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Best RV bike rack

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV bike racks in 2022?


If you’re after a good bike rack but don’t have the time to do a lot of research and only want a quick suggestion for a competent product, then the following short paragraph is for you. After looking through scores of RV bike rack reviews and customer feedback for what’s available for sale, we’ve concluded that the Quick Products QPRBM2R is the item that might best satisfy your demands. As a bumper-mounted rack, it’s easy to install, and it provides good access to the bikes with no climbing or stretching required on your part. Its build quality and sturdiness garnered nearly universal praise, netting it high marks on all retail sites, but despite this, you can purchase it for a significantly lower price than other similar products. If the Quick Products model happens to be unavailable in your area, then the Swagman 80605 will make for an equally viable choice.



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A short buying guide


The best RV bike rack must provide a stable platform for your bicycle and hold on to it well in all circumstances. That much is clear, and you don’t need us to tell you that. The difficulty in choosing one arises when you consider where exactly would you need it placed on your trailer, either on the bumper, spare tire, roof, or just hitched on since every one of these solutions comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The bumper mounted rack


If you have a square bumper and don’t need to carry more than two bikes, this might be the perfect set-up for you. Bumper mounts usually come as a set of two racks, which allows for free width adjustment so the bike’s wheelbase won’t be a restrictive factor.

These usually take little effort to install, especially since the bumper is an easily accessible part of the trailer. Likewise, getting to the bike won’t pose any significant problem for shorter people or children.

Bumper racks can accommodate either 2 or 4 bikes, and the only significant downside with this system comes from the larger variety, as they can add a good deal of length to your camper. Consider the type of roads you’ll be traveling, parking space, your own driving skills, etc. before making a choice, since 4ft or so of extra length will make a discernible difference, especially for shorter vehicles.


The ladder mounted rack


This allows you to hang two or more bikes on the ladder at the back of your RV. It might prove an adequate solution if you drive through urban environments a lot, as its cargo will be held high enough to be safe from fender benders.

The best RV ladder bike racks will provide a more compact set-up than the bumper mounted variety for all circumstances, like when parking, or backing up against various obstacles in the road.

As a one-piece system, it will also be faster to install provided you have the required upper body strength to comfortably fix it at the height of an RV ladder. Expectedly, the bikes won’t be easy to access by children or short people, which may be either a good or bad thing, depending on circumstance.


Other things to consider


You will have to measure twice or more and buy once since there are three distinct elements that have to fit together — the bike, the rack, and the RV. The best bike for RV will ideally be on the lighter side, so it doesn’t impose too much strain.

The item has to be durable, so check that it’s entirely made from steel (a cheap RV bike rack might incorporate plastic material) and that the hardware it comes with is biffy enough to handle the load.



Our top picks



Quick Products QPRBM2R


This bumper mounted bike rack from Quick Products is one of the best selling items of its type on retail sites. It doesn’t really have any special defining features but it does its job well at a significantly lower cost to other similar products.

The two racks themselves and the wheel support are entirely made of steel to give it a solid structure and have been powder coated for corrosion resistance.

People who purchased it found that the hardware and other connector bits are sturdy and fit very well, either to a 4-inch or 4.5-inch rectangular bumper.

It can hold two 30 lb or lighter bikes by their wheels, and it only adds about 1 and a half feet to the total length of your vehicle.

Like most models in its category, it won’t fit wide tire or large wheel (above 29 inches) bicycles, but these are uncommon varieties that most of us won’t ever own.


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Swagman 80605


This Swagman has a very similar setup to the Quick Products model we’ve looked at. It has two racks that can be placed on the 4-inch or 4.5-inch bumper of your RV to hold two bikes in place by their tires.

An upright bar on one of the racks is there to make securing bikes easier via bungee cord, padlocks, etc., whatever solution you can come up with.

There is a lot of advice on the internet in this regard, and it seems that if done properly, the rear bumper setup works just as well as more expensive systems that provide you with ready-made measures for fastening the byke.

The product itself comes as very sturdy and reliable to people who’ve looked at it, made of rectangular steel bars with a black finish and powder coating to resist corrosion.

The bolts, gaskets and other connector bits are robust enough to support 60 pounds of bicycles through a bumpy road.


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Swagman 80630


This is a ladder mounted rack that can hold two bicycles or less in a relatively high position, so they don’t add any effective length to your vehicle.

The connection is made with the bike’s frame via soft rubber straps, so the paint on your bike doesn’t get scratched.

This unit has a dual-arm design, so there are two connectors for each bicycle, and additional padding on the vertical bars will allow you to mount the bike by the lower tube since the rest of the frame won’t risk getting damaged when bumping against the bar.

Although it sits in a high position, this unit will be very easy to install with a pair of steel hooks that grab onto the ladder. The rest of it is mainly aluminum, but this is thick enough to hold a pair of 35 lb bicycles.

An interesting safety addition is the reflective surfaces placed at each corner of the frame. This will alert fellow motorists to the additional volume to your back when night driving.


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