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Best RV mat

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV mats?


Let’s say that you need something to transform your RV into your temporary home away from home. Have you considered purchasing a mat? Don’t underestimate the power of a mat, as it is more than capable of switching your perspective when looking at your vehicle. This short paragraph will show you that the best RV mat is the EZ Travel Mats 9X18. We’ve arrived at this conclusion after we read through the reviews of RV mats and they hold it in high regard. That’s because it comes in an ideal size of 9 by 18 feet. It is highly durable, being able to withstand UV rays and it is capable of resisting against mildew and mold and that’s great news for RV enthusiasts. Its versatility will impress you, as it is capable of folding up easily, it is lightweight and reversible as well. If you’ll find it unavailable for purchase, look for the EZ Travel Mats Pirate Flag.



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A short buying guide


It is easy to understand why you might not have time to find the best RV patio mat for sale since there are simply too many models from which you can choose quickly. Out informative buying guide is here to help you know what to look for, and our suggestions are based on the RV mats reviews so it might prove easier than you think to find a good RV mat.

How is it made?


Usually, RV mats are colorful products made from polypropylene. They are reversible, which means that they work great on either side. They are made from blown and colored straws which are weaved together by using a special machine resulting in the colorful design which can complement your camping grounds.

It might be important for you to not affect the grass on top of which you plan to place the RV mat. Well, you can protect it by using models that are friendly to the environment. Simply look for weaved mats because they are porous enough to provide air circulation to the grass while also acting as a barrier between you and dirt.


Why should you use one?


Originally, mats were made for religious people to pray upon. They would kneel on them and start praying. Some people got inspired and started to weave them, changing the patterns in order to fit the style of outdoorsmen. They are generally used to avoid getting dirt and debris from the outside into your RV.

If you own such a vehicle, you must know by now that every time someone enters your RV, they tend to leave some unwanted traces behind them. These mats work great for keeping your RV as clean as possible.


Do they work in bad weather?


When we are talking about taking trips into the great outdoors, we know that you might come under nasty weather conditions. So, what can you do to ensure that your mat will stay put even in high winds? Some models come with grommets, holes made to place a stake through. You simply have to put stakes in each corner, and your mat will stay beside your RV as it is meant to.

Other types of mats include loops made from nylon, and they seem to work better than grommets because the latter might fall out and when we are talking about weaved products when a hole appears they tend to unravel.



Our top picks



EZ Travel Mats 9X18


You are an inspired person if you are looking for a mat meant to fit your RV lifestyle. Why’s that? Because it acts as a barrier between the dirty outside and your mobile home. This model provides plenty of room to perform various activities outdoors, and it looks stylish as well, coming in different colors that should match any kind of taste.

It was meant to last, its durability being ensured by its resistance to various things. Firstly, we know how UV rays affect our skin. Well, they seem to affect RV mats as well but don’t worry, because this one is made to withstand them. Mildew and mold won’t appear easily as well because this product is more than capable of resisting against these pestering troubles.

Its lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry around and easy to store as well. Being reversible you might say that you will buy two mats at the price of one.


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EZ Travel Mats Pirate Flag


If you don’t consider yourself to be an ordinary person and feel that you deserve something to make you stand out among the average RV enthusiasts, then you might want to take a really good look at this product.

The adventurer that resides somewhere deep inside you might love the pirate flag design that this model boasts. You might act as a pirate stranded on land with your RV acting as a shipwreck. Your kids will surely love this kind of play, and it will help them fall in love with the outdoors in case they don’t already share your passion.

It comes with reinforced looped grommets on each of its four corners, and it is also accompanied by stakes which you can use to fix it firmly to the ground. Its durability is ensured by its resistance to UV rays, mildew and mold as well.


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Camco 42850


This product is capable of suiting any style of RV thanks to its capability of coming in a variety of designs and sizes. When you decide on buying an RV mat, you surely want a product that is capable of enduring the pass of time. You’ll find that this product is more than capable of withstanding this test and others.

If we are talking about resistance, then you should find out that the 42850 is made from a high-quality material which makes it resistant to mold and mildew while also ensuring that is easy to clean as well.

Thanks to its lightweight you can quite easily fold it up for easy storage. You’ll see that it won’t take as much space as you’d think, allowing you to move around with your RV as quickly as you want and at any time in a swift manner. Being reversible, you’ll be able to use it on both sides, this being a big plus.


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