing, and fishing, among many others.

The ergonomically ruggedized design is perfect for outdoor use, as the device can withstand exposure to dirt, dust, water, and humidity. Get uninterrupted operations thanks to the lasting 16-hour battery life.

This model uses GLONASS and GPS satellites to obtain the bearings of your position more quickly. It comes with 250,000 geocaches preloaded from the Geocaching website. To hold more maps, the unit is equipped with a 4GB memory.



Well suited for dirt biking and other outdoor activities, this Garmin product features a built-in three-axis electronic compass which can effectively show heading even when tilted or stationary.

It has a built in mapping feature that effectively offers a detailed physical map of the whole world, with shaded relief and main geographical features. Detailed topographical maps for the US and Canada can be purchased separately.

It has a rugged and compact design, ideal to carry around while engaging in outdoor activities, etc. and it has preset profiles to better suit activities like biking, hiking, hunting, geocaching, climbing, and fishing

It uses both GLONASS and GPS satellites to get a faster bearing of your position, and it already holds 250,000 geocaching locations in its memory to allow you to play this fun game right away.



Most find the optional topographic maps to be overpriced.

Buy from for ($240.71)




Garmin Oregon 700


The Garmin Oregon 700 is a versatile device that becomes an indispensable outdoor companion once you have had a taste of its remarkable functionality. It comes with Bluetooth links and a wireless WiFi link to provide an exceptional geocaching experience. It can be set to remain up to date automatically using the latest caches from the Geocaching website.

This is a rugged navigator engineered to be versatile for use in kayaking, climbing, hunting, hiking, trail riding, and so much more. It is always ready for anything the outdoors can throw at it.

This model comes with multi-link wireless connectivity, whether Bluetooth, Wifi, or ANT+, along with Active Weather support featuring animated radar overlays plus a one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for reliable topographical data.

Serving as a guide on the beaten path and off, this unit also comes with an electronic, triple-axis, tilt-compensated compass to help you find your bearings quickly regardless if you are stationary or moving. The included accelerometer expands the functionality of the tool even further.

The implement also comes with an integrated barometric altimeter that gives elevation data for the accurate monitoring of ascent and descent. Use the barometer to predict weather changes so you can engage in your outdoor activity while staying safe and protected from what may come.



This Garmin product is optimized for an exceptional geocaching experience. It has a Bluetooth link allowing you to closely connect with fellow geocachers and wireless WiFi, together with a setting that automatically updates the latest locations form the Geocaching website.

Connectivity doesn’t stop at Geocaching; however, the Oregon 700 also features ANT+ and Active Weather support which offers animated radar overlays.

Upon purchase, you also receive a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery which provides topographical data from any given area, making expensive topo maps redundant.  

It has a very strong sensor and navigation suite for its size, consisting in an electronic triple-axis, tilt compensated compass and a barometric altimeter that can also be used for general meteorological readings.



It only comes with 1,5 GB of memory, which is fairly low by today’s standards, but it can accept additional SD cards.

Buy from for ($289.99)




Magellan CY0315SGXNA Cyclo 315


The Magellan CY0315SGXNA Cyclo 315 is an exquisitely engineered tool that uses sophisticated GPS technology to help dirt bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts enjoy every minute on the trail.

It is a powerful cycling computer built for the hardcore recreational cyclist. The tri-color touchscreen is exceptionally bright and easy to read in direct sunlight. The unit ships with universal and out-front mounts to facilitate flexibility in installation.

This rugged and water-resistant model is always ready when you are, even when you’ve just taken it out of the package. It comes with superb swipe sensitivity as well as large buttons to facilitate operations even when your hands are in riding gloves.

To expand its functionality, the unit is outfitted with an ANT+ sensor for speed and cadence, as well as a heart rate monitor.

This device allows you to optimize your ride by generating up to 6 custom cycling profiles that, once created, will let you view routes designed for your specific riding style and equipment.

With the preloaded, detailed road base map, as well as the Open Street Map crowdsourced maps, you have access to a maximum of 5,000 tracks and 35,000 cycle lanes in the US. That is in addition to cycling points of interest including restaurants and bicycle shops along the route, just in case you decide to make a pit stop.



As the name suggests, the Magellan Cyclo was designed around the needs of cycling enthusiasts, which makes it particularly suitable for people who are into the sport.

It’s easy to fit on a bike thanks to the two universal out-front mounts, and the screen is unusually bright to meet the requirements of bright daylight during summer months.

It has an integrated heart monitor and an ANT+ sensor for speed and cadence, which allow bikers to control their exertion and adapt their riding style accordingly.

It comes both with a preloaded road base map and the Open Street Map application, which offers a crowdsourced collection of the latest and most popular cycling tracks and lanes to be found in the US.



Multiple users note that you might need to spend a little time updating the software on this device for optimal functionality.

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