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Coleman 2000020943NP Camper Stove Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


Perhaps the most relevant feature that this item has to offer for its users is the inclusion of the two lateral windshield panels. They manage to protect the contents from unfavorable weather conditions, allowing you to cook a delicious meal regardless of your environment.

They’re mobile, so they can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes of pans, which means you can adapt this stove to give you enough cooking space for any group size from a few family members to an entire garden party. A 12-inch and a 10-inch pan can be fitted in simultaneously.


Main disadvantage


Even though the two burners are individually adjustable, a few customers have complained that there’s not enough room to make a real adjustment. In other words, the temperature is either full blast or not enough, so it might be difficult to try different cooking experiments if only these options are available.

More precisely, users have stated that it’s difficult to let a dish simmer, or maybe even bring something slowly to a boil because the high heat tends to cook the food much faster than some people would prefer.

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Top 3 features explained


Independent burners

We all know how outdoor stoves work using heaters that heat up precise areas and thus cook the food. Depending on the system chosen by the manufacturer, the heat can be evenly distributed or localized. In this case, the heat is provided by two burners that provide a total amount of 20,000 BTUs.

They can be individually adjusted, which means that in theory, you have complete control over your cooking activity. You can divide your cooking space and place the food in different areas according to the cooking process that you would prefer to apply. All in all, you’re free to experiment with this function.


It’s a tedious task for anyone to have to clean the items they’ve used in the cleaning process, but it’s especially true for outdoor appliances since the cooking process is radically different from the one you would typically use indoors.

Luckily for you, in this case, the chrome-plated grate is removable and can be cleaned separately. Also, its material and coating prevent dirt and grease from sticking to it and make the cleaning process more manageable for the customer. The other elements are also protected against attrition, given that the aluminized steel used for the framework is rust-resistant.


Advanced technology

One aspect that is particularly useful about this item is the way it provides simple solutions due to the advanced technology used by the manufacturers. For example, by adding the PerfectFlow function, consistent performance is guaranteed even in harsh weather conditions, so your meals will always come out perfectly cooked.

What’s more, the PerfectHeat technology makes sure that the efficiency of the process is maximized, allowing you to cook larger amounts of food using less fuel. In general, this device lasts up to one hour while both burners are on a high setting and it goes through a 16.4 oz propane cylinder in the meantime.


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