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What are the best RV covers in 2019?


If you don’t have the patience to go through a whole article just to find out what is the best RV cover out there, then the following short paragraph will answer your question in brief. After scouring the internet for the best RV covers reviews, we reached the conclusion that the Leader Accessories 90101001 best fits the bill as a cover in regards to both convenience and effectiveness. The three layer polypropylene keeps rain, snow and UV rays away from your precious RV while it allows for enough venting to keep molds and rust from forming. Its zippered panels will allow for easy access if in need for minor check-ups or repairs and it comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit most motorhomes and campers. If the Leader Accessories product is for some reason unavailable, you could consider going for the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3, which ensures for great adaptability and convenience thanks to its wide opening.



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A short buying guide


An RVs construction tends to emphasize lightweight, and not necessarily resilience. Since they are also generally to big to properly fit in a garage, this means that environmental factors are particularly prone to damage an RV. Consequently, a cover often becomes a necessity, rather than just a measure to keep the RVs value intact. What to look for when buying one?



Naturally, this should be the foremost thing to consider. RV covers need to ensure adequate protection against UV rays, rain, snow, but also various pests such as rats and wasps.

Besides discoloration, UV rays also adversely affect the material underneath, be it plastic, glass fibre or aluminum, so you shouldn’t skip on a cover just because you live in an area with mild climate and your RV can’t get any whiter.

There aren’t really any special chemical characteristics to take note of in regards to how the covering material would suit your needs, since the best RV covers for the sun tend to be also the best RV covers for winter.

Most good covers are made out of multiple layers of polypropylene to ensure that they do well in any climate. Since synthetic materials don’t really breathe, they are almost always outfitted with special vents, to keep water vapour out.




Most good designs feature a number of zippered panels to ensure easy access to various parts of the RV. We can’t stress how important this is, since most RVs are big enough to prove a pain to cover adequately, and might often require two people.

These are generally placed near the door, so you can easily get in and out while “wrapped”, near the electrical unit and near vents and air conditioners to make for easy repairs. The propane tanks don’t need a special panel, since they are almost always left uncovered.

The zippers generally close tight and are place under excess material, so don’t worry about them affecting the effectiveness of the tarp. The best waterproof RV covers might very well be crisscrossed by zippers.


Size and fitting


If you don’t want to pay extra to have a custom RV cover made for you then adjustable tension panels become a must when searching for the best model. These allow for the cover to be slimmed or extended to better fit the RV, and a good fitting is important if for those who live in a particularly windy region.



Our top picks



Leader Accessories 90101001


This product really seems to be fitting the company name, with most Amazon reviewers giving it 5 stars out of five.

The polypropylene 3 layered top gives it good resistance to mildew and UV rays while at the same time breathable and water repellant, with additional venting provided by two surfaces located near the sides.

It features multiple zippered panels to provide access to doors and the engine area (if applicable). These allow for wide openings form two sides, enough to let the user do a quick check up or even basic repairs on his trailer without having to remove the cover.

Since the cover can be difficult to see at night due to its neutral colors, reflective panels had been added to ensure better safety.

While the Leader Accessories product does come in a wide variety of sizes off the shelf, it also features a number of tension panels that allow for a tight fit on any RV.

Buy from for ($359.99)




Classic Accessories 80-103-141001-00


Convenience and adaptability are the words of the day with the Classic Accessories PolyPro. This unit can unzip at its edges in order to fit any size of the vehicle and ensure easy access for maintenance.  

Classic Accessories offer literally dozens of size options for this product, together with front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners which make it adaptable to vehicles and carriages of any size and shape.

As an added bonus, the covering can be progressively lifted via a rope so that the user won’t have to avoid it any time he crawls under the RV for repairs.  

The triple-ply polycarbonate top gives it good all-weather protection, and the user can simply unzip one of the panels to provide adequate venting. However, the sides are made with only one layer of polycarbonate, which some users find somewhat flimsy.

Buy from for ($149.97)




Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO Deluxe Travel


The Classic Accessories Perma PRO features a new and innovative material that promises to be significantly more tear resistant than the more traditional polypropylene.

Among other things, this allows for the cover to be a lot lighter, hence a lot easier to fit on the RV and easy to carry.  

You won’t have any problem taking it on and off, but some users did find it a little thin, hence prone to be moven around by winds if not strapped on properly. Opinions regarding the strapping cords are generally positive, but some special care must be taken.

Speaking of positive responses, the tear resistant, weather and mildew proof material seems to act as advertised, at least according to Amazon reviewers.

Like any quality product, it also features a number of zippered removable panels for better convenience when performing regular check-ups or repairs.

Buy from for ($305.79)




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