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Best RV roof sealant

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV roof sealants?


If you won and RV you understand how important is to maintain your vehicle in a perfect state. In order to do so, you must get the best RV roof sealant that protects your RV from damages. If you don’t have time to do a proper research, read this short paragraph. According to several customer reviews, expert feedback, and sales figure, we’ve determined that the best possible choice of Rv roof sealant is the Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-1. The reason we were so impressed with this item is due to its versatility. In addition to UV and waterproof protection, it can also be used as a shield against ponding water. Plus, it can be applied to any type of Rv roof. If the Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-4 is out of stock, go with the Dicor 501LSW-1, another great option.



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A short buying guide


The problem with most RV roofs is that they don’t show to the damage until the very last minute. Basically, it might take a while before realizing the top needs serious fixing. You can prevent these situations if you decide to get the best RV roof coating. If you’re not sure what item to purchase, we’ve got some features explained below that might come in handy.

Type of roof


When in the market for the best roof sealant for RVs, you need to pay attention to the roof type. Each RV comes with a roof made of a certain material so you need to stick to your type and not use a sealant that might cause problems to your roof instead of repairs.

The majority of RVs are outfitted with a roof made of rubber. This can be found in two types, as well, EPDM and TPO.

EPDM roofs are known for their durability and the fact that they can go without an extensive maintenance for many years. If you own an RV with an EPDM roof, make sure to get a sealant for sale that is suitable for this type of material in case it starts to develop cracks.

TPO roofs, on the other hand, are a tad more rigid and provide a shiny look, in comparison to other materials. If EPDM is known for its tendency to oxidize, TPO won’t get to have a chalk-like surface even after long periods of time. It’s important to purchase a sealant that keeps the TPO rubber intact no matter the season.

Another type of material used rarely for RV roofs is aluminum. Because it adds weight to the vehicle, it’s not the first choice for most owners. However, just like fiberglass, it doesn’t require much maintenance, so make sure to buy the best sealant for RV aluminum roof and use it occasionally.




Before making your final buying decision, it’s better to have a clear understanding of why you need the sealant for. Several RV roof sealant reviews recommend checking whether there are leaks in the surface or not. Then, get to the bottom of the problem and see what’s causing the leak. Once you’ve solved this major because you can easily know what roof sealant is suitable for your RV.

Aside from this, if you need to keep your vehicle looking new, your best option is a sealant that provides a brilliant white finish. This type of finish is a great choice especially if you want to maintain the temperature inside the RV at a low level.




RV roof sealants have the capacity to reflect away the light and heat from your vehicle. This is quite useful especially during the summer or if you travel in areas where temperatures are extremely high. You can get a cool and reflective sealant that ensures your roof surface remains cools and prevents any  UV damages.



Our top picks



Liquid Roof Rv Roof Coating F9991-1


This Rv roof sealant is a genuine EPDM rubber found in liquid form. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to use and it can prolong the life of your RV roof.

One aspect worth mentioning in regards to this sealant is that it offers protection against leaks but also a heat-reflective coating over your existing Rv roof surface. Plus, it can be applied to all roofing materials and the waterproof feature works immediately.

Besides the durable function, the product is completely UV and ozone resistant. Also, it can tolerate continuous exposure even at temperatures that go higher than 300 Fahrenheit degrees.

As far as the application process, it only requires one coat in order to be effective. Before using the sealant, make sure to clean the surface with a mild detergent and let it dry. Afterward, you can start applying the roof sealant on top of your RV. The finish won’t get damaged by adverse conditions.

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Dicor 501LSW-1


If you need a reliable roof sealer for your Rv that acts fast and provides excellent results, then this choice won’t disappoint you.

The product was specially designed to create a watertight seal along the edges of your RV roof. Moreover, the sealant does a great job in other areas such as air vents, vent pipes, screw heads, and air conditioners.

Apart from this, the item is fully compatible with all EPDM roofs and enables a perfect adhesion to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, concrete, and galvanized metal.

One aspect worth mentioning is that this sealant matches the color of your RV roof and thanks to its UV properties, it prevents eventual deterioration and discoloration that occurs when the vehicle stays in sunny areas. Plus, it doesn’t stain or discolor no matter the material your roof surface is made of.

Once applied, the product creates a strong and durable seal that remains flexible even after long periods of time.

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Liquid Roof Rv  F9991-4


Main advantage


The main advantage of this item is perhaps the fact that it doesn’t require any particular skills or complicated tools to be applied. It’s a one person job maximum, and it can be done in a couple of hours with the help of a few basic items.

Also, remember to carefully clean the roof before you start applying this substance because there should be no dirt or debris left behind. You can now give your vehicle a new, fresh face and change its aesthetic with an affordable roof sealant that also does a great deal to protect the interior space.


Main disadvantage


There have been complaints saying that despite being a good product, the main drawback of this sealant is the fact that it requires a lot of preparation, so it’s not as easy to use as most customers would think, at least according to the manufacturer’s description of it.

However, that’s true of any item like this, because you need to make sure that the surface of the roof is clean and as even as possible before going on to apply a sealant, otherwise it won’t reach its purpose. If there’s any old roof coating left from the last application you should do your best to get rid of it.

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Top 3 features explained



The role of a good RV sealant is to protect the roof from various harmful external factors such as water infiltrations, but this one does a lot more than that. First of all, it provides a flat, aesthetic surface that you can apply other layers on top of.

It’s compatible with a wide range of different surfaces, which makes this product an excellent choice for customers who own more than one vehicle or who are not sure what would be the best choice for the type of material that their roofing is made of.

Materials that work well with this product are, for example, aluminum or other metals, which is pretty typical for medium-range priced RVs.




Another purpose that can be easily achieved by using this sealant is that of giving a new look to an overused vehicle. It’s true that the roofing is the part that is perhaps less noticed by the pedestrians, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to create an aesthetic surface.

This product will develop a flat surface that is good-looking on its own, but due to its texture, it will give you the opportunity to apply several layers on top, such as a coating of paint for example, which would drastically change the entire aesthetic of your vehicle.

Of course, we recommend, if you do choose to paint it, that you do so in a bright color, preferably white because otherwise, you will attract the sun rays and the temperature inside will significantly increase.



According to the customers that have tried this product and reviewed it over the course of time, it’s evident that it has good value for the money. You can use it to cover the entire surface of an RV roof with one layer, and you would still have liquid left in the container.

That’s great because if there are certain areas that require a slight touch-up, you can use the leftovers to go about it discreetly and no one will notice the difference.


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