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Best RV cleaner

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV cleaners in 2022?


Cleaning your RV is a process that requires great attention to details and should be done systematically if you want your vehicle to stay in good shape for as much as possible. If time is not on your side, you can always read this paragraph and see what is the best RV cleaner according to our research. Based on various indicators such as overall product quality, expert reviews, and customer feedbacks, we’ve come to the conclusion that the one product that shouldn’t miss from your collection of RV cleaners is the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128. This 2 in 1 concentrated cleaning formula is specially designed to clean and wax different types of surface from your RV in one single session. In addition, it is made of eco-friendly ingredients that provide a perfect shine with each application. If the Gel-Gloss RV WW-128 is out of stock, make sure to check the Thetford 32517 that is the runner up in the competition for good RV cleaners.



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A short buying guide

Because choosing a product that is suitable for your RV needs to be easy to use and good at removing dirt, debris or mold, we’ve decided to give you some tips that might come handy in while you’re in the market for RV cleaners for sale. Therefore, we’ve showcased below the most important features an item should have to make your RV super clean in a timely fashion.

Anti-oxidation cleaners


The majority of the time, the RV’s are stored outdoors. Therefore, they are prone to be affected by the weather conditions more easily and have the tendency to suffer from oxidation.

If you see certain discoloration on the surface or inside the vehicle, you should get a good RV cleaner that can help you get rid of this issues.

Depending on the level of oxidation, the RV can only suffer from a mild level in which case you can use a product that is able to soak the dirt.

Fortunately, there are plenty of items that do a great job at removing the embedded dirt from the oxidized surface. Just make sure that your choice of product is a good cleaner for road grime, streaks, and salts.

Basically, an all-purpose cleaner will do the trick as long as you follow the instructions and remove the grease from the targeted area. Then you can proceed at scrubbing the affected spots, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to remove typical black drip stains that are common for the oxidation process.


Stay away from harsh abrasives


When searching for the best cleaner for RV, you should be aware that abrasive substances are harsh on most surfaces and can deteriorate the vehicle, both inside and outside.

Harsh detergents such as rubbing compounds or steel wools because remove the coat of protection most vehicle come with. Instead, get a gentle, cheap RV cleaner that is suitable not only for rubber but also for fiberglass gel-coat and pre-painted aluminum siding and stripes.

Before you apply the cleaner, make sure to have a damp cloth at hand. Moreover, if the detergent needs to be diluted, mix it with a little water. Then, using a sweeping back and forth motion you’ll be able to remove any kind of dirt, line paint or stains from the RV.  It is advisable to clean your RV while parked in a shade-free area. In addition, you can make your RV look brand new if you get a cleaner that besides removing debris also waxes the exterior, ensuring a shiny visual effect.


Buy in bulk


According to the RV cleaner reviews, you can save money if you choose to buy cleaners in large quantities.

The main reason buying in bulk is considered a good investment is that you get to benefit from them for longer periods of time. Especially during the summer season when cleaning is done regularly, you’ll be more than glad to have an RV cleaner with you, while on the go.



10 Best RV Cleaners (Reviews) 2022



1. Gel-Gloss RV WW-128


A great 2 in 1 concentrated cleaning formula, this cleaner from Gel-Gloss is specially designed to clean and wax the surface of your RV with one single application. Besides, it is safe to use on areas such as laminates, marble, granite, tile, plastics, rubber, chrome, and stainless steel.

Having only eco-friendly substances among the list of ingredients, this product is completely biodegradable.

Moreover, it can be applied to sensitive areas because it isn’t abrasive or harsh with the surface. Therefore, there’s no risk of causing damages if you use on rubber or fiberglass.

Thanks to the bar soap composition, this cleaner does not feature toxic chemicals such as phosphates which can pollute the air and deteriorate the interior and the exterior of your RV.

In addition to cleaning and waxing, it provides a glossy and shiny finish to your RV due to the carnauba wax which is an ingredient known for ensuring a fantastic glow on cars and vehicles.



This phosphate-free solution is an excellent product for cleaning your RV without worrying about dangerous chemicals.

Another thing you’ll love about it is that it’s biodegradable, so you will know that you don’t hurt the environment by using it.

It is a nice touch that the product doesn’t leave unsightly spots or streaks of water, so your RV looks as good as new.

Even more, because it includes carnauba wax in its composition, it will not remove wax that was applied previously.

It’s very economical, and from one quart of solution, you’ll be able to obtain 16 gallons of product you can use for cleaning.



Some customers mention that they didn’t find the product to be particularly useful for cleaning the walls of their travel trailers.

Others say that they are not impressed with the results and consider this cleaner to be on par with other similar products on the market.

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2. Thetford 32517


This 2 in 1 professional strength formula from Thetford is an excellent RV cleaner that removes even the toughest soils such as black streaks, dried bugs, bird droppings, and dirt.

Completely safe to use, this product won’t harm the RV finishes, nor it will fade the decals that you have on the surface.

Suitable for a variety of vehicles like RV’s, trucks, cars, and boats, the cleaner is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Once you apply the product, your RV will look as brand new and with a protective shine coating. You can use it on gel-coats, fiberglass, and painted aluminum exterior because it is nontoxic and nonflammable.

Plus, you can buy it bulk so you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of cleaner in order to remove stains and debris from your RV, no matter the season. Especially in the hot season, you should have it at hand to remove the debris that can harm the surface of your vehicle.  



It’s a great thing that this product cleans and waxes at the same time, excluding the necessity of purchasing two different products.

You can use it to clean your RV, but not only; with the same success, it can be applied on boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

The product can remove black streaks, insects dried and glued to the surface, dirt, and mostly any debris that might be in your way.

Due to the water-repellent finish, it will maintain the color of the paint beneath against UVs so that it doesn’t fade with time.

Because it is biodegradable, it won’t cause any troubles for the environment even when you use it regularly.



Some people talk about how the product still leaves some unsightly streaks behind, no matter how hard they rubbed the affected surface.

Even if it does work as a wax, too, it cannot be considered on par with real wax.

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3. Duragloss 542


Duragloss Marine and RV with Mildew Buster is an excellent choice if you want to remove stains instantly.

This specially formulated cleaner is able to penetrate and emulsify surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, tiles, and any other type of non-porous areas that your RV has.

Suitable for cleaning the outside and the inside of your RV, the product removes mildew, oil, and grease from vinyl seats and countertops. Just make sure to do the cleaning process in a ventilated areas to ensure the air remains fresh and breathable.

Thanks to the spray formula, the product is quite easy to use and enables a fast cleaning. You can use it on small areas each time you have a spot or stain that you want to get rid off. Simply spray all over the surface that needs cleaning and allow for the substance to dwell a couple of minutes.

Then, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. You can repeat the process if you have a tough stain that won’t go easily.



As an RV cleaner, this one performs quite well, and it can be used for cleaning vehicles for marine use with the same efficiency and results.

It will deal with mildew and most stains right away, so you can have the satisfaction of seeing the results of your work appearing as you clean.

Due to its unique blend of surfactants, it will penetrate through any stain or patch of dirt, dissolving it and leaving nothing but a clean surface behind.

You can apply it without a problem on vinyl, tiles, or fiberglass, which is why it works so well on RVs and boats; any non-porous material can be cleaned with it.

Another thing to remember is that it can be successfully used for the inside and the outside of your RV without a glitch.



Some customers mention that they don’t like the bleach smell the solution has and that they are not aware of such chemicals being included in the formula.

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4. Star Brite Wash & Wax 71500


This cleaner is proudly made in the United States and it is specifically formulated to clean as well as shine in one simple step. This means that you get to save time and money. The product is a great choice for removing grease, grime, mud, dust, mildew, and even bug deposits from all the exterior surfaces of your camper. 

At the same time, it also adds a protective deep shine and glow. The Star Brite RV Wash & Wax contains UV inhibitors that will keep the paint protected against fading. What is more, the special polymers which form the protective coating can help a great deal in shedding future dust, road grime, and mildew. 

Furthermore, while caustic cleaners and dishwashing detergents can cause polish or wax to strip, this formula was developed in such a way to be able to loosen and remove very tough dirt without harming the protective wax coatings.

The great thing about this product is that it can extend the life of your RV and improve its look. Its highly-concentrated formula is very economical because it allows you to wash and protect your RV with just a few capfuls. What could be better than that?



This product will do more than clean your RV; it will also enhance the paint shine so that your vehicle looks as good as new.

Another great thing about it is that it ensures UV protection for a while so that the paint doesn’t begin to fade prematurely.

It will go through grime, mud, and any other type of debris so that your RV looks thoroughly cleaned when you’re finished.

Due to the concentrated formula, it is also budget-friendly; dilute some in water, and you will see that a few capfuls are enough to clean an entire RV.

The formula is non-toxic and biodegradable, so it is safe to use.



Even after plenty of scrubbing, some customers say that they didn’t manage to remove the black streaks on their vehicles.

Others say that they find the product to work just as good as others, and its effects are average.

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5. B.E.S.T. 55048 Rubber Roof


If you want a product that can help you prolong the life of your RV’s rubber roof matting, you should consider this formula which cleans and conditions in a single easy application. This means that you will no longer need a two-step system. This non-petroleum formula has a professional strength that can easily and safely clean oxidation, streaks, and road film. 

The B.E.S.T. 55048 Rubber Roof Cleaner/Protectant works by moisturizing, conditioning, and preserving the rubber roof of your RV. The manufacturer recommends cleaning your rubber roof at least twice a year. Moreover, using this formula helps prevent fungus, mold, and mildew growth. 

Not only that, but it also offers the roof a continuous new look and provides a few more years to your roof’s life. You should know that silicone should not be used to protect the roof because it actually attracts fungus and mildew growth. Simply using this product is enough. The formula is available in a 48 oz. bottle. 

You know that many products are advertised in a certain way to make sales grow. Some of them do not work as well as presented. According to many customer reviews, it is not the case of this product which efficiently cleaned and protected many RVs’ roofs.



This product is specially designed to clean the rubber roof of your RV, and you will find it pretty useful since it also has conditioning properties.

As it’s a non-petroleum formula, it won’t leave unpleasant streaks, and it will make your rubber roof look as good as new.

It will deal with streaks, signs of oxidation, and the usual debris that accumulates as you cross the country in your RV.

Also, it deals with mold and mildew, and even prevents the growth of microorganisms that lead to the appearance of these problems.

You will love the fact that only one application is needed, and you don’t have to apply a second coating because the formula is quite potent.



Several customers comment on the fact that trying to rinse after an application is a messy process, and a lot of care and work is involved.

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6. Thetford Protect All 67128


If you want to eliminate the knee-bending and backbreaking chore of cleaning the rubber roof of your RV, you should definitely give this product a try. The solution is specially formulated as a degreaser and a cleaner. Since it does not contain any abrasive components or soapy detergents, you will be able to clean the rubber roof of your RV without rinsing it.

Not only does it make your job much easier, but the Thetford’s Protect All RV Rubber Roof Cleaner saves you a lot of time as well. All you need is a bucket of clean water and a sponge mop. With this product, the cleaning process is done in three easy steps. 

Begin by sweeping the loose dust off the RV’s roof and then spray the formula on a two to three square foot section of the roof using the sponge mop to activate the cleaner and loosen chalk and dirt. 

The last step is to absorb the dissolved residue using the sponge mop and rinsing it in the bucket. To wipe the excess residue, use a dry cloth. After you are done, you should allow the roof to air-dry before you walk in on it.



The Thetford Protect All 67128 is an excellent rubber roof cleaner that you will like to use for your RV, due to its outstanding results.

Created with active ingredients that can dissolve even the most stubborn grime and chalk, this formula ensures that the rubber roof of your RV will look great for a long time.

One great thing about this product is that, unlike others on the market, doesn’t need any rinsing so that you won’t make a mess afterward.

It is biodegradable so that you can use it without any worries; it’s also non-toxic and safe to apply on any EPDM rubber roof.

You will find it easy to apply, so it’s also a convenient option if you don’t have a lot of time at your disposal for cleaning your roof.



Some attention is necessary when you apply it because it may leave marks if you touch other areas by accident, and, according to some reviewers, it may even remove paint.

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7. 303 Products 30370 Protectant


An interesting fact about the next product on our list is that it was originally engineered for aviation and aerospace applications. It is a premium surface treatment which instantly offers excellent protection against destructive UV rays that can cause fading, discoloration, cracking, and chalking of surfaces. 

This item is able to repel dirt, dust, soiling, lint, water spots, staining, mildew, and even salt water. The 303 Products 30370 Marine & Recreation Aerospace Protectant is effective as well as safe for fiberglass, vinyl, carbon fiber, gel-coat, plastics, finished leather, and synthetic or natural rubber. It is recommended to use it only on clean and dry surfaces. 

Also, you should place a drop cloth under the cleaner in order to catch any possible overspray. To use the formula, you should spray the surface and wipe it completely dry, but out of direct sunlight. 

If you notice streaking occurring, it means that you have used too much product. Luckily, you can remove the excess with a wet towel and then immediately wipe it completely dry. You should also take into consideration that this formula does not air dry. Additional buffing with a dry cloth increases repellency, bonding, as well as longevity.



If you want to give your RV an anti-UV treatment, you can hardly get any better than this, as the 303 Products 30370 Protectant was created for use in aviation applications.

The surface of your RV won’t suffer discoloration, or cracking, so, by using the product, you prolong the life of the paint on your vehicle.

You will appreciate its superior versatility as it can be applied without a problem on vinyl, carbon fiber, plastic, leather, rubber, or Plexiglas.

Furthermore, this product acts as a repellant for mildew, and you will notice that dirt and debris will no longer catch on the surface of your RV as quickly as you remember.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use it to restore color and give your RV a nice shine so that it looks as good as new.



Be aware that it can make surfaces slippery, so don’t use it on something you need to carry or have a grip on.

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8. Meguiar’s M5001 Marine


You should consider this product if you are looking for a formula designed to clean, polish, and wax. Fortunately, this one is an easy-to-use liquid wax that works effectively to restore color, brilliance, and gloss. At the same time, it adds durable protection. 

What is more, you can achieve all the above-mentioned aspects in one easy step. We have to mention that this product is able to remove minor scratches and swirls, as well as light oxidation and haze. Meguiar’s M5001 Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax also contains anti-corrosive elements that help fight against rust. 

The protective ingredients used in this formula are very powerful and can provide a durable shield against the sun’s UV rays, corrosion, or salt air. It is a non-abrasive product that can safely remove various defects while also restoring color and gloss. And guess what? It also saves you time and effort. 

You can achieve outstanding results with this one-step marine wax both by hand and machine. The formula is available in 16 ounces, 32 ounces, and one-gallon sizes. Depending on the quantity you need, you have multiple options to choose from. You should know that it is recommended to apply this product only on cool surfaces and in the shade.



A product created for boats and other marine applications, the Meguiar’s M5001 Marine is a good pick for your RV, too, as it polishes and gives any such surface a beautiful shine.

In case you are bothered by some minor defects such as oxidation, small scratches, and anything similar, you will find a great ally in this product that you can use to reduce their visibility.

Any fiberglass surface will receive a beautiful polish that is both glossy and vibrant in color, due to the non-abrasive, yet powerful action of this cleaner.

Even more, you can use this product to protect the paint job on your RV against corrosion, UVs, and the action of salty air.

The product is sold in containers of one gallon, so you will have plenty for all the applications you want to perform.



Bear in mind that, while it can deal with minor defects rather well, it is not powerful enough to deal with other issues.

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9. Meguiar’s M5401 Gel Wash


Since this product is a thick biodegradable wash formula, it can gently lift dirt, boat scum, grime, salt spray, bird droppings, and any other contaminants; all this, without stripping the wax protection. Its formula combines high-quality conditioners containing optical brighteners that can enhance the gloss and brilliance of gel coat surfaces. 

The rich emulsifiers with high studs from Meguiar’s M5401 Marine/RV Gel Wash manage to clean surface contaminants without having to excessively scrub it. Moreover, the sheeting action reduces dry time significantly. This is an easy and effective solution for regular use on any type of fiberglass and gel-coat surfaces. 

Thanks to the neutral pH level and the fact that it is very concentrated, this formula gently and efficiently cleans the surfaces of RVs, boats, cars, and other types of vehicles too. If you are worried about water spots left behind on fiberglass, you can rest assured that it is not the case with this product. 

According to customers, other types of products in this line typically need re-waxing every three months, but this one looks fresh even after five months. Even owners who have been using this product for many years vouch for its quality, performance, and durable results.



Give your RV a good wash, using this product that does an excellent job removing grime and dirt but without stripping away the wax underneath.

You can appreciate the fact that the formula doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing on your part, something that can’t be said about other products on the market.

Due to the rich conditioner qualities of this formula, don’t be surprised to see the RV surface receiving a brilliant gloss that makes it look as good as new.

Since it’s a biodegradable formula, you won’t have to worry about harming the environment.

Also, it takes little time to dry, so it is a convenient choice for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.



Some customers talk about how some stubborn stains could not be dealt with while using this formula.

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10. Valterra LLC V88542 Awning


This awning cleaner is very concentrated and can deal with tough stains such as mold, lichen, mildew, algae, and moss. Its formula was also designed to efficiently remove scum, road grime, and tree sap. Furthermore, this product is very effective in conditioning the surface of the awning as well. 

It will protect the surface from UV rays that could otherwise cause discoloration, fading, and even deterioration. The Valterra LLC V88542 does not include any harsh chemicals or any other components that might cause the color to fade. It is a versatile product, as it can be used for roofs, sidings, RVs, decks, driveways, or boats. 

What is more, the formula works great on various materials such as vinyl, plastics, acrylic, natural and synthetic fibers. You might like the fact that the cleaner can also be used for multiple purposes and applications like schools, hospitals, parks, freeways, hotels, and many others. In other words, you can use it on pretty much all types of surfaces. 

Returning to the RV awning, besides cleaning it, this formula conditions and protects the surface as well. This can also help the awning be kept in top condition, which means it prevents regular maintenance and repairs as well.



If you need a product for cleaning RV awnings, the Valterra LLC V88542 Awning is precisely what you need, as it is specially formulated for such tasks.

You will like that it can be used on any awning fabric, so it doesn’t matter what awning your RV has for this product to do its job.

Another advantage offered is that it does more than cleaning the awning fabric; it also acts as a conditioner, so it makes it look good for a long time.

The concentrated formula works well against dirt and grime, and it can even help you clean tree sap from your RV awning.

It can be a promising protectant against grime and other problems, like mold and mildew.



At least one customer says that he or she expected the product to work a little better against stains.

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