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What are the best RV cleaners in 2019?


Cleaning your RV is a process that requires great attention to details and should be done systematically if you want your vehicle to stay in good shape for as much as possible. If time is not on your side, you can always read this paragraph and see what is the best RV cleaner according to our research. Based on various indicators such as overall product quality, expert reviews, and customer feedbacks, we’ve come to the conclusion that the one product that shouldn’t miss from your collection of RV cleaners is the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128. This 2 in 1 concentrated cleaning formula is specially designed to clean and wax different types of surface from your RV in one single session. In addition, it is made of eco-friendly ingredients that provide a perfect shine with each application. If the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128 is out of stock, make sure to check the Thetford 32517 that is the runner up in the competition for good RV cleaners.



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A short buying guide


Because choosing a product that is suitable for your RV needs to be easy to use and good at removing dirt, debris or mold, we’ve decided to give you some tips that might come handy in while you’re in the market for RV cleaners for sale. Therefore, we’ve showcased below the most important features an item should have to make your RV super clean in a timely fashion.

Anti-oxidation cleaners


The majority of the time, the RV’s are stored outdoors. Therefore, they are prone to be affected by the weather conditions more easily and have the tendency to suffer from oxidation.

If you see certain discoloration on the surface or inside the vehicle, you should get a good RV cleaner that can help you get rid of this issues.

Depending on the level of oxidation, the RV can only suffer from a mild level in which case you can use a product that is able to soak the dirt.

Fortunately, there are plenty of items that do a great job at removing the embedded dirt from the oxidized surface. Just make sure that your choice of product is a good cleaner for road grime, streaks, and salts.

Basically, an all-purpose cleaner will do the trick as long as you follow the instructions and remove the grease from the targeted area. Then you can proceed at scrubbing the affected spots, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to remove typical black drip stains that are common for the oxidation process.


Stay away from harsh abrasives


When searching for the best cleaner for RV, you should be aware that abrasive substances are harsh on most surfaces and can deteriorate the vehicle, both inside and outside.

Harsh detergents such as rubbing compounds or steel wools because remove the coat of protection most vehicle come with. Instead, get a gentle, cheap RV cleaner that is suitable not only for rubber but also for fiberglass gel-coat and pre-painted aluminum siding and stripes.

Before you apply the cleaner, make sure to have a damp cloth at hand. Moreover, if the detergent needs to be diluted, mix it with a little water. Then, using a sweeping back and forth motion you’ll be able to remove any kind of dirt, line paint or stains from the RV.  It is advisable to clean your RV while parked in a shade-free area. In addition, you can make your RV look brand new if you get a cleaner that besides removing debris also waxes the exterior, ensuring a shiny visual effect.


Buy in bulk


According to the RV cleaner reviews, you can save money if you choose to buy cleaners in large quantities.

The main reason buying in bulk is considered a good investment is that you get to benefit from them for longer periods of time. Especially during the summer season when cleaning is done regularly, you’ll be more than glad to have an RV cleaner with you, while on the go.



Our top picks



Gel-Gloss RV WW-128


A great 2 in 1 concentrated cleaning formula, this cleaner from Gel-Gloss is specially designed to clean and wax the surface of your RV with one single application. Besides, it is safe to use on areas such as laminates, marble, granite, tile, plastics, rubber, chrome, and stainless steel.

Having only eco-friendly substances among the list of ingredients, this product is completely biodegradable.

Moreover, it can be applied to sensitive areas because it isn’t abrasive or harsh with the surface. Therefore, there’s no risk of causing damages if you use on rubber or fiberglass.

Thanks to the bar soap composition, this cleaner does not feature toxic chemicals such as phosphates which can pollute the air and deteriorate the interior and the exterior of your RV.

In addition to cleaning and waxing, it provides a glossy and shiny finish to your RV due to the carnauba wax which is an ingredient known for ensuring a fantastic glow on cars and vehicles.

Buy from for ($19.48)




Thetford 32517


This 2 in 1 professional strength formula from Thetford is an excellent RV cleaner that removes even the toughest soils such as black streaks, dried bugs, bird droppings, and dirt.

Completely safe to use, this product won’t harm the RV finishes, nor it will fade the decals that you have on the surface.

Suitable for a variety of vehicles like RV’s, trucks, cars, and boats, the cleaner is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Once you apply the product, your RV will look as brand new and with a protective shine coating. You can use it on gel-coats, fiberglass, and painted aluminum exterior because it is nontoxic and nonflammable.

Plus, you can buy it bulk so you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of cleaner in order to remove stains and debris from your RV, no matter the season. Especially in the hot season, you should have it at hand to remove the debris that can harm the surface of your vehicle.  

Buy from for ($24.9)




Duragloss 542


Duragloss Marine and RV with Mildew Buster is an excellent choice if you want to remove stains instantly.

This specially formulated cleaner is able to penetrate and emulsify surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, tiles, and any other type of non-porous areas that your RV has.

Suitable for cleaning the outside and the inside of your RV, the product removes mildew, oil, and grease from vinyl seats and countertops. Just make sure to do the cleaning process in a ventilated areas to ensure the air remains fresh and breathable.

Thanks to the spray formula, the product is quite easy to use and enables a fast cleaning. You can use it on small areas each time you have a spot or stain that you want to get rid off. Simply spray all over the surface that needs cleaning and allow for the substance to dwell a couple of minutes.

Then, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. You can repeat the process if you have a tough stain that won’t go easily.

Buy from for ($22)




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