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Best GPS for RV and Trucking

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPS units for RVers and truckers in 2022?


If you are searching for the best RV GPS on the market, you got to the right place! After reading a lot about the products in this line, it wasn’t hard to pick just one. We concluded that the Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S is the model you should keep in mind. Thanks to its large, edge-to-edge display with high resolution, you will be able to clearly and easily see your route. Being able to customize the RV routing based on the weight and size of your RV, you will never get stuck on your way. Get access to live traffic, weather information, or available attractions on your path by downloading the free Smartphone Link application to your smartphone. If this option is unavailable, we suggest considering the Garmin RV 760LMT 6-Inch as a product worth keeping in mind.

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A short buying guide

When traveling, there are many things to be aware about, so that your trip is a success and reaching your destination is not deterred by unknown factors. A GPS unit can help you in many situations, and it will especially offer you the best tools to get where you want to go without risking getting lost. When you travel by RV, the challenges ahead of you increase since not all roads and routes are suitable for such vehicles. This buying guide is focused on the most important features the best RV GPS units on the market should have.


Screen size and resolution


One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you are shopping for a GPS unit for your RV is screen size and its resolution. Why are such details important? When you are traveling, you need to be able to see clearly what waits for you on the road, and a model with a too small screen will not be as visible as one with a larger display. Also, since these are touchscreen models, you must be able to enter new destinations with great ease, which, again, is something difficult to achieve on a small screen. 7 inch screens are the best and the resolution they should have must be 800×480 pixels, so that they are clear enough to read.


Text to speech


A nice feature to have in a RV GPS unit is text to speech. The unit will be able to tell you, loud and clear the name of the streets you are on, so you can clearly see the route to your destination and have an idea where you are. Since looking at the GPS display all the time is not recommended, such a feature comes in handy and it decreases the risk of an accident.


RV specialized routing


RVs and trucks are different from other vehicles. They are larger and more difficult to accommodate by narrower streets or lower bridges. To avoid mishaps, an RV GPS unit should warn you, ahead of time, of the routes that are more difficult to take. The possibility to introduce the specs of your vehicle is an added bonus.


Our top picks


We have read the best RV GPS reviews and we have identified the best units around. They are showcased below, along with their most important features.


Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S


Making every trip in your RV more enjoyable, less stressful, and safer, the Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S is an ideal companion to your recreational vehicle. It provides the worry-free navigation that a paper map and a compass would be hard up to match. You get lifetime traffic and map updates so you don’t drive with obsolete information considering how demanding the conditions of driving an RV can be.

Get maps for the whole of North America for pleasurable trips with the family. The large, 7-inch color touchscreen display lets you view more information at a glance, so you can concentrate on driving above all else. The unit gives custom routing and road warnings according to the weight and size of your RV or towable trailer.

You also get a Directory of RV Parks and Services to keep you ready for anything that may happen on the road. The Easy Route Shaping feature makes every trip enjoyable so you get to your destination using the idyllic route through your favorite highways and roads.

With the data provided by Foursquare and TripAdvisor, you get information on countless new and popular destinations to be visited and explored. You can also issue spoken instructions to the unit and it also provides spoken directions and guidance with clear, turn-by-turn directions.



One of the innovative features of this GPS is the Easy Route Shaping that lets you enjoy the ride every time by enabling you to pick which roads to include during your travel to reflect your driving style and preference.

Make the most of the information provided by Foursquare and TripAdvisor so you can get familiar with new and popular places to explore and drive to.

You can take incoming calls and read texts conveniently on the display and also make calls without taking your hands off the wheel thanks to the integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

Optimize spoken, hands-free instructions from the navigator, which also speaks back to you with audible turn-by-turn directions as well as other valuable information such as Active Lane Guidance and Junction View for stress-free rides.

You always drive with updated cartographical data thanks to the regular Lifetime Free Traffic and Map Updates.



This model tends to run out of stock easily, which may be due to how popular it is with consumers.

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Garmin RV 760LMT


1.Garmin RV 760LMTIf you are looking for a great dependable GPS for RV and trucking, the Garmin RV 760LMT fits the bill just right. Its 7 inch touchscreen display is large enough for you to see the information clearly, and its superior resolution and nice colors with backlight helps you see your route even when you are traveling in the dark. An array of great features recommends this RV GPS unit.

It helps you learn about specific services for RVs and trucks, by letting you know where you can find a repair shop or a tow facility, including the ones that offer on the road services, in case you get stranded.

The size of your RV is taken into consideration when your route is calculated. Therefore you will not happen to stumble upon unpleasant situations where your RV remains stuck in front of a bridge that is too low to allow passage or ends up on a narrow street. All these and the voice navigation system that lets you communicate your commands verbally round up a truly reliable product.



The large resolution and WVGA TFT color display paired with the use of touchscreen technology is what’s going to convince you of this product’s worth. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s fast to operate, and you won’t have trouble reading the instructions from a large screen.

You can plan your route by taking into consideration different restrictions that refer to your vehicle’s height, width, length or height.

A few caution options are added to increase the safety of your trips, including lateral wind, risks of grounding, sharp curves or narrow roads.

One thing that makes this item pretty unique is that it responds to vocal commands, meaning that its voice-activated navigation will intelligently respond to your inquiries.



Some customers who have tried this product have stated that its instructions can be difficult to decipher and sometimes the maps are slightly unaware of recent changes.

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Garmin Dezl 760LMT


2.Garmin Dezl 760LMTWhen you are using the Garmin Dezl 760LMT, there is no reason for you to worry that you might get lost. The large screen offers clear, easy to read information and its specialized RV and truck routing system provides you with specific information on RV services.

The dimensions of your RV or truck, such as height and width, are taken into account, so you will be offered the best route towards your destination. Lifetime maps and traffic support are readily included with your purchase, and you will be able to relax knowing that everything is well taken care of.

In case there are road restrictions that affect your ease of traveling, based on your truck profile, the unit will let you know right away. Even if you do not travel with an established route, you will still get these warnings, which is pretty awesome, since it means that you will not risk getting stuck and having to go back, because your way is blocked by low bridges or narrow roads.



Perhaps the most notable feature this product has to offer is its high-resolution wide 7-inch display with WVGA TFT color display, paired with white backlight. All this technical info loosely translates into an item that’s easy to use and display instructions that are clearly visible.

If you buy this navigator, you won’t have to worry about additional costs because map updates are free for the entire time that you’re going to be using it.

Should you need truck routes designed in accordance with your vehicle’s size and weight, this model will provide them for you.

Even if you choose to drive without programming a route, your device will display certain caution alerts for road restrictions concerning large vehicles.



A couple of customers who have tried this navigator have complained that in certain regions of the United States the maps are slightly inaccurate.

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Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD


3.Garmin dēzl 770LMTHDThere is nothing more important when you are traveling than your peace of mind. Garmin is a company well known for making great GPS units and the ones dedicated for RV and trucks are no exception to the rule. The one reviewed here is called the Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD and it comes equipped with nice features that will offer you the best conditions for navigating towards your destination without any mishaps.

A service directory dedicated to trucks and trailers is readily available. You will know exactly what and where you are going to find, in case you are in need of a hotel that allows you to park your RV in their parking lot, or a restaurant.

The Foursquare application will let you search for the best shops and restaurants that can accommodate your RV. The truck routing service lets you introduce the size and weight of your vehicle, for customized routing.



A special feature this navigator has to offer is the ability to search points of interest rated by fellow truck drivers. This way it will be easier for you to find the best hotels, restaurants and parking spots.

You can also search different truck stops and filter them according to your preferences. The Dezl 770LMTHD model will allow you to customize your work life to ensure your comfort.

Speaking of customization, special truck routes designed in accordance with your vehicle’s size and weight will be created for you, depending on the different road restrictions you encounter on your way.

The logging feature will allow you to keep track of many things that you usually disregard, such as hours of service, fuel use or route maintenance.



A few customers have complained that you must spend quite a bit of time, in the beginning, to get to know the settings of this navigator, but it gets easier in time.

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