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Camp Chef’s Rainier Camper Stove Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


Perhaps the most useful aspect that this model has to offer is the fact that it works on matchless ignition. You don’t need any heat source to get this appliance running, which is good news for anyone who’s clumsy in the cooking field and would most likely hurt themselves trying to start a burner.

Another bright side to this is the fact that while you’re traveling, you don’t need to remember to pack matches or any other heat source. You only need to take the stove and the propane resource to keep it running, and you’re set.


Main disadvantage


Most customers are satisfied with this product, but there have been a few complaining that although it offers a well-tailored carrying bag that’s adjusted to the dimensions of the item, it fails to provide a handle that’s large enough to be comfortable to transport this device.

Another issue related to the storage is the fact that apparently, the extra compartment designed to accommodate the griddle doesn’t exist, so you’ll have to store all the accessories together in the same central compartment. This might be a minor inconvenience for some customers.

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Top 3 features explained


Two burners

One particular feature that this model provides for its users is the fact that it has two different cooking surfaces that can be used simultaneously to cook various dishes. For example, the griddle fits on top of an 8,000 BTU burner and can provide a flat cover for a grill or any similar meal.

On the other hand, the other burner is slightly more powerful, offering 10,000 BTU, and it can be used to fit a pan or a kettle on top and quickly brew yourself a cup of coffee or cook a fast dish using the extra heating power.

Both of these heat sources can be used simultaneously, offering you the opportunity of preparing your meals in a shorter time than you usually would, as well as enhancing this model’s adaptability.

Wind barriers

Like many other similar products, this device comes with wind barriers to help protect its content from the various weather conditions that you may encounter while you’re on a camping trip.

There’s one on each of the sides, made of durable materials to protect your dishes from wind and to keep the burners running. They can be unfolded by an upward motion, unlike other alternatives that require a lateral movement. This aspect is relevant because they take up less room when you need to pack this appliance.


Storage options

One of the most relevant features that need to be discussed is the fact that this item comes in complete packaging, so it’s very cost-effective as opposed to other similar alternatives. It offers a griddle and a carrying bag aside from the actual appliance, which is very useful for traveling.

If you ever had to look for the right bag for an appliance you’re familiar with the daunting task of finding the right fit, so you’ll probably be grateful to know that this product comes with a case of its own, already adjusted to its measurements.


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