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What are the best mounting systems for GPS units?


Are you in the market looking for the best GPS mounting system? If that’s the case, we would like to let you know that we’ve done the research for you and concluded that the ChargerCity Hippo Series NonSlip is the product you should consider. This unit will hold your GPS very tight, allowing you to enjoy the drive without worrying your GPS might fall off. The mounting system is fitted for GPS units between four and six inches thanks to its adjustable clip. Its adherence to your car’s dashboard is secured by a non-slip sticky pad that will hold the unit firmly in place. In the unfortunate event you cannot find our first suggestion, or in case you are looking for something different, we recommend looking at the Garmin Powered Suction which is also a great option.



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Mounting is one of the trickiest issues that come along with our new GPS. Often, we find a great product that comes with a complicated mounting system, an unreliable one or one that is fitted for surfaces where we don’t want to place our GPS, for fear it might be seen or that is too exposed in case of an accident. In other circumstances, an inefficient mounting system or one that takes a long time to install may hinder your GPS’s functionality. If you find yourself in one of the above circumstances, you might find yourself in need of a new mounting system.

Nevertheless, don’t panic, you can easily replace your overused mounts with brand new ones by scouting the market and choosing the one that best suits your needs out of all the available options.


Types of mounts


While there are many things that one can take into account then it comes to GPS mounts, the first aspect you should think about is the type of mount that works better for your vehicle. There are two main options out of which you can choose, namely magnets or clamps. Of course, each one of these designs has both advantages and disadvantages. 

The clamp design is the somewhat more traditional alternative, given that it’s been around for a long time. The main advantage that it brings is the fact that the device is held securely in place. Furthermore, the unit’s weight doesn’t matter that much either, as clamp mounts usually take the size into account more in terms of compatibility. 

On the other hand, what makes them a less popular choice nowadays is the large design which takes up more dashboard space and can also be a bit of an inconvenience for drivers who are not used to seeing anything else than the road ahead. 


What about the magnetic design? 


The interesting part about the magnetic design is that these units feature neodymium magnets, which are actually some of the strongest in the world. That’s why even if they don’t necessarily seem able to sustain the weight of a standard GPS, this is not, in fact, an issue. You may be surprised, but even bulkier devices are held in place by these mounts. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are weight limits that the various models have, so make sure you check this before placing an order and ending up with a mount that you may not be able to use. On the other hand, thanks to their design, there is almost no size issue as it’s the case with clamp mounts, which makes them a highly versatile choice. 


Base mounting 


You should know that each mount model also comes with a different mounting feature, and the most common alternatives are weighted bases, adhesives, and suction cups. Of course, the choice you are going to make depends on what you need around the car. For example, a large dashboard can easily sustain a weighted base mount. 

If you want more permanent results, then the adhesive alternative is the way to go. Suction cups are the most versatile choice because they can be placed in a wide range of spots around the car. However, both these and the adhesive mounts can come loose in extreme temperatures. 



ChargerCity Hippo Series NonSlip Dashboard Beanbag Friction Mount


1.ChargerCity Hippo SeriesThis product will hold your GPS so tight, it will almost look like trapped in a crocodile’s mouth.

In fact, the system bears some resemblance with a predator’s mouth that can be adapted to the size of its prey, as this product is fitted for GPSs ranging from 4 to 6 inches, due to its adjustable clip, thus for many of the products available on the market.

To secure adherence to your car’s dashboard, this item is fitted to a non-slip sticky pad that will hold it firmly in place, even if you have a minor accident.

The versatile design is what makes this mount a very good choice, given that you will be able to use it with pretty much any GPS model. Therefore, you can easily leave it inside your car and anyone who drives it has a very high chance of being able to use the mount as well, for an overall more comfortable drive. 

Furthermore, thanks to the HIPPO Spring Lock that its construction features, your device will remain securely mounted, which means that you won’t have to worry about any potential damages that could otherwise happen if it would fall. 



There are no elements included in the construction that might interfere with the electronic system, so this is not something you should be concerned about. 

Thanks to the efficient system to attach it to the car’s board, it will remain securely in place even for long rides that last for multiple hours. 

When you stop the car, you can simply take the mount off the dashboard and place it on the floor, if you want to avoid any prying eyes. 

The intuitive design does a great job accommodating smartphones as well, so you will be able to operate your device without any issue. 



This GPS mount is rather heavy, so you’ll need to carefully attach it the first time, to make sure that everything stays in place. 

It might be a bit difficult for some users to open it using one hand, which is something that we tend to prefer. 

Buy from for ($17.95)




Garmin Powered Suction Mount for 7″ GPS


2.Garmin Powered Suction MountThis product designed by Garmin functions using a suction cup that will stick your GPS to your windshield or other available surfaces around your vehicle.

As it is designed to hold only 7 inch GPS units in its cradle, you should first check the size of your device before ordering.

What you may want to know about this unit is that it comes with both a suction cup mounting base, as well as with a powered cradle, so you’ll be able to securely attach it and keep your device charged at the same time. 

Plus, the suction cup is also adjustable, so you can have access to the device while driving (even though this should not be done for safety reasons). You can use the windshield, or any other flat and smooth surface that is well-located in the car to keep the GPS within comfortable reach and visible. 



This unit features a very elegant, easy to use, and versatile design, which means that you probably won’t have any problems in using it for more than one device. 

Given that you can place it on more than one type of surface, as long as it’s a smooth and flat one, you can keep the GPS within reach.

Thanks to the powered cradle, you don’t need to worry that it might run out of battery as you are trying to figure out which way you should take. 

The handy design makes this a model that anyone should be able to maneuver quite easily, especially if you need to take it off when you leave the car. 



This mount can seem a bit heavy, but this depends on the size of the device that you are planning to mount as well.

If the outside temperatures are very low and the windshield is frozen, it might not stick properly. 

Click to see the price on Amazon!




i.Trek Suction Cup Windshield 9-Inch Mount with 17mm Ball Joint (for Garmin Nuvi)


3.i.Trek Suction CupIf you are looking for a mounting system for your Garmin Nuvi GPS and you own a truck, van or RV, this is your best option.

This simple-to-use product is fitted with a powerful suction cup that attaches your GPS to the windshield, but also with a strong, 17mm ball joint that is useful if you have deeper windshields that are not fitted with any type of mounting systems.

If it happens that you own a truck, van and RV altogether, have no fear, this mount is easily detachable and moved.

It is the elongated design that makes this mount a very useful one for a wide range of vehicles and models, but you should also know that the versatile mounting system means that you can use it for more than one type of device. 

Of course, if more family members or friends are using the vehicle, then they will also be able to use the mount for their own comfort and safety. Plus, besides being suitable for RVs and other such vehicles with deep windshields, you can also place it anywhere you need to keep it within reach. 



If you have a great GPS, then you should surely give this mount a try as well, given that it’s such a handy and reliable tool for your vehicle. 

The elongated design makes this an alternative suitable for many types of vehicles, even if we’re talking about some with deeper windshields that make GPS use less comfortable. 

You will be able to place the mount anywhere you need it on the windshield, as it brings the device closer, thus making things a lot easier for the driver. 

Another aspect worth noting is that this mount sticks very well to the windshield, so the risk of having your device fall off is very small. 



Depending on the GPS’s weight, the mount might become a bit bouncy for heavier models, so if that’s the case, you can fashion a support system. 

The arm is specially made to reduce bouncing, but this makes it a bit stiff.

Buy from for ($10.96)




Garmin 010-11478-00 Powered Suction Cup Mount with Speaker


4.Garmin 010-11478-00If you want a mount that will not only be easily attached to many surfaces in your car, provided that they are flat, but that will also allow you to power your GPS and improve GPS voice quality, you must definitely take a look at this product, which has been designed for the Garmin Nuvi 37xx and 34xx series.

What makes this Garmin mount stand out among other similar units is the secondary speaker added in its construction. This feature ensures top-quality sound, so you won’t have a hard time hearing the GPS’ indications as you are figuring out which way you should go. 

The excellent sticking power means that once you place it in your car, it will remain securely in place, thus protecting the mounted device as well. This also means that you will be able to focus on the road, so it’s actually a matter of increased safety for the driver as well. 



This is an effective and affordable way to keep your device within reach at all times, so you won’t have to worry about anything as you are driving. 

Thanks to the powerful secondary speaker added, you’ll enjoy clear sounds within the car, which makes this both a reliable and versatile tool. 

The suction cup is specially made to strongly adhere to the windshield, or any other flat and smooth surface within the vehicle, thus protecting the device from potential falls as well. 

The multiple functionalities and the great price at which you can find this model make it one of the very good alternatives you can choose in this product line. 



The top clip-on should be handled with care, as it can otherwise break, and this is not something that anyone wants, especially if you are planning to take a longer road trip. 

Make sure that you check the details so that the mount and device are compatible. 

Buy from for ($19.97)



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