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Best GPS for motorhomes

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPS for motorhomes in 2022?


If you simply don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and product descriptions below, this short paragraph should provide the exact information you need about the best GPS for motorhomes. We consulted a lot of expert review sites for travel gear and compared the ratings there with actual user feedback. Thanks to that intensive research and product comparison, we have found what consumers consider the best one in this category, the Garmin RV 760LMT. With its large, capacitive 7-inch display, you can view data clearly every time because of the high resolution, WVGA-TFT, color touchscreen with backlight. This makes it easy to read the information even in the darkened interior of your vehicle. When you buy this device, you will receive free map and traffic updates for the lifetime of the unit. This means you can drive confidently knowing your maps are consistently updated, so you won’t have to worry about not finding street names because of changes or new construction. What’s more, you can obtain information about RV-specific vendors and services, truck stops, repair shops, along with an extensive list of tow facilities and nationwide repair providers. You won’t have to worry when the Garmin RV 760LMT runs out of stock as you can still get the second best option, the Garmin RV 660LMT.



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A short buying guide


A motorhome offers limitless possibilities of road travels simply because you really never leave home at all. It is much like the turtle that has its home on its back anywhere it goes, the only difference being you are more comfortable, and you don’t carry your motorhome on your back. How can you tell you have the best GPS device for sale?



The best RV GPS comes with the perfect screen size for your motorhome


An RV has the windshield quite far from the driver, and this can mean a wide dashboard, which could make it difficult to mount a GPS device at a practical distance for viewing information and details. The only way to overcome this issue, aside from holding the device in your hand the entire time, is to get one with a large enough screen for easy viewing of data.

Apparently, you will need to get an instrument with a large enough screen for effortless and comfortable viewing. GPS devices with 4-inch displays are perfect for cars but not for your motorhome. Something in the 7-inch range would be top notch, but there are smaller screen sizes of 5 inches or so if you feel you don’t need that big of a display at all.

You also need to consider how easy a large screen enables you to input search data.


The best GPS for motorhomes gives you relevant information for the kind of vehicle you drive


An RV is a breed apart from a family van, and neither is it similar to a car. That is why the needs of RV drivers are different when it comes to a GPS device. More importantly, an RV GPS is not just for show, as it serves a special purpose.

For starters, it should offer a comprehensive map of the North American region. The top-tier units even provide lifetime map updates, so you never travel with outdated map data. They also provide digital traffic alerts, so you don’t get caught in bottlenecks. Some models offer detours so you can avoid accidents and clogged traffic flow.

Another crucial feature is customized truck routing, which enables you to input the dimensions of your motorhome so the GPS can find friendly routes for you to drive.

You can even find suitable commercial establishments for just the type of driver you are thanks to a Truck and Trailer Services Directory.


The best travel GPS delivers versatility and flexibility


It is a great bonus if your GPS device includes extra functionality to make it more than just a tool to find destinations with. Look for models with a points-of-interest feature that comprises high ratings from truckers for locations that you should visit including parking, hotels, and eateries.

If you need to take calls on the road, you will surely appreciate Bluetooth technology in your GPS, which enables you to make calls while keeping your hands on the wheel so you wouldn’t need to grab your cell phone when driving.

Spoken directions are cool since you need not glance at the screen too often to get information. You want the directions to be spoken clearly for dependable functionality. Route shaping allows you to get only information on cities or routes that you’d prefer to take on your trip.



Our top picks



It can be a hassle to have to do your own product comparison for GPS devices for motorhomes so the above buying guide should supply the necessary information for that purpose. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping guidance.



Garmin RV 760LMT


The Garmin RV 760LMT is an innovative device that guides you to your destination using state-of-the-art GPS technology. It is a cutting-edge RV Trip Planner and Navigator with a generous-capacity 7-inch screen that facilitates the reading of essential information at just a glance.

With this device, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel so you can focus on safe driving. You can confidently drive to your destination with enough information on the location to help you get by even in unfamiliar places. The device displays the needed data to help you find your way around and not lose your bearings too easily.

Providing suitable routes for your kind of vehicle, this GPS device takes the information on the weight and size of your motorhome and provides a rig-friendly route you can use for travel. It offers the routes in the lower 48 states as well as in Canada. To ensure you have enjoyable RV journeys just like other trailer owners, the device also comes with an RV Trip Planning and Sharing capability.

Every road trip becomes the adventure of a lifetime with the RV Parks and Services directory for America that comes standard with purchase. This feature enables you to know about great campsites for motorhomes. The device also lets you get lifetime map and traffic updates for a dependable functionality.

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Garmin RV 660LMT


Bringing state-of-the-art navigation to the motorhome enthusiast, the Garmin RV 660LMT comes with RV-specific features that ensure safe and easy travel every time. You get customized routing options along with valuable road warnings so you enjoy every trip in your motorhome. This device ensures you get to your destination with less hassle.

This GPS device comes with a refinable directory of RV Parks and Services providers of repair services, along with campground locations that offer the amenities you prefer. It also provides elevation information so you get a heads up on potential steep grades along your driving route, enabling you to take proper precautions or to find less challenging driving terrain.

The Easy Route Shaping feature allows you to modify your route based on your choice of cities or roads so you can avoid those you’d rather not have in your driving itinerary. Thanks to the provided Foursquare data, you can find millions of new and popular points of interest near your destination or while traveling to it.

This is compatible with the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera that can be bought separately to allow you to safely park your vehicle in reverse in unusually busy areas. Get lifetime map and traffic updates so you are always in the loop.

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Rand McNally 7730


Ensuring that you get to your destination fast and easy, the Rand McNally 7730 is designed for the motorhome owner who values every minute on the road. This GPS device provides exceptionally personalized routing for your vehicle so you are not stuck in routes that are not suitable for your motorhome.

This amazing product provides millions of points of interest for RVs, allowing you to find RV campgrounds and parks with ease while being able to explore places that you can visit and that have been included among the Rand McNally Editors’ Picks. This device also offers WiFi-connected services that allow you to check the weather as well as the fuel prices along your route.

You can also access lifetime traffic information everywhere, which helps you avoid the usually clogged thoroughfares for a more idyllic travel along less-known roads. The device also has an Advanced Lane Guidance feature that helps you prepare for what lies ahead on your route, letting you know in advance if you’re nearing a turn or are about to enter a complicated intersection.

This instrument lets you view estimated toll costs that you can compare with routes where no toll is to be paid, allowing you to choose a more cost-efficient or an easier way of getting to your destination. You also get lifetime map updates for the usable life of the unit.

This GPS device has been reengineered inside out starting with its faster processor, updated hardware, plus three user-interface options to make it the best GPS device from the manufacturer. The 7-inch screen size delivers enough capacity to display the critical data for easy viewing at a glance so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

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