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Best RV toilet

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV toilets in 2022?


If you need to know which is the best RV toilet but don’t know for sure where to start your research from, there is a way to find out. Read this paragraph and see if you can pick some interesting information about the best units on the market. Our team of experts has done a research based on indicators such as customers review, expert feedbacks, and sales figures and determined that the must-have product in terms of RV toilets is the Thetford 31672. Stylish and lightweight, this toilet is easy to use and has a taller seat which ensures more than enough of comfort. Also, it features a useful pedal-flush function while the full activation of the flush provides a complete coverage of the toilet bowl. If the Thetford 31672 is not available, try to get the Camco 41541, the second winner in our search for the best Rv toilets.



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A short buying guide


Finding a good RV toilet to use while on the road can be a challenge especially since most of them don’t resemble much to the ones used at home. To ease your situation, we’ve managed to create this useful buying guide that shows what features to look for when searching for practical RV toilets for sale.

Installation and maintenance


Since you are on a holiday or camping somewhere on the go, you can’t have a unit that takes a lot of time to set up or needs special tools that you can’t get only from professional stores.

Therefore, when purchasing the a toilet for your RV, make sure to check if the product comes with proper instruction manual. Moreover, you need to be able to determine if the toilet fits the space inside your RV. Although larger toilets tend to provide more comfort, they’re not practical because they occupy too much area.

The reason why RV toilets offer a great deal of functionality is that they can be easily cleaned and empty. So make sure to check the information before and see how much time does the unit requires for the cleaning process. You can’t have a toilet that needs more than a few minutes to release the dirt and waste.




Just because you want a toilet for your RV bathroom doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort. Therefore, a good RV toilet should have a proper size but still be lightweight enough to ensure a fast and easy transportation.

You must choose a unit according to your needs and personal preferences. For instance, if you only use the RV for camping a few days at the end of the week, a cheap RV toilet will do the trick. Otherwise, it is advisable to get a larger product when going on long trips or holidays in the countryside.




According to best RV toilet reviews, the unit must resemble as much as possible to your personal toilet you have at home. While going on short trips, you might be satisfied with a portable toilet that can be easily emptied and cleaned once the waste tank is filled. During longer escapades, you will need a vacuum flush toilet that can be connected using a hose to a water tank.

One important feature is the flushing system that should be activated with a simple pedal or button touch. As far as the seating goes, you should benefit from an adjustable one that is made from a soft material. Moreover, if the toilet is sturdy and durable and the bowl is easy to clean, you can rest assured that you’ll get proper hygiene conditions even when you’re far from home.



Our top picks



Thetford 31672


If you need a reliable RV toilet that offers excellent performance, you should consider the Thetford 31672 model.

Lightweight and compact, this unit comes with a powerful flushing system and a sturdy design thanks to its durable plastic composition.

Featuring the same style as the toilets used for personal needs in the privacy of your home bathroom, this RV toilet is outfitted with an electric foot-pedal flush and a taller comfortable seating.

Moreover, there’s no need to worry about waste and dirt sticking inside thanks to the full bowl coverage activated with each pedal flush.

Quite easy to install and to assemble, the product package has everything you need for a fast and proper setup such as bolts and seals. This dual-flush toilet is very efficient in terms of water use, and the higher profile is an excellent choice for most RV bathrooms. In addition, the single-handle flush feature provides enough water to clean the waste with one single operation.  

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Camco 41541


A toilet specially designed for RVing, boating, and camping use, this unit from Camco is a great choice thanks to its sturdy polyethylene composition and the 5.3 gallons water tank.

Extremely lightweight and built to last, the unit comes with a detachable holding tank and a sealing slide valve that ensures the bad odors are kept away, and the risk of leakages is completely removed.

This RV toilet is equipped with two side latches that keep the tank secured while the unit is used. Transportation is highly facilitated thanks to the carrying handle that enables the process to be fast and precise.

Quite easy to use, the product is outfitted with a bellow-type flush and a pull slide valve that makes the flushing operation fast and simple.

Due to the 13 inches tall toilet seat, this toilet is more than comfortable and can be used even by seniors. Plus, the back of the waste tank has a special cap that enables a rapid emptying of the dirt.

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Dometic 302300071


Featuring a powerful flushing system, this RV toilet is capable of removing the heavy waste with one single flush.

Thanks to the triple jet action, the toilet has a drop way ball and a valve system that ensure no waste is left in the bowl every time you flush the toilet.

A great way to ensure the hygiene is possible due to the easy hands-free flushing triggered by a highly efficient foot pedal and an adjustable water level feature.

Given the fact that saving water is essential while being on the road, this unit comes with a low flush technology that uses only 16 ounces of water per one flush.

Easy to set up, the toilet can be assembled with a two-bolt installation process due to its modular components. Furthermore, it is super comfortable given its standard weight and the elongated bowl. Unlike other similar RV toilets, this one has a deep ceramic bowl that ensures a good deal of comfort.

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