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Best GPS for truck routes

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPSes for truck routes in 2022?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best GPS for truck routes, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigational system you need. In determining the best products, we have looked at the user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys, and we have found that the Garmin dēzl 570LMT is the best because it is supposed to offer great navigation for truck routes and that is exactly what it does. Customizing routes for trucks and adding the easy route shape is the main reason to own this gadget. While you’re on the road, you should be able to rely on the useful features of your GPS, so the customized routing of this unit is just the thing. The fact that it comes with free lifetime map updates for the North America makes this piece of equipment look even better while the traffic updates seal the deal. With this device on board, you can’t get lost, and you can’t get stuck. If the Garmin dēzl 570LMT is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for Garmin DezlCam LMTHD as it came in second in our search for the best GPS for truck routes.  



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A short buying guide


After going through the best GPS for truck routes reviews, we had to bring forth the results of our investigation in relation to the main features that such products should have. Also, this evaluation of the GPSes on the market gave us the opportunity to speak about the best of them.  

Quality display


Search for the screen type and size that satisfies you and is best suited to the type of vehicle you’re driving. Take a regular GPS for small cars, so that it doesn’t give you any discomfort and match the larger vehicles to GPSes that you can actually see on your dashboard. Also, try to pair larger size displays to clumsier hands, it will be of great use.

If specifications are available, search for a better resolution. As you surely noticed, tired eyes and dim displays don’t make such a great couple.

The bright, colorful displays with high-quality images are the ones fit for fine indications and various relevant numbers.

Whether the 5’’ or the 7’’ screens are preferable is a question only you can decide upon, according to your personal preferences and the performance the GPS offers.


Reliable routing


No matter how much GPSes changed and technology evolved, this basic requirement stayed the same: a good GPS must tell you where you are without error and find the most convenient, efficient way to lead you to your target.

Infrastructure and feature demands are ever more complicated, so the pressure on GPS producers has grown. Now, a good GPS must offer customized routing for different types of vehicles on every possible state map.

Having a good GPS for truck routes means you can choose the appropriate roads that allow your truck to go speedily without breaking regulations or encountering obstacles.


Updated maps


Make sure your GPS choice comes with map updates. Some of the best deals usually include lifetime map updates, so you will never take the wrong turn based on outdated maps.

If you think the better deal is getting the device and paying annual fees for the updates it requires, then you should have the updated maps at the moment you start using the product.

Updating with over-the-air technology is definitely better, because waiting for a Wi-Fi connection or using a computer may be time-consuming and not very useful when you’re already on the road.

Not all maps are included in the price of a GPS, and they usually cover only the roads in one country. The best offers regularly include lifetime maps, but for some updates, there’s a fee, while others require a fee payment.

There are other features you can explore, but they are mostly secondary to the main task of GPS devices.



Our top picks



Garmin dezl 570LMT


The best truck GPS reviews have the Garmin dezl 570LMT on top of their preferences. There is a lot the small gadget can offer, so we favored it too.

Don’t get fooled by the 5-inch display. It renders high clarity images, and even though you can’t get HD maps or traffic, it’s bright and has strong contrasting colors, so you’ll see exactly what there is to see.

Once you purchase it, you receive detailed, free lifetime maps of North America and traffic avoidance information. That’s to say you needn’t worry for its future utility and you can relax when it comes to congestion or incidents blocking your way.

The maps also contain truck-related restrictions, such as low bridges or weight limits as well as other details about major roads and highways.

The Garmin dezl 570LMT has some serious routing capabilities. It has road warnings, spoken Real Directions and the cool Customized Truck Routing. By building the truck’s profile, you can find the truck-preferred routes and start planning your journey.

To help with the plan you get a Trip Planner that lets you create a multi-stop route and even save future trips. This is, in short, might be the best GPS for trucking.

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Garmin DezlCam LMTHD


The Garmin DezlCam LMTHD is a premium trucking navigator whose specific feature is the high definition Dash Camera. It has recently been a very demanded feature since many of the drivers want to have it as a continually recording eyewitness for their drive. The purpose for which it is placed on the windshield or dashboard is to save the video of a possible collision harsh break incident.

The Dahs Camera uses a G-sensor as an incident detector. If you decide to take pictures with it, you can use the snapshot and even remove it from your truck. The utility of such a built-in cam is obvious.

If you want to see a replay of the video, you can either use the 6-inch screen of the GPS or use the computer.  The microSD card is included, and it enables the automatic save of the footage.

Besides this special feature, the DezlCam has both the preloaded maps of North America and the details that come with them. To use them wisely, use custom routing by configuring your truck’s profile.

The Trip Planner feature is also included, so you can create all the multiple stops journeys that you have on the agenda.

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Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND730


This GPS unit shares most of its features with its predecessor.

It is set to calculate your trucking route according to the information that you feed, such as the height, weight or length of your truck. This custom routing can be optimized by using the multiple stops routing.

In case you need anything along the way, you should search and filter the various points of interest according to your desire amenities: Wi-Fi, shower, truck-wash or scales.

You will also be prepared for city traffic, as you can choose to receive traffic information for a separate fee. For jammed junctions, complex interchanges or simple transit in the city, you can rely on the Advanced Lane Guidance.

To manage your mileage, fuel consumption or other details that you should keep track of, the Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND730 has the necessary logging. And if you need to compare costs involved in taking various routes, you can use the toll costs feature.

Most of the above-mentioned features star were integrated into previous versions, but the Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND730 is now redesigned. The brand new hardware hosts a faster processor, and you can look at the updated map graphic on a 7-inch screen.

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