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Last Updated: 20.06.19


What are the best RV water filters in 2019?


If you’re planning an RV trip and you want to be sure that you won’t run out of clean water, you should get the best RV water filter in the market. Since this process requires time spent on proper research, let us give you a helping hand. In our attempt to find a suitable water filter for your RV, we’ve looked at several indicators such as sales figures and customer feedback and have determined that the Camco TastePURE is a great choice. This filter has a sizeable body that delivers excellent water capacity and flow rate. Also, thanks to the Granular Activated Carbon filtration, the unit can provide safe drinking water from any potable source. The 20-micron sediment filter reduces the chance of bad taste, odors, and chlorine in the water. If the Camco TastePURE is not available, don’t miss out the Culligan RVF-10.



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Having an RV lets you travel across the country and take a small vacation whenever you want to escape the crowded city. However, you need a similar level of comfort to the one you have in your home.

So, you must have clean water that you can use to shower, drink, and cook. If you don’t want to worry about bacteria contamination, you must get a good RV water filter. With so many options available for sale, finding a suitable product could be tricky. Check the following paragraphs and maybe you can learn something helpful.  

Water filter types


The most common types of RV water filters that you can find on the market include carbon, sediment, ceramic, and KDF.

According to multiple RV water filters reviews, every model comes with a micron rating that tells you what size of water particles it can filter.

Sediment filters work similarly to mechanical strainers because they can catch the particles found in the water. However, these sediment filters can damage the entire RV’s water components. So, make sure you understand the risks and use sediment pieces only if you need to protect your faucets and toilet valves.

Carbon filters do a great job at improving the taste and odor of your water. This is a major plus compared to sediment ones.

For instance, granular activated carbon filters are quite affordable and pass the water through small grains of charcoal.

Solid block carbon units are incredibly efficient due to the holes located in the filter which are small. They come with higher micron and NSF ratings.

A tad more expensive, the modified carbon block filter lasts longer and are outfitted with an increased flow rate.

If you take a look at several reviews of water filters for RV use, you’ll notice that KDF is a highly-praised type of filter. This is an alloy that has a high level of both zinc and copper. Used because it has a bacteriostatic nature, KDF can easily prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside your RV water filter.

Lastly, if you’re worried about nasty biological pests, you must try a ceramic RV water filter because it screens out giardia cysts, bacteria, and protozoa.


NSF Ratings


If you’re in the market for the best water filter for RV, you must pay attention to the NSF ratings. The National Sanitation Foundation is a public health and environmental agency that certified products for different consumer goods, including water filters.

Before making a purchase, check if the filter has a number on it, such as 42 or 53. These stand for powerful filters against all types of contaminants.


Important tips


Make sure that you understand how crucial it is to clean the water tank to get rid of slime and sediment that can escape the RV filtration system. Once a year, clean and disinfect every small section. Moreover, if you don’t invest in RV water filters, you face the risk of damaging your health and vehicle.



Our top picks



Camco TastePURE Inline


To be absolutely certain that you have clean and healthy water while traveling with your RV, you need a reliable water filter made of high-flow carbon filter with KDF, just like this great piece.

The filter boasts a wide body that increases the water capacity and the flow rate. Plus, this unit will provide excellent results during the entire camping season because the granular activated carbon technology ensures that you can drink water from any potable water source.

Furthermore, the 20-micron sediment filter can prevent issues such as bad taste, odors, chlorine, and sediment in the water.

Easy to use, just attach the water filter to any standard type of hose and the job is done. This product is suitable for keeping the dirt out of your RV water tank and improve the quality of the drinking water.

Make sure that, when you first connect it to your water source, you allow the water to run freely for a couple of minutes. This process flushes the loose carbon out of the water filter.


Buy from for ($20.37)




Culligan RVF-10


Going on a holiday with your recreational vehicle is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature and admire the outdoor landscapes. Since you’ll probably end up camping in a place without water and electricity, you must take this problem into account. A water filter comes in handy if you want to drink, cook, and shower with clean water every time you feel like it.

This RV water filter is specially designed for outdoor use. Because of the granular activated carbon, the unit reduces the chances of getting chlorine or bad odors in your water. Plus, you can rest assured no bacteria or mold will grow inside the water you need for washing your teeth or cooking a veggie broth.

Furthermore, the filter cartridge does a great job at cleaning up to 250 gallons of water. The most important feature is that this product is NSF certified which means that it has high-quality standards.  


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Camco 40013


We all know that when you’re venturing into the unknown with your RV, you need to ensure several safety measures when it comes to drinking water. If the water is not clean, you risk getting infected with different bacteria and germs that can lead to serious health problems.

It’s better to prevent these invest and invest in a larger capacity RV water filter that can be used for an entire camping season.

This small piece is precisely what you need because it reduces bad taste, keeps odors away, as well as chlorine and bacteria away from the water you typically need in your daily activities while staying inside an RV.

In addition, the filter is 100-micron fiber certified and consist of high-flow carbon and KDF which are known to prevent bacteria growth.

The filter comes with CSA low lead certified fittings and fully complies with the California and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws.


Buy from for ($27.5)




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