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Best GPS for RV travel

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPSes for RVers in 2022?


In this short paragraph, you can find out what the best GPS for RVers is, especially if you do not have enough time to go over our comprehensive buying guide. According to buyer and efficiency ratings, as well as user feedback, the Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S is the model you should consider because of its large, high-resolution, 6.95-inch display which is also edge-to-edge. All these features make this model easy to see while on the road. The unit also comes with hands-free options such as voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth calling 3, and smart notifications 5. Downloading and installing the free Smartphone Link application compatible with your smartphone will offer you access to free live traffic, basic weather, or you can find suggested attractions along your route to make your journey more fun and interesting. In the unfortunate event our first suggestion is unavailable, you can search for the Garmin RV 660LMT 6-Inch which is our second-best pick.



A short buying guide

A premium quality RV GPS lets you stay on track during your RV travels, serving as an efficient co-pilot without the need to take along a whole stack of paper maps and to contend with confusing signs and equally confounding directions from a resident you just asked on the street. How do you know you’ve got the best GPS for RVs?


Comes with an easy-to-read screen size


The best RV GPS reviews feature a variety of products with varying screen sizes, from the smallest at 3.5 inches to the largest at 7 inches. If you have chunky fingers, using the small touchscreen keyboard on a small screen can prove to be difficult. The small touchscreen buttons could easily let you miss your intended target letters many times, making information entry exasperating. On the other hand, a larger unit can be heavier so carrying won’t be as easy. Once the large device gets mounted on the vehicle’s windshield, it could also obstruct optimal road viewing. The diagonal screen measurement of a 3.5-inch device may seem sufficient at best, but for more effortless use and reading, the extra size and width of a 7-inch screen could be a better option. There are more and more models with 5-inch screens but they are more suited for full-size trucks and vehicles with the windshield positioned far away from the driver.


Offers reliable GPS features


The best GPS for RV travel in 2022 does not simply issue generic instructions such as ‘take a left turn ahead’ or other non-specific information. Instead, it tells you the name of the street, highway or the route number, to simplify things. This text-to-speed feature helps you drive safely because you can focus on the road ahead and not on the device. You can take note of slowdown sources or problems along your route before you get to them if the device provides real-time traffic reports. This type of capability is typically confined to major thoroughfares and highways in a select number of cities but it does help you skip recognized patterns of buildup.

With dynamic search, it becomes easier to search for locations that have shared designations such as San or Los, since you are presented with a list of choices, so you can either select one of keep on typing more letters. With predictive data entry, the onscreen keyboard highlights letters to complete a widely searched name, even highlighting the letter that comes next to enable quicker typing.

You can even have other devices let you know of toll roads along your route that you may want to skip altogether. Other inclusions are multiple trips, walking or biking routes. You can get an alternative route using a manual detour feature or button, and also choose a specific distance while avoiding traffic issues. Lane assistance and reality view are also available in some models.


Comes with convenient power supply and mountability


You can power the RV GPS through the 12-volt socket of your vehicle. Portable models come with a rechargeable internal battery, thereby preventing clutter from cords. Mounting of portable GPS units on the windshield can be done with some models that feature a rigid angled arm that attaches to a suction cup. This is more preferred by many users over the gooseneck type of attachment that has a tendency to vibrate while the RV is in motion. Do check on windshield and placement restrictions provided by state laws for car accessories.


Our top picks


You can choose from many different RV GPS brands and models for sale on the market. The buying guide above is designed to help you become a more educated buyer. The best products are also presented below for more shopping assistance.



Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S


The Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S comes loaded with useful features to make every road trip in your recreational vehicle safe, enjoyable, and easy. Drive pleasurably over the open road using the traffic and map information that are regularly updated to ensure you don’t drive with outdated information.

Get cartographical information for the entire North American region. The roomy, 7-inch color touchscreen display provides stress-free viewing of essential information at a simple glance so you can concentrate on the drive more than anything else.

You also get timely road warnings and custom routing according to the weight and size of your RV or towable trailer so you are not stuck under a low-clearance bridge or one made for lighter vehicles. Drive on RV-friendly roads and for any eventuality, you are also given access to a Directory of RV Parks and Services.

Foursquare and TripAdvisor have provided valuable data on numerous new and popular destinations that you can visit and explore. Use hands-free, spoken directions to command the navigator to search for destinations. The device gives spoken turn-by-turn directions as well so you need not look at the screen all the time.

The Easy Route Shaping functionality lets you choose the scenic route to your destination so you can enjoy every road adventure.



Get valuable information to make every road trip easy, safe, and enjoyable, with critical data such as Junction View and Active Lane Guidance to take away the stress of driving.

The integrated Bluetooth connectivity shows you texts and incoming calls on the display so you can focus on the road ahead, in addition to making calls without touching your cell phone.

You have access to the information from Foursquare and TripAdvisor about new and trendy destinations for visits and exploration.

If you like taking the idyllic route to your destinations, be free to pick your favorite roads according to your personal driving preferences and style.

Drive with confidence to every destination of your choosing with regularly updated Traffic and Map information that keeps you in the loop on changes for cartographical and traffic schemes or configurations.



This model can get quite difficult to find because it easily runs out of stock at your favorite seller sites.

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Garmin RV 660LMT


3-garmin-rv-660lmtOutfitted with a neat 6-inch display, the Garmin RV 660LMT enables you to enjoy the freedom of the open road through effective guidance while traveling.

The device easily fits your truck, car or RV, while providing customized vehicle routing suitable to the make of your RV.

The device comes with road warnings on which roads don’t provide problem-free and smooth driving for your vehicle. It also comes with a directory for RV Parks and Services along with Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates so you will not have to drive blind through unfamiliar territory.

The supplied combination power cable/traffic receiver lets you receive free traffic information for the useful life of the GPS, enabling you to avoid traffic jams or to search for time-saving detours that enable you to prevent stalls due to traffic congestions.

The Elevation Information makes you aware of steep grades on your route. The Easy Route Shaping feature enables you to customize your route to include your preferred cities and roads.



This item’s 6-inch display is large and easy to read, making it a lot less hard for you to decipher instruction, especially during nighttime.

By using the Custom RV Route function, you can adjust your desired track only to take the roads that are compatible with your vehicle’s weight and dimensions, this way saving you a lot of time and guesswork.

The Elevating Profile feature will display a 3D view of your route, making it easier to spot difficult areas such as steep grades and thus avoid them in order to stay safe during your travels.

Road warnings will be displayed on the screen for elements that may interfere with your route, such as sharp curves, bridge heights, or for certain road restrictions such as weight limits.



Some customers have complained that despite having a fairly large screen, this product doesn’t display much info at the same time.

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Unavailable products


Garmin RV 760LMT


1-garmin-rv-760lmtOffering a host of features that makes RV travel more hassle-free, the Garmin RV 760LMT is designed for RVers and those who just love having RV adventures. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display that has the driving map constantly viewable on the screen along with any extra information you may need.

The information may include current speed, speed limits, school-zone warnings and accurate time of arrival.

The device ships to you with preloaded America RV Parks and Services Directory, including an in depth listing of almost 20,000 RV campgrounds and parks in the US and Canada, as well as state and national parks along with privately-maintained campgrounds. You can search the directory using preferred amenities, enabling you to find what you want more easily, such as pet-friendly campsites or free WiFi.

You can check out over 14,000 service locations in the directory, and these can include tire shops, towing services, repair centers and truck stops. With the revolutionary Voice Command feature, you can enjoy voice-activated navigation to augment the touchscreen interface, which can help you focus on driving without losing your way.




Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM


2-rand-mcnally-rvnd-7730Be able to monitor your fuel purchases and ensure fuel economy through convenient fuel logs with the Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM. This RV GPS allows you to get Lifetime Map updates as long as you own it. It’s the third-generation GPS device from Rand McNally engineered to handle the unique navigation needs of RVers.

It has undergone serious redesigning from the inside out with new hardware, a faster processor plus two fresh graphical user interface options. It also allows you to see what’s behind you thanks to its video input that enables use with a backup camera, flexible enough to accommodate a variety of cameras.

Toll cost estimates and advanced lane guidance are just two of the new features the device comes with, and together with the brand’s ever-popular navigation, the Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM is easily the best investment you can make for your RV.

It even allows you to compare routes with and without tolls so you can choose what you want for your travels. The advanced lane guidance feature lets you know which lane to take before you go through a complex intersection or a turn.