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Best RV gadgets

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV gadgets in 2022?


Technology is a must if you’re camping outdoors. If you need to get the best RV gadgets that can make the entire experience more pleasant, you could start by reading this small paragraph. Our team of researchers has looked at several aspects such as user feedback, social media activity, and expert reviews. They determined that the Garmin RV 770 is an excellent choice because this GPS  tool is useful for any camping enthusiast. The unit gives you all the information that you need regarding routes and road warning, as well as maps and weather alerts. Thanks to the hands-free feature you can contact your family and friends using Bluetooth. If the Garmin RV 770 is somehow out of stock, make sure you check the KING Outdoor Speaker.



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A short buying guide


Once you’ve bought an RV and discovered that life seems happier and nicer because you don’t have restraints when it comes to travel, you must level up and get the best gadgets for campers. It’s important that you consider your needs and get items that can improve the outdoor experience in every possible way. Because there are many gadgets for sale that could come handy when Rving, the task of finding the ones worthy becomes a tad daunting. You can save some precious time if you read the following buying guide showcased below.  



Why get RV gadgets?


Getting an RV is a good decision if you don’t like going to expensive hotels where the comfort is somewhat limited. Since you probably want to benefit from the same conditions you have at home, you need to establish a list with some good gadgets for RVing that help you get rid of the hassle of having to carry useless items and food cans that don’t taste so good.

Not all RVs are equipped with the essentials, so it’s your job to invest in furnishing if you want to have a relaxing time in the outdoors.


The essentials


Cooking meals is not what it used to be. You can make delicious and simple things using one thing only, a cordless hand blender. Since it’s battery operated, you can cook outside, in nature, and not depend on a power source. Plus, you can easily charge the blender using solar power. This way, you can make omelets, pancakes, sauces, and so on with the help of a small cooking appliance.

We all know that taking a proper shower in your RV is a little tricky. Especially if you lack water pressure at your campsite, the shower head won’t be much useful. Instead, if you purchase a portable shower head that injects plenty of air into the water stream, your problem is solved.

One of the best gadgets for motorhomes is the portable air compressor. This small piece is incredibly powerful and can handle higher pressure in RV tires. Also, it features everything you need to attach the device to your vehicle battery and inflate the trailer when in need.


Collapsible items


Water is mandatory for any trip, no matter how much time you intend to be away. Because you can’t use the available space inside your RV to carry gallons of water, you could try collapsible jugs. According to many RV gadgets reviews, these are extremely practical and versatile because they allow you to carry other types of drinks, such as wine or juice.

Many reviews of RV gadgets talk about packing too much luggage when going on a holiday. You can avoid this issue by using collapsible suitcases. These fit comfortably into your RV storage room and hold every crucial item that you need for a trip away from home.



Our top picks



Garmin RV 770


You shouldn’t go away on holiday without having established a route. If you plan on traveling to an area where you haven’t been before, it’s crucial that you get a GPS device that guides you throughout your vacation.

This neat bundle comes with a dual 12V car charger. This means that no matter how much time you spend away from home, the battery of the unit won’t die and you’ll know which road to take.

Moreover, this piece of gadget features a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove the dust and dirt from the LCD screen. Plus, it comes with a hardshell case that ensures protection at all times.

The product is easy to use thanks to the bamboo stylus mini that comes in handy for setting up routes and finding addresses.  

The most important aspect is that you can connect it to a smartphone app if you want to have full access to live traffic and weather alerts.


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Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life because it helps us improve our mood or turn a party into a successful one. If you want to rest assured that your friends are having a great time while camping outdoors, you should get a portable speaker, such as this model.

This stereo Bluetooth speaker lets you play your favorite jam even when you’re on the go. Plus, it is entirely waterproof, which means that you can use it while sitting on the beach or having a blast by the pool.

On top of this, this cool gadget features 45 LED lights with wireless light control that include RGB colors and dimming settings, and all of these can be controlled with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

Also, this premium speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 speakers and a built-in power amplifier that ensures a top-notch quality sound.  

You can use a free app to control the equalizer and the bass if you want.


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RV Designer M565


Imagine going on a trip and not having a power source to charge your phone, radio, tablet or any electronic device that you might carry with you. Because it can ruin your mood for the entire holiday, you should opt for a device that allows you to charge everything that you could need.

This small power cube is suitable for all devices that require charging because the SP technology enables the product to identify the device you plug in and apply the right voltage at the same time.

Moreover, it is incredibly small and lightweight so you can take it with you in your backpack if you want to go hiking.

You can charge up to five units simultaneously, and each will be ready when you need them. It comes in handy for traveling with your RV given that when camping, devices work harder, and you need a charging solution that is fast and safe.  


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