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Best RV trailer tires

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best RV trailer tires in 2022?


When you’re looking for the best RV trailer tires, and you’re on a deadline, your best bet is to resort to our well-documented research to point out the right option. Luckily for you, we’ve read many RV trailer reviews to bring forward this analysis, and our findings show that the first product to consider is the Freestar ST 225/75R15, due to its particular features. Firstly, the tires show minimal wear and the customers won’t have to worry about inflating them on the road, due to their increased resistance. They have an overall diameter of 28.2 inches and fall into the category of tubeless tires. Their weight rating is of approximately 2830 lbs. Should this option be unavailable, we suggest you check out our other reliable alternative, the Freestar M-108, since it would make for an excellent second choice.



Comparison Table


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A short buying guide


In trying to find the right alternative, you might get lost in the countless ads for seemingly perfect products, which are generally misleading. Our approach is based on trying to determine what your needs are, and afterward looking for the specific features to meet those needs.





When it comes to tires, their most striking feature must be the way they last on the road. Given this is a bit of an investment, you wouldn’t want to throw your money out the window and purchase a product that doesn’t cater to your needs.

A simple way of determining whether a model will have a long lifespan or not is first to make sure it fits appropriately with the weight of your vehicle. Manufacturers always share this type of information in the description file so make sure your knowledge on this subject is accurate.

The next step would be to choose the right material, or, given that tires are usually made of the same high-quality, hardened rubber, check the ply construction and the category that the item falls in.

These products are usually divided into categories according to the cargo of the vehicles or trails they’re designed for, so by sticking to the instruction offered you’re likely to find the right ones for you.


Size and compatibility


In case you haven’t got that figured out, sizes change alongside with the weight and pressure that a tire can be subjected to. To get this information right, we suggest you check in the user’s manual of your vehicle which is the proper way of measuring these dimensions, before making the purchase.

Pay attention, because the wrong measurements will result in incompatibility, and then it’s up to you to find a suitable replacement.

Other issues include the fact that the tires are typically sold separately from the rim and the wheel, and if you’re looking for the complete package you need to make sure the other two items accurately match with the one you’ve already chosen. A wise way of doing this would be to look for solutions from the same manufacturer.


Additional aspects


Last but not least, the other essential elements that you need to check before you buy an item thoroughly are the aspect ratio, the section width, the rim size, and of course, if you’re interested, aesthetics-related concerns such as the color or design.

Keep in mind that buying cheap RV trailer tires doesn’t necessarily involve settling for a low-quality alternative. If you know where to look, we’ve provided you with the necessary tools to find a bargain.



Our top picks



Having spent some time researching this field, we’ve come up with a list of product recommendations that draws from the alternatives currently available for sale. If you’re looking for good RV trailer tires, this would be the place to start.



Freestar ST 225/75R15 


In the case of this product, the rim and the wheel are sold separately, so this is only the tire. The tires have a section width of 8.78 and an aspect ratio of 75 inches. They’re made using durable materials and will withstand many miles down the road, depending on the weight of your vehicle.

The pack only contains one tire, so depending on your needs you might have to purchase more. They’re tubeless and have an overall diameter of 28.2 inches. The maximum pressure the tires can withstand is of 80 PSI, which may be excellent for regular commercial trailers.

Their ten ply design is the main reason for their durability, but to keep them in good shape, you need to make sure that you’re not putting too much weight on them. The maximum rating recommended by the manufacturer is 2830 lbs.


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Freestar M-108 


Slightly less rugged than the other alternative from Freestar, these tires can withstand up to 1820 lbs each. They’re not supposed to be used for vehicles, given that they’re trailer only tires, so pay attention to this aspect before purchasing an inappropriate model.

Their durability is increased by the eight ply D load construction, which guarantees many miles down the road before they fall apart, again depending on the size of your trailer and how you maintain them.

With a section width of 205 and an aspect ratio of 75 inches, these models come in a one-item pack, meaning that you’ll have to buy more depending on your needs. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the rim is sold separately, and the packaging only includes the tire.  

Given its features and resistance, this item comes at a very affordable price, even if you plan to use it as a spare.


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Carlisle 6H04561 105M 


This product is compatible with many customer-favorite brands, which means you’re less likely to have trouble matching it with the vehicle or trailer you own. The tires are designed with long-distance trips in mind, perhaps best suited for trailers used for boating, livestock or cargo.

Towable RVs and toy haulers are other types of vehicles that these tires can be used for, which only contributes to their adaptability. To determine whether the size is appropriate, you should check your owner’s manual to learn how to measure correctly.

Useful information regarding this product would include its maximum weight rate, which is 2040 pounds and the maximum pressure allowed, which is 65 PSI.

The packaging only includes the Load Range D tire. As in the other cases, the wheel and the rim are sold separately, but given this item’s attractive price, that’s hardly a disadvantage.


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