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Best GPS for RVers

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPS systems for RVers in 2022?


If you don’t have time to read our detailed buying guide with valuable information compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best GPS for RVers, this short paragraph should tell you everything. Through careful product research and comparison, we have found the best one in this category, the Garmin RV 760LMT. Equipped with a capacitive 7-inch display, this GPS allows you to view content on its Lifetime MAPS, including when businesses open and close and new roads built so you drive knowing the proper routes to take. Providing customized RV routing, this product guides you along the most suitable routes for your specific vehicle type on most major thoroughfares and highways. Equipped with Garmin Real Directions and Garmin Real Voice™, this product may easily run out of stock because of its huge popularity but you can get the second best option, the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD.




A short buying guide

With today’s GPS technology, there’s virtually no excuse for getting lost even in an unfamiliar location. With smartphones and cars being equipped with global positioning systems, road travel on a huge vehicle such as an RV has become easier. Now what do the best GPS for RV use come with that more inferior products can’t boast?


Suitable size for your needs


People who find it difficult to decipher maps will appreciate models with larger screens. There are now plenty of portable navigation devices (PNDs) for vans, commercial trucks, and RVs that have their dashboards designed farther away from where the driver is. These models are designed to address the specific routing assistance needs of larger vehicles, with their larger displays, clear resolution, easy navigation plus proper routing to suit the vehicle’s dimensions, including low-bridge clearance and parkway limits. The best portable GPS for RV even packs into a suitcase but should still feature a large-enough screen, with something between 4 and 4.7 inches serving as a sufficient compromise. A 7-inch screen is the best for RV use, though


Easy to use


The prime objective in the design of the best rated GPS for RVs is simple and effortless navigation. With the size of an RV or truck being what it is, the GPS should make driving truly easier and not create more complications instead. A model that offers voice-activated interface would be great. So will a unit that has predictive data entry technology, which allows you to type in a few letters and the unit presents a number of options so you can simply select the applicable one. The device should provide the most helpful directions. You want the interface to be intuitive and not awkward nor slow.


Helps you keep track of traffic while showing stamina


Being stuck in traffic in an RV or truck can be exasperating. You can’t stay in the far right lane because in larger cities, there are plenty of on and off freeway ramps as well as lots of merging traffic. In addition, you are driving a big, heavy rig that puts you at a disadvantage when accelerating and braking compared to the cars around you. Therefore, you want the best GPS for RV that provides real-time traffic information so you’ll know way ahead of time about road closures, accidents and speed traps. Bear in mind that traffic reporting on a portable GPS may be outdated or even inaccurate. You want the unit to also have reliable battery life, such as providing at least two hours of use for a charge in case it’s rechargeable, or problem-free attachment to your vehicle’s power supply via a car power adapter.


Our top picks


There are plenty of options on RV and trucking GPS units, so the consumer may have to go over many GPS for RV reviews or buying guides like the one above to ensure a good buy. We have showcased the best products below to help you enjoy your buying journey with less stress and more information.



Garmin RV 760LMT


1-garmin-rv-760lmtEquipped with a generous-capacity 7-inch display, the Garmin RV 760LMT is an RV Trip Planner and Navigator that helps you get to your destination easily in your big rig. It ships with a convenient BC 20 wireless backup camera that makes parking and reverse driving less stressful. The large display shows you lifetime map and traffic updates along with America’s RV Parks and Services directory so you can easily know where to go even before you reach your destination. You can always drive with the latest maps plus information on points of interest thanks to the map updates sent to the device for its useful lifetime. The unit also comes with a combination power cable/traffic receiver that ensures you can avoid traffic jams and find detours quickly so you keep moving.

This device ensures customized RV routing through detailed US and Canada maps that include RV-relevant restrictions such as bridge clearances and heights for most major thoroughfares and highways. Easy to use, the device enables you to simply enter the dimensions of your RV so you can receive the most suitable route to take. The Lifetime MAPS also include information on opening and closing times of businesses as well as newly constructed roads so you can drive knowing the proper routes to take. Thanks to Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice™, you are guided like a friend on the extra loud speakers through the use of buildings, landmarks and traffic lights instead of street names that are impossible to read.



Outfitted with a capacitive 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display, this navigation device guarantees clear onscreen information and images thanks to its 800 x 480 pixels and the WVGA TFT color display with white backlight, which means the easy reading of data.

The device provides RV-specific vendors and services as well as truck stops, along with an extensive list of repair and tow facilities across the country, including establishments that provide after-hours road service.

Get specialized RV routing according to your vehicle’s crucial dimensions such as the weight and height, and the width and length so you don’t get stuck someplace because your vehicle won’t fit.

You also receive advisories and warnings that include lateral wind, a risk of grounding, steep hills or inclines, narrow roads, overhanging trees, state borders, sharp curves, and other similar route conditions that can hamper safe and easy travel.

The voice-activated navigation enables the device to respond to spoken commands on route directions intuitively.



Like most other units in its class, this device does not include restroom areas among its What’s Up Ahead menu of information.

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Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD


2-garmin-dezl-770lmthdNavigation just got easier for RVs and trucks with the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD. Engineered for the RV lifestyle, this model comes with a useful Truck and Trailer Services Directory that allows you to find and narrow down truck stops by preferred amenities or brand names. You can easily locate points of interest that have been highly rated by truckers like you and these include restaurants, hotels and parking. The device also provides logging capability for fuel use, hours of service and truck maintenance, among others. Be guided by Foursquare, which allows you to search millions of additional popular and new eateries, shops and more.

With its customized truck routing, this device lets you input the weight and size of your rig to provide useful information on bridge heights or clearances for major highways and roads so you don’t get stuck under. You also get road warnings such as weight limits so you can plan your route. This model is even Bluetooth-enabled so you can take and make calls while keeping your hands on the wheel of the vehicle at all times. It can also be used with a separately-bought Bluetooth headset. With Easy Route Shaping, you can easily change your routes just by touching the screen so they include your cities or roads of choice. Thanks to the spoken Garmin Real Directions, you are guided like a friend using traffic lights and landmarks to get to your destination.



Created with big rigs in mind, this GPS device provides customized routing in accordance with the weight, height, width, and length of your truck so you can travel on rig-friendly routes.

You can also record the dates you have gotten truck service and the type done on your rig to be input into the Service History Log.

You can find services that are significant for your trailer thanks to the preloaded Truck & Trailer Services Directory, which ensures you end up in rig-friendly areas.

Spoken commands can be used to enter destinations to keep your hands on the wheel and your full attention to driving, for safe travels.

The 7-inch dual-orientation touchscreen comes with an easily readable interface while enabling you to read in a configuration that is comfortable for you.



Like many others in its class, this refurbished GPS device does not come with free lifetime map updates, but the user can still enjoy accurate routing as it takes you where you want to go.

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Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM


3-rand-mcnally-rvnd-7730The Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM is the brand’s third-generation device designed specifically for the RV lifestyle. This state-of-the-art device has undergone expert redesigning inside and out, and now boasts a faster processor along with new hardware and two new graphical user interface options. You get new features including advanced lane guidance and toll estimates, so you can plan your routes way ahead of time according to the most cost-effective ones that are also the most economical for your needs. When you view toll costs, you can easily compare routes without tolls.

The advanced lane guidance lets you know which lane to take, no matter if you are about to approach a turn or are heading through an elaborate intersection. You now have three user interface options at your disposal, Ice, Carbon and Classic, letting you customize the display according to your preference or the lighting available. The 7-inch screen lets you view a greater amount of map detail. This device allows you to avoid areas, routes or roads that are not friendly to your type of vehicle. It even enables you to check fuel prices, weather and traffic along your route. The exceptional WiFi Navigate feature ensures you can get safe routing based on your vehicle, with 11 different RV types included in the database so you can customize your routing.



This is a product made in the USA, so you are guaranteed superior craftsmanship and performance from a well-made navigation device.

The device operates on a single lithium-ion battery that ensures adequate power to run as it should and do its job for your rig travels.

This is a third-generation GPS device with smart redesign inside and out plus fresh hardware, a speedier processor, and two options on its graphical user interface.

Aside from providing top-notch navigation, this GPS comes with exceptional new features including advanced lane guidance and toll cost estimates to give you more freedom of choice on the routes you take.

The large 7-inch screen provides enough space for easy reading of significant data at just a glance, helping you stay safe on the road.



One customer believes this model would deserve a five-star rating were it not for the fact that it cannot offer alternative route options in cases of roadside situations such as traffic, road construction, and accidents.

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