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Best RV TV antenna

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV TV antennas in 2022?


Finding the best RV TV antenna is extremely important because everyone wants to enjoy the same level of entertainment while traveling. If you don’t have time to do a proper research, take a look at this paragraph and maybe you’ll make an idea of what to look for. Based on various indicators such as overall product quality, sales figures, and customer feedbacks, we’ve determined that the best choice of an RV TV antenna is the 1byone OUS00-0812. Having an antenna that provides a good signal is extremely important, and this is the main feature of this unit. Thanks to a modern and updated technology, it comes with a compact size that reduces the wind load in order to facilitate the tv access to several channels. Moreover, the omnidirectional reception ensures signal from all directions. If the 1byone OUS00-0812 is out of stock, you can always go with the Winegard RS-3000 as it came in second place in our search for RV TV antennas.



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A short buying guide


There are many good RV Tv antennas for sale, and you can choose one that meets your needs and personal preferences if you decide to use the features explained below. This useful buying guide aims to make your job a lot easier.



Nowadays, it’s impossible to go on a long trip and not feel the need to turn on the TV. Therefore, you should invest an RV TV antenna that ensures a good connection to the external world.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that the flexibility of an antenna is a great advantage while on the go. A portable antenna gives you the opportunity to move around without having to worry about any obstacles. Besides, you aren’t limited to using the unit only for RVing. Basically, you should own a versatile product that can be used on numerous occasions, anytime you plan on going outdoors.

Plus, if you ever decide to get a new RV or to borrow one from your friends, you can take the portable antenna with you.


Type of antenna


In your attempt to purchase the best TV antenna for RV, you must establish first what type of unit do you prefer to use.

Antennas come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be permanent structures on your motorhome’s roof or portable items that you set up easily, whenever you desire.

The standard choice is the batwing antenna that needs to be adjusted from inside the vehicle in order to find the best reception. This is the reason why most RV owners enjoy other alternatives because nobody wants to get up constantly and change the direction.

One of these alternatives is the omnidirectional TV antenna that ensures improved signal reception without having to make any adjustments. Although a tad pricier than bat wings, they’re worth it thanks to their easy maneuverability and powerful reception.


Extra features


RV TV antenna reviews recommend choosing products that offer High Definition features. Most items that are new on the market come with this type of settings because they ensure a proper image while watching movies or videos. Newer models offer the possibility to view the TV in 4K format, in addition to HD settings.

Given the amount of time spent outdoors, you should get a unit that comes with a waterproof coating so you can use it for a longer period of time, without having to worry about the extreme weather.  



Our top picks



1byone OUS00-0812


Featuring a sleek and interesting design, this RV TV antenna from 1byone comes with a new concept that consists of a sturdy mount base and a built-in amplifier.

One aspect worth mentioning is the 360-degree omnidirectional reception that enables a fantastic signal reception from all directions. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly change the position of the antenna in order to get better reception.

Thanks to the compact mounting system, the antenna is able to stand even windy conditions although its size is smaller compared to similar products on the market.

Lightweight and compact, this antenna can be used not only for viewing TV channels in the RV but also at home or while camping. Due to the anti-UV coating, the item isn’t affected by the hot summer sun rays.

Furthermore, the antenna supports 1080p high-definition formats and doesn’t require more than three steps for installation. There’s no need for extra tools because you’ll find all the necessary accessories inside the product package, along with the instruction manual.

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Winegard RS-3000


This digital amplified TV antenna from Winegard comes with a sleek and compact design. Moreover, the unit receives a strong signal from both VHF and UHF frequencies even when the RV is parked.

Given the 35 miles long range, the antenna is ready to broadcast plenty of TV channel after its setup.

Each time you want to enjoy the TV, pull over the vehicle, turn on the antenna and run a quick scan in order to benefit from full signal what it’s receivable in that specific area.

Due to the omnidirectional feature, the unit ensures a powerful reception through the embedded digital TV antenna amplifier. In addition, the product is outfitted with an on/off power supply function, a 30 inch 75 Ohm coax cable and a mounting bracket.

This portable antenna is built from durable materials and has a UV coating that prevents overheating. Plus, it is entirely waterproof so it can be used even in rainy areas.

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1byone 210NA-0005


A compact portable antenna, this model has a small size which is ideal for receiving improved signal during bad weather conditions. Besides, the anti-UV coating and the waterproof design ensures a strong shield against signal interferences.

Equipped with a 360-degree omnidirectional reception, the antenna is able to receive a signal from multiple directions, without having to move the antenna, like standard outdoor antennas usually need.

Quite easy to install, this unit comes with simple tools included in the product package that enable a fast setup.

Also, there’s a 26-ft high-performance coaxial cable that allows you to place the digital antenna in areas where the reception is maximum.

Therefore, the product is suitable not only for RV’s but also for camping or houses that are located in areas where a digital cable is hard to install. You can mount it in several places such as the balcony, attic, living room or roof.  

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