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Best grill for RV camping

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best grills for RV camping in 2022?


Sometimes looking for the best grill for RV camping can be a difficult task, especially if it so happens that you’re not an expert on the subject, or you don’t have the required time and patience. Luckily for you, we went through countless RV camping grill reviews to bring you this well-documented guide, and our research shows that the top product to take into consideration is the Coleman 9949-750 LXE, due to its many useful features; for example, it can be used both at home and on a trip, due to its collapsible design and appropriate size (36 inches). It offers a surface of 285 square inches of cast-iron grates designed to last longer. Other useful aspects include the wheels and the detachable side tables, both of which make this item ideal for road trips. If this alternative happens to be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style instead, as it would make for an excellent second choice.



Comparison Table


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A short buying guide


To help you look for a good grill for RV camping, we’ve put together a few thoughts on what the features to keep an eye out for when shopping for this type of item truly are.





First of all, given that we’re talking about a camping grill, it’s essential that it can be transported without too much effort because otherwise it completely misses the point. The key to this isn’t buying a small grill because that would result in a reduced cooking surface and preparing meals will take a lifetime.

The right solution would be to choose a model that can be collapsed to a fraction of its actual size, and that has many parts that can be detached. This is convenient on many levels. The volume that you’ll have to carry is much smaller, and the item takes up less space than it normally would.

Also, there are specific accessories that you might not get in a regular product, but if they can be attached after it’s assembled, there’s a higher chance that they’re integrated into the design. Or you can buy them separately, but either way, having stuff like detachable tables or wheels is always helpful.


Supply source and ignition


For this item to work, it needs to be connected to an energy source. That can either be an electrical outlet that draws its power from your RV or the propane tank on your vehicle.

Both of these alternatives work well in a camping environment, although the propane tank option requires a few extra safety measures to make sure there’s no accidental gas leak.

The ignition is usually electric, given that the meat and vegetables are cooked using high-power burners placed underneath the grates. This way, everyone can use the grill without fear of accidentally burning themselves, even the clumsiest members of the family.


Other aspects


In trying to decide whether a cheap grill for RV camping is the right choice, try to compare several alternatives. You’ll find that things like the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, the durability of the item or the promise of a longer lifespan might profoundly influence the price tag.

The crucial thing is to make sure that the grill you end up buying fits your family’s needs regarding size, ease of access, and time required to prepare a meal. After that, it’s all a matter of preference.



Our top picks



We’ve evaluated some of the items currently available for sale, and we now bring you a list of the options we view as the most reliable ones. If you’re looking for the best RV camping grill, our recommendation list would be the place to start.



Coleman 9949-750 LXE 


This collapsible design is ideal for a road trip, given that it can be packed up to a volume that’s easy to transport. It measures 36 by 22 by 13 inches and weighs around 60 pounds, meaning it can be carried without much discomfort, mainly because it features a handle.

The cooking surface measures 285 square inches when the product is assembled. The grates are made of cast-iron, a material that guarantees long-term durability and they’ve been coated in a layer of porcelain for hygiene reasons.

A few additional features are added to make this alternative even more attractive to the customers. For example, the towing handle, which we’ve already discussed, paired with the wheels, increases the transportability of this item.

The detachable side tables offer a stable surface which will prove to be helpful for when you need somewhere to place the dishes or the cutlery.


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Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style 


No tools are needed to set up this device, and the installation process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, meaning you can enjoy delicious meals shortly after the delivery box arrives.

An integrated thermometer makes cooking easy for any member of the family, while the twist start ignition lowers the chances of accidents happening whenever someone clumsy tries to use the grill.

Top performance is guaranteed by the stainless cooking grate, which keeps the food from getting in contact with bacteria. Both the lid locks and the legs of this grill fold to allow you to transport it without occupying too much space.

This item cooks meals at 20 000 BTUs, powered by two stainless burners.

You’ll need a 20 lb tank of propane to get this device to work, but the packaging does not include one. You’ll have to buy it separately.


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Camco Olympian 5500 


You won’t need any additional gear to get this grill to work since it can be linked to the propane supply on your RV. What’s more, you can even hang it on your vehicle by using the mounting bracket that the manufacturers included.

To connect this model to your RV, you need to connect the valve included. It’s equipped with a security shut-off system that will prevent accidental fuel discharge, so you can rest assured knowing that you and your vehicle are safe.

The process of setting up this item is comfortable enough not to cause any trouble or take up too much time. The 180 square inches of cooking surface guarantee you’ll enjoy delicious meals in the shortest amount of time possible.

It works on an electric spark starter that will last for up to 20,000 starts, making this tool a durable piece of camping gear. The heat produced is roughly 12,000 BTU/HR.


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