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Best GPS for road trips

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPS for road trips in 2022?


We understand if you don’t have the time to go through our informative buying guide and product descriptions below, but this short paragraph has you covered nonetheless. In our own search for the best GPS for road trips, we have consulted dozens of expert review sites for navigation gear and cross checked the ratings there with what actual users have said on social media and based on sales records. Our in-depth product comparison has brought us to what consumers consider the top-selling product, the Magellan RoadMate 9616T-LM. Equipped with an extra-large 7-inch touchscreen display, this GPS allows easy viewing of the essential information at a glance, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The purchase of this GPS entitles you to receive free lifetime map updates, so you need not ever worry about outdated maps again. You can download the latest map data up to 4 times a year, which covers any road name changes or newly built ones you might encounter along the way for the lifetime of the device. You can also avoid costly traffic tickets thanks to Phantom ALERT’s Traffic Camera Alerts. To avoid being stuck without a GPS when the Magellan RoadMate 9616T-LM runs out of stock, you can go for the second best option, the Garmin RV 760LMT.



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A short buying guide


Nowadays, virtually no one travels, especially to unfamiliar locations, without a GPS device. It could be a simple phone app or a standalone device, but this type of gear or app makes it virtually impossible to get lost anywhere. How do you distinguish the best ones for sale from the desperate wannabes?

The best GPS for travel allows you to appraise the traffic situation


If you are the type who sticks to a regular route for your daily commute or when running errands, real-time traffic information is indispensable. You can also evade speed traps, road closures, and road accidents that give rise to traffic congestion if you have a navigation system equipped with traffic updates.

That said, the technology has not been perfected as of this time despite the greater functionality that can be enjoyed from GPS devices. There will be instances when traffic reporting is slow, intermittent, inaccurate, or simply delayed and not real-time.

Oftentimes, phone apps offer real-time traffic information using traffic cameras that also enable you to obtain crowd-sourced advice about detours and clog-ups.


Check out products in the best GPS for road trips reviews that rate high on dependability


To get optimal functionality from a GPS device, it should be equipped with a high-sensitivity receiver, which will make the unit capable of actually knowing what road you are on. A number of travel GPS devices deliver spoken or audible directions but not all of them are built the same.

Some devices feature a text-to-speech technology, which enables them to speak the actual street names. This feature is valuable when traveling to a new location. However, you can barely understand what other devices say owing to unintelligible directions given.

A host of other features can expand the versatility of a GPS device. These include junction view, points of interest, 3D map views, and dynamic lane guidance/assist, among others. While some devices offer free map updates for the lifetime of the device, others provide them for a fee.

Lifetime traffic updates available on subscription are often updated and real-time, while the free ones can experience delays of up to half an hour. Check with the manufacturer how efficient the service is especially when you have to pay a fee.


Select a product in the best travel GPS reviews that is easy to use


The device should come with an easy navigation. It should allow you to type your destination or speak it aloud after which the GPS should provide easy-to-follow directions. The interface should be intuitive, smart, and fast.

The device should provide a great fusion of size and stamina, with a long-life battery to keep it powered for at least two hours. If the screen is too small, the map details can be difficult to view along with other essential information. A handheld model fits into a suitcase with ease. While larger units have a 5 or 7-inch screen, a 4-inch screen is a good compromise for car travel although there are units with a 4.4 or 4.7-inch display.



Our top picks



The number of brands and models of GPS units has steadily risen through the years. Do refer to the above buying guide that can help make you a more informed consumer. We have also described the best products in the next paragraphs for even more buying guidance.



Magellan RoadMate 9616T-LM


The Magellan RoadMate 9616T-LM comes with a large 7-inch touchscreen display that is amazingly vibrant for the easy viewing of information. This enables you to keep your focus on the road ahead and your attention devoted to the safe driving of your vehicle. Get the information you need at just a glance thanks to the large screen.

This product comes with free lifetime map updates, ensuring that you drive with the latest maps available. No need to worry about working with outdated map data, which is important since there are always new roads being built and others getting closed to traffic. You have the privilege of downloading the most recent map information up to 4 times every year.

Phantom Alert also makes available Traffic Camera Alerts that help you steer clear of costly traffic citations and tickets. You can obtain visual and audio warnings of speed traps and red light cameras so you can avoid them.

The Landmark Guidance feature enables you to receive directions using landmarks to point you toward your destination, which is a more intuitive way of directional piloting. You can also have multiple stops just in the order you prefer during your trip or choose to have the GPS offer the most cost-efficient route.

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Garmin RV 760LMT


Giving you civilization on demand, the Garmin RV 760LMT features an extra-large 7-inch display that makes it easy to read map data and information at a glance, helping you devote your attention to the road ahead and your driving instead of bothering about tiny, difficult-to-see details onscreen.

Enjoy lifetime traffic and map updates so you can drive confidently to any destination. This model provides customized RV routing for the US and Canada so you can travel anywhere without losing your bearings.

The device also features an America’s RV Parks and Services directory that guides you to rig-friendly destinations where you can spend the night in your trailer. If you find great enjoyment in the RV lifestyle, the RV trip planning and sharing feature is invaluable. You can also install a wireless backup camera to work with the GPS for safe parking into busy slots.

You can find detours and avoid traffic jams thanks to the combination of a traffic receiver and power cable in one device that helps you keep moving along your route. There’s information on bridge heights, weight restrictions, and other vital information on most major highways and roads. You also get warnings and advisories such as state borders, overhanging trees, steep hills, sharp curves, narrow roads, and lateral winds.

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Magellan Roadmate 2525-LM


The Magellan Roadmate 2525-LM ensures you get to your destination easily and safely. With the purchase of this device, you are entitled to get free lifetime map updates so you can focus on the driving and not on worrying that you have outdated maps. You can download the latest map data up to 4 times a year and for the lifetime of the device.

This device also comes equipped with Traffic Camera Alerts through which you can obtain visual and audio warnings about speed cameras and red lights along the way so you can plan your driving around them. The audible and visual warnings are from crowdsourced data for dependable verification that can be refreshed on the device via the exclusive Magellan Free Content Manager.

The Junction View feature delivers realistic images of the signs on the freeway while arrows direct you to the proper lane so driving is safe, easy, and less tedious. You also get information on premiere parking garage locations, their hours of operation as well as directions to their entryways.

Landmarks are used as guides to advise you on directions, instead of street names that can be confusing. This guarantees a more intuitive means of navigation to make every trip less stressful and more enjoyable every time.

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