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Best motorcycle GPS

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best motorcycle GPSes in 2022?


Looking up online information about the best motorcycle GPS can be time-consuming so we designed this short paragraph to contain as much information as possible to help you make a sensible buying decision. We have consulted reliability surveys and user feedback to find the best product for sale and according to consumer preferences, the Trail Tech 912-700 Voyager Stealth is a clear favorite because of how it is suitable for a variety of motorcycles from popular brands such as Yamaha, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and all years of Generic Inverted Forks. Engineered for off-road use, this model is versatile enough for use on 4-wheel drives, snowmobiles, and ATVs along with motorcycles. It provides easy use thanks to the backlit LCD display that shows you the GPS distance, speed, altitude, compass, maps, engine and ambient temperature, along with customizable user screens. This device can do so much including smart data logging that stops the GPS trail logging when the motorcycle engine stops, which eliminates erroneous random data points from your track when you are not riding. This means you only get clear and accurate tracks even in demanding terrain. In the event that the Trail Tech 912-700 Voyager Stealth runs out of stock, feel free to go for the second best option, the Garmin Zumo 590LM.



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A short buying guide


For any model to be the best motorcycle GPS system, there are certain critical aspects that you must consider. The following are just some of those essential elements:



The best GPS for motorcycle should provide accuracy


Today’s breed of GPS systems for motorcycles comes with advanced technologies. They all are marketed to be winners in efficiency in terms of pinpointing location accurately. That said, it is upon the buyer to determine how true that claim is especially when driving on rough roads that might not have good GPS signals.

If you are the type of rider who loves exploring off-road riding trails, this is of primary importance. Riding through forests could block the GPS signal so a strong satellite connectivity is critical. Another feature would be preloaded maps that can help you navigate even without a solid internet connection.


The best GPS for motorcycle use should be built tough


The GPS system should be resilient against vibration, which can happen a lot on the open road, not just on rough terrain. You should have the freedom to go anywhere using the device without constantly worrying that it will get damaged or broken down.

The outer case is not just an aesthetic element but should be weatherproof and supported through a shockproof mounting system. This will provide protection from any form of external friction by absorbing the impact enough to keep the device in one piece and to ensure the consistent accuracy of information.

The entire device should be weatherproof since water is not the only element that can cause damage. Your device will be subjected to the force of the wind, along with dirt and dust, moisture, and every environmental factor you can think of.


The best motorcycle GPS reviews provide high ratings to devices that are versatile and easy to use


Look for models with a universal-fitting mount. Good GPSs for motorcycles fit a variety of models, even ATVs, snowmobiles, four-wheel drives, and other offroad vehicles, not just motorcycles. If you own more than one motorcycle, universal mountability is sensible.

The size should be comfortable for your use during the ride. You should be able to view the screen easily even with sunglasses on so an anti-glare screen is good. You also want to be able to use the device with gloved hands.

Weather and traffic updates are added features you may want to look into as well. This is in addition to a satellite radio for amusement during long rides. Some really good models come with multiple functionalities such as a compass, altitude indicator, weather information, among many others.

A Bluetooth-enabled device is great for taking phone calls via a headset and also reading texts on the go. Some models take spoken instructions so you can focus on the drive. While most units have certain preloaded maps, some require the payment of a downloading fee for more maps or updates. Others might be available free. For expansion, an SD card slot is nifty.

The battery life varies from one model or brand to another. While the cheap ones generally allow use when travelling short distances, you will have to consider the type of riding you generally do.


Our top picks

Amidst the variety of choices on motorcycle GPS, we have featured the best products in the following paragraphs.



Trail Tech 912-700 Voyager Stealth


Engineered to be unlike any product in its class, the Trail Tech 912-700 Voyager Stealth Is designed for off-road use. It can be mounted on an ATV, snowmobile, four-wheel drive, and motorcycle, making it impressively versatile.

The 400 x 240 WQVGA LCD display comes with a good resolution and contrast, with its exclusive transflective properties that allow easy reading in intense sunlight. The device mounts directly to the vehicle, enabling you to bolt it at or below the handle bars. The special mounting system simplifies everything.

Thanks to the Smart data logging feature, the GPS trail logging stops when your engine does. This will eliminate random data points from the track when you are not riding.

This model lets you explore new trail areas confidently. It also allows you to do on and off-the-trail file sharing between similar units through the waterproof microSD card.

The device shows diagnostics screens that enable the review of engine performance from the past trails you have traveled.

It is genuinely versatile as it shows you the ambient and engine temperature, GPS speed, compass, distance, altitude, maps, and the engine performance linked to the GPS data.

This is a crash-resistant, USA-made GPS that can go the distance with you.

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Garmin Zumo 590LM


The Garmin Zumo 590LM is the brand’s first motorcycle GPS device that leverages the company’s thrust for dependable navigation on the road. It features a capacitive five-inch display that enables you to read the information in the sunlight. The device comes with a dual orientation to enable you to use it comfortably.

You can navigate the screen even with your hands in gloves, as the unit is designed for any rider and any road.

This model comes with a Smartphone Link app that enables you to know what lies ahead with its nifty traffic avoidance and weather radar functionalities. This service is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Built tough to withstand the exposure to the elements, this device is resistant to water, as signified by its IPX7 rating. It also resists oil spills, UV rays, and other harsh conditions because it is geared to be rugged enough for both cruising and adventure riding.

To keep you entertained during those interminably long drives, the unit comes with a Music-Media Player functionality that includes an MPs player and compatibility with Pandora and iPod, so you can control the music right on the GPS display.

When you would like to explore winding rides, this model allows you to download and view terrain detail in 3D.

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Garmin Zumo 395LM


Built for adventure because it is born to ride, the Garmin Zumo 395LM 010-01602-00 is an indispensable companion for the avid motorcycle rider who loves to explore. The device carries a rugged design that enables it to withstand UV rays, fuel vapors, and with its IPX7 rating, even harsh weather.

The screen is made glove-friendly so you can go through the menu and information even with your hands in riding mitts. The 4.3-inch touchscreen display is also readable in the sunlight so you can view critical information while riding.

To make the ride more exciting, the device features the Garmin Adventurous Routing functionality, which limits major highways and enables you to take the more scenic route through hilly or curvy roads, for a truly exhilarating riding adventure.

That said, the device does not neglect to deliver Rider Alerts that make you aware of speed cameras, state helmet laws, and sharp curves, among other vital considerations for motorcycle riding.

This device is also engineered to ensure your driving safety with its Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to do hands-free calling by linking wirelessly with your cell phone. No need to hold your phone all the time as you can take calls on the go while still focusing on the road ahead.

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