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Camco TastePURE 40013 RV Water Filter Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


Sediment in drinking water can pose severe problems to your health, which is why you need to pay extra attention to the type of water filter you purchase. This model is efficient at clearing sediment that is 100 microns or larger in diameter, so it is safe to say that it will clean your water and make it possible to drink without risks for your health.


Main disadvantage


There are reports from buyers saying that the water filter sometimes leaks around the fittings. Sometimes, you may have to tighten the joints, to stop the leaking, or you may want to use a different set of accessories, of better quality than the one provided with your purchase.

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Top 3 features explained


Odors and sediment will be removed from your drinking water

One of the most significant challenges for anyone who wants to use the water provided by the RV park systems is getting a filter that can deal with all the issues that can arise from this. You will be pleased to know that this filter is excellent at removing sediment, as it does not let anything larger than 100 microns to get through it.

While it is excellent at eliminating sediment, there are other things this filter does well. For instance, it is also capable of removing the bad taste of chlorine, making the water more palatable. Various tastes and odors can affect water quality, so it is a good thing to know that you will be able to drink water that is free of all these.

This large capacity filter will get you through the entire camping season

If you want to purchase a good quality water filter for the camping season, this one is an excellent option. It is large enough to ensure superior water flow, which means that you will not have to wait a lot of time for your recipients to fill.

Another advantage is that you will be able to use this one throughout an entire season, without a problem. You will not need an extra filter, and that means that you will even save money in the process.


The KDF filter will not allow bacteria to grow

It is important to know that your water filter will remain clean and ready for use, even if you do not use it for a while. This KDF model doesn’t let bacteria grow inside, and that means that whenever you want to use your filter, you will be able to do so, without fearing that critters might leak in your drinking water.

Another thing that must be said about this particular model is that it is CSA certified for low lead content. Lead is one element that you surely do not need in your water, and it is a good thing to know that it is not present in the water filter you intend to use. Also, this model complies with the low lead laws in California and Vermont.


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