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Camco 30611 RV Antifreeze Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


Perhaps the first aspect that we should discuss when it comes to this antifreeze liquid is convenience because at least according to the various reviews we’ve researched that seems to be the feature that most customers appreciate. First of all, it’s worth noting that this item comes in a package of two bottles.

From the start, it’s a cost-effective and lucrative alternative. The other relevant detail though is the fact that you only get the 36 ounces of concentrated liquid, so you won’t have to worry about carrying one gallon of water back home. It’s easy to transport this liquid, and you only need to add water before you use it.


Main disadvantage


There’s nothing wrong with this product, but there have been a few complaints from various customers saying that they’re dissatisfied with the inconsistent price range.

It’s unclear what the reason behind this is, but the result is that a wide range of sellers retail this product for various costs, usually drastically different from each other, and it can be a little disconcerting. Other then this minor issue, it does its job well and protects your vehicles during wintertime.

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Top 3 features explained



This is one of the coolant alternatives delivered in pre-measured packages. The container is only partially filled and to obtain the right consistency for the product to properly work, you need to add water yourself before you pour it into your vehicle’s engine.

Luckily for you, no measurements are needed, since the manufacturers already did that for you and delivered the two-pack set in the exact quantities required. You will obtain 1 gallon of antifreeze liquid per bottle, using 36 ounces of concentrated liquid and filling the rest up with water.




The substance can help you preserve your car’s engine in the most challenging season of the year. We all know how temperatures below the freezing limit can damage the components of a car engine and prevent it from working correctly. Well, luckily for you, this liquid can burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s also very adaptable, and it can be used with any vehicle from RVs to boats, but the one thing that’s important to mention is that under no circumstances should this product be mixed with green coolant, nor should it be used with a vehicle for which the manufacturer specified that another type of coolant should be used.


Environmental issues

One thing that’s worth mentioning about this item that not many manufacturers take their time to discuss is the impact that it has on the environment. This substance, in particular, may be toxic to humans and consumption should be avoided under any circumstances, but it’s 100% biodegradable, and it will not harm the environment.

Unless it’s swallowed, this substance doesn’t damage the skin, and it’s safe with both kids and pets. You have to keep them under surveillance though, due to the chemical component. It’s worth mentioning that’s it’s a lot less toxic than its green coolant counterparts.


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