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Best motorhome accesories

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best motorhome accessories in 2022?


If you clicked this article just for a quick reminder of what you should definitely take with you when traveling around the country in your RV know that our top choice would be a water drinking whose. Well naturally you already have one, but we’re specifically thinking of a heavy duty, eco-friendly and lead-free item, namely the Camco 22853, which scored top marks on all the best motorhome accessories reviews. Both specialist bloggers and casual users alike were impressed with its sturdiness, good length, and quality. We all know that water is one of the most important things for life, so it should be a no brainer to concern yourself with this essential aspect first if you’re looking to replace one of your standard RV accessories with a better model. If you’re already satisfied with the hose you have, you might go for some space-saving product such as the Collapsible 10L Square Bucket.



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A short buying guide


Accessories have the potential to make our lives a whole lot easier both on the road and when camping. Whether you are looking to upgrade an item you already have, or to discover some neat little trinket you never even knew existed, here are some things to consider when looking for the best camping accessories available for sale.



This should come paramount, as useless items inside a trailer have the added downside of taking up precious space. So, always consider carefully whether you really need the item you intend to buy.

Try to shop either following your immediate need or the advice from a friend, but never on a whim or under the influence of some commercial or teleshopping show.

The best thing to do is to buy better models of the type of accessories you already own. There are always better versions out there for all your standard RV equipment, and it’s exceedingly rare that everything the manufacturer provides will suit you well.

For example, mattresses that come with the camper are notoriously uncomfortable, and most people decide to replace them with store bought ones as soon as possible.




There’s little need for us to tell how cramped it can get inside a trailer. That’s why every item specifically intended for an RV must be designed with space saving in mind.

Whether it is portable, foldable or simply compact, every inch it saves is an inch added to your living space. And you’ll want any comfort you can get when on holiday, or even more so if you chose to make the trailer your home.   

Furthermore, some trailer models can have pretty stingy weight allowances, and smaller usually means lighter. You don’t want to fully outfit your RV just to make it impossible to safely drive on roads.  




Remember you generally won’t have to use the accessories and appliances in your RV every day, so some allowance could be made here for the sake of storage and affordability.

But it’s best not to go too far with thriftiness since once it’s broken an item will be very hard to replace when far away from home or on the road. It’s hard to find good shops in a foreign place, and couriers will have trouble reaching you when constantly on the move.

The best RV camping accessories reviews tend to place an emphasis on resilience and sturdiness over performance when addressing the qualities of any product.



Our top picks



Camco 22853


Truly a remarkable product, the Camco 22853 is one of the best-rated RV accessories on Amazon.

It won’t raise any questions as of its utility after purchase, since fresh water for drinking, cooking or washing, as well as the means to transport it, are always necessities. Furthermore, thanks to its machined fittings it can attach to any spigot, making it possible to be effectively used as a garden hose.

Its impressive length of 50 ft will surely prove sufficient for any backyard garden, but also for any camping site, allowing you to perform most everyday chores outside the cramped confines of a trailer.

Reviewers praise its great endurance and reliability, offered by the metallic protective covering and pre-strained ends. An American made product, it passes every health and safety regulations currently active throughout the US and Canada.

Water running through is ensured to stay fresh and clean.



This is a heavy-duty hose that, according to the manufacturer, is 20% thicker than those other standard water hoses that you might be familiar with.

It is compliant with all state and federal laws and it is UV stabilized for life. So, this is a product that can surely pass the test of time.

The choice can be used as a drinking water hose because it is lead, BPA and phthalate-free. It does not make the water have a plastic taste.

It measures 50 feet and it was reinforced for increased durability. Many of its buyers recommend it.



Some buyers claimed that they were delivered defective products. The number of such reports is limited and it should not disappoint you.

Although the seller argues that this hose is UV resistant, there were a couple of owners who did not agree with this statement. Other customers like and recommend it.

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Collapsible 10L Square Bucket


If you remember those unfortunate foldable hard plastic drinking glasses that were fashionable a while back, you’ll be pleased to find out that this flexible rubber bucket uses a wholly different principle to fold.

Content customers find it surprisingly resilient, even with long term use. It doesn’t leak or tear around the edges, it’s made of thermoplastic rubber, so it doesn’t break like hard plastic. TPR is also more firm than silicone, so there is little risk of the bucket collapsing on its own.

It’s 100% safe for carrying drinkable water, BPA free and temperature resistant from 150 F to -40 F.

The ability to collapse into a neat little package is, of course, the best feature as RV compatibility is concerned. You can store it just about anywhere or hang it from a wall. You can even fit it in a glove box, just to have a highly practical 10 liter (2,6lb) bucket when it’s time to camp!



This lightweight collapsible bucket is made of thermoplastic rubber, a material that is known for its reduced weight and increased durability.

Because it was designed to be sturdy, this is one of those buckets that won’t collapse unexpectedly like silicone models often do.

The product is temperature resistant and it is marketed as being BPA free. Therefore, this choice is safe and somewhat practical.

Given its innovative design, this bucket can be easily folded and hung in the shed or on a wall. It is ideal for those who are short on space.



As it sometimes happens, a small number of buyers claimed that they were given defective models. Not many cases of this sort were reported.

Another customer was disappointed with the size of the product. Yet, it should be pointed out that the manufacturer has made the dimensions of the model clear in the description of the product.

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Camco 43953


As just an RV screen door opener, this Camco product might appear trivial at first sight. After all, aren’t all screen doors already outfitted with a workable opener?

Well, apparently not, screen doors are notorious for having flimsy fittings, bound to break with even a little use. Once this happens, you could be sure that the screen door will be waving in the wind, generating some annoying noises when it hits its frame and inviting any bug inside your motorhome.

Camco, the well known US producer of RV and camping accessories, comes to meet this problem with the 43953, a sturdy little metallic opener bound to outlast and outperform any cheap opener on the market.

It operates through an upward motion, to prevent you from accidentally opening the screen door if aimlessly flailing your arms around and it only requires an electric drill with a 9/16” head to install.



This screen door opener is very practical and it is a handy accessory to have around when living in an RV for a long time.

It has a simple, user-friendly design and one just has to pull up whenever they want to open a screen door. 

The manufacturer argues that this product is effortless to install. To do so, one has to use a 9/16 inches drill. You can set it up without specialized help.

Numerous buyers of this product had many positive things to say about it. Therefore, it is worth a go!



Even though many are happy with it, some owners claimed that only a few people have a 9/16 inches drill hanging around. So, you might have to purchase one specifically for this job. 

Some buyers argued that this model was too flimsy and that it did not work as expected. Still, the majority of them liked it.

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