Best GPS for RV in 2019

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What are the best GPSes for RV travel in 2019?


This short paragraph is meant to tell you everything you need to know about the best rated GPS for RVs if you can’t go through our definitive buying guide. According to buyer satisfaction and efficiency ratings as well as user feedback, the Garmin RV 760LMT is the best because of its large 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display that enables you to view as much information as possible with just a glance. The color display comes with a white backlight for hassle-free viewing in dim lighting conditions. The included free lifetime map and traffic updates provide essential information on RV-specific services and vendors, truck stops and repair shops, along with a comprehensive list of tow and repair facilities nationwide. If the Garmin RV 760LMT is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Magellan RV 9365T-LMB RoadMate.




A short buying guide

In today’s world where it’s no longer possible not to find anyone or anything, there’s no excuse for anyone to get lost anymore. This is most especially when you are driving your vehicle somewhere unfamiliar,and you happen to be driving something as big as an RV. Amidst the host of brands and models on the market, how can you tell which ones are the distinct best GPS for RV owners from the less stellar ones?


Has an easily viewable screen


The display screen of an RV GPS can vary in size from a small 3.5 inches to the largest at 7 inches. You can save on costs with a small screen but you’ll have to contend with equally small touchscreen buttons as well as difficult-to-see text and images onscreen. Entering an address in such small real estate can easily become a tiresome issue, especially when you need to keep your eyes constantly on the road. Let’s also not forget that not all people’s fingers have the same size and fat fingers can make information entry a pain.

On the other hand, a large unit presents greater heft that won’t be easy to carry. Viewing the road can aso get hampered by the large screen once the device is mounted to the windshield. Perhaps if measured diagonally, a 3.5-inch screen may seem big enough but there’s the ease of use and readability that come with a larger 7-inch screen. Of course, you could always go for a 5-inch unit but they are more suitable for other kinds of vehicles such as a full -size truck that comes with a windshield distant enough from the driver.


Mountability and power source


Plenty of portable GPS units featured in the best RV GPS reviews come with an angled rigid arm that enables attachment to an included suction cup. There are also gooseneck models, which are less popular because of their tendency to vibrate while the vehicle is moving. Make sure to verify state laws on the restriction to the attachment of devices to a vehicle’s windshield. Models that feature an internal power supply present a cleaner look because of the absence of cords. All portable GPS units come with a rechargeable internal battery that you can charge using the RV’s 12-volt power outlet.


A host of neat GPS features


The best GPS for RV in 2019 does not simply give directional instructions such as which direction ahead, left or right, to turn, but can even tell you which route number, street or highway to take. Helping you keep your eyes on the road, this innovative text-to-speech feature is a nifty one to have in your GPS. Despite coverage being generally confined to primary thoroughfares in just a limited number of cities, real-time traffic reports let you know of any slowdown sources or problems before you get to them so you can choose not to include those routes at your option, helping you skirt recognized congestion issues.

Predictive data entry plus dynamic search enables faster input of the city name or destination address. The letters are highlighted on the onscreen keyboard for completing a recognized name as well as the letter that goes next, enabling quicker entry. Meanwhile, dynamic search lets you type an address and does its own narrowing down of usual choices. It allows the device to present a number of different choices that start with the same common prefix, such as La or San, so you simply scroll down and make a choice or keep on typing. On some devices, you can even opt to skip specific roads on the route at your option.


Our top picks


There’s now a large number of models and brands of RV GPS to choose from, which can make even the most seasoned RV user confused. Go over the above buying guide again for buying information that should help you make a good choice. The best products have also been featured below for even more help.



Garmin RV 760LMT


1-garmin-rv-760lmtEquipped with a large 7-inch touchscreen display boasting high resolution, the Garmin RV 760LMT features a white backlit WVGA TFT color display that enables problem-free viewing.

You can obtain handy information on RV-specific services and vendors as well as truck stops, repair shops and an extensive list of tow and repair facilities via free lifetime map and traffic updates. Based on customizable restrictions, the device provides specialized RV routing to suit the specific height, weight, length and width of your RV.

This lightweight device weighs only 12 ounces and comes with a lithium battery so you can use it right out of the box. It also provides advisories and cautions including narrow roads, risks of grounding, sharp curves and more. With its voice-activated feature, the device responds to verbal commands.

This specific model can be used with the Garmin BC 20 wireless backup camera, helping you maneuver or park your RV easily and without incident. It comes with America’s RV Parks and Services Directory of almost 20,000 RV Parks and Services in the US and Canada. Traffic services are included for the useful lifetime of the GPS.



Thanks to the unit’s enormous 7-inch display, you can view important data at a short glance, which helps ensure your safety on the road because you wouldn’t have to squint to see vital information.

This device comes with free lifetime map and traffic updates, helping frequent travelers make the most of their routes without worrying about outdated map information.

This device lets you find RV-friendly services and vendors simply because the needs of your rig are unique in themselves and should not be compared to what a car needs.

The specialized RV routing allows you to use rig-friendly routes that won’t leave you stranded simply because the roads are too narrow, the bridges are too tight or don’t have enough clearance to let you pass through under or over them.

This device provides advisories and warnings to protect you from getting grounded on the road, getting delayed because of weather conditions, being unable to use narrow roads, or being in danger from steep hills, overhanging trees, sharp curves, or being stopped at state borders.



Freezing of the screen during use in metropolitan areas is an issue that one customer wants to ask the manufacturer about.

Buy from for ($299)



Magellan RV 9365T-LMB RoadMate


2-magellan-rv-9365t-lmb-roadmateProviding customizable routes to suit the profile and dimensions of your motorhome or RV, the Magellan RV 9365T-LMB RoadMate easily becomes your one-stop RV resource to enhance every aspect of your RV driving experience.

It comes with preloaded data that includes AAA Tour book, RV Dump Stations, Good Sam Campground Directory, among many others. The device ensures your driving safety with its Speed Limit warnings, Lane Assist, Junction View, Landmark Guidance and many more.

For the lifetime of the device, you are provided with Free Lifetime Map Updates. The 7-inch screen makes it easy to view and read information. This device helps you drive safely even when you are towing other recreational vehicles such as boats and fifth-wheel campers. It delivers convenient trip planning features to enable you to successfully hurdle the typically herculean task of driving an RV or towing a recreational vehicle, regardless of size.

The device provides the best features and navigational tools to ensure a smooth and easy journey every time.



This device delivers customizable rig routes based on the dimensions of your vehicle to ensure that you take the proper truck routes to your destination.

The device is a virtual one-stop RV resource campground directory, showing the RV Dump Stations, AAA Tour Books, and a whole lot more other useful services.

For consistently safe navigation, the GPS device is equipped with superb features such as Junction View, Speed Limit Warnings, Lane Assist, and Lane Guidance, to name just a few.

For the lifetime of the device, you can receive timely free lifetime map updates, so you don’t drive with disappointingly outdated map data.

The device facilitates easy Bluetooth hands-free calling, so you can transition it to a hands-free speaker phone at your convenient option.



One customer says the operation of the device is not very intuitive, but it could be due to not overcoming the learning curve for the GPS adequately for optimal functionality.

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Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM


3-rand-mcnally-rvnd-7730-lm-rv-gpsThe Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM allows you to track your RV fuel purchases and fuel economy via fuel logs. It allows you to see what’s behind you with video input for backup cameras, being compatible with a wide variety of cameras for enhanced flexibility. With Lifetime Maps, you get updates for as long as you own the GPS.

As the third-generation GPS device designed by Rand McNally for RV travelers and RV adventurers, the device has undergone serious redesigning inside and out. It comes with a faster processor backed by new hardware, along with two new graphical user interface options. You can now choose from the Classic as well as Ice and Carbon View.

It provides the perfect tie-up of the brand’s top ranking navigation capability and a host of fresh features including toll cost estimates and advanced lane guidance by employing state-of-the-art technology and RV tools. This RV GPS even lets you view toll costs and compare routes that need no toll payments. The advanced Lane Guidance feature tells you the right lanes to use, regardless if you are headed toward an elaborate intersection or approaching a turn.



Built for the trucking and trailer lifestyle, this navigation instrument lets you track your fuel purchases while inputting the fuel economy element into the fuel log so you can plan your trips without running out of gas on the road.

This GPS device is compatible for use with a back-up camera that can deliver video input from behind you for safe and efficient parking.

This device is a third-generation model that has been reengineered from the outside to the inside to ensure optimal functionality and matchless service.

The instrument comes with fresh features including advanced lane guidance to enable you to take a turn in a timely fashion, along with toll cost estimates that enable you to choose less costly routes.

The unit offers a broad range of services that other GPS devices do not have, including three user interface options for more detail and easier use.



One user has noted that the screen has to be pressed really hard for the system to recognize your inputs, but this could be due to the thick and tough display screen.

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