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Best RV GPS apps for Android phones

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Having the Internet in your pocket plus a world’s worth of maps on your lap along with your video, music, messaging and email on demand is truly a wonderful thing. If you are able to install different RV apps to make life on the road so much more convenient and simpler, that would be something remarkable as well. Having your smartphone facilitate your road adventures so you are basically self-contained when you stop for the night is nothing short of awesome. You would not have to pay for a clubhouse, showers, a swimming pool or hookups since all you really need is a parking space, and the best RV apps can provide that info easily.

2.Best RV GPS apps for Android phones


1. Allstays Camp and RV

The ultimate RVing resource for locating not just overnight stops but also other RV services and campgrounds, the Allstays Camp and RV offers you an exceptionally broad database that boasts over 29,000 listings that include military FamCamps, RV resorts, overnight parking options that include Walmart branches that allow overnight stays, public campgrounds, and many more. The app also comes with RV service stations, propane filling locations, dump stations and service centers. It also provides marked indications for road grades, rest areas, low clearance bridges and construction alerts, along with tracking of some of the basic laws of the state. Offering thousands more places compared to other sources, the app is a true universal app for iPad, iPhone and Touch as well, with maps that add points in real time as you scroll. If you just want to view campgrounds or tenting with no extras, just one touch will do it. The map can be filtered by over 30 amenities and by type, giving you hundreds of possibilities. Get information on over 30,000 campgrounds in the US and Canada, as well as national and state forests and parks, county/city parks, KOA, Good Sam, Passport America, and so much more.


2. CoPilot RV GPS Navigation App

Owning a RV takes a special breed. You should not only love seeing places but also having adventures and collecting memories as you cover the miles. Building a comfort zone is not your cup of tea since you always enjoy seeing what is outside your neighborhood. Designed specifically for the true blue RVer, the CoPilot RV GPS Navigation App offers genuine value for money and comes with a one-time fee that provides unlimited use plus free map updates. Avoid unexpected delays en route using the included 12 months real-time traffic service. If high data bills scare you, the app offers reliable offline navigation so you won’t have to wait while an online navigation app buffers up to find what direction you are heading while you struggle to find a good signal. Taking the stress out of driving so you always stay safe, the app calculates your route based on the size and class of your RV to prevent those exasperatingly costly and dangerous low-bridge encounters. You also have lane arrows and ClearTurn™ view with genuine road signage so you know which lane to take for you to maneuver safely through complex intersections and lane changes ahead of time.


3. Android app

When RVs have to go… we know where to go!™ Thus proclaims the creator of the Android app. The website comes with a map locator for RV Dump Stations, with this free companion app. A useful means of finding dump stations in conjunction with Allstays, the premium version provides step-by-step driving directions and accommodates 20 favorites, not just 1. GPS coordinates are also displayed for each site. With all results displayed on Google Maps, you can locate RV dump stations from your GPS location while on the road. You can also search based on a city of your preference. Information about RV dump stations is up-to-date, with your favorite dump stations available for viewing while offline.