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Best truck GPS for sale

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best truck GPSes for sale in 2022?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best truck GPS for sale, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigational system you need. In determining the best products, we have looked at the user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys, and we have found that the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is the best because it simplifies your driving by providing you with assistance for complex destinations and jammed junctions. It also gives you clear and loud directions that are easy to understand and to follow, because they relate to traffic lights and landmarks. The device comes with the preloaded maps of the 49 lower states in the U.S. to which you can make further additions, according to your own needs. The updates for these are easy and don’t require much time. To give you full awareness of your current situation, the unit provides you with info concerning the upcoming places that you might be interested in, such as restaurants and gas stations. If the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for the Garmin dēzl 570 LMT as it came in second in our search for the best truck GPS for sale.



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A short buying guide


To help you choose the best GPS for a truck driver we thought of doing our own research and share our findings with you. Here are the main aspects that you shouldn’t overlook when buying a GPS device.  

Adequate screen size


The best screen e for a GPS varies according to the size of your car and the quality of the screen. If you have a small vehicle you may not feel comfortable with a large GPS hanging from your windshield. And then again, a small GPS is not the best fit for a large truck.

Some displays have a better resolution and offer a clear view of the indications, which is preferable, but the size still has a lot to do with it. A 7-inch screen offers an intelligible perspective of all the directions the GPS renders while some details are not as easy to follow on a 5-inch display.


Convenient routing


The directions that a GPS gives vary: from the use of bright colors, arrows and street names to pointing north or showing numbers related to positioning or elevation.

But most drivers consider relevant and appreciate a well performed customized routing. The automatic configuration of the route according to the specific traits of the car saves a lot of trouble.

It facilitates a stress-free journey where you can be sure you don’t break traffic regulations that refer to height or weight, you safely avoid roads on which you wouldn’t fit, and you get a predictable timetable up to its finish.   

Routing and traffic data are the basic features you will always need to check on a GPS. Easy routing and constant traffic updates are surely your best choices.

GPSes are usually tailored for different uses; some are great for passenger cars, others are only designed to be mounted on bicycles. When you’re a trucker, a GPS with a truck routing option is probably a good idea. There’ll be no detours or missed exits.


Lifetime maps


Maps keep your device alive; the more up-to-date they are, the better. Not all maps are included in the price of a GPS, and they usually cover only the roads in one country. The best offers regularly include lifetime maps but, for some updates, there’s a fee, while others require a fee payment.  

The GPS units can have updates that immobilize them for hours or happen in minutes. Some need Wi-Fi, or you have to pair them with a GPS station or plug them into a computer. Others just receive satellite data and are fresh to go.



Our top picks



Garmin Nuvi 57LM


The Garmin Nuvi series is one of the most successful and this dedicated navigator might be the best GPS for truckers as far as we can tell, and it has an impressive array of features worth exploring.

You get the Garmin Real Directions that provides guidance with a natural voice and based on easily recognizable landmarks and traffic lights. In case you’re not doing things right, you’ll receive an audible cue, a beep that reminds you that an action is required; but you can turn it off if it annoys you.

The Direct access will conveniently simplify your navigation by selecting complex destinations like airports or malls. You also get the Lane Assist, which will display the upcoming junctions and indicate you the right lane by the use of colored arrows.

The Garmin Nuvi 57LM has preloaded maps for the 49 lower states, and it grants you lifetime maps for free. The update can be done easily by connecting to a computer that ha either the Windows or the Mac operating system.

If you live in a different country or want to explore more, there are settings in different languages, and you can always use the SD slot to download maps for the place you live in.  

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Garmin dēzl 570LMT


While going through the best truck GPS for sale reviews, this unit will surely catch your eye as it has more than enough to be in the race.

First of all, it offers customized truck routing so that you can insert the necessary data concerning the type of vehicle, the height, width, length, and weight. Then you can be sure the route is safe for you, with no restricted access and no weight limits to stumble on.

You’ll get route warnings to keep you alert for sharp curves and steep grades and even speed limits. And while on the road, you can easily alter the itinerary to get to all the places where you are expected.

Check the available elevation map when you go to new places because you’ll receive important details about the trail and relief.

Whenever unpleasant events force you to, you can refer to the Truck and Trailer Services Directory and choose from the extensive listing the one that is closest or serves you better.

There is no subscription fee or maintenance cost for the lifetime maps of North America and the traffic avoidance information and the quality of the.

Unlike other products, this one isn’t dependant on an internet connection to get its updates on weather or traffic conditions.

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Hieha GPS03


The U.S. map is preloaded on the unit, no need to register, call the producer or any other procedure. Once it’s charged and mounted, it’s good to go. It also has the maps of other countries on the continent: Canada, Mexico, Colombia, facilitating your journeys and discarding any inconvenience.

The Hieha GPS03 comes with 6 different modes for various types of “vehicles”: car, pedestrian, ambulance, bus, taxi. By covering so many means of transportation, trucks included, this ranks as one of the most versatile units so far.

For routing, the GPS has 2D and 3D maps that you can switch for your convenience; voice guidance, postcode search and point of interest search. And to complete the profile of the Hieha GPS03 you can add the trip planner and the trip log.

The device has a 7’’ HD resistive Touch Screen with 480*800 resolution provides utility and is also great for entertainment. With games, e-book support, SD socket and TF slot, audio and video support, and many others, this unit offers you great variety and potential.   

Its lifetime maps updates, drive assist, high versatility and low price turn this device into a piece of equipment worth considering when you’re in search of a reliable GPS.

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