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Best RV washer and dryer

Last Updated: 30.09.22


What are the best RV washer and dryers in 2022?


If you want to straight-up know what is the RV washer and dryer that best suits most needs, our choice would be the Giantex Portable Mini. After going through the best RV washer and dryer reviews we could find, this product came on top thanks to its relatively high washing capacity of 11lbs. This might not seem all that impressive, but for a portable unit that can easily fit in a small camper, it’s quite a lot. This makes for great convenience since you won’t have to repeat the washing cycle quite as many times as you would with a less “roomy” unit. The Giantex Mini is also surprisingly affordable and easy to operate, requiring no extra provisions to install in an average trailer. If for some reason our top pick isn’t available, you can go for the Do mini XPB36-1288s, an equally reliable washer that’s also small enough to fit snugly anywhere inside a camper.


A short buying guide


Access to your own washer and dryer on a camping trip will spare you the hassle of having to search for a public laundromat in a foreign place. Convenience should thus be a given, but what other things are worth to have in mind when looking for the best washer and dryer for RV us?




There are three types of RV washer and dryers to choose from, all of them equally popular and made to fit specific needs.

Stackable models are relatively large and quite heavy, although the fact that the dryer sits on top of a front-fed washer somewhat saves space. Their load is similar to that of a home unit, and they generally have their own venting capabilities. They are however as expensive and energy demanding as home units.

The same can be said for the washer dryer combo, with the added downside of not allowing you to wash and dry at the same time.

Small portable units best fit the model of a “part-time” washing machine. Unpretentious in regards to costs and with a very good wash load for their size (thanks to the vertical feed) they will make a great addition to smaller, less pretentious RVs.  




This is the most important aspect that one has to have in mind when it comes to convenience. Smaller units take less room inside a crowded camper, and you don’t need us to tell you how much more comfortable extra space would make your life on the road.

Portability also comes into play, because being able to get your washer and dryer out on the camping site means you won’t have to negotiate narrow spaces while handling the laundry.

An often overlooked factor of size is energy consumption, with smaller units generally performing better. This detail is especially important when you attempt to connect to a crowded camping site’s electrical outlets since these can easily overload.  


Washing capacity


Don’t expect to have the same washing capacity on the road as you would back home, although some models might come close to achieving this.

However, a high capacity can make the difference between having to spend half the day going through your vacation wardrobe or just a couple of hours.

The thing to look for here is the best compromise between washing capacity and the total size of the unit, with top fed machines and washer dryer combos coming off a little better than the rest.



Our top picks



Giantex Portable Mini Compact


Main advantage


The main selling point of this product is right there in its name since the portability that the Giantex option offers is outstanding because it manages to get the job done despite its size. For an RV, there is nothing else that you would want: it does not take a lot of space, and it is effortless to operate.

The total laundry capacity of this product is of 17.6 lbs. The washer offers a capacity of 11lbs while the spinner has a 6.6lbs limit. This capacity should be more than enough to wash two or three days’ worth of clothes for one person. Since the washing process is fast, you will be able to use more cycles and thus wash all the dirty laundry that you have in your RV.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have reported that the plastic drainage hose is too thin and that it can end up getting damaged quite easily. This means that unless looked after carefully, the hose can get punctured which can leave the machine leaking water.

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Top features explained


Save space

When purchasing an item for your RV, the one key factor that you need to keep in mind always is the space. The room that such a vehicle offers is limited which is why you need to pay close attention to the overall dimension of your appliances. The Portable Mini is an option that seems to have mastered this crucial factor.

This portable appliance is ideal for small loads, and it makes it perfect to use in an RV or even in a small apartment. It is not only small but also light and that makes moving the product around an easy and straightforward process. You can now say goodbye to clunky washers that are a pain to use.

The small and light construction does not mean that you will get a product that gets damaged easily. This alternative has a sturdy construction and uses only the best materials available which makes it a sound investment for the future.

Don’t waste any time

If you’ve ever used a washing machine, you know that even one set of clothes can take a lot of time. When you’re on the go, you don’t have the luxury of waiting on your washer which is why this option features a timer for 15 minutes and the spin timer for 5 minutes per load.

You get much more freedom and options compared to the standard machines that have pre-programmed settings. With this model, you can choose the time that is suitable for you. Even with the 15 minutes timer, your clothes will get cleaned correctly, so you shouldn’t worry that you trade quality for time.


Easy to use

The Portable Mini is a model that can be used by everyone; it features an intuitive control scheme that makes interacting with it a real pleasure. When you use the spin tube, you have a cover plate that you can put above clothes and avoid the high speed throw away.

As a plus, the washer features a removable lint trap that will save you from any potentially nasty clogged drains as well as a removable trap on the spinner for convenient cleaning.


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Do mini XPB36-1288s


Main advantage


The Do mini alternative is a great portable washer to use in your RV. It can also be used as a mobile washer for small apartments, dorms, motorhomes, and more. This appliance can do small loads of laundry and it has an 8.3-pound wash capacity combined with a 4.7-pound spin capacity.

The dual function design allows for simultaneous operation so that you can save time when you’re washing more laundry. Depending on the types of garment that you have, this model can handle about two days’ worth of clothes successfully and if you have more clothes to wash, you can add another cycle of washing while the first one gets dried.


Main disadvantage


Some customers were unsatisfied with the design of this option and the fact that it is not an automatic washer. This means that you will have to drain it and fill it manually to do a load. Washing many loads on this option can give you a bit of work, but for use in an RV where you won’t have that many things to clean, this product can get the job done with little hassle.

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Top features explained



Twin tub design

The one thing you’ll notice when setting your eyes on this appliance for the first time is the twin tub design. You get two doors: the first one accommodates the washer, and it is the place that will wash your clothes. Behind the other door, you’ll find the spinner dryer.

The washer offers 8.3-pound wash capacity which is enough to store about two days’ worth of clothes. You’ll easily be able to wash all your shirts and pants, and they will be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Unlike standard washing machines, the Do mini alternative offers settings that are easily adjustable so that you can get your clothes washed in the amount of time that you have at your disposal. If you only have 20 minutes available, you can program the machine to clean a full load under that time.

For situations such as when you’re on the go and in a hurry, this feature is something that customers adore.

Easy to store and transport

To make storing and transporting your product much easier, this model features a construction that is made of durable plastic. The use of plastic makes it incredibly lightweight, and you’ll be able to move it around by yourself without having to use additional equipment or people.

This feature makes this portable tub an excellent option for compact spaces. You won’t have to worry that your new washing machine will end up taking most of your RV’s free space as this option has a length of 23.2”, a width of 13.9”, and a height of 26.5”.

Easy to use

You don’t need additional plumbing to use this option, as you have two ports available that you can use. The left side port is for the washing machine while the right one is for the spin dryer. It hooks to the sink, and it drains the same way. It can’t get easier and more convenient than that.


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Unavailable products


Pyle PUCWM22


This small Pyle unit is particularly easy to store and carry around. Weighing in at around 22lbs it won’t give much trouble even for diminutive women to get out of the RV and into the camping place.

Thanks to its remarkably low voltage, of just 120, it won’t put much of a strain on any type of wiring, removing any worries of the fuses turning while you try to watch TV or use the microwave.

The washing capacity of 7.7lbs is not really something to write home about, but the short washing and drying cycles somewhat make up for it. Again, it’s always a trade-off between capacity and the machine’s overall size, with the people at Pyle firmly going for storage and portability.

This unit will prove ideal for more compact RV’s or for people that just appreciate having a lot of space to move around in their camper.