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Best RV solar kit

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV solar kits in 2022?


If you are determined to purchase the best RV solar kit for the money, but you do not have the time to do the research on the topic, we can help. After analyzing the feedback left by the previous buyers and after assessing what the experts had to say about the subject, we have determined that the Renogy PWM-Wanderer is the item that you should consider buying. This model comes provided with a negative grounding controller, and it can mainly be utilized with a vehicle that has battery negative on the chassis. Besides, with an ideal output of 1000Wh per day, this device can charge a 50Ah battery from 50% in just one hour and a half. As a plus, the kit also comes supplied with an 8-foot cable that you can use to connect the charge controller to the battery. If this option is out of stock, feel free to check out the WindyNation 100 Watt.



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A short buying guide


Buying cheap RV solar kits is not a smooth process, especially if you are not up-to-date with the latest reviews. To be of assistance to you, we put together a handful of features that are considered a must have when shopping in this line of products.



According to RV solar kits reviews, a solar panel kit is a device that is meant to capture solar energy and to pass it through a charge controller. Next, the resulted energy is stored in batteries that you can later on use to power various electric appliances.

Currently, there is a wide array of various solar panels that you can choose from. However, they are all made from the same material, silicone. The chief factors that make a difference between them are their purity and their construction.

Firstly, there are the mono-crystalline solar panels. These units have what some describe as a “wafer” look, and they are made from the purest form of silicone currently available. These panels perform better than poly-crystalline models, particularly in low light conditions.

Secondly, poly-crystalline solar panels are easy to identify because they have a distinctive blue color. Also, they have rectangular cells and a crystalline structure that is not as pure as that of mono panels. Because they are budget-friendly, they are usually preferred by those that are not ready to make a costly investment.

Thin Film panels and Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, or CIGSs are two newer types of panels that you can also find online. However, because they take up quite a lot of space, they are not usually chosen by RV owners.


The controller


As expected, even the energy that is produced by a good RV solar kit is not always consistent. Because of this, one needs a controller that can take all the power generated by the panels and store it in the batteries.

There are three different types of controllers that one can choose from, multi-phase ones, single phase units and single phase trickles.


What are the elements that you need to collect and use solar energy?


Well, regular RV solar kits for sale come provided with large and flat panels that collect the solar energy and transform it into electricity. Also, they include mounting brackets that can help one secure each panel in place, and an inverter that converts the generated DC electricity into an AC current that can be used to power appliances.

Besides, most kits also supply the users with a battery that one can use to store the energy, and with the necessary cables that one has to utilize to connect all the components.



Our top picks



Renogy PWM-Wanderer


This kit distributed by Renogy is the ideal choice if you have not used a product of this kind before. When shipped, this unit includes a 30A PWM wanderer charge controller, two 100W 12V Poly/Mono solar panels, an adaptor kit, a tray cable, two sets of Z-brackets and one set of connectors.

Because it comes outfitted with all the items that you might need when setting up an alternative source of energy for your RV, it can be very easy to be used by novices. Also, once you install it, you can start enjoying the advantages of producing energy in a quiet fashion.

Furthermore, once you start using this model, you will be more independent and, therefore, able to wander off in your RV and even go off-grid.

Each of the included panels measures 47 inches x 21.3 inches, and they are considered easy to utilize and maintain clean.


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WindyNation 100 Watt


Another off-grid alternative that you might want to check out is the WindyNation 100 Watt. This item was designed to be used on boats, RVs, and homes. Consequently, it will most surely be able to cater to your needs.

The PWM solar charge controller that this item includes stands out because it has user adjustable settings. Moreover, its included LCD screen depicts info such as the amperage, the voltage, and the temperature.

According to the seller, this kit can provide an average of 350 Watt-hours per day, depending on the sunlight availability. Besides, its charge is also able to control more panels at a time, so that you can add more of them once you get the hang of how they have to be used.

Overall, this option can supply its buyers with up to 100 watts of free, renewable power. Those that have tried it so far noted that the model is very reliable.


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ACOPOWER 12V Foldable


This 70-watt foldable choice is another unit that you should check out before you make an investment. What is more, the panels that it uses are monocrystalline photovoltaic, and they are said to have a conversion efficiency of up to 25%.

Furthermore, you should know that this versatile kit can charge both 12 Volt lithium and acid batteries. The product is very light in weight, and, as a result, effortless to transport from one location to another.

In fact, at just 7.9 lbs in weight and with a folded size of 22.05×17.32×0.79 inches, this model is a tad larger than a regular laptop bag.

Moreover, the product is weather-resistant as it was made from sturdy materials that are very durable.

This option is also compatible with a power bank generator that has a DC/AC inverter that can be used for laptops. However, this efficient accessory has to be purchased independently.


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