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Best RV grill

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV bbq grills?


If you plan to get something to improve your cooking while going on trips with your RV, then this short paragraph will help you in finding the best RV grill available for sale right now. After we read through the RV grill reviews we’ve come to the conclusion that the Coleman LXE is the right choice for you since it provides plenty of options for your outdoor meals thanks to its interchangeable cooktops. Also, it comes with the great benefit of igniting without you having to use matches, meaning that you can forget about postponing your lunch because you just can find them. This compact and sturdy grill will prove to be reliable even in extreme conditions because it boasts the PerfectFlow technology which enables it to provide consistent performance. If you’ll find that this product is currently unavailable for whatever reason, then we suggest you throw a look-see at the Camco 57305 as it is a good alternative.



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A short buying guide


We know that in today’s market is quite possible to become frustrated while looking for your desired product and RV grills come in a plethora of options as well. Allow us to help you through this bothersome process through our carefully thought buying guide. Besides that, you’ll see that we provide some suggestions as well in order for you to find the best grill for RV camping.

How to find the best RV portable grill?


Before finding the right answer to this question, we first have to consider what is makes a grill suitable for an RV and how many types there actually are. Since every grill comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, you would be inspired to take your needs and budget into consideration before choosing.

As far as what kinds of grills are there, the popular choices consist of grills powered by charcoal or propane. The first type represents perhaps the most favorite choice when it comes to RVers. Perhaps the charcoal grill’s popularity is caused by the availability of its fuel since you can find charcoal in every local supermarket. One disadvantage is represented by its need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The propane grill is trying to mix what a charcoal type offers with easy cleaning making it a top choice for RV barbecues. It offers consistent performance and features which you can hardly find in other kinds of grills. Its downside comes from its fuel, meaning that the propane tank can be difficult to carry or refill.




When you are looking for any kind of product you must make sure to get good value for the money and this is the case of RV grills too. While you can get a good grill without paying much and you’ll still be able to enjoy the meat’s flavor, you’ll have to consider the cost of the fuel as well. If you compare the two types of grills we mentioned earlier, their fuel offers different performance. While charcoal is cheaper than propane it is less efficient over a period of time.




When you are looking for something to use during outdoor activities you need to make sure to get a product that provides plenty of useful features. Some grills come packed with such characteristics, such as burners, flavorizers or grates. These will offer you control over the heat output and protection against dripping or rust.



Our top picks



Coleman LXE


The LXE is the type of grill you would like to carry with you while going outdoors in your RV. That’s because it is quite easy to transport thanks to its ability to fold to compact size, its large handles, and wheels which ensure easy pulling.

Besides being able to carry around in an effortless way you’ll also be able to use it in no time since it is capable of being set up in a matter of seconds.

It comes with interchangeable cooktops which provide you with more meal options. You won’t need matches to ignite the grill since you’ll just have to push a button and watch the magic happen.

You’ll be able to use it even in extreme conditions thanks to its PerfectFlow technology which ensures consistent performance. Your tools and ingredients will be kept close by in its sliding side tables so that every time you need them, they’ll be within a hand’s reach.


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Camco 57305


If you are looking for a grill that is designed for RV and outdoor use, then you can consider purchasing this product. This high-quality product is made to be used while attached to your RV or as a tabletop grill meant to be used outside, all of this thanks to its folding feet.

Made from stainless steel, this durable grill can be connected to your RV’s propane outlet. Besides being made of durable stainless steel, this product is also lightweight so carrying it around won’t cause you any pains in your back.

The 57305 is suitable for any outdoor activity and is designed to increase the flavor of your barbecues while preventing dangerous flare-ups which you certainly don’t want around your RV. Being a propane grill means that you won’t have to deal with any kind of messy charcoal, leaving you with a safe to use and easy to clean product.


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Camco 58130


There are plenty of grills out there that come with complicated instructions which only keep you from enjoying a nice timeout from your work and city life.

Products that are meant to be used when you go outdoors in your RV have to provide as little hassle as possible.

This RV grill comes ready to use right out of the box, meaning that you won’t waste precious time while trying to figure out how to assemble it. Its folding legs make it a compact grill, which can be easily stored away after you’ve had a plentiful bite to eat.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, the 58130 is guaranteed to endure, and since it comes with a mounting bracket, you can use it while it’s attached to your RV. Don’t worry about scrubbing for hours after you use it since it comes with a removable grease tray which makes it easy to clean as well.


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