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What are the best RV refrigerators in 2019?


If you’re only interested in finding out what’s the best RV refrigerator to spend your money on, then it’s enough to read the short paragraph below. After consulting all the best RV refrigerator reviews, we settled on the Midea WHD-113FB1 as our top pick among the models available for sale in 2019. The Midea alternative basically boasts an all-around solid design, that incorporates all the features RV owners appreciate: a separate freezer and a fridge compartment to ensure easier access and minimize frosting, a small size and a reversible door for better compatibility with a trailer. Lastly, good power economy, from an electric motor that allows it to function under any road condition (more on this below). If for some reason the Midea product isn’t available where you live, you can go for the EdgeStar 3.1, a remarkably similar product that has, however, a slightly higher purchasing cost.



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A short buying guide


The fridge is arguably the most important electrical appliance in a camper. Without it, you technically won’t be able to carry food in your motorhome. Possibly even more important, refreshing cold drinks will be unavailable during summer days. What should you look for when purchasing one?

Power source


There are propane driven refrigerators out there that don’t put any stress on your electrical wiring, but we wouldn’t place these among the best rated RV refrigerators for the simple fact they stop working when tilted at an angle higher than 5 degrees. So no cold drinks for you when driving through the mountains.

Electrical refrigerators generally work with AC current, but you can also find dual AC/DC units that can switch between the standard outlet and batteries (if you intend to use them outside for BBQs and such). Most camper friendly mini-fridges have a low enough energy consumption to qualify for a star rating and be safe to plug to the same source as other energy consumers.




As with any RV specific appliances, you should look for a refrigerator that’s as small as possible while still satisfying your food storage requirements.

Look for the internal compartments to be as large and unobstructed by plastic bits as possible, since these will unnecessarily eat away at the internal space that’s available. A vegetable drawer, however, might prove useful, since you can basically feel it to the brink with round greeneries that would otherwise require sizeable boxes to stay put.

The freezer, when present, tends to be slightly larger relative to the fridge space than it is usual with a regular sized home unit. This is not really an impediment since the best residential refrigerators for RVs have highly adjustable temperature dials. So there’s no need to worry that cold sensitive foodstuffs will get frostbitten in the freezer if you run out of fridge space.  




Good RV refrigerators basically have the same features as their household counterparts: separate freezer, adjustable temperature, anti-freezing capabilities, etc.

What is especially important for them, however, is a number of adjustable hinges on the door, so they might better adapt to the space you have available. The only free space left is in the right side corner of the trailer? No problem, just use a screwdriver to move the hinges so that the door opens left to right (or make the appropriate specifications to your retailer).



Our top picks



Midea WHD-113FB1


A great little refrigerator and freezer combo for RVs or any other confined space, the Midea WHD is among the top ten best selling Home & Kitchen products on many retail websites.

It has everything you would require from a fridge in a fun-sized package; a 0.92 cubic feet freezer that opens separately to prevent heat loss to the other section, separate drawers for food and vegetables to keep onion or garlic smells from spreading, and adjustable legs and temperature dials.

At only 18.5 x 19.4 x 33 inches in size, it fits just about anywhere, and the reversible door hinges further add to its adaptability. Its dimensions make for a total of 3.1 cubic feet of storage space, which is lit by an interior light bulb.

It’s certified CFC-free and the small power output it requires running at 120 volts gives it an Energy Star certificate.

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Edge Star CRF321SS


This is basically Midea WHD’s brother from another mother. It comes with all the useful features of the former, only in silver and with a slightly higher price tag (that we can’t clearly see a reason for). Anyway, the difference is small enough to warrant a preference for the cool silver as reason enough to chose this unit over the Midea.

Its temperature control works from 34 to 60 F for the fridge and as low as 0 F for the freezer. This makes it versatile enough to properly handle anything from red wine to white wine and to keep any variety of ice-cream from melting.

The manufacturer also advertises auto-defrost capabilities, but some reviewers find that it requires defrosting from time to time, which is not a difficult process for such a small unit in any case.  

It’s got the same convenient internal room as the Midea, it runs at 120 volts, and its efficient use of electricity qualifies it for an Energy Star.  

Buy from for ($250.99)




Whynter FM-85G


This Whynter product will make for a great little fridge inside a trailer and a good companion during any outdoor party. It runs both on 110 V standard AC and 12 V batteries, such as you find in cars.

It’s got a single cooling compartment, which at 23 x 13 x 18 inches (internal dimensions) can hold up to 120 standard sized cans and about 80 beer bottles. The DC extending cord allows it to connect to power sources as far as 8 feet away giving some leeway as to its placement for outdoors use.

Internal temperature is adjustable from 60 F to a minimum of -8 F and comes with a fast-freeze option to ensure that cold drinks are available whenever you need them.

The Whynter FM-85G is, however, a significantly more pricey option than your standard RV or dorm room mini fridge.

Buy from for ($689)




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