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Best GPS for travel trailers

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPS for travel trailers in 2022?


For people who are looking for the best GPS for travel trailers but don’t have the time to read our carefully prepared buying guide and product suggestions below, this short paragraph should do the trick. We have gone over dozens of expert review websites for travel trailer accessories and have compared a variety of products using actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have evaluated, the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD stands out in consumer studies because of its substantial 7-inch glass display that provides easy viewing even when the device is mounted a significant distance from the driver. You can read information or data onscreen easily, so you won’t need to even take the device in your hands. This model comes with lifetime HD Digital Traffic, which is especially useful for people who need to be on the road constantly following a specific route. Most importantly, this model comes with customizable truck routing, so you know the proper roads to take that are suitable for the weight and size of your vehicle. You won’t get stuck under bridges or on roads that can’t accommodate your truck. In case the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD runs out of stock because of how popular it is with buyers, we definitely recommend the second best option, the Garmin RV 760LMT.



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A short buying guide


If you drive a travel trailer, you definitely can’t do without a GPS designed for such a vehicle. It’s not easy finding one for sale to suit your needs as there are critical elements to look into including the following:

The best GPS for road trips has the right screen size for your needs


With the windshield positioned quite a distance in your travel trailer, a small, portable GPS device just won’t do. You can’t possibly keep the instrument in your hand to look at the displayed information or data. It beats the purpose of having a GPS in the first place. For all intents and purposes, a 7-inch screen is the best option in this aspect.

Not only is the display large enough to see data at a glance but the larger size also optimizes the screen for more displayed information in one page. It can be exasperating to reach for the device and scroll down to see further when you also have to keep the trailer under control. The safety of the cargo, people on the road, and yourself depends a lot on you being able to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.


The best RV GPS provides timely and useful information for the driver


No, a GPS for travel trailers is not just something that makes your vehicle look good and expensive. The device is engineered for a purpose and is not merely a piece of decoration. It needs to have a comprehensive map of North America. The high-end models come with lifetime map updates for the region along with lifetime HD Digital Traffic data for the daily commute.

You want the GPS to provide customized routing for the vehicle. Imagine getting stuck between locations because your trailer is too heavy or is too tall for the overhead clearance of a bridge. Fortunately, most GPS devices for travel trailers allow you to pick a route based on the weight and size of your vehicle.

A Truck and Trailer Services Directory allows you to find suitable establishments that cater to your travel trailer.needs. You can also get route warnings such as bridge heights, steep grades, sharp curves, and weight limits, as well as other critical information.


The products that rate high in the best GPS for travel trailers reviews provide extra functionality


Any travel trailer driver will surely appreciate getting extra functionality from their navigation system. This can include points of interest or POIs that truckers have given high ratings to so you won’t get disappointed when you visit them. This includes restaurants, hotels, and parking.

With Bluetooth technology, this instrument allows you to make hands-free calls so you won’t need to grab your cell phone when you need to call somebody on the road, with some units compatible with a Bluetooth headset that can be purchased on its own.

Check out GPS devices with real spoken directions that use traffic lights and landmarks to guide you like a friend. You can easily change your route to only include your preferred cities or roads thanks to route shaping.



Our top picks



To find the best product in this category, you have to be armed with enough information such as what the above buying guide provides. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD


The Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD does more than just give you proper navigation, it also drives your business. This device provides navigation for the long haul. The 7-inch glass display allows you to view the essential information at a glance so you wouldn’t have to hold the unit in your hand.

With the purchase of this device, you are entitled to receive free lifetime North America map updates along with free lifetime traffic avoidance service, so you can simply cruise along with hardly a worry about outdated cartography information. The last thing you need when traveling in your trailer is to find out a road no longer exists or you are heading straight for a bottleneck.

You also get personalized routing for your truck so you only travel on roads that are able to accommodate the size and weight of your trailer. This will also ensure that you don’t get caught between locations when you get stuck under a low bridge or a small one that can’t take the weight of your vehicle.

This GPS device also features a Truck and Trailer Service Directory that lets you know where to take pit stops intended for your kind of vehicle. You can make hands-free calls thanks to the Bluetooth technology that also works with a separately-sold Bluetooth headset.

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Garmin RV 760LMT


The Garmin RV 760LMT is a revolutionary RV Trip Planner and Navigator that helps you reach your destination easily and in less time. It features a large 7-inch display that enables you to read the essential information onscreen at just a glance. You won’t have to keep your eyes glued to the display, so your attention stays safely on the road and your hands on the wheel.

This unit provides customized RV routing, so you don’t get caught in nasty situations on the road simply because you took a route that is not designed for a vehicle like yours. This model provides suitable routes based on the size and weight of your travel trailer for the lower 48 states as well as Canada. Enjoy great RV trip planning and sharing to ensure a good journey every time.

The RV Parks and Services directory for America is another useful feature that this device offers. You will know the exact campsite to go to for your vehicle so you do not end up in an unfamiliar location where vehicles like yours can’t be accommodated. This model also allows you to receive lifetime map and traffic updates so you know which route to take.

Moreover, for added versatility, this device is compatible with a wireless backup camera that enables you to park your vehicle uneventfully every time.

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Rand McNally 7730


The Rand McNally 7730 is definitely built for the RV lifestyle. Optimize RV content, RV routing, RV tools, and WiFi Connected Services, all in a single device. This instrument uses the RV information for customized routes for your vehicle. You can get spoken directions and warnings, which enables you to focus on your driving instead of working the device.

With the purchase of the GPS, you get lifetime map update services so you don’t drive with obsolete cartography data. Get timely information on new roads, fresh routes, route closures, and more that can cause driving delays or exasperating wild goose chases. This device is built for the serious RVer thanks to how it provides personalized routing for your specific vehicle.

It can switch effortlessly to car mode so you can also use the unit on a smaller vehicle. Get updated information on millions of RV points of interest (POIs), so you can find a suitable RV park and campground and also explore places that you can visit using the exclusive Rand McNally Editors’ Picks.

With the WiFi-connected services, you can check fuel prices and the weather along your route and also have access to Lifetime Traffic everywhere. The Advanced Lane Guidance function allows you to prepare for the road ahead, regardless if you are approaching a turn or heading toward a complicated intersection.

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