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Best motorhome sat nav

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best motorhome sat navs in 2022?


It can be a huge bother to find online information about the best motorhome sat nav so we designed this short paragraph to give you plenty of information in concise form. We have studied consumer surveys and user feedback to find the best products for sale and the in-depth comparison and evaluation have led us to what consumers clearly consider a favorite, the Garmin RV 760LMT. A genuine motorhome enthusiast’s friend, this device provides valuable information including customized routing so you can drive on roads and highways that are friendly to your kind of vehicle. With detailed maps of the USA and Canada, this tool provides helpful information for most primary roads and highways. Just input the dimensions of your motorhome and the unit displays the routes you can take so you won’t have to worry that you’ll get stuck between locations because of unexpected steep grades or load limits. Moreover, the sat nav features a BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera that enables you to view pedestrians, vehicles, or obstacles that can hinder parking and backing. You also have access to lifetime map updates for optimal device functionality through the years. If you can’t find the Garmin RV 760LMT on the shelves, we recommend getting the second best option, the Garmin RV 660LMT.



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A short buying guide


With the endless excitement that traveling in a motorhome can give you, it pays to take a look at various motorhome sat nav systems to make the most of your adventures. That said, finding a good device can be difficult. Here are what you should look into when making this type of investment.

Take a look at the top-rated units in the best motorhome sat nav reviews that have a comfortable screen size you can really work with


With the windshield of your motorhome positioned far from the driver, there is quite a broad dashboard that could limit your GPS mounting options at a really functional level. You can’t view details and information easily if the unit is mounted too far. Having it mounted too near can be as problematic too.

Therefore, it is essential to buy a model that has a large enough screen to facilitate the easy viewing of information. With a 4-inch screen, you might be able to view things easily but that is if it is installed in a car.

Shoot for a 7-inch screen at least. However, there are smaller screen sizes and 5 inches or so would be a nice compromise should a really large display not be to your liking. That said, a really large screen makes it easy to type search data.


The best sat nav for motorhome use provides practical information for the type of vehicle you drive


Motorhomes can’t be taken as being similar to a car or a family van. Drivers of motorhomes have completely different requirements from a sat nav device. Neither is the implement just a piece of decor, as it should serve a particular purpose.

A comprehensive map of North America is a huge selling point. So are lifetime map updates since you would not want to refer to outdated map data during the drive. Some models even provide digital traffic alerts to prevent you from getting caught in exasperating congestions. Detours are immeasurably helpful.

With customized motorhome routing, the sat nav takes into consideration the weight and size of your vehicle in its suggested routes. A Truck and Trailer Services Directory helps you find suitable commercial locations for your type of vehicle.


The device should be something more than a GPS, such as a motorhome sat nav with reversing camera, for instance


Flexibility and versatility are key elements in any motorhome sat nav. This makes it more than just a device to pinpoint your location or find destinations with.

A points-of-interest feature provides information about highly-rated locations patronized by motorhome owners and that you should definitely explore, including restaurants, hotels, and parking.

Bluetooth technology allows you to take or make calls and read texts without holding your cell phone in your hand. The unit serves as a loudspeaker for making or receiving calls.

For safety when backing your motorhome, a reversing camera is a good addition. Spoken directions allow you to get audible directions so you can focus on the driving.


Our top picks


While finding a good motorhome sat nav can be quite tedious, we hope to make the process less so through the product descriptions below.



Garmin RV 760LMT


The Garmin RV 760LMT offers customized routing and comes with detailed maps for the USA and Canada as well as UV-relevant restrictions including bridge heights. You can obtain information for most major highways and roads. Simply input the length and width as well as the height and weight of your motorhome and the device provides suitable routes to take.

The BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera transmits images wirelessly to the display, even up to a distance of 45 feet to the rear of the vehicle, helping you view obstacles, pedestrians, and vehicles that might be in the way of a trouble-free backing and parking.

Optimize the lifetime map updates that you have access to for as long as you own the unit. This enables you to drive with the latest cartographic information and points of interest, as well as America’s RV Parks and Services directory information.

The revolutionary Voice-Activated Navigation lets you give spoken instructions to the unit and it will respond with good navigation advice, in addition to the touchscreen interface. With this option, you can focus on the driving.

The large, 7-inch touchscreen display comes with a high resolution for the easy reading of information.

You will also know when businesses open and close and about newly constructed roads.

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Garmin RV 660LMT


Engineered to meet the navigation needs of the modern motorhome owner, the Garmin RV 660LMT delivers cutting-edge route guidance so you never travel without adequate map data for safe and hassle-free driving.

Perfect for the motorhome living enthusiast, this tool is equipped with RV-specific features to help you reach your destination in less time and with less effort than when you use a paper map and a compass.

Get customized routing options along with prompt road warnings to make every trip truly worth taking.

The provided Directory of RV Parks and Services gives valuable information on repair service businesses as well as campground locations with the amenities that you definitely need.

To give you advanced information on what to expect up ahead, you can also view elevation information on upcoming steep upgrades along the route so you can prepare way ahead of time with proper precautions, or find less difficult terrain to drive on.

Thanks as well to the Easy Route Shaping feature, you can change your route by going only through the roads and cities you prefer for a more idyllic travel.

This unit also includes helpful Foursquare data that facilitates the effortless finding of numerous new and common points of interest along your route or near the endpoint of your trip.

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Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM


The Rand McNally RVND 7730 LM is sufficiently geared to make every road trip in your motorhome priceless. This model is quite versatile as it enables you to switch to car mode or simply obtain customized routing for your RV.

It comes with an enormous 7-inch color touchscreen that provides an easy interface for leveraging the various RV-relevant features the unit is loaded with. It boasts the Quick Planner that calculates the distance, time, and cost for trips between your pick of any two cities.

You can also view the most cost-efficient route by looking at estimated toll costs. You can compare routes easily minus the toll fees to drive travel expenses down. In addition, you can monitor your fuel purchases and calculate them against current and average fuel economy. This facilitates the hassle-free planning of any future road trips.

Thanks to the exclusive Rand McNally Editors’ Picks, it will be easy to locate RV parks and campgrounds or to get information about worthy places to visit and explore. You also have access to Best of the Road getaways, trips, and adventures.

To prevent you from getting stalled in troublesome locations, the device also comes with lifetime map and traffic updates so you are always aware of where you are heading within the USA and Canada.

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