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Best RV toilet paper

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV toilet papers?


There are simply too many choices available for you to spend hours in trying to find exactly what you need. So, if you want to find the best RV toilet paper available for sale, then we suggest the Scott Toilet Paper. After we’ve looked around and read the RV toilet paper reviews we’ve come to the conclusion that this product is on top thanks to its capability of dissolving quickly in water, which makes it ideal for RV trips. Besides, this kind of toilet paper comes in a pack consisted of 4 rolls so you know that you’ll have enough spare rolls to last through your entire trip. Unlike other products that come too small or too harsh, this toilet paper provides more than enough softness and strength to complete its task and its size won’t disappoint you either. If you won’t be able to find this product available, then we suggest the Thetford Aqua-Soft as it is the next best toilet paper for RV.



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A short buying guide


We live in a day and age when you are flooded by a myriad of choices, especially when we talk about toilet paper. If you’re having troubles in finding the best RV safe toilet paper, allow us to help via our comprehensive buying guide which was made with your needs in mind. We also provided you with some suggestions so sit back and become inspired.

Don’t be tricked!


Toilet paper is a common household object. In fact, it is so common that advertisers are hardly on a roll when it comes to ideas to sell it. This lack of inspiration is not to be blamed because after all, we are talking about a roll of paper meant to be used behind closed doors.

The usual gimmick used by ads is to over-inflate its capabilities. You’ll find a lot of extra soft, ultra strong toilet paper, but luckily we live in a time when almost every brand provides a more than capable product.

Seinfeld (the show) brushed upon this subject, the toilet paper. They talked about its invention and pondered upon its evolution. Their conclusions don’t need to be reminded, but the point is that it is an everyday item and you shouldn’t fall for false advertising.


Safe to use


As long as we live in a world run by money, you will have to be careful about what you use on your body. Basic economics tells us that if you spend little to make a product and then sell it at a high price, you’ll have yourself quite a profit (duh!). So, you should look for products that aren’t the cheapest on the market since they might otherwise hurt you or the environment.

Chlorine-free toilet paper is usually recycled paper which hasn’t been made white by using chlorine. The ones that use this substance as a bleacher aren’t considered environmentally friendly as chlorine is harmful to air and water.




Even though it is a mundane object, it can still have some features which need to be considered before its purchase. For example, toilet paper meant for RV use has to be easy to dissolve to avoid clogging.

Other factors to consider are its strength and tearing ease, both refer to the quality of the paper. Softness is a common claim so you won’t have trouble to find a product that is as soft as you wanted it to be.



Our top choices



Scott Toilet Paper


This product is among the most popular choices online and it isn’t too hard to figure out why. It is ideally made for you to use it while going outdoors with your RV since it puts to rest the worry of taking extra care of your toilet. Why is that? Because it is capable of dissolving quickly, thus not allowing any clogs to form.

It provides a cottony, rippled surface that will feel just right. As we already mentioned, it’s safe to use it in your RV but also for septic tanks, boats or small houses. Since it comes in a four pack, you will get plenty of spare toilet paper so that you won’t have to be on a constant look-out for supermarkets while you’re driving.

Coming at an affordable price, this product is meant to be used while enjoying the great outdoors without having to worry about it breaking on you. It is made of high-quality, and it gets the job done, making it a solution, not a problem.


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Thetford Aqua-Soft


There are very few differences between the brands of toilet paper, but this kind is still capable of standing alone. It is ideally designed to make your life easier while going on trips where you won’t have such commodities easily.

The Aqua-Soft is versatile enough to work great with all kinds of toilets, the ones from RVs to portable, classic toilets and even the ones found on boats. It is highly functional, coming in a 2-ply form, making it soft, white and quite absorbent.

It helps to prevent messy, unwanted clogs thanks to its capabilities of flushing easily and dissolving swiftly. Its convenience is made known because it comes in 4-packs, making it an ideal supply for long trips.

It is made to fit the life of an adventurer, regardless of the type of adventure. If you enjoy hiking, trekking, going out at sea or getting lost in the great outdoors with your RV, then you’ll find a trustworthy companion all rolled up and ready to go.


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Freedom Living FL002


Unless you have a very strange hobby and you enjoy unblocking smelly toilets and having to deal with filthy septic tanks, then you would love never to have to deal with this kind of trouble. The FL002 allows you to enjoy your time spent outdoors, alone or with your family and it will make sure to be a quality, problem-free experience.

This product is gentle so you won’t suffer from using it while also being durable enough to prevent rips or tears that would ruin your day. It is capable of dissolving in a matter of minutes so you can forget about clogged toilets. It is also 100% biodegradable, making it ideal to use when gone camping outdoors, hiking, driving your RV or navigating around on your boat.

Forget about abrasive or uncomfortable toilet paper because of this product, which comes in 4-packs, provides plenty of soft tissue paper sheets that are gently textured.


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