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Camco TastePURE 40045 RV Water Filter Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


This unit comes equipped with unique technologies that help turn water sources from RV camps into potable water. It uses Granular Activated Carbon whose central primary role is to ensure that not even microscopic debris can get through the filter. When you go camping, the health of your family is paramount, and that is why a water filter like this one is a must-have.


Main disadvantage


There are not many bad things users have to say about this particular model, but there is one drawback that you should know about. To hang the unit properly, you will need an L water line component, or otherwise, you will not be able to angle it the right way. While that may take a bit of work, seeing that the unit can provide water that is safe to drink, such drawbacks are not that big a deal.

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Top 3 features explained


The Granular Activated Carbon will provide water that is safe for drinking

Park water systems provide the necessary water for RV campers, but that is not always safe for drinking, which is why you need a filter like this one. Equipped with Granular Activated Carbon, this filter will remove all the sediment and debris from the water, even microscopic waste, to ensure that what you and your family are drinking is potable water.

There is another benefit to this filter that must be mentioned. It will prevent the development of mold and fungus inside, even if you leave it unused for extended periods of time. If you travel from one park to another, and you don’t know how well a filter would hold, pick this one, and you will not have to encounter such troubles.

The 20-micron filter will not let any debris pass, and it will remove unpleasant odors, including chlorine. At campsites, such a filter will prove its worth, without a doubt.

It will last for the entire camping season

The wide body of the unit ensures a good water flow, which means that you will not have to wait for it to work and deliver the needed water. The high capacity has a significant advantage that we need to mention here. It will last for your entire camping season, and it will not require any replacement.

That being said, it is a sound investment for any RV owner who likes spending the summer traveling with his or her family.


Everything needed for easy installation is included

Another reason why many people find this in-line filter excellent for their needs is the ease of installation. A flexible hose protector is included with your purchase, so you will not have to buy it separately.

There is no assembly involved, which is another big plus. Anyone can use this filter to obtain water that is safe for drinking, free of bad odors, and sediment. The installation is easy and quick, and it does not require you to be savvy of plumbing in any way.


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